Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heart-writing ♥♥♥

Recently my teenage Goddaughter,
Bella, was preparing to attend a
retreat with her youth group.

To enhance this experience, the
group leader asked Bella's close
family and friends to write her a
letter, expressing how important
she is to us, and encouraging her
on her faith journey.

I accepted enthusiastically.

Although her mom is like a sister
to me, Bella and I have never lived
in the same city. But we do see each
other every summer, and in-between
her mom keeps me up to date.

It's a wonderful thing to observe
a soul developing. Bella's was
born older than most, which I love
(and can relate to). One of our
favorite activities to do together
is scour vintage shops. We don't
always buy anything, but we do
enjoy soaking up the history and
special vibes of these places.

Old souls are like that :)

But back to the letter.

As I thought about the unique bond
that Bella and I have had over the
years, the words came easily, my
fingers flying over the keyboard,
determined to leave an impression
on her heart that reflected my own.

Have you ever written such a
letter, or received one?

If not, I urge you to do it.
Having a letter like this to hold
in your hands and look back on 
over time brings such lasting
joy to the receiver.  And giving
the gift of heartfelt words brings
equal happiness to the sender.

Because truly, we all want to hear
that we are loved and valued. Not
for outer things, like how we look
or what we have achieved, but for
simply, who we are. 

Sharing that gratitude and
admiration for someone you love
in a tangible and lasting way
doesn't have to be elaborate
or Shakespearean, just sincere.

I closed my letter to Bella with
one of my most favorite quotes.
It comes from a book called
The Last Battle.

I hope you like it, too.

Now, go write that letter. You
will never regret writing it, but
you will definitely regret
not writing it.

And this is the
marvel of marvels, 
that he called me


~ C.S. Lewis


{all pictures my own}



Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful post, Suzanne. You are so right...we'll only regret those letters we don't send. I have written a few letters like meant the world to me and to those I gave them to. You inspire me to write more of them!
I so appreciate the heart writings I have received from have edified my spirit and I thank you for always sharing your heart, my friend! xoxox

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I have written a few of those letters and think it's a special practice especially as kids are growing into adulthood. How lovely that you and Bella share that kind of bond!! You are blessed to have each other!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I have written a few of these letters myself. I am not sure who gets the most from them the recipient or me for reliving and reflecting on such a special relationship and so many memories.

you have reminded me that I should write another, for my niece who will be heading off to college in August and entering her next adventure!

Have a wonderful and blessed week.

Linda said...

Suzanne, this is such a lovely, thought-provoking post! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Travel With Lulu said...

This post reminded me of our trip to the antique stores around Hampton Court. I went back to 'our' restaurant just a few weeks ago. LOVED meeting my virtual friend in real life! xoxo

Jeanie said...

Oh Suzanne, this is so very special. There is nothing like a letter just about you. I love that I can hold the paper forever. I am using February as a "letter writing" month where I will write letters or notes to people who matter and send that love into the world. You've already started. Bella is a lucky woman.

Leslie Harris said...

I agree Suzanne taking time to write a heartfelt personal letter to someone we love is a priceless gift, felt by both the giver and the receiver. When my boys were going to their Senior Year retreat each parent wrote a letter to their son. To be opened up at a certain high point during the retreat. It was a powerful read for them but we also felt all those sentimental emotions as we composed our own words. It's something I need to do with my parents, you've reminded me here. Thanks for a lovely post.

Deborah said...

Suzanne..for write is to bring out from the depths of my heart.
What a truly life-giving way to love up on the ones we love.
A gift that warms, encourages and brings life.
I love the way you are a "life-giver" and a "love-giver".
Our Lord continue to bless you and others who receive such gifts from your dear heart.
Ive missed you lovely friend and it was so good to sit a while with you always.

All my heart,
Deborah xo

Jill Hinson said...

My girls' school has a 'Junior Year Encounter' and one of the best things about this milestone is the 'palancas' that are collected for each student attending - letters from family, classmates, coaches, friends etc...telling them how much they are loved and valued. The palancas are meant to 'lift up' the teenager at such an important and pivotal time in adolescence. I love it!

Anne Roth said...

My own twins received letters like this when they were on their Kairos Senior retreat in high school. They are 30 years old now but they saved the letters and still get them out to read them over from time to time. One of the letters was from their dad who passed away in 2014.