Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shaking It Up

Hello, sweet friends.
I hope that wherever
you are, mid-winter
{or summer} is treating
you right.

Here in my neck of the
woods, it has been the
second mildest winter
on record, beaten only
by the winter of 1930-31,
which must have been

On Monday I saw happy
people biking, jogging and
walking waggy-tailed dogs
on our local paved trail.

In mid-February.

In Minnesota!

We roll that way here.
All seasons are embraced
and we get out there and
just do it.   Give us a mild
winter and we trade our
skis and snowshoes for
more spring-like


One new exercise that 
has taken my little city by
storm is barre class.  In the
span of one month, two
barre studios opened just
blocks from each other.

A friend encouraged me
to give one of these classes
a try.  Fusing yoga, pilates,
core conditioning and
interval strength training
with light weights, this 
workout method also utilizes 
a ballet barre to create 
long, lean muscles.
Since I've been taking spin
classes regularly for over a
year, I felt that I was up to
the challenge of something

Wow, was I wrong.
Very, very, wrong.

As in, legs shaking, heart
pounding, barely able to
walk up or down stairs for
three days wrong.

Obviously, my muscles had
adapted to spinning.

It was time

Which made me wonder....

If my muscles could acclimate
to certain routines and need
shaking up, what about my

It is SO easy to become a
creature of habit.  To do the
same things, eat the same
things and make the same
choices, day in and day out.

I became determined to 
shake up my spirit as much as 
the barre classes were shaking 
up my muscles.

When faced with a choice,
I began selecting the one
different from what I would
normally choose.

Stand-by recipe or 
new recipe?

Shake it up!

Regular route home 
or the long way?

Shake it up!

New workout top ~
charcoal grey 
or minty green?

Shake it up!

I shared my quest to 
shake things up with my 
family and a close 
friend or two.

Soon, when faced with
their own daily decisions,
they would give me
nudge, chiming in with
the same refrain....

Shake it up!

Pink or yellow?  YOU choose!
It's actually a refreshing
way to deflect those mid-
season blahs and the only
requirement is an

Now, your
blog friend would
love to know how
you would.......

Shake it up!


PS: Last night Mother
Nature also decided to
shake things up, sending
three inches 
of snow : )


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

My entire wardrobe consists of various shades of gray and black. You made me think that I really, desperately, truly need to add a little color to my wardrobe. Do you know how scared that makes me feel? Yikes!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hope those muscles are feeling better, Suzanne! Last night I decided to step outside my comfort zone a little and join an art swap! I've never done one before...shakin' it up... XO

NanaDiana said...

yes- It IS good to shake things up a bit, isn't it? I try to do that, too. We had snow here today but, like you, it has been the warmest winter ever save for the years you mentioned. xo Diana

poppilinnstudios said...

You are so right! I was also doing the same thing at the gym for a year-spin class and not going to group power as much. When I tried something new-boy was I surprised to be in such pain. What? So, like you say-"shake it up!" And, not just at the gym. Nice post.

Terra said...

Shake it Up could become a movement, started right here. Great concept; when you have a choice choose the one that is not your ordinary choice. Rather an intriguing idea.

Tricia said...

This felt like a nice little pep talk. Thanks, Suzanne. I definitely feel like both my mind and my body need to shake things up a bit. Now, to actually do it...

"Create Beauty" said...

What a great plan! Yes lets shake it up!!! Loved your previous post also about reliving a moment. I dreamed one night that I was able to go back for a day to be with my little ones... I wouldn't want to do it all over again, but I'd love to visit some days or moments again....and actually I kinda feel like I am when I see my childrens faces in my precious grandchildren...

~ Violet

Elizabeth said...

Oh there are too many things to think about here! I am still trying to get myself together after the Season Finale of Downton Abbey, if you have suggestions to what to watch to fill that void I would love a suggestion. As I am not normally a tv watcher I am now at a loss.

I am going to give this some thought because as you say it is nice to change things up a bit, the spice of life. I must try to see if they have this barre class in VA.

Take care, enjoy the snow. Ironically, I am in Milwaukee where the weather has been so mild, and hardly any snow, and at my actualy house in VA it snowed on Sunday. Strange weather.

Take care, enjoy shaking things up! Thank you for the inspiration.

Hindsfeet said...

I *love* visiting your little corner of the world over here, Suzanne, as it is always living, breathing, full of Life!

What fun, this challenge of yours, and good timing, as always! I'll take it! I'm turning 40 this year and am feeling that restlessness of new beginnings, of left turns at Albuquerque (did I just butcher that spelling?).....

...thanks for the gentle push, my friend......

time to try out the wings : )

happy week over there, m'dear, oh, and way to raise the 'barre' on yourself ; ) ...always inspirational You! : )


Charlene said...

Cute post... It seems life "shakes up" for me all on it's own.

Susan T said...

Oh do I need to shake things up a bit. I was in a whiz wondering the best way to do it and now you have presented me with the perfect solution - opt for the one I haven't tried before - simple.xxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I do believe in shaking things up. That is what I truly believe keeps me feeling as if I was 20 years old. Whether it is a physical activity or a mental challenge, those muscles must be used or else a sense of anxiety sets in. Not all people sense it, but I think those of us that want to create SOMETHING need to be MOVED in order to MOVE others. FANTASTIC IDEA TODAY DEAREST! Now, to go and gently SHAKE UP my students' minds....


The enchanted home said...

Isn't that class something? Here there are 2 studios, one I have bought a package of classes to..so far made it to 3, that was a year ago:) Time for me to shake things up too and get myself into commiting to a class of some sort. Yes this is a real workout, looks like a piece of cake but in reality its tough work! I do believe in always being open to change, and evolving, even going out of your comfort zone.
I am branching out and trying things I have only thought about doing, and have commited to 2012 being a year of doing not thinking.
Cheers to that!

Cindy said...

I am one that seems to live in a same old same old routine. Same style of clothes, hairdo etc etc...But you have shaken me up! Instead of my usual brown, black, grey color scheme...I put on a bright red heels today! I feel like I have cherries on my toes! I am going to try and shake things up in my everday routine! Thanks for the pep talk!! You are always so inspirational!

Farmgirl Paints said...

That class sounds perfect for you. Wish I could be there stretching and lifting side by side. I've got to really get on track. We just booked our house in Palm Springs....Eeeek. Not anywhere close to being bathing suit ready. Love the idea of shaking it up. I love all things new and exciting.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like you are shakin' and bakin'! The soup sounds terrific and I admire your energy and tenacity. I'm trying to get in better shape before we leave for France and it's not always fun! Did your snow stick? Here in MI, it spit, but yesterday was 41. Go figure!

koralee said...

Hey...I like this idea!!! I think I will do that today...shake my regular routine up a bit...lets see what I can do in my classroom today...not sure if my students will agree but it will be fun trying. Hugs to you my dear.

Mary Timmers said...

I love to shake things up by rearranging the furniture in a couple rooms--living and family rooms. Decluttering and then recluttering with things stored away. This also encourages me to clean (sometimes) Happy workout!

michele said...

love the shakin goin on! i get it. i have been calling it some different: shortcircuiting. it is sometimes that tension which results from the shaking that creates something new! my workout is a dance/cardio/free weight thing i absolutely love. and i consider it a privilege to attend when i am not too weak!

shake that thang!


Stitchfork said...

Adopting your phrase 'shake it up' as my new mantra! Need to keep repeating that...
xo Cathy

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I could not make it through a spin class so I'm certain this barre thing would knock me out!
Every September my husband and I declare it our "year of" this or that because it's our joint birthday month. Last year we decided to try at least one new thing each month. I'm finding much of mine involves cooking or tasting new foods - maybe I've created a routine in my new things experiment. You've inspired me to switch it up even more.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Thanks for the nudge to shake things up! I've been going out walking with a couple of other gals at 7:30 (that's early for me nowadays in my non-working life!) so that's about as shaken as I've gotten lately. Need to ramp it up!

traci said...

i like to shake it up. i rarely take the same route to and from my destination. i am tired of my tried and true recipes and am shaking it up on that front too. i love change. i have never heard of that workout. hmmmm.


I am so into my routines. I accept this challenge, Susanne and want to join you in shaking it up. I will choose something different than my usual answer.

Was it fun to get snow?


pollydove said...

Your winter sounds a lot like ours ... strange things are happening around our little world, aren't they?! My girls have started going to "Bickram" (?) yoga and said it is SOOOOO hard!!!! They said it is also an emotional experience and one of my girls just totally broke down at her first class. The instructor told her that usually happens after a month but since she was already working out, it happened sooner for her. Crazy, huh? So tell me that spin class has completely toned and reshaped your legs and maybe I will start! ;)

LOVE your idea of shaking things up ... I should shake up my habit of fast food and laziness!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a great post! I'm sorry the barre class caused you so much pain, but it sure did give you food for thought. Thank you for passing it on. I need to shake things up a bit in my daily routine. I am such a creature of habit and currently feel like I am in a rut! Your ideas have inspired me!

We need some snow...just to shake it up a bit here!!


A Vintage Chic said...

"Barring" the sore muscles, Suzanne, I LOVE that you're shaking it up! I'm feeling the need to do the same...and as always, you're inspiring me once again! (actually, I like sore muscles...makes me feel like I'm doing something right!)

Wishing you the most wonderful week, full of new choices, new flavors, new...whatever you choose!


(p.s. Can't remember if I told you how much I love your card keeper--it's brilliant! I've shown some of my friends and they think so, too! Thanks again, dear friend!)

Olive Cooper said...

That is too funny about the snow. I had no clue what a barre class was-will probably get here in 2 years.

Biz said...

I added an extra leg to my walk today.
It was 70* here today so we had to get outside!
Did you know that Naproxen is the only thing that works on me when I have a headache or pain?...no joke!
Where did you get your muscle rub?
Does it work well?


Miss Gracie's House said...

GREAT post! We (I mean I) get in a rut so easily:)...I did chuckle at the result of your change...I can definitely relate:)

Beach House Living said...

Barre making a comeback in the fitness world? I tried it ions ago it was great but it wasn't offered long at all. I hope it shows up again around here too.

Julie said...

Voila! She posted ...How did I miss this yesterday?...wow that class must be extremely hard because I think of you as a super duper in shape gal...I am riding twice a day most days - doing crunches and hand weights...same ol~same ol...for over a year...so yeah...I need to shake things up too. Jonny told me I would NEED to do this in order to keep the momentum going, to hold what I got! He was right, cause it is not working so good...
Today I took a totally random way home I had never been before, going all over the place, just looking at all the interesting houses...I was in no hurry so it was fun...*I just tried something new for the first time...instead of Just a blowdry every day, I went out and got a hair iron and started using it...different look. Da man likes it. My hair gal was right. :-)
Loved the post...I will try to start choosing differently and see where I end up! thanks for the inspiration Suzanne...Hugs to you. Loved the post and the DEER PIC!!!
got more snow coming here tonight...xoxo

Felicity said...

There's always something to learn when I visit this space and just the thought of 'barre' training makes me weak at the knees!

Shaking it up? Me?

How about delving into some research and learning how to do things in a new and fresh way?

Happy day Lovely!

Marie said...

Love your thoughts as always Suzanne, as well as the music. I always love the music too. You have great taste! xxoo

Lisa Scibilia said...

You are right - we all need to shake it up some more!! Isn't the weather so weird this year? My kids had water gun fights yesterday (school vacation) in the middle of February in New England!! Crazy!! Your barre class sounds very interesting (and your workout tops are adorable by the way!)

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Great post, Suzanne. You're a gal after my own heart and likes. Such a variety on each post and interesting seguays. Good creativity at its best! xo Jenny

Alicia said...

i am sooo on this same page. i've been really sluggish in the morning and not wanting to work out, so i changed my alarm setting to a different sound...sounds weird, but it's been really good for me this week! enjoy your new class. looks like fuN!

Teacup Moments said...

YES, we should! I envy your energy Suzanne, and your commitment to getting the most from your day and making every moment count. And also, think I've said this before but I find the coolest music on your site! I've checked out a lot of the singers you listening to. They're usually just my thing! :)

Lili said...

I see we're on the same wavelength with our posts...mild winter and rubber boots! haha The barre exercise sounds so much fun! Where oh where did you get those tiny ballerinas? Oooh they are absolutely darlin'! Sometimes we walk clockwise instead of counter-clockwise on our walks...not exactly shaking it up a whole lot, but it's a start, right? xoxo ~Lili

Gretchen said...

Loved the post Suzanne and looking forward to see ing you next week. :)
I am shaking up the next 50 years of my life, one little choice at a time. Trying to be less safe, less boring and live large. But still sanely.
Bummer you are joining me with the muscle aches and pains... Still healing over in my little corner of the world.

Tiffini Kilgore said...

hello girlie:)
how are you!
I feel as if it has been a year
and look at you
shakin it up...i am in need of some of that myself..you are stirring the waters of my heart.
After next weekends sale I am going to change up somethings too..
much to busy and i don't like it!
I need to put the exercise back in my life..I miss it so.
barre class...wow! I am impressed:) Keep doing it!


I need to shake it up by getting to one of those bar classes also! We have plenty of them around here and I have been just to darn lazy to change up my routine.....I think you've inspired me:)