Friday, May 22, 2015

The Last Days

I recently sailed away with 
my mom for our annual mother-
daughter vacation.  When I had
tiny ones at home, this event
was simply a long weekend,
but as they grew before my
eyes, so did this trip,
slowly expanding over
time until just last year,
when it became one whole,
sweet week.

This year, like last, the
days stretched out languidly,
our schedule dictated not by
shoulds, but by want-tos.

Our favorite activity, since we
live 1500 miles apart, was 
just being together for seven
straight days : )

As the week melted steadily
away and the end of our trip
loomed on the horizon, we
both began to observe little
details around our cruise ship
that we'd never spotted before.

Click, click, click, I started
taking photos like crazy, as if
capturing all the small things
with my camera would mean
that our trip wasn't really
nearing its conclusion.

Funny, I said to my mom, how you
appreciate what's around you
so much more towards the end of
a trip, then you do in the

I guess that's a lot like life.

She agreed.

My momma and the twinkling lights of St. Thomas

Mom and I talk more about the 
conclusion of this grandest
adventure than we used to, when
our lives seemed so far away
from their final ports of call.
But we also laugh a lot and
appreciate every moment we are
able to share together.

I returned home with a renewed
resolve to treasure the view
from my own life's journey,
from now until the the very
last days, when this voyage
makes way for the next.

Even in a tumultuous world,
the good, as my husband likes to
say, outweighs the bad.  There is
sweetness in the details, divinity
in the humblest gifts of nature,
like the music of little brown
sparrows or the sight of 
a flower growing up from
a crack in the sidewalk.

I hope to imprint it all on
my heart before disembarking,
waking each morning with fresh
eyes for this brilliant planet,
as if seeing it for the very
first time.

I will:

Breathe more deeply.

Turn my face towards the
sunlight, in gratitude.

Delight in the details.

Love it all, fiercely.


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