Monday, February 6, 2012

Yours Alone

There is a house at the end
of our street that sold last
summer after nearly four
years on the market.  

Selling at just one-third
of the original list price,
the new owners scooped
it up to be their weekend
home {it's on the lake
side of the street} now
and their retirement 
place down the road.

It's one of the largest
houses on the street, so we
 were surprised when a
construction crew began to
swarm around the place.

Last week as my hubby
and I drove past this house,
I commented, Wow, a
new room....and we both
chimed in at the same time,
As if the house isn't big

Maybe one of the owners
is an artist, and they are
adding a studio with sky
lights, I guessed.

Maybe it's going to be
a huge workout room,
Eric surmised.

Maybe they are into
photography and it's a
a dark room-work room

Maybe they are covert
operatives and it's something

Maybe it's a naked room,
like in the movie 
Failure to Launch!

Well, we had a good
laugh, at this point, but

What if you could afford
to add a room on to your
home that would be just
for you? 

NOT for something practical,
like storage or a place for
your son to practice his trumpet.
{Although, both would be
awfully nice.}

No, I'm talking something
that would be totally 
and not meant for sharing.

Just for you.

What would it be?

Here is my room.

{All dream images via
 Suzanne W. on Pinterest.}

It would have floor to ceiling
book shelves , filled with 
all my favorites.


It would have overstuffed,
squishy chairs for reading or
for enjoying coffee or tea with
friends or family.


It would have a fireplace.

It would have wood floors.

It would have a sturdy
vintage table for wrapping
packages or working on 
crafty projects.

It would have another desk with
my computer and a comfy chair,
for writing, reading blogs
and surfing the internet.

That desk would look out at
a view of the ocean or lake,
the woods or the prairie.


It would have a chalkboard wall
to jot down inspiring quotes.


It would have skylights that
would thrum with raindrops or
gently filter the sunshine.

Can you see it?

I haven't met the new owners
of the house with the mysterious
new room.   During the fall
weekends, they stayed well 
under the neighborhood radar.

But, once the construction dust 
has settled and there are signs
of activity on a spring weekend, 
I may just turn up with some
goodies, to welcome
 them to the 'hood.

And if I ask them about the
new room, maybe the 
will be solved : )

Until then, it is fun 
to dream.

I'd love to hear about your
room.  Step inside my fantasy
room and pull up one of the
squishy chairs.  The fireplace is
lit and the view outside is 
amazing.  The tea is on and 
I'm ready for a chat.....


PS:  Thank you for the
great support of my
new product venture
with my mom, the

And congrats to these
lucky winners:

#21 Tricia
#29 Sylvia
#57 Julie


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I'll just take your room. It perfectly describes mine! :)

Actually, I love this idea and may have to flesh it out a little more one of these days. So fun to dream!

Marti said...

I would love your room. Mine would be a huge art studio, with all kinds of shelves and cupboards, and workspace.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh this was delightful dearest. I MUST SEE THIS HOUSE! One day, ONE DAY, I will FIND YOUR STREET! But it should be in the spring, although we have NO SNOW, I could probably find you with the help of GPS!!!

NOW FOR THE DREAM ROOM. I am getting there. In fact, as I see the first several dream factors of your room, I can say that it describes my bedroom to a T. I have BOOK CASES, A FIREPLACE (faux, but hey, it looks good!) and eaves, and hardwood floors that I plan on painting white. But there is no room for a large table, but I have to say that my dream room is now the room where Ruben opened up with French doors. I have a fireplace there, a settee, a Marseille chair and a chandy. I am happy there because this is where I write, I dream, and just enjoy. I am happy. That is my ME room!

DO TELL when you see more developments on this house! dear blogger pal came over yesterday and we were discussing our JULY EVENT! We must talk. Later...Anita

michele said...

we have plenty of space over here, but a perfect room for me would be a sort of tower room overlooking water where i could dream and welcome nature.

love these images and the story of the mysterious room, suzanne!


NanaDiana said...

Hi Suzanne! Love your room! I would have a combination library/office/craft room with lots of light and a view...and MY DREAM would be on the ocean. It will be fun to see pictures of your neighbor's house all done. I can't wait until you can sneak over and see what it is~ xo Diana

Stitchfork said...

I'm going to need a big room because I want all of your choices, but also walls of huge windows and lots of space and worktables for stitching! Everyone would know where to find me ensconced in that room!
xo Cathy

Felicity said...

Deep sigh.
Suzanne, your room sounds absolutely perfect except I'd add soundproofed if it were to be attached to our home vs sitting quietly in its own space separate to the home.
I'd add a big pillow for my favourite furry friend Luke and a swing attached to the ceiling to kick up my heels and fly a little every now and then.

Happy day - you've given me the gift of something to dream on, thank you!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I love the idea of it being a covert room for spys :)
I have my own room in the house - we converted a bedroom to my studio. You've made me realize I haven't done it justice. I just kind of moved my jewelry and other shop inventory etc in here and never thought about the look of it much. I'm inspired to change that now. It's quite small but a few touches here and there would be nice I think.
My PERFECT room overlooks the sea and is quiet and serene and comes with someone to massage me daily and do my nails and hair (and maybe clean my house when I'm napping) :)

poppilinnstudios said...

What a creative post! You've piqued my interest! Can't wait to find out what the extra room is for. Hmmm, I'd like an art studio with large windows to look out over the mountain lake and pine trees. I'd love a big work table, lots of cabinets, a big couch and comfy chairs, and a big stone fireplace. Oh and a good sound system. It's nice to dream!

A Vintage Chic said...

Such beautiful dreaming...I would have to say a wonderful, ORGANIZED studio for creating...just for me. A quiet place, with my favorite classical music playing, warm, cozy candles burning, the light--just perfect......ahhhhhh!

Wishing you the most beautiful, dream-filled day, dear friend...


Julie said...

well...If it were really being added on, it would be called MY room, because I'm sure da men around here would say it was of no matter to them...but after it was finished...I would share! :-)...
sometimes. My dream room would be all glass...a sunroom... a garden room...a conservatory with hidden built-in speakers piping out soft nature sounds...rainstorms, birds, ocean waves...prairie winds blowing. I would have a pretty potting bench/cupboard with a tiny sink for cutting garden flowers (ROSES, sigh). It would be filled with green plants especially ferns. It would have a large built-in aviary for a pair of peach-faced lovebirds...and a backyard birdfeeding station right outside one of the windows, and a small but nicely stocked Koi pond with a fountain flowing. A nice big bookcase for all of my magazines I have saved and continue to peruse over and over...(Nothing like turning the pages...wins out every time over clicking on a mouse to view eye candy.) ;-)...A comfy plush old worn-in but still lovely chair and settee..lights that dim and many candles for the evening time..And a little corner with a pretty table and a chandy overhead, and a beverage station to brew. **of course the room is perfectly located to catch the morning sunrises and! NOTHING like daydreaming is there? maybe one day...At least THIS house I got my screened porch...already dreaming of my first Spring enjoying it. :-) Thanks Suzanne!...that was FUN to actually put into type what runs through my head in many a daydream... HUGS!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a fun post, Suzanne! Your room sounds SO wonderful! My room would be a big commercial style kitchen filled with all kinds of gadgets and wonderful appliances, marble counters for baking...and of course a full coffee bar where I could make any coffee drink I wanted. And a big fridge and walk in pantry full of wonderful foods and goodies. I would be in my creative place...

Palomasea said...

Terrific post, Suzanne...we love to dream! I would really have to say that my room would very closely resemble what you have described! A view of some water is a must!!
Do you still have all this snow? Nothing over here on the "South" side:))
Congratulations to the winners of your fabulous creation!
- Irina

Joanna said...

I want to live in the room you described! I don't think I would ever come out again.

I kinda do have a room just for me in which I do my arting stuff. We had the conservatory put onto the house soon after we moved in. Unfortunately my attempts failed at making it into an orangery or greenhouse type place (as in the film Green Card). So it became my (small) studio. I LOVE it, a space all of my own. It gets very messy but I've only got myself to blame :o)

Congrats to winners of your Card Keyper. Rats!! It wasn't me.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I know it sounds weird but I might choose a room that was Christmas all year round. I wouldn't have to necessarily go in it lots but just to be able to hear the strains of carols, and children laughing, and stacks of presents would make me feel so happy!


Farmgirl Paints said...

hmmmm not sure what i would do with my room. maybe a spa room. you know complete with lap pool, sauna, massage table, and a private massager person;) fun to dream. i like how you always make me think.

Anonymous said...

This is fun...of course, I love all your ideas of the perfect MY room but I would have a greenhouse. The antique French doors would open off my kitchen with old brick floors, floor to ceiling paned windows that I found from some abandoned place, gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the rafters...with industrial shelving to hold all my pots and seedlings, a huge overstuffed chair covered in beautiful linen would sit in the corner for me while I drink my tea and watch my flowers grow.
I've had this same dream room for years now!
Can't wait to see their room when you get the tour. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

I love your dream room, and I'm anxious to hear if you ever find out the purpose of your neighbor's new dream room!

Mine would be almost like a greenhouse, something with windows and skylights everywhere. I would use it as a photography studio where I could take photos at all times of day and with all sorts of different lighting conditions. It would have shelves for props, and rustic furniture to provide the perfect texture for the things I would be shooting. Of course it would have comfy furniture so that I could work on images and where my family and friends would want to hang out and chat about what is going on in their lives! Ahh, thanks for the fantasy journey, it gives me something to work towards.

Kat :)

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I'm loving it,girl! I think I would take your room as is but with 2 additions: Warm and cozy down comforters/pillows and, of course, a REFRIGERATOR (there will be no dieting in this room...ever!)


pretty pink tulips said...

This is such a great question b/c I'm in the middle of adding rooms right now. But, none are really for me. Except the laundry room. Somehow I don't think that fits the description of what you're looking for! :)

Let's say, I'd love an office (I don't have one now) decorated by Mary McDonald or Ruthie Sommers. I'd love it to be on a 2nd floor, as I love treetop views and the feeling of being in the air.

Your neighbors will be delighted when they get to meet you!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Everything Coastal said...

wow. Well, I will definitely have to think about that one. Can I write you a longer post tomorrow, when my brain can process more?

I have so missed reading your posts! So sorry that it has been so long, being self-employed takes me away from so many things!


A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, WOW! When I was here earlier, I didn't even realize that #57 could be ME!!! I'm thrilled, Suzanne! I will be showing off your lovely brainchild to all! Off to leave you an email message...thanks again, dear friend!


Anonymous said...

This is such a great question. A room just for us? Ours would probably be similar to the way yours is described. Filled with books, a place to blog and catch up on blogs, a place for friends to gather, a place to unwind. It would be filled with antiques, it would be all white, and it would ideally be overlooking the ocean or the mountains or something to that effect.
Now you've really got us dreaming...
xo E + J

Melissa said...

hello sweet friend from *Down Under*...

i know your room is my room- the only thing i would like in there is a little pot for our coffee & a little pile of sweet nibbles...

it all works for me...imagine the hours spent reading in that room...and how DIVINE is that round table to wrap & sort photos on...a beautiful picture...

PLEASE let us know what that room really is when you take over some fresh banana bread {or the US equivalent to welcome} to your new neighbours...

Melissa- Miss Sew & So

Cindy said...

I love the windows on the house down the street. I can't wait to see what you find out about the mystery room!
I will take a room just like yours! If I could just have that skylight, bookcases and fireplace.. I would be happy!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a fun post! I love to daydream and this post has got me doing just that. Hmm, I think you pretty much described my room. I would have it looking out over the ocean with a wall of french doors going out to a beautiful deck. The room would be very cozy. I would have wonderful art and photography on the walls and lots of bookcases. I love your squishy chairs and a squishy sofa. Cashmere throws. I would enjoy a fireplace and beautiful music all the time. It would be a peaceful room. Oh yes, I would have to have a dog and cat in the room too.

Mary Timmers said...

Great post, Suzanne. My dream room would be a conservatory/artist's studio. Just the thing to get me through Minnesota winters!

SuzyMcQ said...

Hmmm, she says, sipping her morning coffee. I think everyone wants windows, tons of them, and I agree. One's that could be easily opened for warmer weather. Fireplace, check. Heated wooden floor, comfy furniture covered in natural linen, pillows, wooden tables for crafting. Ottomans for everyone to put our feet upon and a coffee table with the most beautiful patina. And, finally, STORAGE, tons of storage of the armoire-type.

Can't wait to find out what the new room at the neighbors' will be. The curved end of the house is dreamy, so here's hoping that it meshes with the lovely architecture.

Gretchen said...

Again, Suzanne you cease to amaze me. I find we are even more alike with this posting. I would be the one coming up with the inquisitive thoughts and ideas of what this new neighbors new room might be as well... At first I thought I thought this home was Emily's friends place, as they just did that same thing, where they bought a home on Lake Minnetonka for their week-end home, but after seeing this one and seeing photos of theirs I know it is not. Their week-end home was 3.2 million and originally 5 million. Amazing, I say... In my dreams. lol
But, as I continued reading on in your post, your dream room is much like what I would covet as well. I would have less books than you I'm sure, as I love to read, but find my jewelry design business does allow me much of that love to actually materialize... I love your choice locations, the fireplace idea, hardwood floors, the chair, but my table would be different and I would definitely have an upscale Shabby worn interior that it was obviously loved in the bygone days. So fun to dreammmm....
And I love the French Door idea too, but would like to add one more set from inside the room overlooking a large veranda with that gorgeous view. On that veranda there would be the most delicious chase lounger perfect for reading a book on a sun filled day in my bikini of course. ;) In privacy...
A girl can dream now, can't she? Thanks for taking me to a little dream world for a bit this a.m., now it's back to reality... SNAP

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Your room sounds over the top fabulous. You can help me plan mine. I'd have a wonderful studio filled with beautiful fabric samples and paints and all the things that are so disorganized in my garage and that I have to go all over town looking for. It would be so organized and comfortable. I could work and create there for hours as well as meet clients. We are dreaming right?

Teacup Moments said...

these images are gorgeous, Suzanne. all amazing ideas. yes, i'd want a room like that too. convert it into a library/blogging studio. put books - a lot of them. hopefully aside from a writing table and chair, it has a comfy chaise (or if i want to push it, a Dutch bed would be the coziest thing, too). but books, travel mementos on the shelves, and a great view and i'll be set. :)

A Cottage Muse said...

What a great project to day dream about Suzanne! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Tiffini Kilgore said...

oh what fun!
I used to daydream a lot when I was younger..not so much now.

I miss those days for just that reason. I would have to have a a view of a lake...woods.
much like yours. A place to write, sit in comfiness. Music piped from all corners. A big Mac computer of course;)
fireplace and maybe a little area for working out so I could just live in that room...


lisaroyhandbags said...

You've described my room perfectly! I'll meet you there for tea around 3...

quintessence said...

I already have mine on the sketch board! I described it to our architect and he sketched it out for us - it is on the boards ready for if we ever have the resources. It is a charming library with 3 walls of gorgeous windows, a fabulous beadboard vaulted ceiling, fireplace and beautiful radiant heated limestone floor!! Maybe someday!

Mrs.B said...

It would be a GIRL/WOMAN a Man Cave, but Better! NO boys allowed! ALL girly and beautiful. ;)

pollydove said...

Oh I do like the sounds of your room too! Mine would be a sunroom (I like the idea of a fireplace in there too) done up all girlie-girl and comfy, cozy ... lots of overstuffed furniture and piles of magazines!

My name is Darlene Payan said...

What a lovely blog. This is my first visit and not the last, I promise. Very nice. And if the neighbors open their doors take lots of pictures and invite me. Oh, I love to dream.

Cindy said...

mine would of course be a photography studio with south facing windows, white brick walls and wood floors....aaah! to dream.

you need to make friends with your new neighbors so we all can get a glimpse of the inside!!

xo, cindy

paige said...

it is fun to dream!!
it'll be fun to find out what it turns out to be...what a gorgeous home!

i would love a library filled with books, beautiful books & big comfy chairs and pieces of my girls art hung in gilded frames. a fire place for the rare cold evenings here in georgia. the chalkboard wall would be fun & of course, a window seat with comfy cozy pillows...and a large easel for painting near by.
oh it is fun to dream

pve design said...

We survived a huge (dream) renovation project on our home. My dream studio is nearly ready although I have run out of steam and need to finish so I can share. It will be a place I can go to paint, to dream, to blog, to share, to teach and to do larger things.
I do love your lovely thoughts.

Tricia said...

Ummm, let me see, what kind of room would I want? Well, I'd probably go for something similar to yours, with the fireplace, bookshelves and cozy chairs. I would also make sure there was lots of light and a place for taking photographs...and a place for a nap.

Let me just say again...yay, for me for being a Card Keyper winner :)

Susan T said...

So sorry I am really late with my comments. This post really sruck a chord. While thinking about the room I would have and it would be VERY similar to yours, it made me wonder why I don't arrange things just as I would like them more. It made me feel so happy just daydreaming about my special room. First up would be a wood burning stove, and of course the soft and inviting chairs and books - lots of books. Isn't daydreaming fun, we should do it more often. xxx

Jeanie said...

Mine would be the kitchen. I love the kitchen -- cooking in it, serving from it -- it's the heart of the home. And if rhat is true, then my heart is small, crowded and (right now) messy! I long to have a half-wall ripped out, an island put in and two rooms converted into one. More than my budget will withstand, but oh! The fun I would have. I also think of a wonderful enclosed porch with big windows with screens for summer. If I bought lotto tickets, maybe... but I don't!

Lisa Scibilia said...

I will take everything you just described in your dream room, thank you very much!!! Love the wall of books, squishy chairs, gorgeous view, place to write, spot to craft!!! Holy moly you thought of everything! BUT, I would be happy with a tiny little nook too, with a chair and ottoman, next to a window with light streaming in, tulips and a pretty-smelling candle on a little table, Norah Jones playing in the background......ah heavenly!

You always take me someplace with your posts, Suzanne!! How I love that about your writing!

Janet said...

love these images and the story.
thanks a lot.

Marie said...

Oh, if I could have a room all to myself and money was no object . . . I'd want an art studio, of course . . . with lots of light and colour and a cosy chair to curl up in when I need to for inspiration, a nice woodstove, and of course a few bookcases and a table next to the chair, just large enough to hold tea and crumpets. Lots of glass and flowers and whimsey.


Suzanne.....even though I haven't commented lately :( greet me in my email every if I could have a new would definitely be to separate my office from the laundry room! That way I wouldn't feel guilty with that pile of dirty clothes staring...!!! A nice view wouldn't hurt either.....

Lili said...

Well you got my attention with your gorgeous new room, all the elements I would love too. I would especially love a place filled with light that I could use for photography and more time spent feathering my nest! xo ~Lili


The only missing thing ... an espresso maker. :-)