Friday, June 26, 2015

The Flow

My bestie from New Zealand closed
a recent email by saying,

Off to work.  Always racing off
somewhere, but it's better than
twiddling one's thumbs!

I love how she grabs hold of life,
determined to make each hour 
count, from sunrise to sunset.

Like my pal, I often feel that my
days are a race from Point A to
Point B, from task to task and
activity to activity.

Most of the time, I briskly sail
along with whatever's on the agenda,
but some days I chafe at the pace,
wondering what I can do to just
make everything  s l o w  down.

Last week I experienced this same
vexation while zooming towards an
appointment in heavy traffic. As
I reminded myself to breathe deeply,
a little voice suggested that maybe
I should embrace, rather than fight,
the tempo of my days, and just
go with the flow.

An image of a river filled my mind's
eye.  Parts of it were as smooth as
glass, while other sections were white,
foamy and churning with rough water.

If I were navigating this river, the
ride would alternate between a peaceful
drift and a choppy whirl, and I'd just
have to adapt and go with it in order
to continue safely in the direction it
was pulling me.

Life is so like that, my friends. 

No matter how prepared we are for its
twists and turns, there will inevitably
be tranquil stretches and heart-pumping,
wild ones. 

One thing is certain:  a river flows
just one way.  Life, too, moves forward,
not backwards.

No, the waters aren't always calm.

Thank goodness.  

As enticing as a wave-free life
 sometimes appears to be, I know that 
type of ride would eventually 
become boring.

Like so many things, maneuvering around
the pools and eddies of life requires
a necessary amount of letting go
and surrendering to its flow. 

With this mindset I'm coming to 
appreciate the swirling waters as
much as the serene ones that lie on 
the other side, knowing that in a few,
short years when both my children have
moved on to navigate their own rivers,
the course will be calmer and I'll be
yearning for the choppier days gone by.

Because rivers flow 

Life is like the river, sometimes it
sweeps you gently along and sometimes
the rapids come out of nowhere. 
~ Emma Smith


{all photos my own;
Lewis River, WA
Deschutes River, OR
Russian River, CA}