Monday, September 26, 2011


Too many people
miss the silver lining
because they're
expecting gold.

~ Maurice Setter

From New Hope Beading
What is silver?

the element designated Ag

precious metal, used
for coins, jewelry and other
beautiful objects

a name used to confer
high honor or status

Today my husband
and I celebrate our
silver wedding anniversary.

25 years

Even I have to pinch
myself after typing that.

25 years

Silver moments that have
melded two hearts 

Silver is

each other as 19,
when the rest
of the world recognizes
our true age.

Silver is

both good times
and bad ~

that tiny first apartment

tears over negative
pregnancy tests

a kiss on the Eiffel Tower

the diploma from
grad school

the death of dear ones

the birth of our babies

Silver is

to spend time with each
other more than anyone
else, even if we are doing
our own thing, side by side.

And {his} stated goal
of making me laugh ~
a really good laugh ~

Silver is

in me, our family
and our dreams
and working so very
 hard, always,
to make them a
reality.  The weight
of the world on
shoulders that bear
it resolutely.

Silver is

love in small
gestures, every day....

putting gas in my
car when it's low

rising to make coffee before 
super-early flights and always 
sending him off with a hug

letting the other have
that last square
of chocolate : )

Silver is

imperfectly ourselves ~

crying at sad movies
breaking into song

acting silly, grumpy,
tired or happy, 

knowing we are loved,
for keeps.

Silver is

each other to explore
individual as well as
common interests; to
have our own friends
and separate adventures,
knowing that it enriches
the rest of our story.

Silver is

past the petty annoyances,
the areas where we don't
always agree and deciding that the
  positive outweighs the negative,
every time.

Silver is

we will be in each
other's corner,
always and forever
and no matter what.

This type of silver
cannot be bought or
sold, and was only
earned after 25 years

{I love you, Mr. Privet,
from the bottom of 
my heart.}

Thanks to all of you
for celebrating silver
with us!



Linda said...

OH I love this!! So wonderful to look back over your years together...doesn't it fly by? Happy Anniversary to both of you!! Looking forward to seeing you SOON, Suzanne! XO!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

That's some nice man you got there, girlie! Happy, happy, happy 25th! You are so blessed (but I'm guessing you already know that!) Here's to another wonderful 25 years together! {Fade to two champagne glasses clinking....}


Cheryl said...

Congratulations to you both! My sweetheart and I just celebrated 20 last Tuesday, and it keeps getting better.

Grammy said...

Let us be the first to say congratulations. It seems like
yesterday that your Dad and I
walked you down the aisle and
gave your hand to a great guy.
We love you both and wish you
many, many more happy years

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

This has to be one of the most beautiful posts I've read on any blog!

Happy 25th to you and yours. Wishing you all the best, Katie from

Jenny Schouten Short said...

How beautiful and congratulations! Silver becomes more beautiful with use, you know that. Love your blog! xo Jenny

Susan T said...

Susanne, you see yours is the blog that most often makes me cry, happy tears though. You obviously appreciate the things which are most important in life. The ability and the chance to love someone else completely is a gift. We both have reached that stage where we can't be bothered arguing over petty issues, it wastes so much time - time better spent laughing and hugging. Many many congratulations, the photo of your young selves is beautiful. I could say you are a lucky lady, but I feel it is both luck and judgement involved. I raise a glass to you both, here is to the next 25

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, lovely, I'm SO pleased for you. Twenty-five years is AWESOME!! And I see you're one of those lucky couples who get sickenly better-looking year by year!!! ;-)


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...this is so sweet. I'd love to make a copy for my husband as it is so true for us, too. We celebrate 25 years in December and it's definitely as good as gold!



Felicity said...

I would say that this post is pure gold and that Mr & Mrs Privet are glowing examples of real love lasting the distance.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... really know how to scratch pen to paper my dear. You both are GORGEOUS and and lucky and blessed and just fabulous. Ruben and I have our 30th in March and that just is too unbelievable to comprehend!!!! Time really does fly when you are IN love, acting it out, working it out, as a VERB. It is more fun and rewarding that way than to think of it as a noun, always WANTING SOMETHING OUT OF IT, but rather to GIVE IT AWAY. COngratulations my dear friend! Anita

Cindy said...

happy anniversary's to the next 25!!

hugs, cindy

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Beautiful post....

Wishing you many more blessings for the coming years, and plenty of silver linings......


Hartwood Roses said...

Happy 25th to both of you!!

I think you forgot about silver in our HAIR. :)


Beautiful should be proud of 25 years! I love the young picture with your husbands bow tie!!!

Cindy said...

This is such a lovely post! Congratulations on 25 years of marriage. I can tell by your post you and Mr.Privet are still madly in love..God Bless you in your next 25 years! ...p.s....Gorgeous couple!

Jane said...

Just delightful, sweet Suzanne. My warmest congratulations to you on reaching this fabulous milestone. You have a keeper there, my friend! J x

traci said...

25 years. that is wonderful. congratulations to both of you.

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

My anniversary wish for you Suzanne, is that you have another 25 years as good as those you've already shared. I loved your post.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

What a lovely tribute to your lives together and to marriage as it should be! Congrats on reaching this milestone, and may there be at least 25 more!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Lovely post, Suzanne! What a gift marriage is...hope your celebration was wonderful! Here's to 25 more~think of the wisdom you will have then!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Wishing you and Mr. Privet a very happy anniversary!!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Suzanne, happy happy happy anniversary and many more years ahead! How blessed you both are to have such a strong marriage! I hope you're doing something special to commemorate your special day and all the years you have shared! Congratulations on this milestone, my friend!

Stuff and Nonsense said...

happiest of anniversaries to you
and your beloved

25 years
a quarter of a century
the silver

marking this milestone
is no small thing
and i wish for you
at least
25 more.


michele said...

happy silver, suzanne.

what a wonderful love letter to the love of your life.

wishing you many many more memories together...


michelle said...

Happy Anniversary Suzanne! What a beautiful and heart-felt post. may your Silver anniversary shine all year and then some.

Stitchfork said...

Happy Anniversary! (We just had our 25th in June). Beautifully written Suzanne. I prefer silver anyday!
xo Cathy two look stellar!

Whosyergurl said...

You look MUCH too young to be celebrating twenty-five years! Happiness to you! xo, Cheryl

pretty pink tulips said...

Sterling wishes to you and Mr. Privet for a glorious anniversary and celebration. You both look as fab as you did at 19....and I commend you both for creating the kind of marriage so many of us hope to create.

xoxo Elizabeth

My Grama's Soul said...

Congrats to the both of truly have FOUND the silver lining.



Olive Cooper said...

Blessed. You. Are. Sweet. Ones.

Tiffini said...

yes you two did..earn it over the years..what a testimony your words are.
You two just get better with age! celebrating with you:)

Tricia @ A Rosy Note said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! What a beautiful post, Suzanne. Did you share it with your Mister? Your love shines through ♥

Beach House Living said...

Happy Silver Anniversary. Such a lovely written post.


Oh my goodness, you two are adorable and are making silver look mighty good.



Blooming Rose Musings said...

Congratulations! Twenty-five wonderful. You are a very handsome couple and I can tell you have made a wonderful team. I'm sure the next twenty-five will be even more joyous. Congratulations!

A Cottage Muse said...

Suzanne this is just such a beautiful post...Happy Anniversary! Jim and I celebrated our 25th last year...heading toward our golden celebration happily!

Low Tide High Style said...

Suzanne, what a lovely tribute to you both. You are both as handsome and beautiful today as you were 25 years ago. I hope you celebrated in style on Monday...Happy Belated Anniversary, and I wish you many more happy years together!

Kat :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful post. Made my day. Gives me hope for when I find my silver. I know he's out there. :) ~ Alexandra

Lulu and Co. said...

Happy happy anniversary!!! I absolutely adored your post!!, love, love, love it and it's such a testimony of a wonderful marriage..congrats and many more blessed years!!!

Jeanie said...

I started this thinking "what a terrific quote." And then the more I read, I thought the quote paled in comparison to your lovely post!

Many lovely congratulations to you! That is special indeed.

Elizabeth said...

Simply beautiful, a wonderful marriage and life together. Beautiful family, beautiful thoughts.

Happy anniversary, and wishes for many more.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne--thank you for sharing your anniversary--made me smile with commaradarie--hopes and dreams are so wonderful when you share!

I could see your 25 years together--real and full of each other--so wonderful to read--

Hear! Hear! For another 25...Happy Anniversary!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Happy anniversary!
Lovely thoughts -- all except that last bite of chocolate. That ALWAYS goes to the wife.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Happy Anni! Our is coming up too :) You share your last piece of chocolate with him? Wow, that is true love :) XOL

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest,

So many friends are having computer problems! NOOO!

I hope you can get it fixed soon; we need your writing inspiration to keep flowing!

Enjoying this wonderful weather? It seems so strange to not have much color yet, at least here in the city. Enjoy your weekend my dear, Anita

lisaroyhandbags said...

What an absolutely perfect post Suzanne! Congratulations to you both - isn't it wonderful sharing a life with someone so obviously your soul mate? Cheers to more and more happy years of true love xoxo

The enchanted home said...

I LOVE THIS! I am so glad I clicked over here this morning. What a beautiful and eloquent tribute to 25 wonderful years! We also have been married for 25 years almost 26 and I cannot imagine having been on the roller coaster of life without anyone else.
I love the saying about missing the silver lining because one is too busy looking for gold. Thats a great one and is a beautiful reminder to enjoy what we DO have.

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, my sweetest of friends!

I have missed visiting you, I'm only just now feeling like making the blog rounds, but I sure have missed you.


Bring Pretty Back said...

OH Suzanne!!!! First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 years- how special. I can not tell you how much I loved the words you wrote... written absolutely perfectly.
Congratulations on 25 years. Cheers
Have a pretty day!

Sylvia said...

You are a very special couple dear Suzanne and Mr. Privet - adorable at the beginning , gorgeous now . Congratulations on your 25 years of loving, dreaming , creating memories and moments ...Thank you for being role models of marriage ( which I have no doubt you are )

Lili said...

Happy belated silver anniversary to you and Mr. Privet!! Knowing you are loved for keeps...I think that was one of my favorite lines in this post. You are such a darling couple (both then and now!)xoxo ~Lili

Tracy said...

Congratulations Suzanne and Mr. Privet! May your next 25 be as sparkly. Cheers to you.

Beth said...

Happy happy Anniversary Suzanne and your handsome hubby.
Been away from the laptop for a while and can't get to comment via my phone which is why my wishes are a little late, but still heartfelt.
Congrats girle!
have a great week.

Kat said...

Oh my, what a lovely post!!! Happy Silver Anniversary to you and your sweetie! How wonderful that you still cherish each other's company after all these years. I hope that I can say the same on my 25th anniversary. We just celebrated our 8th this summer.

Biz said...

You are a beautiful example of what Bud & I strive for.
You are a shining light that marriages do last.
Thank you for sharing your special day with us.
Sorry I was so delayed in wishing you a Happy Anniversary...I think you know now why I've been a bit absent ;)