Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The spare beauty of winter
in Minnesota never ceases to
inspire me.

Bare branches are like parted
curtains, revealing tiny gifts
each day that would be
overlooked in the colorful
brilliance of the other three

Sunrises and sunsets mesmerize,
their pinks and purples and
golds in sharp contrast to
the cool white tones of 
the snow.

Flashes of cardinals and robins
are sweet surprises, as is the
lovely warble of birdsong on
a subzero morning.

The heartstopping blue of a 
clear winter sky, a foil to
the chill in the air, is a
treasured delight.

Winters here have taught me
that more is not always more.

Sometimes, less is best.

As I travel further on life's
path, I find myself drawn
repeatedly to the spare, the
simple, the quiet, and less
to the flashy, the loud and
the noisy.

In fact, I think that less
allows greater savoring and
more holding close that
which truly brings us pleasure
and makes our spirits soar.

More blessings.

Wherever you are, whether
it's winter or summer, a
cold place, a warm place
or somewhere in between, I
wish you less of what
distracts you from what
you love, and more of
what brings it into focus.

Embrace your February.
Your journey.
Your life.


{all pictures my own}


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So lovely, Suzanne...and such beautiful photos, too! You always have a way of speaking to just where I am! Last week it was so cold when I took the dogs out that I felt myself becoming irritated with the weather. I actually forced myself into a re-think...to experience the cold instead. Feel it on my skin, the sharp clarity of breathing, and to look at the beauty all around me. Life is in the now...and we need to be present. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts today, Suzanne...we need to get together soon and do some catching up! xo

Jeanie said...

I have found it easier to cope this February, perhaps because it has been warmer than usual. Often, I find it the longest month of the year. We've a bit of snow, a lot of cold and they say a record warming on Friday. I can work with that! I keep thinking of last year and the year before and this winter, mild as it is, is like a special gift!

Your photos are breathtaking!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Suzanne, I have said this before as I am sure that you have as well. It is amazing to me how often we miss the little things in life, until we are older and wiser and when we come to realize that a quiet moment, a beautiful snowfall, a walk in the woods and many similar things are all lovely, beautiful and fun.

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the beauty of your Minnesota winter and the spring to come.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful words and images from a sweet heart, Suzanne. Hugs to you today. Your post has such profound meaning. What a blessing to read.

Lucy martin said...

How beautiful this is. I have found myself feeling much the same lately, and you put it so eloquently..take care.

Dewena said...

Thank you for the lovely wish you left for your readers. It went straight to my heart.

Dawn Y. said...

So lovely... each word and image, Suzanne! The quiet beauty of winter can be so heartwarming on a cold day. It is such a blessing to be 'present' and mindful of the simple joys sprinkled throughout each day! So grateful for your always thoughtful words, dear Suzanne. Warm hugs!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Sometimes the only thing that makes February bearable for me is the fact that it's my birthday (or not, depending on how I feel about getting older that year:0). Illinois winters are harsh as well, and I do believe I have a form of seasonal affected disorder (even before it had a name!) that makes it hard to be positive this time of year. Your words are helpful for someone like me who is just chomping at the bit for spring to arrive. Your photos are breathtaking as usual:) xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

Frizzy said...

You always write so beautifully and speak into my heart. Thank you! I wish you MORE of all you love and less of what pulls you away as well.

Rambling Tart said...

I needed this pictures today. So much. Thank you for providing a visual jaunt into the winter worlds I grew up in and still miss very much. xo

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Deborah said...

Good morning Suzanne!
So good to come for a visit here...as always.
Oh I love the beauty you have captured here...and yes I agree..its that coming back to simplicity and the quietness in life that blesses us so and causes us to really appreciate and treasure the greatest joys in this life.
Thank you for the blessing you've given us...and I return that to you. I say more...of less!
Hugs to you my sweet, warm hearted friend xo

All my heart,

Katie Clooney said...

Gorgeous photos! I wish I loved winter as much as you. We are looking at a snow storm tomorrow. Ugh.