Friday, October 24, 2014

Quiz Me

As a kid, the word


filled my belly with
butterflies, even though
I worked hard in school
and was a good student.

The term quiz, on the
other hand, felt less serious ~
a bit lighter.  Generally, a
quiz was meant to identify
what you already knew and
discover what you needed to 
work on for the test.

Quizzes, as opposed to
tests, could even be fun.

Some of my favorite types
of quizzes were the ones that
I used to find in my mom's
copies of Woman's Day or 
Family Circle, or later, in my
own copies of Seventeen and

These quizzes covered a wide
variety of topics, from astrology
(which sign is your ideal mate?)
to careers, fashion (what color
season are you?), health and

Rarely were new revelations
uncovered.  When the trues 
and falses were tallied and
compared to the key, I was
generally shaking my head
in agreement.

But once in a while, the results
weren't what I'd predicted.  They 
made me stop, think and consider.

One quiz I took my last year of
college suggested that a career
as a flight attendant might be on
my horizon; a suggestion that I
seriously contemplated.

{I sent applications off to a few
airlines, but apparently they didn't
arrive at the same conclusion as
the quiz!}

It's those once-in-a-while-surprise-
me results that still make quizzes
entertaining to take.  

Can they really figure me out?

Maybe the results will point me
in a direction I hadn't expected.

How well do I know myself?

There are scores of short quizzes
on Facebook, and I've taken my
share in the last couple of years.

What style of house should
you live in? (Farmhouse)

What color is your aura?

What U.S. city should you live in?

What's your real age?
(I liked it.)

Which I Love Lucy character
are you? (Ethel)

Can we guess your job?
(Author....loved reading that!)

Who is your guardian angel?
(My great-grandmother)

Some head nods.
Some surprises.
Some things to ponder : )

Life's tests still give me 
butterflies, just like the ones
in the classroom did long ago.
Not just the kind on paper, but
the hard stuff.  The rubber
meets the road stuff.  The
what am I made of stuff.

But life's quizzes still delight,
spotlighting the things that I
now know for certain about this
journey, while challenging me to
think about the things that I do not ~
new ideas, filled with possibilities.

I hope there will always be

So I'll keep taking those
quizzes, expecting to nod
my head, but secretly hoping

to be astounded : )


all photos P&H


Sue said...

I love this Suzanne ~ I love the way you make me think of things in a different way. And you are spot on in the quiz and test definitions. Life's tests are still hard, and the only preparation for these tests, post school, for me, is studying God's word and deepening my faith.
But the quizzes ~ they are just fun, and as you said, occasionally something new to ponder.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I think the quizzes are a lot of fun, too~ usually they are pretty predictable and close to true. And then other times I stop and think... really? It does make me examine myself and my way of thinking sometimes!
Your photos are so lovely, the one of you and Gracie, and the migrating geese are stunning!

Rambling Tart said...

How beautiful to think of your great-grandmother watching over you. :-) That makes me smile. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just lovely, Suzanne! As always, your thoughts have made me nod, smile, and remember. You have truly touched my heart again with your thoughtful words and photos. Kindred spirits! Autumn blessings…

Jeanie said...

I always get sucked into taking those buzzfeed quizzes I see on FB -- they're just so darned much fun! Sometimes I totally disagree with the answer but sometimes they are spot on! Either way, a good time!

Anonymous said...

Love it. We do have an abundance of online quizzes these days, and even though I find them sketchy at best (how does whether I choose pizza over bacon help decide my favorite color?) it is still easy to take yet another one to see what it might show about ourselves.

michele said...

love the pic of you and your sweetie. wonder what it means that i like a test more than a quiz? or that i prefer the essay to the objective? something about breadth i think. you have reminded me that being a student was an adored identity of mine. i excelled in academia. i wasn't even certain i wanted to be a therapist when i applied for grad school, only that i wanted to stay in school. test taking is something i do well. and research papers. and making the top grade. without the structure of the classroom and exam schedule, i'm a little out of my element even these many years later. my mom says it's time for me to get back in school. maybe she's right. thanks for stirring up yummy food for thought. :)

Shelly W. said...

Such beautiful photos! And I am the same way--not a test taker, always wanting to get it right.

Last week I took the Meyers-Briggs for the umpteenth time. I get the same thing every time, so I must be pretty sure of myself. Your post is making me think I should write about that.

Hope you are well!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I loved those magazine quizzes, too! Such fun to anticipate the outcome. I've also done one or two Facebook quizzes. Who would have thought that I was Truvy in Steel Magnolias?:)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Whatever "the stuff is that you are made of" is, your Creator did a great job! This is encouraging to me, because to this day, the word test brings me to a slight panic. I smile at that thought now, but at the time, it was real. Your pictures are, once again, tied perfectly to the words.

Low Tide High Style said...

Ahh, it's those unexpected results that are always the best! Have a lovely week my friend!

xo Kat

Dagmar said...

This was a lovley post to read, loved some of your answers! Hope you have a lov,ey week planned.

Curtains in My Tree said...

How fun taking all those quizzes
Like your sweet little dog setting on your lap in one of the pictures


Sylvia said...

Hello Suzanne,

So happy to be here and read your thoughtful posts once again. Honestly, I am not a test-enthusiast any more. I guess I've had my share of tests while I was a student in University and especially while I was preparing tests and quizzes for my students as a teacher :) Yet, I like your perspective on the subject and I love some of your answers. The "author" one, actually reminds me to congratulate you on your article in the upcoming Artful Blogging Edition. I hope you have a splendid autumn.

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a beautiful and thought provoking post. Love your writing style!