Thursday, November 20, 2014

Collections: A Giveaway

I love collections, and I'm
willing to bet that you, too
have had a collection or two
{or three or four.....} that you've
assiduously added to over time.

I've collected a variety of
things throughout the years, from
seashells and poodle-themed
items as a child, to tea cups,
vintage frames, old keys and
much more, as an adult.

But in recent years, the items
I've squirreled away the most
don't have tangible shapes or
forms. They aren't vintage, rare,
or even unique.  And though
they are quite valuable to me,
they are absolutely free.

What am I collecting?

Moments.  Twinklings.
Jiffys.  Flashes and instants.

Tiny joys.

Sitting here in my car in the 
early morning, watching sunshine
dance on snow that glistens like
I've already collected
six new ones.

Probably more.

My first, hot sip of english
breakfast tea.

A kiss from Gracie.

My big boy and his dad,
laughing over their eggs.

Mist rising from the lake
at sunrise.

Pennies from Heaven on the 40's station.

A rainbow in the sky, with snow
on the ground.

Tiny joys, not for sale.

Like all experienced collectors,
I've learned to recognize the
good stuff when I find it, hiding
among the less-inspired moments.

Very often, my tiny joys come
in the form of words, including
those that I receive from readers
like you, who are, without a doubt,
the kindest on the planet : )

{Your comments and emails
become part of my heart's
collection, daily.}

Thank you.

I added a very special moment
to my cache last June, when the
managing editor for the magazine
Artful Blogging contacted me
about submitting my words and
pictures for the winter issue.

It was wonderful collaborating
with the publisher then, and even
more amazing for me to share
my excitement with you, now!

To celebrate, I'm giving away
copies of this gorgeous, quarterly
publication to two Privet and Holly
readers.  The winners will each
receive the Winter 2015 issue, as
well as some other little gifts I
will tuck in, too.

Because tiny joys are even
better when they are enjoyed
with others.

How to enter?

Simply tell me about a tiny joy
you've collected recently, by
leaving a comment at the end
of this post.  {Click on the words
Lovely Thoughts.}

If you subscribe via email or
read my blog some other way,
you can also reach me at

See how this little anthology
of moments will grow? Your tiny 
joys will become part of my own.

The giveaway ends on December 4th.

Until then, I'll be busy adding to
my collection, polishing each
twinkling and jiffy, each instant
and flash, until they all shine
as brightly as this winter sun.

Won't you join me?


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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are such a lovely person, Suzanne...and it is reflected in all you do and write. I could read your words all day, my friend! Congratulations on your Artful Blogging feature, it was beautiful! No need to enter my name, good luck to the others! xoxo

Prince Snow Farm said...

You always make me smile! I love the "things" that we can collect that don't take up space….the moments, the laughter, the whispers…..thanks for reminding that those will be the collections we will keep for a lifetime! Congrats on your publication!

Dianna said...

Congratulations on your Artful Blogging feature! I am not surprised for you certainly bring joy to others with your words...and beautiful photography.

One of the little joys I've collected recently was viewing an old comedy television show with my brother and my 85 year old mother and hearing them both laughing. It has stuck fast in my "collection box" as a precious treasure.

Hugs to you, my friend.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Congrats, friend, on being recognized for your many talents! I am not surprised:) One tiny joy I experienced today was a belly laugh, compliments of our new puppy. When I'm with her I can forget just about everything else. Your pics are beautiful as usual. Thank you for continuing to remind of the good stuff.:)

Lucy martin said...

Such a great post! Congratulations, so deserving!
Life is nuanced with a thousand joys,I love my coffee in the morning which is one!:)

Shelly W. said...

I'm so glad you've been recognized as the artful blogger that you are! You absolutely deserve it.

I had a little trinket yesterday as I sat over lunch with a friend. She told me about how she and her husband were praying for a friend of mine--someone they don't even know who is in a very hard situation. Their kindness to pray and ask about my friend brought me to tears.

Brigitta Davis said...

I've been collecting the songs my piano students play, specifically in the joy he or she exudes discovering a new song they will come to love.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh my Suzanne.....this post really took my breath away. You asked us to comment about what we are collecting......for is TIME. I'm 68 and have been blessed to have a wonderful soul mate for the last 36 years. He has VERY SERIOUS surgery this summer after we spent the summer downsizing into a smaller spot. Now that these two TREMENDOUS THINGS are behind us we have more time to enjoy each other and the gifts that life imparts to us.

I haven't stopped in for sometime as I have not been blogging as of late....but as always....YOU INSPIRE. Congrats on your certainly deserve it.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Artful Blogging inclusion! Artful blogging is indeed a fitting way to describe the lovely posts you share with us.

A recent tiny joy for me? Joining my son on the sofa to read along with him and having him snuggle into the crook of my arm. I'll never get tired of that joy!

Sylvia said...

Suzanne, the tiny joy I've collected recently was reading your words in Artful Blogging Magazine. It was a delight sharing a Ferris wheel car with you. Thank you for the ride and for always encouraging me to appreciate and collect world's tiny gift from my own sit. Congratulation on being a part of one of the most visually inspiring issues of this publication.

Love & Hug

Dawn Y. said...

Just lovely, Suzanne! As always, I feel like a kindred spirit, chatting over tea, when I read your heartwarming words. Your thoughts stay with me for many days after each post!

I added to my collection of golden 'charms' just last night while sitting together in our pajamas, by a fireplace, talking and laughing with two dear teacher friends. We have been spending a weekend in Wisconsin together, just before the busy holiday season begins, for the past twenty-five years. My golden 'charm' bracelet is jingling with happy memories ~ each one a blessing!!

Privet and Holly is the perfect example of 'Artful Blogging.' Heartfelt congratulations on your wonderful honor, Suzanne! ♡

Low Tide High Style said...

SO excited for you, and I can't wait to read your article! I love the picture of the ducks pretty! I finally got to visit my great niece when she arrived home from the NICU after being born 6 weeks early...she is so tiny, and so very sweet, and though she is tiny, it was a GREAT joy to be able to finally hold her!

xo Kat

michele said...

congratulations on the publication, suzanne! what a perfect fit! i am in a season where it is not easy for me to collect tiny joys. i have to be especially intentional as depression casts its shadow upon such things. my hands are creating tiny joys right now. they type words of encouragement. they make tufted wool pom poms. they soothe a fluffy geriatric shihtzu. they heal family members with reflexology (i'm still learning, but there are lots of happy feet around here). i am so grateful to be able to use them for good. peace to you right where you are.

Farmgirl Paints said...

ARTFUL BLOGGING!!!! Girl! This is good. I need to get that one. So deserved!!

Jiienna said...

First I have to say- I love your sweet blog :) You sound like a lovely person. My latest tiny joy was great coffee with my best friend :)

Unknown said...

So very happy you've been found and noticed Suzanne. You are a talented writer and photographer, so the Arful Blogging publication is a perfect match for you. I do not have this one yet, and would love to have it in my collection, if I were to be lucky enough to win your giveaway.
My moments of joy I recently collected were in the special time I just spent with Emily over her Thanksgiving break. I finally actually took time and treasures the moments spent with her. :-). Learning and I am so much a work in progress.

Just a little something from Judy said...

You are one of the most artful of all bloggers that I know! You deserve this special honor, really you do! I am thankful that others in the world will be blessed, inspired, and encouraged by reading your words and seeing your so well captured photography. Seriously, one of my tiny joys, is visiting blogs, and this would be one of them. Congratulations! What a generous gift on your part.

Bonnie said...

You are so deserving to be published in a magazine. Your words I once told you were music to my ears. You have the sweetest way of expressing beautiful emotions.

I always enjoy the moon and last week we enjoyed several family fires around our fire pit enjoying each other and viewing the moon. Sunday will be a full moon and I don't want to miss that.

I still remember a collections post you did a few years ago. It really struck a cord with me because I didn't realize I had any collections. I do think the the moments of joy collections are the best of all.
Blessings to you.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Suzanne!!!!!! Hello! It has been so long since I have been over here, and I was so happy to see your visit early this morning when I got to school. I take my tablet with me to keep connected on my lunch break, and there you were!

First of all, congratulations on getting into Artful Blogging! That has always been a dream of mine, but it will never happen since I don't have a collection of my own photos, but I've been working on that, slowly. And of course, I have a long way to go to being a writer. But you have made it. GOOD FOR YOU. And words are wondrous and are the most intriguing collectables next to moments. We who love words remember them AND their impact in our lives.

How about this weather we've had, uh? What a gorgeous fall we experienced here, and I hope our Christmas will be white but not too cold!

Congratulations again dear Suzanne, and happy holidays on the lake!! Anita

Joyti said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love the thought of collecting memories and things. I sometimes collect what I like to souvenirs (leaves to dry, feathers, etc...from special days) personally, days that might otherwise be forgotten.

Congrats on the magazine feature!

Leslie said...

Congratulations! Suzanne, you write from your heart and THAT'S what makes you special. This is super exciting and I hope it opens doors to other opportunities. Regarding collections .. my daughter returned from a little trip with her boyfriend and came back with a collection of shells:) I smiled and said this is the first of many collections! xxL

pve design said...

Congratulations! I have been creating a collection of art commissions for a collecting of the most kindred clients. Some I meet and then others, our relationship is all virtual. I love the comments and feedback. I have a drawer full of thankful notes they send to me with praise and I feel so honored to create and collect praise and smiles near and far.
Scattering, planting and creating during the Winter fuels my spirit. The nights are long and dark.


I love collecting memories, too.

I have not seen the winter Artful Blogging yet. What a wonderful treat
it will be to find you there.


Happy Homemaker UK said...

I missed this post earlier - congratulations on being published - that's so exciting! xox

Seawashed Living said...

I will look forward to buying a copy and seeing you in it! Wonderful. Truly. I hope to be in it one day too.