Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Under my Nose

I bought this little
sculpture two years

I certainly didn't need
another knick knack
for our house and I
certainly didn't need
one that seemed, to
this thrift and vintage-
loving girl, to be

The store had two, so
I decided to wait for
this object of my
affection to go on

It didn't.

When only one 
remained, I purchased
it for this reason

It made me smile.

I justified the price
by telling myself,

It's actually a piece
of art.  An investment.

I'd spent hours
painting and stenciling
our powder room walls,
then stalking flea
markets for the finishing
accessories, to create,
in the end, a mish-mash
of happy.

This little piece just
seemed to belong here.

Since the powder room
sits across the hall from
my computer cubby, I
would see it and
admire it every day.

But like a lot of truly
wonderful things that
I pass by daily,
I stopped actually


this whimsical little piece
a long time ago.

But today it caught
my eye.  

And made me consider,

What other marvelous
things am I not really
seeing, that are right


My front-loading
washer and dryer.

{Praise for you both
is way overdue!}

The view out my
back window.

{Thank you, sweet
birds, for adding
beauty to the scene.}

The hodge podge
of footwear on my
mud room floor.

{I need to really see
this, as I know I will
blink and it will be
gone, all too soon.....}

The rolling ladder
in our home office,
all set to access those
out of reach books.

{The very ladder that
had me at hello
 when we were

The little bits and pieces
 all around me that say,

You are loved.

Although I like to believe
that I've cultivated
a heart that recognizes
these blessings laid
out before me, life,
in its busy-ness, often
wraps me in blinders.

I don't want to be
blind to these things.

I want to see.


What's under


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Lamb

My oldest is nearly 18.

Her oldest is ten.

My youngest is 14.

Her youngest is



She became a mom earlier.

I became a mom later.

Technically, I could
be her mom.

But as with so many
women I've befriended
in my life, it isn't about
chronological age.

It's about spirit.

And she has it,
in bunches.

Roots in South Dakota
but transplanted to
North Carolina, Alicia
is a smart, funny,
creative and organized
wife and home-schooling
mama to three ~ soon
to be four ~ kiddos.

We have a mutual
friend who invited me
and a few other bloggers
to fete Alicia and bebe
to be with a virtual 
baby shower, 
since we all live
in different states.

Today is the day : )

Dear April Baby,

In a few, short weeks,
you will be here, a
fellow citizen of this
amazing place that
we call Earth.

A little lamb of God.

I have always been
awed by the odds of
being born.  That those
exact genetic materials
came together, to form
you, is such a miracle.

Greater odds than
winning the lottery.

Greater odds than
a meteor falling from
the sky.

Greater odds than 
becoming president,
winning an olympic
gold medal or walking
on the moon.

And yet, here you are.

I have learned a lot,
as a citizen of this
big old planet.....

And I have tried to
share some of the 
important bits with
my own children.

Little citizen,

little lamb,

this is what I advise:

Love with your whole heart.

Be grateful.  Say thank you.

Celebrate the small things.

Kindness always counts.

Be your own best friend.

Choose to be happy.

Enjoy the ride.

Here's a toast to the 
wonder that is you, and
the life that is spread
before you, just waiting
to be tasted.

I hope you'll find it as
as you are 


to be.


Mailing to Alicia:

1- Painting created just for bebe
by my daughter

2- Jelly beans & meringues
{For big brothers & sister}

3 - Thymes baby shampoo 
{Love that baby scent!}

4- Oh-so-soft security blanket

5- Ity-bitty Minnetonka moccasins
{A Minnesota original}  

6- Love

To peek at more shower
celebrations for Alicia,
click below:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

True Beauty

Halle Berry
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Jennifer Lopez
Christina Hendricks
Anne Hathaway

Imagine that face staring 
back at you in the mirror, 
each and every day.

Not just attractive, but 

It's award season for
celebrities, so we are
seeing these faces and
what they are wearing,
nearly every day in the
news, on-line and in print.

My daughter and I were
considering the idea of true
beauty the other morning
over breakfast.  

My girl

She explained how one
of her favorite actresses,
the talented and very lovely
Jennifer Lawrence, had been
Photo-Shopped recently 
by a magazine.

They changed a bunch of
things and even removed her

She's already so pretty,

Why do they do that?

We discussed the media's 
unrealistic standard of beauty,
which they perpetuate by
perfecting even those
who most of us deem pretty
darn perfect to begin with.

{The media meaning
both men and women
promoting these ideals.}

Sadly, many people idolize
beautiful people only because
they are beautiful.  As if somehow
they did something special to
aquire these features, and for
that reason alone, should be

In reality, they simply had the
good fortune to be born with 
the right genetic mix that 
created them.


In my day, a face like
a doll was envied.

Barbie, anyone?

Now dolls like Bratz,
heavily made up and
with exaggerated facial
features, are the new
ideal for little girls.

Why do we buy into this?

Is it any wonder that
girls at younger and younger
ages feel compelled to
strive for perfection?

The Media puts so much
importance on 

And yet ~

and yet......

If I asked you to close your
eyes and picture seven women
who you love more than 
any others in the world,

would you make the 
selection based on how 
they look?

Me neither.

Instead, we love them 
for characteristics
like kindness, humor,
compassion, dedication,
strength, loyalty and 

Not traits that you see
in a mirror, but instead,
the ones that you feel
in your heart.

And because they
love us, too,
just as we are.

This is the standard
we should all be

True beauty can't
be Photo-Shopped.

Sorry, Media.



Friday, February 8, 2013

Quirks and All

I met two of them when
we moved to Minnesota
in February of 2000.

We were all moms in the
same kindergarten class and
they kindly reached out 
to me.

The beginning of precious

{Now the little ones who
brought us together are
seniors in high school.}

Like a rolling snowball,
this group pulled in more
friends over the years,
and eventually, we met
regularly to do yoga

And to laugh.

And to share common
experiences over coffee
or lunch.

And to just



One of the original
yoga girls has a family
home in Palm Desert,
California {lucky duck}
and invited the group 
to stay last week for a
few days.

Luckier us.

Besides birthday trips 
I've made with my mom 
and two I've made with 
another friend, I've never 
had a girl's weekend away.

It was wonderful.

The information super-
highway has nothing 
on seven friends together 
for four days.

We shared tips on nutrition
and skin care, hopes and
dreams for the second acts
of our lives and parenting
strategies {both for our
own kids and our parents}.

And we laughed.

Oh, how we laughed.

We cried a little, too.

Comes with the territory.

We made a pact that we
won't get plastic surgery.....

But also promised that if
one of us does, we'll love
her, anyway : )

Spending this much time
together, we became 
familiar with each other's 
little idiosyncrasies.

Like the friend who gets
anxious about overhead
luggage space, worries about
bad chemicals in food and
body products, and is prone 
to showing off her 
daughter's artwork.

{Thanks for indulging
me, ladies!}

But mostly we learned that
there is nothing more 
on this journey of life 
than the embrace and 
support of


who care for you, 
quirks and all.

It's a special kind of love.

I hope you have it in 
your life, too.

"Yes 'em, old friends is
always best, 'lest you can
catch a new one that's 
fit to make an old one
out of."

~ Sarah Orne Jewett


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