Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embracing Sabi

The Japanese have a word, sabi, 
which connotes the simple beauty
of worn and imperfect and
impermanent things; a weathered
fence; an old cracking bough in
a tree; a silver bowl mottled with
tarnish; the fine color of rust.

~ The Fine Color of Rust
P.A. O'Reilly

I have always been drawn
to things with history, patina or
age.  Flea markets, antique
malls, thrift stores or vintage
shops always put a spring in
my step and make my pulse
race as I cross their thresholds.

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Over the weekend, we had the
pleasure of hosting one of my
oldest and dearest friends, 
Fiona and her 11 year old girl, 
Bella, my God daughter.

Fiona and I have known each
other for 25 years.  We worked
together in a Chicago bank, where
I was a newbie in the investments
area and she was a college intern.

We have championed each other
through sunshine and shadows, even
after my little family moved away.

Like me {and my own daughter},
Fiona and Isabella love to hunt for
treasures.  A good part of their
three days here was spent in the
car as we traversed country and
suburbia, hitting all the best places
to uncover new finds.

Our third musketeer from those days
together at the bank, Kathleen, 
has started chemo and could not 
travel.  She loves to junk, so we
chose some unique finds that will
soon be in her hands.

On Sunday evening, Fiona and I
 designed necklaces for us all to wear, 
using vintage components, in 
with our sweet friend as she once 
again travels this difficult journey. 

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{241 = Two friends supporting one}
After squinting at jump rings and
lobster claws, jewelry pliers in hand,
our creations were finished.  Snapping
a picture for Instagram,  I said on 
a whim, 

Let's take one of us.

via Instagram

Looking at this image, it occurs
to me, that we are now both sabi, 
as we have acquired 

and age : )

And this is the thing:

We like it.

We like the comfortable feeling
of being inside our own skin.

We like not worrying about what
others think of us.

We like having friends who knew
us then....and still love us, now.

It's freeing.

We are sabi women, imperfect,
weathered, but embracing this 
beautiful life that is still spread 
before us like a gift.

Such a gift.


{Dedicated to 
Frank N. }


A Vintage Chic said...

I think we would get along very, very well, Suzanne...I've been nodding my head and smiling all through your lovely, lovely post...

The racing of the heart gets me every time...the old, the shabby, the well-loved things I come across fill me with joy. And I agree completely with the aging thing--I love now. I don't think I've ever been happier...

Wishing you a beautiful day, dear friend--


Debby said...

Such a beautiful post. So wonderful to have a friend like that. I love that your daughters love to "junk." I think it is a way of appreciating the past.

Stitchfork said...

I am sabi - hear me roar! Love your way of thinking Suzanne!
Cathy - who is also sporting some patina

pollydove said...

Life long friends are the best. The ones who have been there through thick and thin, the ups and the downs, all the weather, and yes - love us still ... maybe even more, because of all of that.

Beautiful post, and I LOVE those necklaces you girls made! What a special treasure.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh yes. I have been embracing it in the same way, and one of the benefits is:


which is not free. You pay for it in struggles, courage, change, age, wrinkles, laughter at yourself, pain and so on. It is worth IT ALL.

You are just fabulous. The times I have spent with you were great Suzanne and I do hope that once again we can meet at one of our great city's sites...and I would love to meet some of your friends.

What a great word: SABI. That would be a beautiful name!


Lili said...

Shopping for well worn treasures and then spending time on a project together sounds like a wonderful time to me too! You and your friend are so lovely and your necklaces are little treasures for all of you to have and remember! I like this new word Sabi and its meaning too. xo ~Lili

Olive Cooper said...

What a thrilling and wise concept. However I am not surprised as Asians have always had a reverence for that which is aged. Praying and thinking of your Kathleen.

Low Tide High Style said...

Sabi, I like this concept! Those necklaces, and the love behind them are a very special gift for you and for your friend.


June said...

Your post just made me smile, smile, smile Suzanne! I love friendships like yours and Fiona's. They are precious gifts. and you are girls after my own heart...things with age and character make my heart beat faster.
Your necklaces are lovely reminders of time well spent!
sending hugs...

Jemsmom said...

I just forwarded this beautiful post to my three best friends from childhood!

Those necklaces are incredible and my prayers go out to Kathleen as she continues her fight. I heard Deepak Chopra speak on t.v. and he said something that made me think of the horrible "C" word. He said, "Believe the diagnosis, but not the prognosis." With so many prayers going up for her and the steadfast friendship and support she has with you, the prognosis has to be good!!!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I love junking too! I love the little finds ;) Your necklaces are so dear - what a wonderful project. Wishing your friend health and healing.

Cindy said...

I always love coming here! It starts my day with a sense of peace and gratitude. I love your necklaces (and that lamp made my heart skip a beat!)
My prayers for your sweet friend as she heals.


Love, love, love this post. And I am even more sabi than you. :)

Praying for sweet Kathleen.

Leslie said...

Wonderful Suzanne :) A little patina, worn.. things DO get better with age and women in particular gain a tremendous amount of wisdom and sense of peace.


Mary Timmers said...

Suzanne, I might not like getting older, but somehow my thinking in this area has changed. I still care what others think to some extent, but then again, I DON'T. I am more comfortable with who I am and what I think. Thanks for the great post!


Beach House Living said...

Sabi. I like the sound of that word and had no idea it defined the qualities of the many things I gravitate too.

Stuff and Nonsense said...

from one sabi
to another

i have grown to
the years that have
marked me for the better
and for the worse

this skin i'm in
has stretched to bear babies

crinkled with laughter

and faded with time

but i am thankful
for every minute of it

blessings to your friend


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

...just beautiful!
Keeping your friend in my thoughts.

Joanna said...

Beautiful post. Sending love to Kathleen. The necklaces are gorgeous and made with such love.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Awww I love this post!!!
Your sabi is a beautiful thing, how lucky to have acquired it. How lucky to have friends that you have history with, that support each other in hard times. What fabulous necklaces you made - I love the look of them and the sentiment behind them!! Kathleen will surely adore hers.

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Amen, sister! You have it exactly right. No more pretending!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sabi...such a wonderful concept...I am a sabi woman, too! Your time with Fiona and Bella sounds so fun and your necklaces are so special! I am keeping Kathleen in my prayers! XO

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

Sylvia said...

First, the necklaces are wonderful and special, manifesting your as well as Fiona's kind heart and thoughtful mind. Sending love and strength to Kathleen.
I, too, have acquired history, patina and liberation ... so the "sabi" club, count me in!
Needless to say, I love your writing and the way your convey your stories and messages.
Thank you for visiting my blog. My son is 14, yes, and he is a very kind and attentive guy. Yet, he is too far from being shy (just like his father:) He enjoys photography and it's still fun spending time together. He and the dog are my most frequent models and it takes some convincing arguments and promises from my part to make him participate...:)

See you on IG

Sylvia said...

Sorry, I mean " on my part "

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Yayyy! Another brilliant post. What a lovely thing to call yourself - sabi women! I love that!

You've left me smiling! Thank you!!


Palomasea said...

A beautiful post, dear Suzanne...strength and prayers to your dear friend.
What a special weekend you had.
For me, wabi-sabi means truth...the truth of the beauty of what is.
Blessings to you...
How wonderful to see your message at my place...thank you!
Enjoy this glorious Fall day, sweet friend...
- Irina

koralee said...

What a lovely post...I like being weathered too. Looks like you had an amazing week! xoxo Hope your Autumn is going well and the colours of the season are giving you JOY!

pretty pink tulips said...

I love your view on life...and love this way of thinking about things (including myself) with a little patina! Usually they are things that have had purpose and been well loved and well used.

How wonderful for you to enjoy time with Fiona and your god daughter. I love the necklaces you created and the symbolism of 241!

Sending Kathleen continued healing thoughts!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Delishhh said...

The necklaces are so nice, but the post is just awesome. Very well written!

wrensnest said...

What a beautiful post, Suzanne! I'm going to follow your lead and embrace my Sabi.