About Me

Loving the written word and how it frames my life--the beautiful, the ordinary, and everything in between.

I remember as a very little girl sitting on my dad's lap and trying to pick out words in a picture book.  It didn't take long and I was hooked!  Writing followed soon after and I've loved the craft ever since.  Encouragement abounded, from my first grade teacher, who took me under her wing because I'd moved to NY from the South, to my junior high teacher in Oregon and my most favorite teacher, Mrs. Jaakkola,  who inspired me in my Minnesota high school.

My major at college was in Speech-Communications and I minored in English.  Both were very useful in the business world, from composing letters and presentations to writing a corporate newsletter.  When I retired from business to raise our children, my writing was most useful in my volunteer work....writing the Montessori newsletter, lessons for Sunday school and things of that nature.

I always thought I'd write the great American novel,  but as the years have unfolded I've found pleasure in writing about the small things in life.  I'm very excited to connect with readers and share my vision of beauty in everyday life.

Contact:  privetandholly@gmail.com

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