Monday, September 25, 2017

The Color of Happy

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My grandmother always said
that I was born with eyes the
color of deep purple pansies,
before they slowly changed to
their ultimate shade of hazel.
I don't know if this was factual
or just wishful thinking, but
what I do know is that purple
was her favorite color.

It just made her happy.

I listened to an episode of the
Happier podcast recently that
challenged listeners to choose a
signature color. This color
wouldn't necessarily be chosen to
decorate with or to wear (although
you certainly might). And the choice
wasn't meant to be practical--it
didn't show dirt, could be mixed
and matched, etc.

It would just make you happy.

Let's say you were going to
purchase a new travel mug for
your coffee or tea, for example,
and were presented with a
multitude of colors to choose
from. Without overthinking the
decision, which color would
you be drawn to?

To me, that choice would
catch my eyes like Dorothy's
ruby slippers against a black
and white background in The
Wizard of Oz. All others would
fade in the background.

That's how I'd know.

The podcast hosts advocate
having a signature color simply
because it gives your heart a
little lift. It also makes others
happy when they begin to equate
you with that hallmark color.

For instance, my late friend
Kathleen loved robin's egg blue.
If she needed a new scarf and
it came in that particular hue,
that's what she'd choose. To this
day, when I see an item in this
color -- a mug, a charm, a sneaker,
etcetera, I'm reminded of
my pal.

And of course, I'll always
associate purple with
my Mie-Mie.

Sharing the concept of a
signature color on the trail with
my walking buddies early one
morning, they all declared
what color they'd pick for
themselves. There was little
hesitation and I loved
their answers.

Lemon yellow. Raspberry
pink. Indigo blue.

What would yours be, they asked?

I sifted thoughtfully through
my favorites, but told them
I honestly wasn't sure.

Back at home, as I prepared
to leave for the day, the answer
became obvious as I gathered
up my things. My travel mug,
wallet and sunglass case were
all variations on my very
own signature color.

Except it wasn't a single
color, but a bouquet of many.
Each item was a different
floral, chosen for one
reason and one reason only.

It made me happy.

And isn't it lovely, in a
complicated world, when
that's enough?

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning,
and unallied with definite form,
can speak to the soul in a thousand
different ways.
-Oscar Wilde


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