Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heart-writing ♥♥♥

Recently my teenage Goddaughter,
Bella, was preparing to attend a
retreat with her youth group.

To enhance this experience, the
group leader asked Bella's close
family and friends to write her a
letter, expressing how important
she is to us, and encouraging her
on her faith journey.

I accepted enthusiastically.

Although her mom is like a sister
to me, Bella and I have never lived
in the same city. But we do see each
other every summer, and in-between
her mom keeps me up to date.

It's a wonderful thing to observe
a soul developing. Bella's was
born older than most, which I love
(and can relate to). One of our
favorite activities to do together
is scour vintage shops. We don't
always buy anything, but we do
enjoy soaking up the history and
special vibes of these places.

Old souls are like that :)

But back to the letter.

As I thought about the unique bond
that Bella and I have had over the
years, the words came easily, my
fingers flying over the keyboard,
determined to leave an impression
on her heart that reflected my own.

Have you ever written such a
letter, or received one?

If not, I urge you to do it.
Having a letter like this to hold
in your hands and look back on 
over time brings such lasting
joy to the receiver.  And giving
the gift of heartfelt words brings
equal happiness to the sender.

Because truly, we all want to hear
that we are loved and valued. Not
for outer things, like how we look
or what we have achieved, but for
simply, who we are. 

Sharing that gratitude and
admiration for someone you love
in a tangible and lasting way
doesn't have to be elaborate
or Shakespearean, just sincere.

I closed my letter to Bella with
one of my most favorite quotes.
It comes from a book called
The Last Battle.

I hope you like it, too.

Now, go write that letter. You
will never regret writing it, but
you will definitely regret
not writing it.

And this is the
marvel of marvels, 
that he called me


~ C.S. Lewis


{all pictures my own}