Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Fun House

It's been several
years since Legos
graced the
surfaces of our
house ~

or Webkins, 
Neopets, Polly
Pockets, Playmobile
figurines, Beanie
Babies or Bionicles.

Our trampoline
came down last
spring and the playset
was carted off by
a new owner the
following autumn.

We don't have a
pool, a slip-n-slide or
even a hoola-hoop.

Despite unspoken
worries that my
God-daughter would
be bored at our 
teenage-stage home,
she cried on the 
day she and her 
mom were leaving.

Your house is
so much fun! she'd
exclaimed several
times over our long
weekend together.

Fun?  Really?

Which made me
stop and consider....

Instead of seeing
all those things that
our house doesn't
have, Isabella was
entranced with all
those things that it
does have.

A dog.  {Gracie
loved having an
11-year old little
girl in the house,

Front loading washer
and dryer.  {She liked
seeing the spin cycle.}

Just-baked banana
muffins for breakfast.

Crazy man-boy sized
12 shoes piled up
on the mudroom floor.

Flowers from our
gardens bursting
from jam jars in 
every room.

A harp in the 
dining room and
a ping pong table
in the basement.

More quiet time.
{She is one of three
siblings, ages 9-11.}

Having this wee soul
as a visitor helped me
to remember that old
adage that beauty is in
the eyes of the beholder.

Isabella also reminded
me that all of us need to
tweak our lenses once
in a while, shifting our
settings back from what
is lacking to what is 

Next year she wants to
come visit for a week.

By herself.

Just a few days ago, I
would have fretted 
that she'd be bored, but
now, now I know 




Happy July, my friends.

It's going fast.



jeanette from everton terrace said...

"beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" is exactly what I was thinking as I was reading! I guess she gave you just a big a gift as you gave her. I think I would love a weekend visit to a house with a ping pong table in the basement and fresh muffins :)

Alicia said...

your house DOES look like fun! i want to come over :) isn't that funny that she would be so entertained by non-toy related things? thats so cool! i think a week next summer sounds just right for you two.

Julie said...

"Variety is the spice of life that gives it all it's flavor"...(Cowper) What a wonderful time she must have had in her visit with ALL the differences from her own spices offered.. A taste of life lived differently in her god-mother's home. Nobody could be bored around you Suzanne!! ;-) I thought of my usual "one woman's junk can be this woman's treasure" when thrifting...and it brought to my mind as I read this, that your seemingly routine life turned out to be Isabella's adventure! :-) So glad you had fun and are now anticipating future "dates"... xoxo (hugs) :-) Have a beautiful day!!

Beatnheart said...

Your posts are up lifting and oh so true. What we say to ourselves is everything. The positive statements become reality as do the negative ones ... You choose!

I am enjoying and using on a daily basis the yoga bag from Guatamala and Novica that I won from you! So everyday you come to mind as my precious mat is taken out of my first ever yoga mat bag... Thank you sweet friend.

michele said...

i can relate, suzanne! but you have made me cry thinking of my special girl olivia and her visits. she loves being here and does make me see things differently. what we call our walk-in pantry, she calls the art closet. and my dear niece sofia thinks that our place is crawling with ladybugs is the coolest most magical thing in the world! and the speakeasies in the doors! they enjoy them so fully!

thank you for this, you beautiful sensitive inspiring soul. i love your blog to pieces.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable, Suzanne! I'll bet your house is neat!

Jenny said...

Wish you could have the chance of living in a different country then everything would be completely exciting. I experience it every day! Like flowers. Nice post, Suzanne. xo Jenny

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


You ALWAYS make me see things in a new way. I think in this day and age people are always lamenting what they do not have...and instead we need to stop, smell the roses and dance a jig for everything that we do have. Life, health, family, friends, roof over our heads, food on the table and so much more.

I will be hosting my neice for a week and I am so excited, and I have no toys...but we will be baking, bike riding, walking on the beach, picking up shells on the shore, reading and just being together!

Thank you for sharing your worderous insight and your beautiful staycation!

Have a wonderful day, hugs Elizabeth

Olive Cooper said...

Welcome back Suzanne. That cutie realizes her aunties is the happening and sometimes quiet place to be. xoxo, olive

The enchanted home said...

Love your perspective, I always leave your blog feeling refreshed and renewed and I truly mean that. Isabella is a wise person......loved this and as with ALL of your posts, enjoyed it very much. Glad I stopped by!

Mary Timmers said...

How fun to have just one. I'm sure she felt so special and cared for! And going to a different house and discovering all the "new stuff" is exciting for an 11 year old. The things we take for granted in our surrounding ARE exciting to others. Plus, it gives you a fresh perspective on your stuff. I'll bet your time together was very sweet. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne.


So glad your visit went so well. What a darling girl. It reminds me when our 6 and 3 years old borrowed kids stay all night ... they play with our coasters, our real tea set, my husbands coke collection etc. No toys at our house either.

Your fun list of toys you used to have brought back some memories, as well.

Bonnie said...

Great reflections. You always are uplifting and insightful.

Great pics too. I loved the pic of Isabella and Gracie.

koralee said...

What a darling post......she is at such a lovely age which need for all those extra toys.
Hope you are very well and your summer is filled with joy and sun {I do know you have the SUN!!!!...and i suspect the JOY is right along there with it too} xoxoxo

Jane said...

Just precious, Suzanne. The lucky girl - what a treat to spend some time with you. I am still in that phase you have left and will be on Planet Baby for a while longer! J x

Marie said...

I can't imagine anyone ever being bored in your presence Suzanne!! Loved all the pictures and catching up with your goings on this morning! xxoo

Cindy said...

What a beautiful little girl! Such a sweet smile! You have such a lovely home, I can't imagine anyone being bored!
I do remember as a child I would visit my childless aunt and uncle. I always had the best time in their garden, looking through her china figurine collection, tinkering in the garage with all my uncles tools. Not a toy or swing in site. But always loved going there. You are a great host and your God Daughter will always love coming to your home, because of you!

Leslie said...

Hi Suzanne,

How wonderful to have your niece come to visit and so glad she had a nice time :)

Being one of three, she must have loved all the attention, change of pace, and lots of time spent with her Aunt Suzanne.

Those banana muffins look so good!


Farmgirl Paints said...

she sounds awesome. love a kid that doesn't need "stuff" to be entertained:) but i know from experience that YOU my friend are pretty entertaining alone;)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for sharing the fun house and posting a glimpse inside of your beautiful and loving world you live in. Lucky girl to have these treasured times with your family, and what a gift she has given back to you as well. A new realization...
Gretchen of Mimi-T's

Joanna said...

Isabella is so right, your house IS so much fun - because you are in it :o)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Isabella is a sweetie! Your home is so lovely and welcoming, it is no wonder she fell in love...and I know I was ready to scoop up little Gracie and take her home myself!

Teacup Mosaics said...

It sounds like a wonderland for an 11 year old. Your creativity I am sure was infectious. Wishing you a happy summer, what is left of it??? Take care.

Beach House Living said...

So true, that we don't always see what we have until it is seen by the eyes of another.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Well, I'm glad to know that an 11 year old girl can find beauty and entertainment in the simple things around her. So many kids find everything so boring. If they only knew! So nice that you had a lovely visit. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Sharon Lovejoy said...

LOVED THIS! Isabella is beautiful and what a joy to have a young soul/old soul in your wonderful home. What an honor that she wants to stay for a week next summer.

Lucky you, lucky Isabella!



Tricia said...

I'm sure it wasn't just the dog, flowers and banana muffins that she loved, all bet it was all of you too! It sounds like you're having a wonderful summer :)

The Café Sucré Farine said...

So true, love this post, thanks for a wonderful reminder Suzanne

Tiffini said...

I am sure it was the time you spent just being with her.
I just read somewhere about childhood and how all of the "things" we have our kids doing now might be robbing them of childhood.
Spending time with kids is really what they want...and banana muffins sure don't hurt:)
I have worried about that to when kiddos come to visit so I know what you mean though.
and yes...July is going way to fast for me

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

It is going by TOO fast. I just spent a week away from the computer, entertaining a high school friend who came to stay with me. She flew in from Texas and I feared that our beautiful but VERY DIFFERENT state would bore her. She left yesterday, in tears. There was much more that she saw that I was missing, but the beauty of it was that she was seeing only ME. I have a lovely home. We have a great state and a fabulous city. But she came to see ME. And that is what she left with, memories of reconnecting and completing a vision she has had in her mind and heart for finally see each other again.

Have a good one, it is going by MUCH TOO FAST. Anita

Anonymous said...

Feeling loved and having someone spend undivided time with them is one of the most important things I think children want- You did that along with having lots of fun!

You mentioned still being in the frozen stage about your furnace room because of much needed pitching. I found that once I got started somehow the pitching and throwing away of unneeded things was so freeing somehow! It really is amazing how the things we think we need to hold on to keep us bound and bogged down- I am working on the rest of my house now- huge closets in each room chuck full of junk!

bee blessed

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What a great reminder to tweak our perspective. I love it!

pretty pink tulips said...

Isn't it amazing what a young girl can do to help us shift our perspective. Funny enough, we still have Legos and stuffed animals but with a rising middle schooler, we're starting to stretch in another direction.

And...this also shows, how precious a dog is for a child. I wish I had a niece that could come visit....only boys in our extended family. But, they are coming next year for a visit...and I think we'll have lots of fun things for them to do!

Happy Monday, Suzanne!
xoxo Elizabeth

Stitchfork said...

The freshness of youth. Makes you look around again and appreciate what you have!
xo Cathy

Palomasea said...

How beautiful, dear friend...every single bit of this post. Just today my DD and I made banana ch. chip muffins for a friend...we had a great time. At this age, the toys don't do it anymore...the experiences do.
There is so much love here, Suzanne...all of your photos are so special. Thank you for for this gorgeous post.
Enjoy the warmth...I am seeing a bit of lightning out there, we need the rain :)
Hugs to you,
- Irina

pollydove said...

I have been away for a little while and missed reading your beautiful words Suzanne! Great pictures too! Happy July as well ... summer is FLYING by - and you are having "so much fun" at your house!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Isabella. I miss you Aunt Suzanne and everyone else too. I can't wait until I see you in October. (This is mom writing this now Suzanne - as she was telling me what to type, she was tearing up again.....It's tough when you love someone and that someone is far away. But not too far to drive to. Hope that doesn't change for a long time). xxx

Violetas Rendadas said...


Violetas Rendadas said...

Assim que conheci seu blog amei e vendo esta foto com Isabella e a árvore SALSEIRO, aqui chamamos de CHORÂo, que eu amo muito, ainda quero ter uma árvore dessa no quintal de minha casa, pois as folhas caem até o chão percebi que gosto agora bem mais e tenho simpatia por vocÊ.

marble floor insert said...

That banana muffins looks so good. The little girl reminds us to tweak our perspective. God bless you & Isabella!

- Herman Swan

Lili said...

Isabella is right, I can see just how much fun your place is too! What an adorable little girl, I bet you all had a blast together! xo ~Lili