Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Don't You Love?

I'm taking you to see a sunset.

I love sunsets! the pickup truck.

She pulled on her fleece 
jacket with the hood.

I love pickup trucks.

He laughed.
What don't you love, Kavanagh?

Twenty-five-watt bulbs in reading
lamps.....cats that throw up on the
rug after devouring a mouse,
age spots.....

The usual, he said.

~ Father Tim Kavanagh and his
 wife Cynthia, in Jan Karon's
Light from Heaven

Are you a glass half-empty person
or a glass half-full sort, like the 
spirited preacher's wife, Cynthia?

In the Mitford series, Cynthia
exudes a love of life that is
infectious.  She finds many
things to love, everyday, from
sunsets to ducks, pickups,
good books, cozy beds and
so much more.

Father Tim loves this about his wife,
but enjoys teasing her by asking,
What don't you love?

Without missing a beat, three
 items roll off her tongue,

I've rarely been prepared
with snappy comebacks, 
so these exchanges make me
smile.  Then I wonder.....

What don't I love?

Of course, the obvious things
come to mind, like war and
poverty, cruelty and illness.
{Don't we all hate those?}

But Cynthia isn't talking
about those types of issues.
She's referring to petty little
 annoyances, that when
mentioned to a friend, would
garner a rapid head nod and
I know just what you mean! 

Jangling alarm bells,
telemarketers at dinnertime 
and the flu.....any time.

Sequels to mediocre movies,
snooty waiters, US flags made
in China......

Mean girls, picky eaters and
middle seats on airplanes.....

Hey, I'm getting
the hang of this!

A half-full girl doesn't dwell
on the negative, though.  No,
like Cynthia, I believe that 
life is more fully lived and
appreciated by focusing on
the abundance of things 
there are to love.

Those are easy to list : )

                               I love {evening snowfalls}!
                               I love {a warm, sleepy dog}!
                               I love {my freshly-shaved husband}!
                               I love {that first sip of coffee}!
                               I love {a letter in the mailbox}!
                               I love {libraries}!
                               I love {the smell of fresh laundry}!

I guess I'm a lover, 
not a

But, just for fun 
 ~ play along with me ~

What don't you love?

What don't you love,

Road food, magazine ink that
comes off on my skirt, and
lovers who can't find the 
courage to love.

~ Home to Holly Springs,
by Jan Karon



Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

What a cute post! I'm a glass-half-full kind of gal myself, but what I really don't love . . . WINTER. (I'm freeeeeezing!)

Cheryl said...

The 20-something clerks at the clothing store (where I shop for my 20-something daughter) addressing me as "my dear" in a kewpie doll voice.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I am a glass-half-full too. Let's see, one irritation for me is this generation of wait staff and/or other service helpers who say "No problem" instead of "My pleasure" or "You're welcome" when asked for something. What does "no problem" mean anyway?

Tricia said...

Okay, considering the day, I'm surprised you didn't have this on your list...freezing cold weather :)

Felicity said...

Just this afternoon?


1. Discovering a truly glorious new dog beach only 15 minutes from home.

2. Meeting & chatting to the most gorgeous strangers on the dog beach.

3. Having a quiet home [sans children] to have a post beach snooze [from which I've just woken - yay!]


1. Discovering mud wasp nests inside the house - grrrr!

2. A kitchen bench full of washing and drying up!

3. Cracked heels

Not wanting to finish on a negative though, I'll pop in a few extra 'lovees':

4. Kids & their guests coming back for second, third and fourth helpings of my fried rice at lunch

5. Have an open and honest talk with teenagers about the 'big stuff' and feeling like they really listened

6. Receiving a goodbye kiss from a teen stepdaughter in front of her friends

7. Your song selection on the blog today - had me tapping my toes - a true gift - thank you.

Biggest of warm-hearted & happy hugs from over the seas,

Palomasea said...

Always thought provoking, dear Suzanne...
I guess I am more glass half-full, but...presumptions, assumptions, judgments, prejudice are a few of my not-favorite things. ;)
Stay warm...sheesh, this is something, isn't it?
- Irina

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I don't love bad customer service - grrr. It is quick to change my mood for the day.

But I love my family and friends like mad. Love a good book, a beautiful garden, good cup of tea with yummy dessert, sunny warmth on my face. I think this puts me at 'half full' :) XoL

The enchanted home said...

Oh boy....I will restrain myself, but heres a few, people who talk loudly on their cell phones while in a public place (NO we dont' want to hear about your daughters breakup or how your manicurist got fired), people who are addicted to texting, EVEN at dinner or lunch! Social climbers (ugh), and people who talk down to those they think are beneath them, like someone talking down to a waiter, HATE that. Thats to start...could go on:) I am most definitely a half full kind of girl...see the world through not just rose colored glasses, but make that neon pink:)

debbie h. said...

I am absolutely a glass half full girl:) But.....I don't love the smell of stink bugs when they have been smushed or when my dog gets sprayed by a skunk:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear friend!

What don"t I love? UNCREATIVITY!!! Ohhhhh, how I need to SEE IT HAPPENING all around me! I gotta run to school where creativity is a MUST!


patty said...

you know, how do you put a positive spin even on the 'petty annoyances'?? :))

i hate sleeping in {even though i love it and i'm a natural at it}, photos i thought were great that just aren't {sigh}, mean girls-for sure, close-mindedness.

oh, and walmart.


linking to you today!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Big fan of the Mitford series. I'd like to reread them all. That picture of the clocks made me gasp. So many all in one place!

Let's see petty annoyances...slow drivers, tailgaters, people who butt in line, when a restaurant runs out my favorite food, argumentative people, flight cancelations, Presidential address during my favorite show, people who don't RSVP, problems returning an item....Geesh I could go on and on. What's up with me today? There are of course a multitude of things to be grateful for...not enough room to even begin. You are one of them...that's for sure.

Mary Timmers said...

I don't love waking up in the middle of a fabulous dream I was having! I used to be a glass half empty. Now, as an act of my will, I'm a glass half full woman!

Olive Cooper said...

Funny enough I was just sharing the joy of Karon's books and the love story of Tim and Cynthia with my dear friend Bonnie just yesterday. I am in love with this series and the message of Karon's novels. What a charming post. Now I must go meet with that same friend. We are running the consignment shop today. Be very afraid.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I love a cat on my lap with his head resting on my hand as I type on my computer watching the Today Show when I'm drinking my coffee in the morning. xo Jenny

Town and Country Mom said...

I love Jan Karon's writing--every book is great! I love having a half-full glass, but what I don't love:
--empty milk carton put back in the fridge
--being stuck at a long red light when no traffic is coming in the cross street

Julie said...

yay! love your post for one thing...ALL of them. I am a glass half-full girl...a "Pollyanna" girl my hubby says.. I see it as the best choice - considering the two, and the "half-empty" attitude never helps the circumstances! I JUST finished reading that Mitford Series for the 2nd time...even BETTER - Love Jan Karon - wish she would do another series. Father Tim had his own awesome round-up of famous quotes ... I DON'T love:
Drivers who turn right on RED just when you are approaching the intersection on GREEN!!! argh...
cakes that fall ... owners who let their dogs "go" in your yard and don't pick it up!...double argh!
I'll stop with 3 or else I might lose my Pollyanna status!!! but around here we try to stick to Da Marine's statement...LIFE is what you make of! rah! Have a great Friday Suzanne!

Hartwood Roses said...

I'm a 'lover' married to a 'not-lover' ... it's a challenge.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

always been a half full gal as well.
Few don't likes off the top of my head - people who don't send thank-you notes or RSVP.
Long movie previews at the theater so you feel as though you've already seen the movie.
A server who asks "will you be needing change", just bugs me for some reason but still, happy I am able to go out for a meal :)

michelle said...

This is so cute. Hmm, what don't I love....rude people, unloading the dishwashers, cold toes.
I think I complain a lot but they seem to leave my brain just as fast as they come in. I definitely love more than I hate. :)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I don't love people who feel entitled or people who drive slow in the fast lane or music played by neighbors so loudly that you can still hear it when your windows are closed...I could go on and on, l.o.l.That said, I think of myself as a glass half full kind of person, maybe I need a reality check, ha,ha.

Jill said...

I'm completely a 'glass is half-full' kind of girl. But I learned that I dislike living in a frigid climate, but I also dislike leaving the friends I made in said frigid climate ....see, I am a half-full girl!

Lisa Scibilia said...

How fun and I must check out these books!!
Daily aggravations:
the wet towel on the bedroom floor, the socks found on the floor of the family room, the argument over the vegetables served for dinner....
but mostly I appreciate how petty these problems are and feel so grateful for the sometimes messy, sometimes cranky people who occupy my house!!
:) happy weekend S!! xoxoxL.

Frizzy said...

I didn't get it written in time for Monday but I guess today's post works well with your question. I LOVE the beach and time spent there with my family.

I also love that half full half empy glass you shared. WHERE DID YOU GET IT? ADORE!

Stitchfork said...

Definitely a half-full outlook here! Plus if it's half-full, there's always room for more!
xo Cathy

Biz said...

I'm more of a 'that's another glass I have to wash kinda girl' haha! I guess a realist ;)

3 Things that I don't love...
1- People complaining when they are on vacation.
2- putting on clean socks only to step in a water puddle by the fridge or dog bowl.
3- goosebumps

I might have to pick that book sounds good!


Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

You always make me think, I love that about you. :-)

What don't I love?
My glass is half full down here in Texas, I am happy to say!

Love you, my friend!

cityfarmer said...

half full here in the burbs, too

not lovin' ...
these 9 inches of snow falling
people that don't email back
Sunday services with announcements for 20 minutes
not having time to read
paint that won't stick
people that WERE your friend, all of a sudden not your friend

as always
missn u

Low Tide High Style said...

I think I am a find the love kind of person, but I guess the little things I don't love are taking dogs out in the pouring rain, people who tailgate, and when I can't get a hold of my kids on their cell phones!

Happy Weekend!

Kat :)

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I'm normally a glass half full person...just very sad right now with the loss of my
Cappi...Working hard at keeping my chin up.

Sylvia said...

Oh , dear Suzanne,
I also prefer the positive question of what I like ; it's more easy for me to answer...Couple of days ago I was craving for snow and while sharing with my son, he pointed out " you love rain, you love snow, you love fall there anything that you don't like " I guess it makes me a lover, not a do-not- lover. But just for the record some of my everyday life paper cuts: inconsiderable people, excessive noises,radio stations with 25 minutes commercials,women who drive Hummers, people who don't pick up after their pets,drivers who text ...I don't love circus , casinos, ...and , of course bureaucracy ...

I love your soul !

Laura Murphy said...

I love these books. Thanks for sharing....made me tear up! I love reading good blogs! All perfect sentences make me happy. Also: raspberries eaten off the canes, and anticipation before a trip.

June said...

Great post as always Suzanne! I am usually a glass-to-the-top kind of girl, BUT I don't really like the cold; dry, crocodile Winter skin; and stubbing my toe in the middle of the night (or any time)
I love your photos!!!!
sending many hugs...

Joanna said...

Another super post, Suzanne. Beautifully written and developed.

I was raised a glass half empty child but made the conscious decision in my 20's to be a glass half full. BEST decision EVER! The world opened up, opportunities arose, positive people came into my life.

What don't I love?

Shoes that start to rub once I've got to my destination.
Bin juice.
People dropping litter..

Love? So much. I even love my dog farting (am I allowed to use that word?), because she does it with such innocence and because it means she's alive (she's 15) :o)


koralee said...

Oh I love your post and I do love the Mitford them all years ago...time to bring them out many wonderful quotes in those books. I adore positive people...that is why I so love you my friend. xoxoxox HUGS xoxo

Ivy Clad said...

Great post! It made me smile. Let's see; I don't love: the unemployment rate, my dog chewing the internet cable in half and cold french fries!

I DO love: this fun post! Talk to you soon.


Blooming Rose Musings said...

Well, since I've just had the flu I can honestly say I don't like the flu! I don't like when my feet are cold, I don't like people who talk nasty behind other's backs, I don't like car trouble and waiting for the car to be repaired.
I love feeling great, I love a sunny day, I love roses and all flowers, I love nice and creative people...the list could go on and on. More good than bad! XO

Anonymous said...

We too love evening snowfalls, dinner parties with dear friends, weekend antiquing trips, and an old movie with a big bowl of popcorn and a crackling fire. These are a few of our favorite things. Loved hearing yours!
xo E + J

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I DO love this post - and your blog!! I love this idea for comments!

I don't love coughing all the time at the moment. Broken sleep. And orange peel trodden into the floor.




I do love the charming relationship of Father Tim and his beautiful Cynthia.

I don't love noise, clutter, people who never ask questions, boring food ...


Lili said...

Oh I don't love those little pills that form on a well loved sweater, static electricity that gives you a shock inside in the winter and finding grounds in a morning cup of coffee. But other then that today I'm a happy camper! Very sweet and charming post and it makes me treasure all the little things that I do love! xoxo ~Lili

Happy Homemaker UK said...

So great that you added this to my Post Of The Month Club. Thank you for joining - it wouldn't be the same without you there!!! Have a great weekend, Miss Suzanne :)

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Popping over from the Happy Homemaker Post of the Month Club. Great post. I love the Jan Karon books. I especially love the little town she based the books on, Blowing Rock.