Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Moments: Spinning it Out


Welcome to the first edition 
of Monday Moments,
a time to gather 'round the
virtual water cooler and
share a weekend highlight
{or two....or three}.

Drinking coffee or tea ~
or dare I say, water ~
while we chat is totally

I'm having coffee : )

I had a small triumph 
on Saturday morning 
as I took an especially
grueling morning spin
class and lived 
about it!

Spinners wear crazy socks.  
Mine are more conservative than most!

For those of you who
don't know what a spin
class is, it is a fancy-smancy
term for an indoor cycling
class, on stationary bikes.

It's hard.
Good hard.

I didn't used to like anything
to do with the above, as
I'm not naturally-inclined
towards athletics.

But it's grown on me.

Clears my head and
makes me feel stronger.

I love feeling stronger!

Similar to a lot of things in life,
the toughest part is actually
showing up. 

Afterwards, I rewarded
my perseverance with a
bowl of steel-cut oatmeal
and a side of fresh raspberries.

That's the additional benefit
that I get from exercise.  Because
it's such tough work, I don't 
want to go home and put food
that's junky in my mouth.  
{Well, not for a while, anyway!}

Now it's your turn.

Gratuitous baby shot ~
My niece on Halloween : )

Was your memorable
moment, like mine, a small
victory? Maybe it was cheering
someone on, playing outside
in the leaves, spending time
with someone you love, or
cooking up something great
in the kitchen.

Bring it.

If you write a blog, jump in and
use the link tool, below, to
share your Monday Moments,
anytime this week.

{If you do, please post
the Moments button or
link back on your post,
to welcome more friends
to the water cooler!}

Or, simply use the comment
form to leave your reflections.

I'm going to refill my coffee,
so hold that thought.....

And have a
wonderful week!



Jemsmom said...

We had craft night and loved every minute of it!!! My in-laws came to town and it has just been nice to see them interact with Jemma and see the love grow between them as she spends time with her grandparents. I attended a pricing/selling/marketing class and am about to go forth and start my own photography business! I am terrified, but excited! I am so glad to share these water cooler moments! Congrats on the spin class! I did one once... :-)

Linda said...

Our grandchildren are spending the week with us...its really special to share everyday life with them...we are blessed!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

It was a crazy weekend blur as usual, but today held my favorite moments. I spent the day with my oldest daughter at an Irish dance competition. I sat and watched her gracefully and confidently dance before hundreds of people, without so much as a nervous glance. I love that moment when our eyes meet as she's dancing. I can only hope that she hears what I'm telling her from my heart: You are so loved, and no matter what the judges think I will always think you are an absolutely incredible girl. She got three medals and skipped home on a cloud of happiness. Not too shabby for a day with your kid. I am so blessed.

Thanks for the opportunity to reflect and share....


Marie said...

Dang! I already did my post for today and I forgot all about this! I will post my weekend here in my comments now though. I did diddly squat! Yes, I luxuriated in the bliss of having to do nothing at all. A bit of telly, a bit of crochet, a few good films on the telly with the Toddster, watched the neighborhood fireworks from our living room window and church. Enjoying the here and the now.

I used to have an exercise bike. I got rid as it used to make my bottom hurt too much. A treadmill is more my style now. If you can cope with a spin class that's great! I stand in awe of you! xxoo

Joanna said...

The picture of your niece is TOO CUTE!

I like this virtual water cooler gathering. I can't join in today (got to go to work in a minute and I've got a gazillion chores to do this evening) but I'd like to join in next week.

Spinning sounds like very hard work, yikes! I enjoy Zumba (which is also very hard work but fun) and, as you say, the toughest part is turning up. On a cold dark evening I'll come up with weird and wonderful reasons why I shouldn't go - but I know my friend will be going and I don't want to let her down, so in the end I go. Usually.

Have a great day,


Rozmeen said...

Hi sweet friend,

Seems like fun and spinning classes lol yes I should do that..have got to loose some weight..

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
xoxox Rozmeen

Felicity said...

What a fabulous concept Suzanne.

My Monday is coming to an end and unfortunately so is my puff but I'll keep it in mind for next week.

As for and those snazzy spinning socks - giggle making for sure.

Happy day Lovely,


Yay for you taking spin...I have been teaching it for 12 years! It is a grueling workout to be sure....Let's see...what can I bring to the water cooler this morning. Well one thing is that I finally filled my planters at the front door. I am ashamed to say that they have been empty for 1 1/2 years. Yup. There you have it. A minor thing to some and yet I stood back proud like Van Gogh looking at a finished masterpiece :)

Melissa said...

Hello sweet-

I love this idea- i am going to head back to my blog and link up...

There has been soo much happening at my end lately- I'm visiting but find I have little time to spend at my faves- we have decided to head back home to Australia, and with this decision- so much time and emotion is not being devoted to blogging- so excuse my lack of *Hello's*- just know I'm always reading...

For me- to comment on your blog *quickly* is disrespectful to the wonderful words and writing that I know you put so much time and enjoyment into....

Melissa- Miss Sew & So

Tiffini Kilgore said...

That is one thing I've never done. A spin class. I did eat oatmeal every morning when I was working out like a dog. I didn't want to put junk in my mouth either.
I did manage to get a treadmill incline workout in though. I always feel stronger when I workout. It is always worth it when your done yes?:)
happy monday

michelle said...

You are my hero! Those are NOT easy classes! I need to get back into something and get my heart pumping.
What a wonderful Monday morning, I am enjoying my Chai as we chat. :) Nothing too exciting this weekend, cleaning, work but I did enjoy a relaxing evening by firelight, chili and family, my favorite time of year. :)
Enjoy your week!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I'm proud of you. My husband bought me a spinning bike three years ago for my birthday and I've been on it twice. What does it take to get over that hump? I just don't like it. XO, Mona

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Oh dear, good for you! I went to a class only once - years ago - and hated it. Felt like I would throw up by the end of it and it hurt to walk the next day. I think the problem came from my friend taking me with her to an advanced class when I had never been to any kind before...
My treat this weekend was getting together with our friends for our weekly Friday game night after a month of travels for us both and not having seen each other in a while :)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Oh I forgot and I already posted. Well, next weekend I will definitely join the fun!
I usually try to do something a little fun and interesting at least one day on the weekend. But this past weekend was rainy and I spent most of my time cleaning and trying to figure something out with my computer. Not very interesting to write about. But I loved having the time to do those things.
Off to work now but I'll be thinking something up for next weekend. XO

Julie said...

Happy to be joining in here. Thanks for the inspiration and inviting others to do the same. KUDOS to you for the spinning....Love the footwear!! :-p I just hop on my bike here and ride ride away down in the basement. (sometimes my footwear is slippers...LOL!) The food sounds yummy nom nom...and I love the little fuzzy chick gracing your post today. SO CUTE! BIIIIIIIG blue eyes. what a joy...don't you just want to grab her up and cover her with little pecks and kisses! That is a memorable moment all in itself that could carry you into next week! (if you ask me!) Hugs to you Suzanne. Have a good one!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Okay, watercooler. I saw my brother's new iced tea maker last night. I am going to buy one. He makes three pitchersful which last him one week.
I moved into my new apartment and am still working on unpacking. No internet yet...I'm at the office typing now.
Good gor you...spinnning. I did buy some steelcut oats. They are good and the Dutch don't have them.
xo for now..Jenny

michele said...

get down with your spin self!

i don't think spin is for me. but i do love cardio/strength classes. and OATMEAL! i love the stuff.

thanks for such inspiring, quality writing and images always.



Bohemian said...

What a Lovely Post & Blog Party! I'm joining in with a Beautiful Escape that the BFF took me to. She knew I'd been going through some tough times lately so she took me hostage {willingly... I didn't put up too much resistance LOL} and drove me across town to a new Antique Mall she'd recently heard about through the Web... it was a Beautiful Escape and just what I needed at just the right time.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lili said...

Oh my goodness, I went to a spinning class ONCE, nearly killed me (HA!). Kudos to you Suzanne. And for some reason oatmeal never sticks long with me, but I know it's so healthy. Just had a wonderful weekend, one day spent with my Mom and another day with friends stocking their woodpile for the upcoming season! Sorry no post to link up, but I'm going to enjoy reading some of the others as I really like this idea! xo ~Lili

A Cottage Muse said...

Good for you going to a spinning class (sshh...I skipped the treadmill today)!!

This weekend a beautiful memory was son came home from his track meet (that we had to miss) with a medal!! He came in 33rd place out of 285! So proud!! Just seeing the smile on his face and the hearing the sense of accomplishment as he led me through each mile of the race was wonderful!

Thanks for letting me share!

Di said...

I am joinging you from Lovely! I linked up also, because yes I had a Monday. Thank you, Di@cottage-wishes

Sylvia said...

I don't think spin is for me , but bravo to you for the enthusiasm and the great work !
Enjoy life and stay happy !

Hindsfeet said...

Your neice in the ducky suit, PRICELESS!!! : D Thanks for the *HUGE* smile I got out of *that*!!! hee hee hee : )

.....let's see....I was a bit of a sedentary lump this weekend....oh! except for this...I went out on a run today along my usual course which encircles a couplea small lakes (exceptionally *gorgeous* Autumn day today, by the way) and saw, not one, but *TWO* -- Count them, *TWO* -- Blue Herons!!!! One at one lake and one at the other.....

...Jaw Dropping, Show Stopping, *Inspiring* Beauty......

....Yeah, I guess that counts as a "moment".... : )

Have a sweet week, Suzanne...thanks for throwing such a fun little bash : )


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My moments are in the quiet while I drive in the dark morning to work. It gives me a chance to pray, stay quiet, talk to myself, or just let POETRY come into my mind. No particular moments that stand out this week other than the sheer joy of knowing that yes, we are like stardust, coming from a MOMENT when He said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT."

So good to see you dearest, Anita

Alima said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! And thanks for hosting the party! It was fun and I'm looking forward to next week's!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love this Suzanne! I have to make my Mangia Mondays posts do double duty so I can play along.
You are my hero going to spin class, I have heard what a great workout it is but haven't managed to take a class yet. (I'm scared - I'll admit it!)
And that Halloween picture of your baby niece is so precious! She lit up my morning just to see that face :)
Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative and come up with the best ideas!

The highlight of my weekend was spending all day Sunday with my our pajamas watching movies while snacking all day. It was a day definately good for the soul. :)

pretty pink tulips said...

I so admire that you go to spin!! I have done it, but now find that yoga is what clears my mind, strengthens my abs and calms me down.

With renovation going full tilt....calm is exactly what I'm needing these days! :)

xoxo Elizabeth
ps: I keep saying I'll drink more water, but I'm drinking coffee, too! Or at least I did this morning!

Stitchfork said...

Late to the Monday party! Aging-arthritic knees balk at bikes but do better at early morning walks. This past weekend found four roack stacks that were amazing along a creekbed! Will try to be on time next Monday!
xo Cathy

Tricia said...

Last summer I rode my bike miles and miles everyday and thought perhaps I should going a spinning class once it got cold outside...I chickened out though. What's the deal with the socks? Don't you wear shoes when you're riding?

I thought about linking up my Artful Blogging post since that was a pretty memorable moment, but it just thought it would seem a little too "look at me" or something.

I love the baby photo. How cute!