Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting Up

Recently I spent a week
simply being Aunt Suzy,
babysitting my little nieces
(eight and four and a half)
and nephew (five and a half)
while their parents flew off
for a much-deserved holiday
together.  Alone : )

I arrived on the day that
Paris was attacked.

Something you forget when
your baby is 17 is that small
children get hurt.  A lot.

Falls, scrapes, bruises.  
Running into things.  Touching
things that are hot.  Accidentally
getting pinched by a sibling or 
closing a drawer too swiftly.

Little feet stumble and 
developing brains misjudge
corners, which can be
hazardous while zooming
around on bicycles.

But I'd also forgotten this:
After the ice pack is applied,
the scrape soothed, the hair
smoothed back from the
furrowed brow or the ouchie
kissed, kids get back up.

And off they go, again.

Very similar to the way our
sad, aching world has continued
to turn since November 13th,
despite the great pain that
was inflicted on our common
hearts after the devastation
in Paris as well as the awful
terror executed most recently
in California.

No Band-Aids or ice packs,
kisses or smoothed brows will
ever make these horrific acts 

However, we can get up.

We can brush ourselves off.

We can embrace life for 
those whose own lives were
savagely stolen.

We can love each other deeper,
hold each other tighter, and
with steely resolve move forth
into this new world, vowing
to never, ever, ever


Be soft.  Do not let the world
make you hard.  Do not let the
pain make you hate.  Do not 
let the bitterness steal your
sweetness.  Take pride that
even though the rest of the
world may disagree, you still
believe it to be a 
beautiful place.

~Iain S. Thomas

Wishing you great peace
this holiday season,
and all year long.


all photos my own