Monday, November 11, 2013


As the temperatures dropped
this week and winds sent leaves
cartwheeling to the ground,
I began to notice something.


Things that aren't usually
revealed when the trees are
flush with leaves.


I'm seeing them everywhere.

Some are little.
Some are big.  
Really big.

Seeing these abandoned nests
on my morning walks,
vulnerable against the cold
November sky, I am reminded
once again how much goes on
around us to which we are 

Everywhere, there are countless
dramas, big and small,
playing out before our eyes.

Nests built, eggs laid,
baby birds learning to fly.

Just like a nest cradles its own
sweet secrets, we all walk around
holding our stories close.

My son's bus driver.

The woman I see behind the
register at the grocery store.

The neighbor boy whizzing by 
his skate board.

Our postman.



On the outside, we are like
the summer trees.  Just people.

But on the inside, there's the 
nest--the genuine us, 
shared with a few, 
but protected
from most.

People often ask a variety of
questions in an attempt
to view the nest.

How are you today?

{Unless we are really feeling
great, do we ever give the
real answer?}

At a gathering where we meet
new people, it's often

What do you do?

As a stay at home mom, this one
is also a challenge.  I do loads of
things, but most of them are behind
the scenes (laundry, meals, groceries,
clean, make lunches, drive--a lot, etc.)
I love my job, but it doesn't make for a
zippy answer at social functions.

Oh, you write a blog.  What's it about?

Uh.  Well.  Hmmm.

I have a blogging pal who proudly
answers, ME! when asked this question.
But I don't find it so easy.

What each inquiry is meant
to discover is


In a landscape of trees, we want
to locate the nests.  To get past
the leaves, peer in and have
something special revealed to us.

My late friend Kathleen was captivated
by birds and nests and adored the
color of robin's egg blue.  

She embodied the nest-seeker to me,
with a genuine curiosity about the people
she spoke with.  A true listener, too.

In the end, Kathleen's last gift to me
was the sure knowledge that the only 
things we take from this earth--and
leave behind--aren't things, at all.

They are relationships.

And love.

So I encourage you to seek the
nests.  Bake something for a neighbor
or co-worker just because.  Call a friend
for an impromptu lunch.  Write a card
to someone whose day you may just
make when they receive it.

Comb those trees in your life and
root out the nests.  You might
be surprised at the treasures you'll
uncover if you dare to take a peek,
and the ones you'll bestow,
simply by sharing 


you are.


all images my own


Joanna said...

You are SO right. It's too easy to make do with looking at the foliage; it is the nest within that is so important.

What an insightful post, Suzanne. Thank you.


michele said...

you nailed it, suzanne. you did. and you have reminded me that i'm one of those girls who really lets you know how it's hanging and rarely mentions the weather. it would be nice if such candor was met with vulnerability in return, but for the most part, it isn't. your blog? poetic discovery.

you're a gem.


Hindsfeet said...

oh Suzanne,

I'm running out of ways to tell you how *grateful* I am for you, for the feast you bring to the table.....

I am bubbling over with such a sweet quiet encouragement at this reading, as it resonates deeply and underscores what *I* just posted.....

...and encourages me to fly...

much love and deep respect,

thejugglestruggle said...

I love this beautiful way of illustrating vulnerability.

Are my nests showing? :)

Dianna said...

Oh Suzanne, what a precious post. I love the way God has gifted you with the ability to put in a few words what it would take me three times as much to get the point across. And these words you paint with letters are always accompanied by the most beautiful pictures that have meaning behind them...every. one. of . them!

Grateful to have met you through this world of blog!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes, because in those nests newness is born.

I am saddened that too many people are much too busy. In the end, it's what YOU'VE GIVEN AWAY, not what you get. Oh how hard that is to take!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Lovely, lovely post as always, Suzanne! You always help me keep perspective...thank you SO much for that!! xoxo

Rambling Tart said...

"seek the nests" I love that so much. :-) You are a true kindred spirit. :-)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Suzanne, I have said it before but I will say it again, you are a very special person who has been given a gift with words. Your words and visions challenge me each time I visit to be better, to do better, to just be grateful.

Life is a gift and I am blessed to have found you and your friendship. Your late friend Kathleen has gifted you with friendship, knowledge, compassion and something wonderful...her love and thoughts of her each and every time you see a nest or a bird.

Have a wonderful night!
xo Elizabeth


Ah ... I never saw those nests before we lived in MN. Oh for eyes to see what really is around us.


Alicia said...

You really do so a whole lot when the leaves blow away. We always need to look for the beauty. Love this.

Gina Howie said...

Beautiful! You are always so right {wise} and strike a chord each time I visit you. I will "seek the nests". xx

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Suzanne
What a beautiful post - your WORDS are thought provoking as always.
Just a smile or a warm hello can often break the ice.
For instance with the Checkout Operator - it can make their day.

The response I usually get to the "I have a blog" statement is - "Oh really".
That's it - full stop!!!
People often ask a question, but are they really interested in the answer - I think not!!!
It’s mindless chitchat… shallow.

I love finding the little nests in the bare branches too.
It's Spring over here and I'm watching the birds flitting about collecting twigs and moss to make this season's nest for a new family - the cycle of life is wonderful.

Lovely catching up again Suzanne.
Wishing you a happy week!


Beautiful post as usual. The minute you mentioned Katheleen I got a lump in my throat. It's amazing how we remember what loved ones have taught us after they are gone....

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Suzanne, you constantly inspire me to take risks and be more open...I've learned it brings me joy! So glad we are friends! XOXO
P.S. Beautiful photos! Love the autumn leaves with snow...

Farmgirl Paints said...

This is beautiful as always. Man I miss you. I'd love a lunch date or coffee catch up chat. Makes me ache a little bit. Btw am I the ME friend? Cause you know that's what I would say;-)

pretty pink tulips said...

You always have such a way with words and expressing what so many of us feel. I have been trying to really meet people's eyes this month - the checkout person, neighbors, people all around. I love the legacy that Kathleen has left you. My grandmother loved birds, too….cardinals. And, every time I see one, I think of her. I've been seeing a lot of them lately.

Much love to you!
xoxo Elizabeth

Delishhh said...

Love this post. Moving here from Europe it took me a while to get the "how are you" where people really weren't interested in an answer but it was more of an hello. In Sweden when you ask how are you, you really mean how are you and expect an answer. Not just "Good, how are you?"

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Suzanne, I saw nests this year too, but I love your perspective on them. As usual, you make me stop and ponder. What a gift it was to have a friend like Kathleen, a listener and a person who was genuinely interested in others! I'm sure she found the same qualities in you!

Charlene said...

Beautiful post! One to make a person stop & ponder! Thank you the insights! Have a beautiful week!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the one with the yellow leaves falling on the snow... Stunning. Love the "nest" analogy even more. Thank you for sharing your world, and heart xo
(I haven't seen snow in real life - yet) one day.

lisaroyhandbags said...

I loved seeing those nests in Muskoka! You're so right that we really need to "see" the nests out there. I've also had many people ask what do I do since I don't work here as an expat - the worst is when they word it "so what do you do all day?" Nothing like making someone feel totally inadequate!

Sylvia said...

Just...PERFECT, Suzanne! Thank you for all your wisdom!

Tricia said...

Such wonderful words of wisdom! I love this post. It's a reminder that oftentimes people just show you want they want you to see. You know what's funny? I never tell people that I blog. I keep it secret for some reason...I don't really know why. It's my hidden nest, I suppose :)

Deborah said...

So true.
Don't we all long for a friend who truly cares enough to see in our nest?
We can start by being that friend
who cares enough to come close.
So beautiful ...thank you for being such an inspiration and a care-giver.
You are a safe place ~ a haven.
Love you sweet friend xo

All my heart,
Deborah xo

Olive said...

Touching and true Suzanne. I have difficulty explaining my blog as well. I need zip. xo, olive

Katherine said...

Just reaching out to say hi on this cold and frosty November day :-)

Bonnie said...

Suzanne, You are so wise and a talented writer. Yes, I think we all wear masks but are hungry for connection with others. Blogging helps connect us with others that share similar interests and it has been a great blessing to me.

Wish we lived closer. I'd be knocking on your door.

Palomasea said...

What could I possibly say here? A masterful post, dear Suzanne.
And you photos are so beautiful....
I, too, notice all of the nests....brilliant metaphor. :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me and leave a sweet note...yes, those are my photos.
And THAT drama is taking a little break, but may come around again. Such is life... :)
Hear hear to chocolate!
Have a blessed week, friend....
- Irina

Just a little something from Judy said...

The next time someone asks you that question at a social function, tell them you write with your heart and with real insight and truth. Tell them, that your writing speaks to other's hearts and souls. This was a most insightful and inspiring post! I love it's message and it's realness!

Lili said...

Oh Suzanne I am so sorry to learn of your dear friend Kathleen's passing. I know how important she was to you and how much you must miss her. As always your words are so beautiful and you always leave us with a noteworthy and thought provoking message. This is one to remember always. xoxo

patty said...

so lovely, suzanne. again. :)