Friday, February 8, 2013

Quirks and All

I met two of them when
we moved to Minnesota
in February of 2000.

We were all moms in the
same kindergarten class and
they kindly reached out 
to me.

The beginning of precious

{Now the little ones who
brought us together are
seniors in high school.}

Like a rolling snowball,
this group pulled in more
friends over the years,
and eventually, we met
regularly to do yoga

And to laugh.

And to share common
experiences over coffee
or lunch.

And to just



One of the original
yoga girls has a family
home in Palm Desert,
California {lucky duck}
and invited the group 
to stay last week for a
few days.

Luckier us.

Besides birthday trips 
I've made with my mom 
and two I've made with 
another friend, I've never 
had a girl's weekend away.

It was wonderful.

The information super-
highway has nothing 
on seven friends together 
for four days.

We shared tips on nutrition
and skin care, hopes and
dreams for the second acts
of our lives and parenting
strategies {both for our
own kids and our parents}.

And we laughed.

Oh, how we laughed.

We cried a little, too.

Comes with the territory.

We made a pact that we
won't get plastic surgery.....

But also promised that if
one of us does, we'll love
her, anyway : )

Spending this much time
together, we became 
familiar with each other's 
little idiosyncrasies.

Like the friend who gets
anxious about overhead
luggage space, worries about
bad chemicals in food and
body products, and is prone 
to showing off her 
daughter's artwork.

{Thanks for indulging
me, ladies!}

But mostly we learned that
there is nothing more 
on this journey of life 
than the embrace and 
support of


who care for you, 
quirks and all.

It's a special kind of love.

I hope you have it in 
your life, too.

"Yes 'em, old friends is
always best, 'lest you can
catch a new one that's 
fit to make an old one
out of."

~ Sarah Orne Jewett


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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh....yes. WE NEED EACH OTHER! And the day we were in Caribou, I thought the rafters would come a tumblin' down! We shook up the place, didn't we?

I can literally feel the California warmth on my shoulders; I know it well, being a native. The laughter, yes, I know that... The idiosyncrasies?OH YEAH! YOU BETCHA I'VE GOT 'EM!

But it is all part of the beautiful tapestry that makes being ALIVE so special, and Suzanne, you capture it well in this space of a page that is limited but open for our words. BRAVA MY FRIEND! And thank you for visiting, MARIE. She was and still is, truly beautiful.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That sounds like a wonderful getaway with friends that really know you….how lovely! And warm sunshine - divine!! I LOVE that quote at the end…because you never know when a you will meet someone who will become one of your life's treasures. I am so lucky to have gained a few of those over the years too. Hope you make a girl's getaway a common thing in your life as this first one!

Tricia said...

That sounds like an amazing getaway, full of lots of beautiful scenery, friends and moments. I don't think I would've wanted to leave it behind. Your so lucky to have such wonderful people in your life. xo

Shelly W. said...

Oh, old friends are the BEST. Especially the ones you don't have to explain yourself to. And even better when savored in warm weather. How wonderful!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wish I could have taken in some of that advice...and love and friendship. I can only imagine what a blessing that weekend was.

michele said...

so good for the soul, the ladytripping. they are lucky friends to have you in the mix. plastic surgery pact? hmmmm. ya, i'll share my thoughts with you on that one privately. :)

quirky is the new skinny BTW!!!!

love to you.


Sylvia said...

This is beautiful, Suzanne! I am happy you have the support of such an amazing group of wonderful women. And now I am convinced you HAVE to read "Magical Journey." You will know why... :)
Love your warm photos.

Nantucket Daffodil said...

What a wonderful time you had! Such meaningful friendships. It's so portant that we make time for this! A lovely post. Thanks.

Molly said...

Lovely post. Friends are so important... I love my friends too


Low Tide High Style said...

How wonderful you had the chance spend some time with such close friends! I recently went to dinner with some friends and we ended up staying at the restaurant for almost 5 hours! I can only imagine how much fun we would have on a girl's weekend away.


Katherine said...

Sounds heavenly.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Looks like an awesome time away with the girls, Suzanne!
That area is so wonderful for relaxing and unwinding.
So peaceful.

There is nothing better than dear friend time.


Life with Kaishon said...

This made me start crying. I am so thankful that you have such good friends. What a beautiful weekend away.

Your quirks make you special. Overhead luggage issues and all.

Have a great weekend friend. A really great weekend.

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

What lovely pictures! Women need other women, for sure. You are blessed to have such a large group of buddies. I don't know what I would do without my soul sisters. So glad you had a wonderful time!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Wow! Your pics are gorgeous! I am so happy for you to get to spend some special time with your friends. We women really need other women, don't we? I don't know what I would do without my buds!

Deborah said...

How wonderful to get together like that with such dear friends.
We all need that "girl time" and I'm so happy you had this time.
Sending love & hugs right to your heart. xo

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we can't make old friends. There's nothing that compares to enduring friendships.

Auntie Bliss said...

What fun!!!
I love the group photo.

Hindustanka said...

so nicely, lovingly said about friendship...yes, you are right, we need friends in our life, whatever they say, family is first priority of course, but friends make our life more happy. i myself always feel need of a friend, and ready to help too.
you had fab holidays! that place is so beautiful..i loved those green fields, they look broad and free.
have a nice weekend!

Gretchen said...

Ahhhh, Suzanne ~ what a wonderful gift these 4 days were for each one of you and how generous of your friend to share her slice of paradise with your group. It sounds like you had such a great time just hanging out, relaxing and enjoying the AZ sunshine surrounded by a great group of gals. Women need women... Husbands just can't fill that girlfriend need like a good girlfriend or group of friends can.
Your post captured and presented such a vivid picture of what your 4 days may of been spent, and that is a talent that few have within their writing. You Suzanne, are using your God given talents so well within this blog of yours, and your little messages you choose to convey each time you sit down to share are always so intimate and refreshing.
Thank you for being you... We must make a point to get together soon and play catch up. I'm anxious to hear all about how Elizabeth is enjoying her Senior year, and about her college choices she's narrowed down to as of yet.
Take care sweet one, and thank you for your recent visit to my blog.
Miss u girl...

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH, it sounds like you had a wonderful week...restorative, supportive and just plain FUN! You are blessed, Suzanne! And you have such good friendships because you are a wonderful friend! XO

Leslie said...

This is wonderful Suzanne and I must do this at some point. It's so difficult to get everyone together. Sounds like a great group of TRUE friends .. accepting of quirks and I love the vow to not have plastic surgery. We ALL need to keep a sense of humor with the aging thing. It will happen .. cosmetic intervention or not! Lol!

thistlewoodfarm said...

What a wonderful, wonderful trip! It looks like you all had so much fun! I am about to take a girl's trip to Chicago!


Hindsfeet said...

Really nice, Suzanne..happy for your happy : )

(Have you seen "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" yet? Movie w/Judy Densch, Maggie Smith, alotta greats....your post made me think of it...I *know* you'd love it.)

peace, Girly,
Liz ~*

lisaroyhandbags said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! THere's nothing like the support of great friends. It looks like you had a blast xo

Mary Timmers said...


There is nothing that compares to having girlfriends to spend time with. Especially extended time, as you just did. I do it once a year with one group (have for about 20 years) and jut started doing it with another group. We went to a beautiful log cabin (rented) in Maiden Rock Wisconsin. The time was wonderful and we'll go there again.

I'm so glad you did this, and don't stop ever!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Good friends are true treasures!

Have a very Happy Valentine's week!

Carissa Graham said...

what a sweet, sweet time. beautiful pictures, too. i laughed at the plastic surgery comment. just dealt with that with a friend - and we're in our 20's... craziness! anywho, i hope i can have treasured friends like this all in one place!

Kristi said...

As one of the original 'two', it is I who is the 'lucky' one to have found such dear friends to treasure!! I can't believe those photos, so beautiful, they really take my breath away, and take me back! Love you all - pact or not pact, wrinkles, quirks & all!!

koralee said...

Girlfriends...nothing can happy for your the time you had with these sweet friends of yours.
Thank you for all the encouragement about my has been fun!
The thought of you and Anita together makes me smile ear to ear.
So glad to hear about your daughter...let me know what she decides. We know a few that attended that school. xoxo Happy Valentine week to you.
{ps....where did you get such a darling dress?? LOVE it}

Kathysue said...

What a perfect weekend. I call these types of friends Soul Sisters, they go beyond being friends that are friends due to activities, they are part of our heart and soul and YES! I am a very blessed lady to have a wonderful handful of soul sisters that i cherish.
Thank you for your visit today, so nice to see you on my blog,
xo Kathysue

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh yes my dear, I am blessed to have five very special girlfriends from GRAMMAR SCHOOL to NOW. We get together twice a year and meet in various places. They accept everything about me and I love them beyond the telling.

I am thrilled that you had this magical time with your soul sisters.



Palomasea said... this was the trip!
Suzanne, dear, what a joyous, precious GIFT!
Nothing renews the spirit like a fabulous time with our dearest friends...I am so very happy for you...
And the scenery is SPECTACULAR!
I have never visited the California desert...but wow...what a place...
Have a splendid week, sweet friend!
- Irina

June said...

What a beautiful group of friends Suzanne! Yes, it is wonderful having awesome people in our lives who accept us for who we are, no matter what. I am so glad you had a great get together and enjoyed your friendships.
sending love...

Lili said...

The scenery for your getaway just feels so serene. Love the blue polish on the tootsies and how you captured all those tiny water droplets from the fountain. xoxo

pretty pink tulips said...

I think you're all such lucky ducks to have such amazing friendships. I loved your description of a rolling snowball and the way a group grows.

I have had the privilege of experiencing friendships and groups such as this...but find that we are scattered in different states right now. That comes with moving a lot.

This makes me want to make a girls' trip planned for this summer in Santa Fe. I haven't made it in 5 years...I think it's time I just make the time.

Big hugs!
xoxo Elizabeth

pretty pink tulips said...

I think you're all lucky ducks to have such an amazing circle of friends!!

These are the trips and relationships that life is made for.

Thank you for sharing your journey, the laughs, the tips and the tears. It all sounds beautiful.

Big hugs!
xoxo Elizabeth

patty said...

so happy for you to be able to share that time and to have such wonderful friends to share it with. looks amazing. what a great place... this is her home?? wowza.

we moved here in 2000, my oldest was a kindergartener. i've maintained friendships with some of those weomen so i totally appreciate this post...

what to do next, ay?


Maria at inredningsvis said...


If you want to see a cute Swedish home..check out my new post:)

Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria from inredningsvis

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Nothing like a gaggle of girlfriends! And those who have been around a long time are simply THE best!