Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The spare beauty of winter
in Minnesota never ceases to
inspire me.

Bare branches are like parted
curtains, revealing tiny gifts
each day that would be
overlooked in the colorful
brilliance of the other three

Sunrises and sunsets mesmerize,
their pinks and purples and
golds in sharp contrast to
the cool white tones of 
the snow.

Flashes of cardinals and robins
are sweet surprises, as is the
lovely warble of birdsong on
a subzero morning.

The heartstopping blue of a 
clear winter sky, a foil to
the chill in the air, is a
treasured delight.

Winters here have taught me
that more is not always more.

Sometimes, less is best.

As I travel further on life's
path, I find myself drawn
repeatedly to the spare, the
simple, the quiet, and less
to the flashy, the loud and
the noisy.

In fact, I think that less
allows greater savoring and
more holding close that
which truly brings us pleasure
and makes our spirits soar.

More blessings.

Wherever you are, whether
it's winter or summer, a
cold place, a warm place
or somewhere in between, I
wish you less of what
distracts you from what
you love, and more of
what brings it into focus.

Embrace your February.
Your journey.
Your life.


{all pictures my own}