Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Moment: Little Dreams

I just love Christmas,
said my daughter with a sigh,
her eyes losing focus and,
I imagine, her mind sifting
gently through the sights,
sounds and smells of 
Christmases past.

Last year we threw a party
for her closest friends, where
they worked on some simple
Christmas crafts, sipped hot
cocoa, watched The Holiday
and laughed.

A lot.

This year she wants to host the
 second annual Cozy Christmas
party, inviting her guests to arrive
 in their pj pants or sweats,
prepared to enjoy a comfortable
 afternoon of holiday cheer.

We've both been stalking
Pinterest boards* and jotting
down ideas.  The two of us 
are planners and love the little
details that make a gathering
like this extra-special.

So off we went on Saturday,
ideas in hand {and heads} to
create a fun invitation and to
start looking for supplies and
fun touches to throw a 
a party that her friends will
remember until next year.

Which will be her senior year.

Okay, redirect.....

As a new mom, these were
the kinds of excursions that
I imagined when she was
 first born.  A little dream.

And here we are.

{Of course, we split a treat to keep up our shopping energy!}
I plan to write a post about
her Cozy Christmas party
in a few weeks, but here is a
sneak peek of what's ahead,
courtesy of Pinterest.

Salt Dough stamped gift tags
Candy bar.....we did this last year, too
Cupcake, anyone?

Now showing in our basement : )

It is Christmas in
the heart
that puts Christmas in
the air.
~ W.T. Ellis

Which moments from your
weekend or week do you want
to share around our virtual 
water cooler?  

Please leave a comment or,
if you write a blog, it's super-
simple to share your moments,
below, via Inlinkz.

There is no such thing
as late to this party,
so join in anytime
all week.

Until next time,
enjoy every moment
of the journey!


PS:  For those of you unfamiliar
with Pinterest, here's the scoop.
Pinterest is like an on-line
inspiration board where you can
pin ideas that you come across
on the internet ~ on blogs, in
catalogs, via Google, etc.  You can
also visit the boards of others. 
If you'd like to learn more, click 

PPS:  Beware, Pinterest can be
very addicting!


Felicity said...

What a glorious week you've enjoyed with your gorgeous girl [loving that first photo!] and what a terrific idea for celebrating Christmas.

Our teens finish school a week early this year and I'm thinking that in addition to regular trips to the beach that some 'baking-and-making' in preparation for a Christmas Sleepover would be an ideal way to keep them 'busy' - thank you!

As for my week gone by - the highlights include a day & a half of work [yay!], gardening and enjoying the spring weather and lots of lovely time with Captain V.

Hoping that your week ahead is a goodie!

Biz said...

My weekend was crazy & busy & wonderful!
We moved to our new house!
My mother-in-law has been in town, she's watches Bitsy so I can unpack!
The weather has been splendid and the trees are beautiful!
I can't believe it's been a year since I got my white and red stipped flower pin from you! Oh my how times flies!
Have a Blessed Week!

Linda said...

I've begun to think towards Christmas myself this week- we plan to finish our outdoor decorating before it gets too cold! It is always a special time for me as I tend to reflect on the fun times decorating with my parents when I was a young girl. They always made the holidays such a magical time! I remember reading about your daughter's fun party last wonderful to make it a tradition! It may shift through the years, but it really is something special! It inspires me to gather with my daughter and daughters-in-law for some special girl time this Christmas season...we have talked of a lefse making day...adding some fun crafts and a great holiday movie would be perfect! Love the first photo of E!

Anonymous said...

A crafting Christmas party sounds so fun! Have fun planning. We can't wait to see photos of all those crafts!
xo E + J

Teacup Moments said...

Oh wow, looking at the photo from last year's party and the details you intend to incorporate this year, I know your daughter and her closest friends will have a special time, indeed. I shall definitely tune it for that party post! Have a great week ahead!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Precious Suzanne...and YOU always find the right WORDS that make my heart and memory SOAR to heights that were forgotten, but then brought back for a moment to smile or even cry.....

DEAREST, I DID NOT GET YOUR EMAIL!!!! IT HAS CHANGED about 3 weeks ago and I lost ALL OF MY CONTACTS! Here is my new one:

anita.chateau.rivera1@gmail. com

OMG I AM SO SORRY !!!!! Please resend if you can!!!! Anita

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I remember salt dough when I was a kid - I couldn't remember what that was called. Maybe we'll make salt dough ornaments this year?

And those cupcakes you pinned - ADORABLE! Sounds like a fantastic party :) So fun. A senior?! Wow! XOL

Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

Love your Cozy Christmas party idea. I'm adding it to my mental to-do list for when my daughter gets a little older.

poppilinnstudios said...

What fun! I'm going to mention this holiday idea to my daughter. I think she'd love it!
Have a wonderful week!

Tiffini Kilgore said...

First,love the picture of your girl and the truck.
Now this sounds like what Christmas is all about. Friends family , just being. She sounds like such a sweet soul. Enjoy your time together. Thanks for your thinking of us. Grace had a good night. Hoping to go home today

A Vintage Chic said...

Lovely, lovely, dear Suzanne! These are the kinds of things I love doing with my daughters, too...just posted about our day-long shopping excursion this weekend...not much better than thinking & planning with our ALMOST (not quite yet, right?!) grown-up daughters, is there?

My oldest daughter (my now 2nd-grade teacher daughter) always gets that dreamy look in her eyes about Christmas...she was born Dec. 22 (and this will be her 22nd birthday this year--yikes!)...definitely our favorite time of the year!

Wishing you a beautiful, plan-filled day, dear friend...thanks for all you share...


A Vintage Chic said...

Lovely, lovely, dear Suzanne! These are the kinds of things I love doing with my daughters, too...just posted about our day-long shopping excursion this weekend...not much better than thinking & planning with our ALMOST (not quite yet, right?!) grown-up daughters, is there?

My oldest daughter (my now 2nd-grade teacher daughter) always gets that dreamy look in her eyes about Christmas...she was born Dec. 22 (and this will be her 22nd birthday this year--yikes!)...definitely our favorite time of the year!

Wishing you a beautiful, plan-filled day, dear friend...thanks for all you share...


A Vintage Chic said...

Me again...I forgot to add that Pinterest is, I almost blush to say, just about my biggest distraction & addiction since my daughter introduced me to it this summer...isn't it just amazing???

Off to find you there...


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I remember these times with such fondness. My daughter is 25 now and in her last year of law school out of state. We did similar parties with her friends, cookie decorating and the like. Like you, just the planning/prep time with her was special.

Julie said...

"SWEET!!!!" I love it. What a loving mama! I know your girl feels it down to her toes. Sounds like a wonderful, bonding, and fun girly "mother/daughter moment" being stamped into the memory album. - we all will look back through them later when our peeps have left and get our fill of smiles...Makes me smile even now. Your daughter is going to remember the L*O*V*E from this more than anything else. Family. It's such a huge miracle from God. HUGS to you Suzanne. **ENJOYED** :-) :-) :-)

michele said...

your daughter's a gem!

one of my favorite parties thrown was for my younger son's birthday (Dec 16) where we let all of his guests make gingerbread houses and gumdrop people. it was magic! a lot of work, but sweeeeeeeet!

facebook was addicting enough when i was on a few yrs ago, so no pinterest or houzz for me!

party on.


Alicia said...

oh i absolutely LOVE this! i love that your little girl is throwing parties like that...she's a june cleaver in the making...or maybe a martha...either way, that's awesome!

pollydove said...

EVERYONE says Pinterest is very addicting!! I haven't gotten into it yet, but I am sure it is just a matter of time. ;)

I adore the idea of a Cozy Christmas party! What a fun mom you are ... and loving all of the ideas so far! Especially those tags! The are toooooo cute! Have fun planning!

pretty pink tulips said...

I completely remember when you posted about your daughter's party last year. From what I can see.....the girls might just request this every Christmas when they come home from college on break (ok...getting ahead of myself a little).

Love the special touches you've found. I'm co-hosting a holiday lunch with a friend, our theme is Mad for Plaid and searching for all the details is part of the fun!!

Can't wait to hear about Cozy Christmas, Take 2!
xoxo Elizabeth

Frizzy said...

I enjoyed the moments you captured and reflected upon. I may have to "borrow" a few of your ideas for our annual gingerbread party. The salt dough tags and candy canes look like so much fun!

Thank you also for starting this time together. I am excited to have things that might normally go unnoticed or undocumented captured forever.

hometown girl said...

we had a lovely weekend just being together. we went to Mass on saturday so sunday we never even left the house, it was wonderful. my kind of day! have a beautiful week my friend! the party sounds like fun! xo susan

paige said...

i bet her party will be so much fun! i'd love to show up in jammies!!
when we watch elf, savannah quotes along with the movie, in it's entirety. it's too funny!!

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Aaaaw...I remember your post last year about your girl's party. The two of you have started a tradition!!! I think of traditions as those little threads that keep up linked to those we love. Looking foward to hearing about this year's party!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Gulp...those are the exact moments you dream of as a new mom.'s here! Looks like a wonderfully fun party. Wish I could be the extra c

Sylvia said...

Dear Suzanne ,
thank you for the opportunity to share my simple moments here . Thank you for being so kind to me .
I absolutely love your daughter's photo and smile and I can imagine the fun these young girls are having in their elk pj pants ...they will indeed remember it until next year ...
I just love Christmas !

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I SO know what you mean about dreaming those dreams when they were little and now . . . here we are! I love these days--they are the sweetest yet. And I love your party idea. So sweet!

Tracy said...

Oh Suzanne,

Your post brought tears to my eyes.... yes, this is the kind of thing I dream about with my almost 6 year dream...imagine...prepare...create...and enjoy the love and friendship of friends together.

I've been so overwhelmed lately with just existing since we met a few months ago. This is witnessed by the complete lack of blog posts over on our family blog.

Your post has inspired me to take a few days to clear the clutter so Muriel and I can "do" Christmas together. Hang the ornaments, celebrate with friends and just be.

keep writing, you inspire.

Stitchfork said...

Wait, it seems I was just reading the highlights from last year's gala?!! How fun that this has become a yearly tradition now. Enjoy all the moments!
xo Cathy

Elizabeth said...

I love a good party! I see that you alread have some of my favorite things, cupcakes, a candy bar! Yummy. Might I suggest a hot chocolate bar too? Or perhaps a wonderful cupcake/brownie sunday ice cream bar? With homeade hot fudge, brownies, and all of the fixings?

Elf is one of my favorite movies, I could watch that everyday during the holidays!

I cannot wait to see all of the preparations and the wonderful ideas that come from the party!

Thank you so very much for your wonderful and kind comments about my birthday!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

I did not realize your daughter was a junior already. So is my son(my baby). It goes by way too fast doesn't it? Looks like a wonderful way to spend with friends. I have not joined Pinterest for the very reason that you said..."it's addicting!" I don't need to spend anymore hours on the computer than I already do with blogging and etsy. lovely autumn to you. ox

Deborah said...

Oh Suzanne..this will be such a fun get together!
I have just jumped into Pinterest and love it!
I saw those stamped "I love you" name tags and thought they were adorable!
I cant wait to see what you've planned and dont forget to have fun!
Im sure everyone will have a blast!
Love to you!

Deborah xoxoxooxox

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a fantastic idea...cozy pajama crafty party! Oh how I love it.
My sweet girl will head home from
Nashville, 7 hours away, for the Thanksgiving holidays
and I'm over the moon!
Enjoy these delicious times
to play and dream together.
It's a beautiful, beautiful thing:)

Whosyergurl said...

LOVE ELF. My daughter had cupcakes AND a candy bar at her wedding.
I'm sure she loves you helping her with her cozy party. She will always remember this. You are a good Mama.
xo, Cheryl

Dumbwit Tellher said...

It's really tremendous that you value and cherish these moments with your daughter. It is a big 'gulp' knowing that those kind of days will change. As they grow up & out, new doors open, but it's easy to mourn their youth. i do everyday..honestly.

Looking forward to hearing more; what fun those girls are going to have!! xx

Jeanie said...

This may be one of the most wonderful ideas I've ever heard. I'm not sure which sounds more fun, this year's cozy party or last year's creative one. Hmmm. Shouldn't just be for the kids!

Hindsfeet said...

thanks for the Pinterest tip, Girlfriend! What a fun find! : )

Merry Merry to you and yours, all season long : ) (I'm a five year old when it comes to Christmas... : ) )

Fa la la la la, m'dear : )

Lili said...

Oh your images make me want to do this too Suzanne! Although I have a feeling it would be a party of one around here...haha! I just love all of the ideas you came up with. These are truly the best part of the holidays, making such special memories like this while they're still at home. Enjoy my friend. xoxo ~Lili