Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Monday} Moments: A Different Path

doesn't come
to you,
through you.

~ Reverend John Ross

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Ever have one of
those Christmas
seasons where you
just weren't feeling

I think it happens to
most of us at some
time or another.
{It did to me, 
last year.}

You can't catch the 
spirit, no matter what 
you try.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Our minister spoke
to this subject on Sunday,
advising us to find ways
to bring the soul of
Christmas to life through
service to others.

It doesn't require grand
gestures.  Just reaching
out, in small ways, can
bring a little Christmas 
into someone's life.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Surprise your child's
bus driver with a plate
of homemade cookies.

Drop some coins in
every Salvation Army
Kettle you see.  Or better
yet, sign up to ring the
bell for an hour or two.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Take someone out to
shop who has difficulty
getting around on their own.

Give a child a gift
through Toys for Tots
or the Angel Trees that
dot many offices and
malls this time of year.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Let the harried person
behind you in the grocery
store go ahead of you.

{With a smile.}

In last week's mail I
was delighted to find an
unexpected package
from a dear friend.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Inside, the book
25 Days, 26 Ways to
Make This Your Best
Christmas Ever
was nestled with a
card.  My pal said it
had been a wonderful
guide for her last year
and she thought I'd
love a copy of my own.

She was right.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

Through her kindness,
I was beginning to
receive Christmas, too.

Taking a quiet few
minutes each day to
soak in the wisdom of
this little gem has helped
me to gently refocus my
lens away from all of the
hoopla that surrounds
this season to the pure
heart of it all.

Bringing Christmas
through me, not to me.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

I am certain that many of
you reading this have
tapped this secret a long
time ago.

You don't wait for the
spirit of Christmas to find
you.  Instead, you find it
by reaching out to others.

And that makes all 
of the difference.

source:  Suzanne W. via Pinterest

So go forth this week
and spread kindness and
cheer wherever you can.

Christmas magic
is sure
to follow.


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right here, by linking up
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special moments over the
last weekend or week. 


Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I'm running around trying to catch my tail right now. Have never been so busy with business at Christmas. I'm cutting all appointments off earlier next year. OUr online shop was supposed to launch in October and it's launching tomorrow. I hardly know it's Christmas and I hat e that. Love this post. Lots of good reminders. XO, Mona

Low Tide High Style said...

Suzanne, you always say what I'm thinking, but in a much more beautiful and poetic way! And did you know this song was my friend Dan's favorite Christmas tune? Thank you!

Kat :)

Maxabella said...

A great, beautiful reminder, Suzanne. I love Christmas and it's a time of reflection and hope for me. I try to spread that where I can, although I notice more and more people becoming overwhelmed by the 'shoulda couldas' around this time of year. Little gestures as you've described can make all the difference. Thank you. x

Kathysue said...

Now I see what you meant in your comment on my post.we both were writing about the same thing in different ways. I love when you and I think alike!! have a great week, sweetie. I am spending time with my inner child and we are having such fun!! xo Kathysue

Marie said...

I agree with everything you have said here Suzanne. Christmas is about the sharing and giving of love. Nothing else really matters. xxoo

Susan T said...

I must have a go on Pinterest. I have a feeling I will be hooked. You are so right Christmas comes through us all, it works better that way. Perhaps that IS the magic of Christmas after all, the fact that for just a while we all care and share just a little bit more.

The enchanted home said...

This is so amazing. May I share this post on my things i am loving Thursdays post? It really touched me personally because I felt like you were talking to me. Not feeling it so much this year for a host of reasons and it really upsets me because I LOVE this season and am like a kid who just wants to be one of those happy litttle people right out of a Christmas Village scene:) Thanks for a wonderful reminder that sometimes this appreciation might have to be nudged just a little and through kind gestures, the spirit will start to envelope us...just beautiful!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

You always say just the right things Suzanne! First of all thank you for your lovely comment over on my blog - yes my buttons were bursting!
Secondly, I often get the feeling that Christmas just isn't quite right. This year was no exception, then on Sunday I went to sing some carols and listen and watch a nativity play and it always works. So, this morning my daughter and I delivered some baked goodies to a couple of families who are going through a tough time.
I will link up a post in the morning, I HAVE to get on with some ordering of gifts online otherwise I'll have missed the posting deadline.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear and wonderful friend,

It is brilliant of GOD to design life as such, that we should learn that the greatest joy comes when WE make that first step, turn the other cheek, love without ceasing and give instead of receive! The receiving comes automatically and all the effort goes out to others, rather than trying to FORCE the joy to come to us. Brilliant and a BEAUTIFUL TOPIC to get this Monday started!!!!! Anita

Stitchfork said...

Great photos and message. After dark Saturday evening I tiptoed to an elderly neighbor's house where I add fresh greens and big red bows to a few of his fenceposts every year to greet him in the morning sun. He's never let on that he knows it's me!
xo Cathy

Tricia said...

I love the way you say things and express yourself, Suzanne...if only I could channel a wee bit of that into myself. I'm trying to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of my children, they way they exprience the season seems the most magical ♥

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Great thoughts, Suzanne. God bless you! xo Jenny

Julie said...

Love it...I shall have to look for that book myself. It all sounds so pure...unworldly...the real thing...the way Christ would want us to celebrate HIS birthday...His kind of partying...yes. Lovely thoughts Suzanne, inspiring me to pursue this mindset fully...the Spirit of Advent.
AND!!!...I see that I won the scrapbooking kit. WOOT!!! Maybe now I will get Justin's Marine memories put together...just the "boot" I needed to get going. Thank you SO much for offering this, and I am so excited to be the winner!!!!!! Thank you DEAR bloggy sister...Hugs and hugs to you...Loved all your Christmas decor, by the way, and the metal letters on the stick and the chandy look so festive and unique...awesome! would love to walk in your house and see it all. Stay warm girl!..xoxoxo :-) :-)

michelle said...

Such a wonderful post and hit a little home this year. For some reason I could not get into the season, I couldn't find that instant joy that I normally have around this time. Little by little it is coming back as I do things here and there. Thank you for sharing this today.

Hartwood Roses said...

I have found that the Christmas spirit comes to me as soon as I stop focusing on myself ... giving is the BEST way to celebrate the season!

Farmgirl Paints said...

love this idea. baking cookies tomorrow. just what i need right now;) the bus driver is gonna get some for sure!!

Gretchen said...

Thank you for your uplifting and encouraging post Suzanne. It was the perfect read for me...
Yesterday, while trying to get rid of some excess Christmas items at Goodwill, I pulled over b4 going in, as I had something I was donating that I suddenly felt I shouldn't. It had never been opened and was something that was so not me, and had been under my steps with the Christmas supplies for 5 years or so. I found the urge odd, but took it out of the pile and set it in a different area of my SUV.
I went inside to look around a bit, and while looking at the jewelry the sweetest English lady came up to me and asked for my opinion. :) She was looking to buy a small tabletop Christmas tree for her 89 yr old sil, that had recently been put in Assisted Living and all of her belongings had been sold off, including her home while she was recovering. She was devastated and depressed, so this little English lady set out to find her a tree to cheer her up. Needless to say GW only had 2 very sad looking choices, and thus I offered her my brand new in the box never opened tabletop tree (with lights, ornaments and ceramic base - Originally $70) for her sil. Needless to say, she came out to look at, loved it, I carried it to her trunk of her car and put it in. She wanted to pay me, and I insisted that we had a Divine appt. and I then knew why it was that I didn't donate it earlier. She asked for my name and address so that she could write me a thank you note. She was the sweetest lady ever. :)
My parents raised me to believe and live the life that it is "more blessed to give, than to receive", and this truly was an example of such a blessing of giving. It also gave me a kick in the pants to get in the spirit of the season, as it's always a difficult time of the year for me, since my Mom passed away.
Thanks for another kick in the butt with your posting. It was awesome.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Suzanne, you always remind us of what is important and to take the time to enjoy life. And you always say it so beautifully. Thank you.
And, thank you for hosting Monday Moments. I have just linked up. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Frizzy said...

I've been having one of those years. It feels like it's just snuck up on us this year. Thanksgiving was the same. Little by little we're getting there. I just hope the feeling comes full force before it's all over.

Loved every one of those suggestions and photos!

Patty said...

Beautiful ideas & images to start the wek with... Hoping u sense the holiday spirit and find surprising & special holiday moments every day during these last couple of weeks!

Teacup Moments said...

What beautiful sentiments, Suzanne. Thank you for reminding us of the important things in life. And by the way, that song "River" is just one of my favorite songs ever! Have a great week!

Tiffini Kilgore said...

oh I by no means am perfect at this
and more often than I'd like I am the harried person
I too have been practicing things like this more and more and it
lifts my heart..takes my focus off
of myself
and I LOVE thinking of it this way..
that Christmas comes through me..through us. Like Flowerpatch Farmgirl said yesterday that we can wear it all year long. That is something to put on my 2012 "to practice" list. Love ya

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I remember that post from last year and just wanted to wrap up some Christmas cheer and mail it to you! This year, I felt off, but attributed to an on-going project that is draining me a bit. Today I wrapped all my son'e gifts who comes home from college this week and that pot me in the spirit...and Christmas music!

A Cottage Muse said...

I feel like you have been reading my thoughts all day...I've been looking for a little Christmas Spirit all month and I think this post just may help me find it. I feel like I've been going through the motions but not really feeling anything. First time for me. Hoping it will be the last.

Thank you Suzanne...I feel like I just watched Jimmy Stewart run through the streets of Bedford Falls!

michele said...

you're so right, suzanne. and you have made me smile with your suggestion to donate to the Salvation Army as i am a Salvation Army girl--the daughter of SA officers raised in the church...i am reminded of that quote IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY THINK OF OTHERS. IF YOU WANT TO UNHAPPY THINK ABOUT YOURSELF. and it really IS about small things done like mother teresa said, WITH GREAT LOVE.

my moment:
after dark, i headed outside with bella luna to get the mail at the same time the UPS guy stopped to deliver a package. we had a pleasant conversation, and I WAS UNAFRAID despite the fact it was well past 4 pm when i normally turn into a werewolf. this is a big deal i celebrate because it is progress (if only for today!) and fills me with hope!



Linda said...

Beautiful post, Suzanne...I have been enjoying the holiday season this year, I've put little pressure on myself and doing what I truly want to do. I've also made it a point to reconnect with friends I haven't seen for awhile and that is a wonderful gift to me! See you soon, my friend!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Wonderful posting as always, dear, sweet Suzanne!

The more I GIVE the HAPPIER I am... I'm loving the SPIRIT of THIS SEASON soooo much lately!

One of my FAVE things to do is surprise the people who do SO much for us & are, IMHO, underpaid & under-thanked/appreciated... police, firemen, service members, etc. My small "gift" of paying their tab at a fast food place (remaining anonymous of course) just MAKES MY DAY!!! I sit quietly by & watch their reaction when they're told "Your bill is already paid, by someone who wanted to THANK YOU for all you do & so seldom get properly THANKED for doing"...

They ALWAYS look around (& I turn my head)& they're ALWAYS smiling, which makes ME SMILE INSIDE & feel soooooo warm n' good!!! And, it makes me thankful that I can DO little things like this as often as I wish~~~ THAT makes the season happy n' bright for me, but it ALSO works the REST of the year!

Warmest Holiday Hugs, sweet friend!

Linda in AZ *

koralee said...

Love your post today my is so true and a great to you dear one...hope you are finding many blessings everywhere you look this wonderful season. xoxoxo

Amy Arnaz said...

Suzanne~ I love the photo of the barn with stars on it. Visions like that are SO Christmassy. Sending you love and peace and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas coming THROUGH you. xoxo Amy

hometown girl said...

it truly is about doing for others. i love visiting cause when i leave i'm back on track. you're a doll suzanne! xo susan

Lulu and Co. said...

It's so true, i'm feeling more Christmassy then ever this year and I still don't have a tree up... being there for others, helping the ones in need is better then any tree i could possibly put up,
great post!

June said...

Suzanne, I get so excited this time of year, but it wasn't always this way for me. I think when I had small children at home, I got too caught up with the stress that we tend to feel during the season because all that we feel we have to get done, but now that they are grown, I just enjoy it for what it is. A season of joy, and love, and contentment. Now that the gifts are truly second in priority, and just the enjoyment of all of us being together top on the list has changed this time of year for me.
Your list of service is definitely the key to catching the spirit (or being the spirit)of the holiday season for all those we come in contact with.
Wishing you the merriest Christmas yet.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Suzanne, I just came back again to enjoy your post and your wonderful images. This is the true spirit of the season.

Sue said...

I think I just woke up and smelled the roses! Thank you for this lovely, inspiring post. ~ Sue


Suzanne, this post is so lovely, Christmassy and practical.


Barbara@HausDesign said...

Just found your beautifully written post and I SO agree. I strive to keep Christmas simple so that I can enjoy it and we all try to give back during this season, more than we makes a world of difference on how the holidays "feel". Thanks for the reminder! Happy Holidays! Barbara

The French Hutch said...

Hi Suzanne, I'm visiting over from Tina's. What a beautiful way to share the Christmas Spirit. Helping and doing for others in any way gives back so much more. Thanks for sharing this sweet message in your beautiful post. Lovely blog.......

The French Hutch

Erin~Just*Grand said...

Love your blog and your writing. I have been in the same kind of little struggle to get in the real spirit this year, so thanks for the inspiration. Your daughter looks so sweet. I will be an empty nester next about a struggle. How will we ever let them go? I think I will try the party with my daughter and her friends next week... Visiting from The Enchanted Home link....

Town and Country Mom said...

So happy to have found your blog via The Enchanted Home. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder and beautiful images. I look forward to following you in the New Year.

Jennifer said...

Spiritual, heartfelt and very true. Blessed be... Jennifer

Lili said...

Your sentiments are so what is needed this time of year. I just love all the Pinterest inspiration too. And I adore the "river" song. xoxo ~Lili

LISA said...

Wow I needed this, badly I might add. I haven't really felt too into the spirit either, with someone I care about sturggling with a personal matter, its been a bit tough this year. But this post totally lit me up, between those beautiful pictures, your words and the beautiful song, I feel so good. Thank you for lifting my spirits up. Glad to have found you through Enchanted Home, Merry Christmas!

Ivy Clad said...

This is truly a beautiful post. I will be back to read it through slowly again. Thank you for such insightful words and beautiful music, too!


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Good evening sweet friend!
I had the same loss of interest two years ago! Not sure what was going on at the time, but I just had no energy and was not into it like I normally was!
What a sweet gesture for your friend to send you that book. It sounds inspirational!
Love to you this holiday season.
May God bless you and your family.

(Have a full time job since mid-September so I never get to run around and visit on the blogs it seems! Missed you and your lovely words.) xoxox

Elizabeth said...

Hello Suzanne,

What a wonderful post, I needed to read this today. I have been feeling this year as if I lost my Christmas mojo...I think because I know I will not be with my family, and perhaps because of the horrible economy and so many people suffering. Who knows, I am going to amazon to order the book you mention.

I hope you have a blessed year, and a wonderful holiday.

Thank ypu for always giving me something to think about and putting a smile on my face. You are an inspiration to me.


pve design said...

Everyone needs to be reminded of the true reason for this season and find the calm in order to be bright!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Suzanne, love the line "Bringing Christmas THROUGH me, not TO me." That is really beautiful, a sentiment I really want to implement in my own house. Beautiful and uplifting post - thanks so much my friend, it's just what I needed this morning!

Anonymous said...

i needed that, an additional excellent read. thx, you've made my day:)