Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Spark

There is always something left to love.
And if you ain't learned that, you ain't


~ Lorraine Hansberry

(Pottery! ♥)

As I was ambling happily through a
parking lot this week, my eyes fell
on a bumper sticker, which declared
in bright, bold letters,

I love greyhounds!

I smiled to myself, because who
wouldn't love a greyhound, those
sleek dynamos with the soulful
gaze and regal bearing?

But to commit to a bumper sticker,
the driver of this car must not just
love greyhounds, but be passionate
about them.

(Dogs! Even wet ones!♥)

Which is great.  I'm very happy
that there are staunch greyhound
supporters on our planet.

There's a plethora of things to
love in this life.  So many, many 
hobbies to learn, passions to 
champion, whimsies to indulge, 
past times to participate and
to lose oneself in.

(Knitting! For trees!♥)

There's a spark inside each of us
that, for mysterious reasons, ignites
a fervor for an amazing variety of
things.  Consider what other passions
crossed my radar the same day that 
I saw the greyhound bumper sticker:

collecting Star Wars figurines
playing guitar
running marathons
The Beetles
live theater
Boston Terriers
sewing quilts

And this is just a tiny sampling
of what I saw or heard on that 
particular afternoon, or what I've
noticed since jotting down this
brief list.


I'm not certain why I Love Lucy
memorabilia kindles deep devotion
in one person, while cat videos,
creating greeting cards or wood-
working is another's thing.

But I do know that the spark which
leads to our individual passions is 
a wonderful, magical part of
being human.

(Photography! Owls!)

Let's cherish and celebrate
that spark, in ourselves and
in others, too.

{What a dull place this world
would be if everyone's interests
were exactly the same!}


There is always something left
to love in this mysterious journey
that we call life, no matter how
far along its path we have come,
or how much farther we are going.

What's your passion?


{all pictures my own}