Friday, October 18, 2013

Lightening Up

The body, she says,
is subject to the force
of gravity.  But the soul
is ruled by levity, pure.

~ Saul Bellow

Happy Autumn, sweet
readers.  I have a pot of
Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice
Roobois Tea brewing and
some pumpkin biscotti to
go with it, so come on in.

I'm really into pumpkin
and spices and wool socks
and cozy, right now.

Settle yourself deep down 
on my squishy sofa.  It's
darkish and rainy out and
there are leaves plastered
against the window panes.

My favorite sort of 
day for a visit : )

The fireplace is lit and my
fragrant orange spice candle
is flickering merrily
on the coffee table.

It's been a few weeks 
since I wrote my last blog
post.  Moments of great
sadness and great joy
have pulled me along
like a leaf swirling down-
stream in a fast river.

I read once that grief is like
a hole that rips open the
the fabric of your life, and you
keep stumbling into it.

But eventually, you learn
to walk around the hole.

The chasm remains--it will
always be there--but your
awareness of its presence
enables it to sneak up on 
you less and less.

That's where I've been.

And as I've been tip-toeing
around that pit of grief, life
has been marching briskly
forward all around me.

At the beginning of October we
flew to my daughter's college to
celebrate Family Weekend. 

She is so happy.  

Makes my heart smile.

Our son came along and it felt
really nice to laugh and enjoy
being together, just like the
old days.  The Fab Four.

Gosh it's good to laugh.

We snuck in a quick afternoon
drive to the beach, and I 
drank in the blue, blue sky
and the sound of sea birds.

Bliss, even as I teetered around
that hole, knowing how much my
late friend would have loved it, too.

Via my Instagram - privetandholly

Last Saturday, I walked with my
husband's office team in the
American Cancer Society's
Making Strides for Breast Cancer
event.  It felt great to be in the
fresh air, talking and sharing
stories with our teammates. We
also raised a lot of money!

Purpose-full. It was fun.

Here, let me top off your tea.

My mantra 
recently has been 

lighten up.

Print from the super-talented Melanie

I truly believe that we attract 
what we send out to the universe, 
so I am focusing on levity--
laughter and living less seriously--
rather than on sadness.

So bring on Oktoberfests and
crunching leaves, impromptu
lunches with buddies and
sunrises that dazzle.

It's time to lighten up.

How do you avoid the
holes in your life?

The rain has picked up, again.
You'll be here for a while.

I'll make another pot of tea.

Let's talk.....

And toast to levity.


all images: P&H