Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday as I sat back
and admired another
 blog-inspired project in my  
house, I began to do a little
mental inventory
of other things that I have
done or started since I began
blogging 19 months ago.

Things that I might never
have considered had I not
discovered the plethora of 
ideas that are out there in
Blog Land, generously shared
by SO many talented people.

Here's a peek at just a few.

My hand-stenciled 
powder room.
 {With assistance from Mom.}
{Thanks, Renee}

Wooden crate turned mobile storage.
{Thanks, Monika}

Collected twigs for my twig
bouquet found when walking
Gracie.....It's much fuller now
then when I took this picture!
{Thanks to all of you who
have taught me that Mother
Nature is the best decorator
of all....}

Family gratitude journal
{Thanks, Paige}

Garage door leading into 
our house, which I 
gussied up last fall.

{Thanks, Becky}

Photography class ~
A good-bye to winter shot : )
{Thanks to so many
inspiring photographers}

Collecting vintage 
alarm clocks
{Thanks, Jill}

Of course, my blogging
experience has been
about so much more
than things.

Much, much more.

Me with my friend Anne,
aka Fiona & Twig

Friendship, gratitude,
sharing and beauty
are just a small part
of what I've gained.

Thank you.

Don't forget to join me at
the virtual water cooler 
for Monday Moments, 
beginning November 7th, 
to share memorable moments 
from your weekend.

No, it's not about sky diving 
or expensive restaurants.

It doesn't have to be BIG
to be special.

It's about paying attention
to the small things, that sewn
end to end, create a unique 
quilt pattern that is

Come and share those
little moments, by leaving
a comment or linking up
a post.....

They could be 

moments that bless
moments that inform
moments that inspire
moments that made you smile
moments that made you think
moments that were just plain fun
moments that made you proud
moments that could help others

They could happen

in the great outdoors
in the kitchen
on the couch
in front of the computer
at the store
at school
at church
at work
in the stands
in the theater
in your office
in your car

The only criteria is that
those moments spoke to
you in a some way that 
you'd like to share.

I'll be the first one there,
coffee cup in hand.

Please don't leave me
standing by myself.

Until then, enjoy all your moments,
be they loud, quiet or somewhere
in between, over the weekend.

See you Monday!


Celebrating Fridays 


A Vintage Chic said...

Such a lovely post, Suzanne...may I add yours to the list of blogs that has inspired me so much this last share the most beautiful, soul-searching, heart-touching things, dear friend...can't thank you enough.

I have so many things in my life/home that I've learned through my blogging experience in the last 26 months Just added them up. What a journey!

We learn so much from others, but isn't it interesting what we also learn about/from ourselves when we embark on this journey?

Looking forward to many more years ahead, dear friend...


Tricia said...

Your blog-inspired projects are beautiful, Suzanne. Right when the first photo came up on the screen I wondered if it was wallpaper or stencil. Oh, that is pretty.

Isn't it funny the ways we connect with people we've never met through photos and words thrown out into the world through our computers? It just amazes me sometimes.

Hope you have a good weekend ♥

Hindsfeet said...

What a lovely, *gracious* post, Suzanne.....I've come to enjoy my little visits here, always heartwarming, inspiring, thought're a beacon in this sweet little bloggy world we all share : )

Thanks again, Girlfriend,

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Suzanne, great post! I too have tried soooooooo many things since blogging that I never would have known about before. You can't get most of the stuff even in the best magazines. I love the interaction and the connections that are made in this wonderful, creative, inspiring world of blogging. And I love the idea of your new meme. Now I just have to remember to link up on Monday. Except, we will be in Sri Lanka on a beach at that time. Might have to pre-post so I can join the part. :) Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

Marie said...

Blogging buddies are the best buddies of all Suzanne! I have met so many wonderful people in the 7 or so years I have been blogging, some of them in person. I've learned so much. I've laughed with them and cried with them, and prayed with and for them. It's all been really special and I am very grateful for all that it brings into my life. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll try to be here on Monday. (hopefully I will remember! I have a brain like a sieve!)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious one, life has literally changed since I started to blog coming up on four years in January. WIth the help of friends who REALLY look for opportunities to communicate and share, we all blossom in more ways than one....SEE YOU MONDAY! Anita

traci said...

a great idea for a post. it's amazing how many great ideas we find out in the blog world. i look forward to my morning with coffee in hand reading blogs. i never know what next great idea is out there. have a wonderful weekend.


If I tried to explain how blogging has changed my life I am afraid people would cock their head and look at me like I just started speaking in tongue! Unless you blog it is hard to understand the connections that you can make! Lovely idea you have.....

paige said...

some of my most favorite current friends were met through blogging.
the inspiration is endless
the friendship is beautiful

i love this post sweet suzanne
i pinned that first image of your stenciled room.i love empty frames & a random piece of nature. well done!

Gretchen said...

What a wonderful post Suzanne... I too have gained so much through the blogging world through friendships, ideas, customers, and dreams. So blessed~
Hopefully, we can schedule lunch together soon. My friend, Laura, would love to join us if you're up to that. She so enjoys your blog, your writing and you as a person.
I am doing a Trunk Show in Elk River at Downtown Antiques next Friday/Sat. as part of their anniversary sale celebration and the following Friday form 5-8 is the Art Crawl in downtown St. Cloud. I'll be the featured artist at Marishka's on Friday and part of Saturday too. Then I have a break, so can go play one day with you. :) Let's schedule.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

What a lovely post and we forget how inspired we bloggers are with all the ideas we see and share. I will check out your Monday post............sounds lovely. Happy weekend. XO

Whosyergurl said...

Isn't the blog world so wonderful? So many great ideas come alive via blogging. I always love reading your posts...and comments.
I'm thinking about promises...I think "what if I come up with nothin?" There I go again...oh, me of little faith.
Have I asked you Pinterest? A lot of great ideas there, too. I'm under Whosyergurl.
xo, Cheryl

cityfarmer said...

you changed me, that's for darn tootin'

I remember well the evening we met!

Alicia said...

blogging is just amazing, isn't it?? what did we all do before blogging?? :)

lisaroyhandbags said...

It's crazy to think that blogging can have such an impact isn't it? So many friends and family have never even read a blog, let alone mine so they just don't "get" it. It's an inspiration to me everyday.
Love the pic of the two of you! Have a great weekend! :) said...

Blogging changed my life in so many ways! All the tips, inspiration, and good friends are such wonderful additions to my world!

"Create Beauty" said...

I too have gleaned so much from the blogging world, the most precious being friendships...
The decorating ideas are right up there too, and craft ideas.... and......

Great post Suzanne!
~ Violet

Olive Cooper said...

The kindred spirits found here warm my heart.

pollydove said...

I agree! What a great idea for a post! I loved seeing all of the things that have transpired for you since joining blogland! It is a blessing isn't it? Loved it! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Like all those ways you have been inspired by bloggers, so you have inspired others with your words. So many times you've stirred a memory, got me thinking, and made me smile with your words!

hometown girl said...

i love all your pretty projects! i'm going to look for some twigs :) i have learned so much to, i love this post! i'll be back on monday! enjoy our weekend!! xo susan

A Cottage Muse said...

Your posts always make me stop and think and I love that! I am going to try and really see things when I look at them and listen when I hear something...thank you!

Tiffini Kilgore said...

I am so thankful for blogging friends and the inspiration it offers.
It helps so much when decorating when you are not naturally creative;)
I will see you Monday girlie. Have a beautiful weekend.

Meg said...

Ok now I feel guilty for not starting my gratitude journal. No time like the present I guess. My mother gave me one 15 years ago and before she died she told me to get going on it! Funny how Mom continues to talk to me even though shes up with the big guy!

Ok mom I hear you!

Thanks for working through Suzanne to get your point across!


michele said...

your projects are beautiful, suzanne! what an eye you have for beauty and gorgeous words.

our garage door needs to be majorly pimped out like yours, and it is on the list!

see u monday, mama.


René said...

What a sweet post Suzanne! I agree, so much inspiration. And it keeps on coming. Your stenciled wall is perfect! How nice to have the memory of working on this with your mother.

Happy weekend!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Blogging is life changing doubt. I love seeing all the things that it has inspired you to do and be. You've inspired me yet again...I want to start a family thankfulness journal. What a wonderful idea. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Mona

Burlap Luxe said...

Suzanne, I just love blooging for this very reason, you posted and wrote a beautiful post and oh so inspiring.

It is so grand and inspirational that we can find so many beautiful ideas with our blogging friends.

The photo of you and Anne... Ms. Twig looks like you are having so much fun she is so creative as well.
Stay beautiful and keep inspiring us with your beauty!

quintessence said...

It's so true - there's so much inspiration out in the blogosphere - and I love how you've translated it for your lovely home. But of course, at the end of the day, it's the people that truly matter and like you, I have now made "in real life" friends through virtual connections that have enhanced my life in so many meaningful ways.

Mimi said...

Just love this post of gratitude. You inspired me!

Linda said...

It was so fun to see the projects we have spoke of, in your photos! So lovely...the stenciling is really wonderful, and I love the frames and photos! So much wonderful inspiration out there...and you are much more! XO

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I love this post so much. It is amazing how blogging not only inspires us but keeps us on our toes to tackle all those domestic and decorating items on the never ending to-do lists!!!

Faded Plains said...

You've done some amazing projects...the blogging world is quite inspiring.