Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Il Momento

I finished an illuminating book
recently, about a village in Italy
where the residents enjoy
exceptional longevity.

The elders of Campodimele
work, play and eat with the
rhythms of the seasons and
this motto woven into the very
fiber of their being:

Ogni cosa ha il suo momento.

{Everything has its moment.}

I love the lyricism of the Italian
language and can just imagine how
beautiful this phrase must sound,
rolling off the native tongue.

As I walked the country roads
near my parents' home each
day in early August, I found
myself tracing these words in
my mind, almost like smoothing
my fingers over a well worn
rock or sea shell in my pocket.

Everything has its moment.

The blackberry brambles,
sporting green fruit when 
I arrived, were heavy and
redolent with the sweet-sweet
fragrance of ripe berries in warm
summer sunshine by the time
that I departed.

Everything has its moment.

My brother's youngest, barely
a toddler when I last saw her,
seemed to race towards the
girlhood awaiting her, on this visit.

Everything has its moment.

The summer evenings, whose
bright light lingered, long and
languid through July, began to
end just a wee bit sooner each
August night.

Everything has its moment.

The blueberries in my dad's
garden were waning, while the
radishes and zucchinis, squashes
and tomatoes took center stage.

A lot like one generation making
way for the next.

Everything has its moment.

Despite years of sunscreen 
and creams, the delicate web of
fine lines on the face looking back
at me from the guest-room mirror 
revealed that, no matter how 
much I may wish this journey to
slow down, time propels us forward.

Everything has its moment.

Back at home this week, packing
for my daughter's imminent 
departure for college, I close
my eyes and see all of these
seasons ~ these moments ~
 not as linear events, but as 
individual ones, pasted side 
by side in the scrapbook of 
my heart.

The rhythms of life.

Ogni cosa ha il suo momento.


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Nantucket the good life at Prince Snow Farm said...

What a beautiful post! Everything does have its moment doesnt it? Your photos are beautiful and words were very much the same as those I may echo at this time in my life. And thanks for the cherry on the icing! I won! How exciting! Thanks!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love that last paragraph. Thinking about you friend as you embark on a new season.

Terra said...

Great words and outstanding photos, my favorite is the cluster of mail boxes.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


You won't believe this, but I was out today, near Starbucks (or is it Caribou, on France Ave!) and I thought of you. I wondered how you were, if you were going to come back to blogging, and here I find you on my comments page.

Yes, everything has its moment. For my poetry writing class at The Loft this summer, I wrote a poem for an assignment regarding this subject. Beautifully written my friend, as always.

Thank you for you concern; I put the results at the bottom of the page, as to not distract the mood or flow of the "poem" - if you can call it that...but this summer, like most, is full of doctor's appointments before the school year rushes in. EVERYTHING HAS IT MOMENT, and now it's as if I'm a vintage car, going in for repairs and finding little but not bad things that are changing...all is well, pressing on, with hopes to write better every day.

So good to see you; thank you for the blessing of your visit today! Anita

Chris Scheuer said...

It's funny how certain times in our life generate so much reflection. This is a beautiful post and so true, we have to capture every moment and appreciate every minute with our loved ones!

Tricia said...

There is a season for everything, isn't there? I think this is a sentiment that often comes to mind at the start of the school it's a new beginning and that time marches on. Hope you're doing well. xo

Unknown said...

I love this SO much. :-) Your words arrived in my life at the best time and I can't stop smiling. :-) Thank you. xo

Hindsfeet said...

Thank you for this, Suzanne....much needed perspective tonight.....


June said...

Every post you write is like poetry Suzanne. I love reading your heart. And always accompanied with beautiful photos.
Years ago when I read Simple Abundance I learned the importance of living in the moment and savor every one of them. Never wishing for anything but what I am experiencing at the stage of life I am in. It truly is a wonderful way to live.
I always love time spent here reading your beautiful posts.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

Your words mesmerize me. You have such a gift with them. Saying a prayer as you watch your baby move into a new phase.

Jenny Short said...

Once you figure that out you are okay. You're where you need to be at this moment it seems. Good for you. Not everyone gets that. Beautiful photos. xo Jenny

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Beautifully said. The blackberries being the lingering part in my thoughts. We just moved my daughter to Berkeley. She transferred to UCB as an English major with scholarships for her honors. So almost all was paid for. She held on to me and wept and wouldn'tet go. Oh my momma heart. But she is ajusting well after only one week. I have been away from offing so long I do not know where your daughter is going. I hope not too far. Though it helps to remember that they never leave us but rather are just moving. It is a beautiful moment. Oxox

Laura said...

My husband always quotes a lyric from a Flaming Lips song when I start to worry about the years passing us by and the kids getting older, 'do you realize everyone you know, some day will die, but instead of saying all your goodbyes, let them know you realize that life goes fast, it's hard to make the good things last, realize the sun doesn't go up or down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round' . Life is all about the moment. Lx

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So much beauty and wisdom in this post, truly touched me. You have such a gift for writing and photography from the heart. I will be sending good thoughts and love your way this week, my friend...XO

Leslie said...

Lovely Suzanne and you are right.. everything has IT'S moment, and each one passes.. making room for the next. Life is that way. As my poor dad is nearing the end of his life, I feel sad but I recognize this as yet another one of those moments in time..and this too will pass. In tandem my daughter receives a letter of offer for her first accounting position and so many wonderful things are still happening. Life goes on and NOPE .. no magic wands on the aging thing (darn!) xxleslie

Dianna said...

I so enjoyed coming here to visit for a bit today. Your thoughts, typed out letter upon letter to form words of incredible description paint very vivid pictures for your readers. "Everything has its moment"...a thought that I will not soon forget!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

What a beautiful and wise post! Hugs as you prepare to send your daughter off on her college adventure!

Just a little something from Judy said...

You write with such feeling and sentiment that I find myself drawn right into it all. The message you shared in this post is so relevant and so true. A real good reminder to me, especially as I am babysitting my grandchildren today.

My heart feels your emotions as you pack up your daughter for college. Even though it has been a good seven years, I clearly remember it all.

Shelly W. said...

Hi Suzanne! I've been away, but I'm catching up today. I love how you put what I'm thinking in such a poetic and lovely way. Blessings on you as you take your girl to school. Hold on! It's a wild ride.

Jemma said...

I found your lovely blog while visiting Around The Table. Your words and photography are beautiful, thoughtful, and touching to my heart and soul.

Palomasea said...

Breathtaking, poignant, et si bellissima...what a magnificent post, dear Suzanne....
Love your heart and wisdom... :)
You are very gifted.

- Irina

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

The lilt in your voice, the beauty always takes me captive. xoxo

michele said...

gorgeous images and words, suzanne. how true, how true. as much as we try to hang on to the moment, it flies away. best to you and your daughter as she begins this new exciting chapter. such a bright future of new moments to be born!

have a lovely weekend.


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Suzanne, your thoughts and posts always ring so true in my heart.

My sister and niece left a few weeks ago from a nice long visit here and often times during that trip looking at my sister and niece I though times are a changing. My little neice is a teenager, she started school this week as a freshman. She has firm opinions about her life, clothes and friends when just a few short years ago we could cajole her into changing her mind, for the best. Not to be nowadays, and there is bound to be tears and heartache that we can not help her with.

As you send your little girl, your young lady off to college I wish you both happiness, and wonderful adventures. Yes there will be tears I beleive but there will also be smiles, laughs and hope for her wonderful and bright future.

a huge hug to you! Elizabeth

Pothys said...

An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.silks saree

patty said...


love that shadow image... but then, i love them all, too. :)