Friday, August 31, 2012

The Blur

Hello, Friends.
I've missed you!

By the time I've
posted these thoughts,
our holiday at my 
parent's will be behind 
us.  The kids will be back
in school.  The house
will be quiet and little
Gracie and I will look at
each other as if to say,

What happened?

But right now.....


I've got my back
against a sea-worn,
driftwood log and my
toes in warm sand.

The Pacific is blowing
her own salt-tinged 
sweet scent against my
face.  The waves sparkle
and I want to remember
this moment forever.

But there's a funny
thing about moments ~

about hours and days,
weeks and months,

about seasons 
and years.

They start to blur.

And while some 
moments or days or
seasons stay crystal
clear in our memories,
others fade or simply
melt into one another,
until words like summer
or Christmas, school
or vacation seem to 
become one entity,
instead of the individual
moments they were
built upon.

Perhaps that is why
so many of us have
become ardent about
our cameras.  They allow
us to try, try, to capture
these moments ~ these
seasons of our lives ~
so that when we look
back, summer isn't a
speeding blur of compressed
images, but little freeze
frames of memory......

The heady fragrance of
ripe blueberry bushes

The toes in frosty water

The awe of kites aloft

The soul-stirring sunset

The leisurely walk after dinner

In the fast-forward 
world of the 21st Century, it
has become a practice ~ an
art ~ a mindfulness ~ to
recognize these moments
and breathe thanks for
every one.

My fervent wish is that 
each of you has had a 
summer strung with your 
own special pearls 
of memories.

And, as you prepare to
lay that strand down in
your mind next to the 
one from last summer, 
and the ones that came 
before, that it shines in 
its own distinct beauty, 
rather than getting tangled 
up with all the summers 
of your past.

As for me, I plan to
rage ~


{as poet Dylan Thomas
so passionately penned}

the blur.

Which moments made
your own heart sing
this summer?

I'd love it if you'd 
share a pearl or two 
with me : )


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Postcards from the Edge....

{The old library, via Instagram.}

At our house,
it's the far edge
of summer and
the closer edge
of autumn.

Only a few weeks
left until a new 
school year 

{Lake Minnetonka,  my Instagram}

And with that
beginning, there
will also come an
ending, as our
oldest starts her
last year of
high school.

It's been a summer
of record-breaking 
heat here in our
state, but it has  
also been a wonderful
season for collecting

{Ice cream truck, via  Instagram}
One of my favorite
ways to document
some of life's small
moments is 
through my camera
phone and

Every photo that
I've taken and then
uploaded to Instagram
has been like a little
postcard.  Some of
those postcards are the
Wishing you were here
 type, but mostly, they
 record that

We were here.

{Cycling with my hubby, via Instagram}

Here in the summer 
of 2012.  Here with two
teens and a dog in the
house.  Here visiting
friends or there visiting
family.  Here really 
the blessings of 
this life. 


{Hanging with my nieces & nephew, via Instagram}

I'd heard of Instagram
long before I figured
out how to join or use
this very fun photo

But, I had no idea of
what it was or where
to begin.

{My twinkle toes, via Instagram}

So when my friend
Becky posted about
staying in touch with
her blog readers through
Instagram when she
was traveling,
really wanted in.

I turned to my 17 year-
old for help, and within
minutes was up and

{Antiquing with visitors, via Instagram}

Voila! I was on

I have been playing
with this app for about
six weeks and it has
been a real joy to share
small moments with a
handful of followers,
as well as admire 
many sweet moments
taken by others.

{Cherries for lunch, via Instagram}

I'll be away from the
computer for the next
few weeks, cramming in
the last beautiful days of
this season with 
my family.

Living on that final 
edge of summer.

{In the country, via Instagram}

If you'd like to take
a peek, I'll be sending my
own postcards from the
edge via Instagram.

If you don't have an
Instagram account, it's
simple {and free} to
join if you have an iphone,
smart phone or ipad that
has the camera feature.

{Hunting vintage treasures, via Instagram}

My username is 

Or, you can check out
my photos here, on
Ink361.  Simply mouse 
over each picture to
read the captions.

I'll have a link
on my side bar,
as well. 

I'd love to have 
join me,

on the edge : )

When summer gathers
up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream,
glides away.

~ Sarah Helen Whitman


Friday, August 3, 2012

The Greatest of These

It's been a summer
of visiting or having
and always,

always ~

each stay teaches
me something

Last weekend was
no exception.

One of my best
friends drove in
from Chicago, sans
husband and kids,
as she needed a
mini-break and
some time to simply
be a friend visiting
another friend for
a few days, setting
her other roles aside,
just for a while.

One {of the many}
things that I love
about Kathleen is
her faith.

She speaks as easily
about praying for
you as she does about
sending you a text

And she refers to God
 so comfortably that
you might think He
is the neighbor 
next door.

From her lips, it
sounds so natural.

As someone who
did not grow up
speaking about my 
faith, I don't have her
frank, effortless way
of communicating
about it.

But, it's there.

I think a lot of people
interchange the words
hope and faith, but it
seems to me that they 
are two distinct 

I hope it doesn't rain
on my wedding day ~

is not the same thing

I have faith that the sun
will rise on my wedding


I hope my tulip bulbs
come up next spring ~

is not the same thing

I have faith that spring
will follow winter.

Faith, to me, is an inner
certainty, whether
it be that the sun will
rise, that my family will
always be there for me
or whether there is a
loving God.

Even if I don't 
say so,
out loud.

Two years ago, when
Kathleen and I were
on a trip together, she
received a diagnosis 
of breast cancer over 
the telephone.

Amazingly, words did
come, in response to
her shocking news,
from my mouth.

Words about one day
at a time, about medical 
advances, prayers and
about hope.

But mostly, my words
were about love and
how she would have
mine every step of 
the journey.

She taught me a lot
about faith that first
year, as she endured
the stress and the many
indignities that come
with such an illness.

Like the way that its 
enduring conviction 
can sustain and light a 
path for the soul, even in
 the darkest of times.

Her faith was a 
life boat on the 
stormiest of seas.

Now that Kath is once
again sailing through
calmer waters, I am
still learning so much
from my dear friend, as
she embraces this
beautiful life that she
will never take for 

And while love may,
indeed, be the greatest
of these, I have to think
that faith is a very

But now faith, hope,
love, abide these three;
but the greatest of these
is love.

~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

With faith and love,