Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The {Re} creation

Three days a weeks, for
six weeks, we've been road
warriors, hustling out of the
house each morning at 7:30,
my 15 year-old son at the
wheel of the car, me riding
shotgun as we travel the
backroads to his fitness
boot camp.

Each day, we passed
this sign.  

The first time it caught my eye,
I saw the word re-create.

re-create:  to create anew; reproduce

But as this delightfully
night summer continues to
unfold, I had a different 
thought as we zoomed past
the sign this morning.

Maybe it's recreate.

recreate:  to amuse (oneself or
someone else)

Though nearly identical in their
spelling, re-create and recreate
have distinct pronunciations
and definitions, and the more
that idea nested inside my
head, the more it made me 


[from Latin recreare, to invigorate
or renew, from re + creare, to create]


Because Northern summers,
in their short but brilliant
span, implore us to recreate.

Brisk morning walks and
leisurely evening strolls.

Bike rides and boat rides.

Porch time and beach time.

Festivals and fairs.

Gardening and fruit picking.

Sight seeing and travel

Concerts and barbecues.

And the wonder of all these
amusements is that
when we recreate, something
new is born inside of us.

We re-create ourselves,
just a tiny bit.

Can this symbiosis between
recreate and re-create also
go the other way?

I do believe it does.

When we are totally immersed
in an activity intended to improve
something about ourselves ~

bike further
walk faster
cook more adventurously
listen more intently
design a better garden
read more books
learn a new sport
brush up language skills
practice music

the act of being intently
in the moment becomes


at the same time its goal is


Time flies as we are lost
in the flow of our endeavor,
which can bring both peace
and relaxation.

For me, a drive in the country ~
recreation ~ reignites my
creativity, as I tune out the 
to-dos and simply focus on the 
sky, the undulating grasses, grazing
animals, barns and other sweet
rural sights.

It's a soul-full balm that
never fails to soothe.

For my husband, it's the wind
in his face and the race of 
his pulse as he clocks the miles
on his bicycle, hoping to improve
his speed (re-create) at the same
time that he savors the ride (recreates).

It fills his energy bank.

For our daughter, hours perfecting
an artwork in progress (re-creating)
feels like minutes as she becomes
absorbed in the process (recreating).

There is no boundary between
definitions when she's in the groove.

Recreation is as vital to our souls
as nourishment is to our bodies.
Without it, we eventually wither
like a plant deprived of light 
or water.

As bustling as our summer days
have been, I'm going to miss these
mornings of driving with my boy,
the bucolic roads coming alive
with sunlight and bird song,
recreation and re-creation 
for a spirit that is thirsty 

for both.

Recreation's purpose is not to 
kill time, but to make life, not to
keep a person occupied, but to
keep them refreshed; not to offer
an escape from life, but to provide
a discovery of life.

~ Anonymous

How do you recreate - (re-create)?


all images my own