Friday, April 22, 2016

Magic Lessons

The sun began to drop
low in the sky, preparing
to dazzle us with another
April sunset. 

I raced for my camera,
shouting, Look at the sunset!
Isn't it amazing!  I need to
capture this before it's gone!

Why?  It looks just like a
bunch of others that you've
taken before.....

Couldn't he see how magical
this sunset was?  How each
sunset is just a little 
different than the one that
came before?

At that moment, it dawned
on me that not everyone has
been trained to see the 
magic, the way that I was. 

You see, I grew up surrounded
by magic see-ers.

My parents taught me to spy magic
in the sun and the stars, in leaves
and in water, in animals, in 
seasons, in holidays, in food, in 
plants, in music, in history, in
books and in dramas on big screens,
small screens and stages.

And so much more.

Come, look at this! was a
common refrain in our home.

My dad's parents also had this
magical ability, as did Gigi, my
maternal grandmother.

Besides seeing magic, they taught
me to savor the small things, like
a raspberry from Grandpa's garden,
the first sip of a frosty drink on
a hot day or the cozy feel of a
fire on a very cold one.

Isn't this beautiful?
(or wonderful)they'd say.

Aren't we lucky? Gigi often 

Recognizing magic and savoring 
life's blessings is modeled 
by those who surround us, and
I am very grateful that these
precious teachers showed me
the way.

Life as a magic see-er brings
a celebratory feeling to each and
every day, as I anticipate and 
gratefully receive the tiny gifts
I am certain will come my way.

The diamond bright sparkle of
sunshine winking off the lake.

The heavenly aroma of coffee
brewing in the morning.

The silky feel of my dog's
fur as my hand glides down
her neck.

The sound of a chickadee as
it trills happily near 
our house.

Hot water pelting my 
shoulders in the shower.

Magic moments, all.

Discerning magic isn't a
skill that can be picked up
by a how-to on YouTube, nor
is there a printed guide like
Magic-Seeing for Dummies. 

But it can be learned, first
by recognizing that so many,
many things are truly wondrous,
from the earth that we inhabit
to the very fact that we are
alive, here and now, to enjoy
it; and then shifting that
awareness to praise and

Magic seeing, like any skill,
must be practiced over and
over and over again, until
it's simply part of who you

Observe. Wonder. Praise.


Extraordinary magic is woven
through ordinary life.  
Look around!  

~ Amy Leigh Mercree

Can you see the magic?


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(All post pics my own.
Thank you to my lovely
nieces for letting me
capture their unbridled
joy on a warm spring


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Yes I too was lucky enough to be raised by magic see-ers! My parents and my grandparents were exactly as you desrcibed and I find myself saying to my husband at least 5-6 times a day, "come and see", a cardinal at my feeder, my squirrel who thinks I am its mother and sits in my kitchen window to see if I am there, or comes and lays down on the raining of the deck to take a nap, the first buds on the trees, so many other tiny, beautiful, ordinary treasures. And you know what, the little things in life are the treasures. IT is sad to me that so many cannot appreciate them.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful nieces and your post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jeanie said...

I love the term "Magic see-ers!" Oh yes! I'm a big fan of observing, too. Always have been, even as a kid, looking for the details. Maybe it's the writer in me. But it was really heightened when I was in theatre classes in college and we would have exercises on the senses -- observing the grape, holding it in your mouth, the taste, the texture. Not just grapes. And being sent out to look for a real person who matched a character we would improv. I've never stopped that looking within. Even yesterday I plucked the bottom petal of a hyacinth (which looks much like an art deco vase without a base!) and just kept smelling and touching. Our world is filled with so many magical miracles and you are so right -- so many don't see. But when they do it's like falling through the looking glass into a new world. I loved this post and I love that you see the magic.

Barb Brookbank said...

Hello Suzanne! I've been eagerly awaiting your post and I was not disappointed. Firstly, your sweet images had me smiling the whole time I was reading (such wild abandon!) I think I must have been trained as a magic see-er as well, although I can't recall specific moments. My Mom loved nature more than anything, and my Dad was a farmer who appreciated a good crop and everything that went into it: hard work, sun, rain, warm temps. Our environment was typically dry but whenever we had a humid spell, he would proclaim often "it's a great day for growing!" I'm quite sure I'm a magic see-er teacher now, but I resolve to be more conscious about it. Look out everyone around me!

Privet and Holly said...

What wonderful examples of "magic-seeing!"
Thank you, Elizabeth, Jeanie and Barb, for
sharing your beautiful thoughts. Barb, I think
that I'll absolutely be adopting your dad's
proclamation -- love it!!!

xo Suzanne

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a beautifully written post as always. My only wish is that you post more give me so much food for thought.

I've learned to find the beauty and magic in the world after a gap between childhood and young adulthood. Even more now that we have media that for me, helps guide me to the mindfulness I need to access it. Not You tube or anything like that, simply little urgings we get here and there. I have a few apps on my phone that I listen to at night that calm me and make me feel more present in our beautiful world. :)

Thank you for always making us think, Suzanne!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH I love this, Suzanne.
Your beautiful post has awakened my perception of myself...Linda, Magic-Seer.
I have always been one. Looking for the magic in life is my continual thankfulness to God...experiencing the everyday beauty and miracles. Your photos are magical, truly are a kindred spirit, my friend...xo

Ella said...

I love this post~ I grew up this way, too. There are miracles every day-when we appreciate the way the light seeps into our world. I think my grandmother's and mother's love of gardening gave me this sense of seeing magic grow.

Such, a beautiful post! Magic is waiting-we just have to look~

Christie Leigh Babirad said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love your blog, and this post is an excellent reminder to see the magic that is around us each and every day. I believe this post will help many. It has definitely helped me in refocusing how I truly feel. Your photographs are beautiful. I wish you all the best. Keep writing and photographing.


Bonnie said...

You have captured the magic of a spring evening perfectly in words and pictures.
Taking the time to smell, touch and feel, and listen to the sounds of nature and life's moments do bring joy. Sensory delight is there for all to behold if they take the time to appreciate it's delight.
I always enjoy your words. They are like music to my soul.

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written. Children know this magic instinctively, and I think one reason we have kids is to get it back through them. The photos of the girls are portraits of joy--I hope that when they're big, they can look at these pictures and get the magic back. Or maybe they'll learn from you and never lose it to begin with.