Friday, August 12, 2016

The Track

{Second cousins}

In late July, my dad's side of the 
family gathered for our bi-annual

It's always such a treat seeing so 
many dear faces, some I've known my
entire life and others who became 
part of our clan more recently.
It's also fun to see how
quickly the younger members
of the family have grown and
changed since our last gathering.

As the years have passed, these 
reunions have become more and more
precious to me.

{Oceanside, CA}

Because life is a bit like a race,
and once you realize you're in the 
second half of that race, things
begin to take on a new focus. You
hold everyone that you treasure
a little bit tighter, trying to
imprint all the details you love
about them on your heart as you
whiz around life's track.

At least I do.

I find the idea of life as a track
appealing. I've always enjoyed 
having friends of various ages, both
older and younger. I know many 
people who are only comfortable with
their contemporaries.  Not me.

{The youngsters♥}

I really relish my younger friends,
realizing that although they are a
few laps behind me, their
experiences have a texture all their
own, because the view has changed
since I was there.

The world has changed.

The same goes for those ahead of
me on the track.  The things that
they've seen and experienced are
unique and not necessarily what's
lying ahead for me. I can learn
a lot from what they've already
observed as they've run their laps.

{The Elders♥}

Which is why I love these family
reunions, where everyone from age
four to those in their seventh
decade of life mingle and laugh
and really take the time to see
and appreciate each other, as
well as give thanks for those
whose own turn around the track
of life left us with these

Are there days when I take 
our bonds for granted?

Of course.  

{With my parents and kids}

Life is busy and messy and
complicated, and some days it's
simply about putting one foot in
front of the other, not celebrating
those running alongside us.

But I regret those days.

A hug, a kiss, a note, a phone
call, an I love you; an email,
a text or any other kind gesture
fosters the invisible ribbons that
bind us together here on Earth.

{University of CA, San Diego}

Because inevitably, each runner 
will leave the track as their
race in this world ends.
But that ribbon which ties us 
to one another,


will remain.


(All pics my own, except
the one that I'm in --
thanks, Uncle Tom)