Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who's Your Archie?

My husband and
I had dinner recently
with one of our 
favorite couples, 
Archie and Jane.

{Love them!}

When we go out with
A & J, it is usually last
minute, because between
us we have six kids and
there is rarely a break
in the action.  But when a  
moment presents itself
and we get a call from
Archie, Do you guys want
to catch dinner?  we try
like heck to make it

This is because I really
like Archie AND I really
like Jane.  And my hubby feels
 the same way.  Sometimes
it's hard to find that chemistry
when you double-date.  You
like him, but she's not at the
top of your list....or she's a
gem but a little of him goes
a long way.  You get the 

But when it comes to date nights,
couples are a package deal,
and in order to see the one 
you really like, you have
to see them both.

That's not a problem with Archie
and Jane.  We want to see them
both, and when we spend 
time together, we talk and
 talk and talk.
And we laugh. 

 A lot.

Archie and Jane have
been married only three 
months longer than we have.
We are all the same age.
We share similar values.
We think they are cool and
I believe that they feel the 
same way about us.   Who
doesn't like that?  When my hubby 
and I visualize our lives with 
the empty nest
and new opportunities for travel,
we know they'll be the ones 
we call first.

And the best part?

Archie and Eric {my hubby} 
have been friends since 

I love that.  

Because I know that when 
they are together, they see
 more than Jane and I do.
They see those boys that
neither she nor I ever knew.

The six-year old just starting school.
The elementary friend racing on his bike.
The middle-school buddy, voice changing.
The high-school pal, loping down the hallway.

Since I moved so much as a child
I find this fact fascinating.  My oldest
friend that I'm still in contact with is
from the eighth grade.   I guess you
could say, she's my Archie. 
Even though we are all grown
up, I still see a sweet girl with curly
hair, freckles and glasses and 
she still sees a gangly, tall girl
with waist length straight hair.

{Our 25th high school reunion.  We are the two on the right.}
I wish we'd reconnected sooner
after high school than we did.
I missed seeing all the hers
that came between then
and now.

Eric and Archie stayed connected.

Through the college years.
As newlyweds.
As young dads.
As dads of teenagers : )
Sometimes across states.
But geography didn't end
the story of their friendship.

I hope it never will.

Are you lucky enough to have 
a friend who has known all of 
the yous, that make up 

Who's your Archie?  

I'd love to hear your story.

It takes a long time
to grow an old friend.

~ John Leonard



Marie said...

Sadly, I moved around so much as a child and a young adult that I never had the opportunity to stay friends with any one person for that long. The one constant friend in my life has been my sister, and I am more than ok with that. I love her to bits and we share a history that I could never share with anyone else! xxoo

Jenny Schouten Short said...

This is great. Yes, I do have an Archie and Jane. Sherry has been my best friend since were 12. We have reconnected since I married Enno and now Enno and Mitt are great buddies. We do lots together when we're in Ft. Worth. It is special and there is no other couple we're like this with. Good post! xxoo Jenny

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my old friends are so far away...having moved around so much in the last 25 years, FRIENDSHIP has changed and has given me a new way to view FRIENDS. Old friends are there when I visit California, new friends pop up at the right moment,and blogland has created yet a new way to view friendship, but this lovely friendship you have with your dear pals is the classic model that I do wish I had. Unfortunately, being students and transplants, all Ruben and I have are the lovely and fond memories of laughter, silliness, support and care that we have experienced in California, Massachusetts and now here in Minnesota. Friendship is the best gift we have been give by both heaven and earth!!! Anita

Razmataz said...

That is wonderful that this friendship has continued and especially that you are all so close. I lived in 2 other countries when I was young and did not keep up with any of the people.


Moving a lot and living on different continents has kept me from living near old friends . . . but I still love them and keep in touch.

Right before we left Seattle, I was able to have two friends over from our Viet Nam days.Had not seen them in over 40 years. We all went to boarding school together. We talked, and laughed and prayed and cried. No one else can really understand the strange coolness of our lives, but someone who lived it with you.

We left behind our best double dates, Gene and Anne, in Seattle too. Missing them.

Suzanne, you blog is so beautiful and always fun to read. Thanks.


traci said...

i love this post suzanne (don't i say that about all your posts?). i am so, so lucky. i have quite a few archies in my life. i have a group of girlfriends from my younger years. 2 i have been friends with since kindergarten, the others joined in high school. i love these girls and we know the ups and downs of each others lives. thanks for making me think of them this morning.

Stitchfork said...

Suzanne this is a wonderful post and to have such friends is a gift!
Have a fun-filled weekend!
xo Cathy

Carol said...

I am blessed. I have several childhood friends that I have stayed in touch with over the years. One friend I've known since we were toddlers and she now lives in California. Whenever we talk, it's just like we are kids again and pick right up where we left off. Another friend, Cindy, I've known since 5th grade (over 40 years now...Yikes) and she is still my best friend. She lived 5 houses down from me in a wonderful neighborhood with lots to do and we went to school together. There were phases where we were involved in different things in our life, but we've always come back together. She knows background, she's more like a sister. I can pour out my heart to her and she understands. We've gone through so much together even though today we live in different states. She came out to help when my son was born, we've traveled together with our husbands. She is always on my mind and in my heart. Then there's my one friend from junior high who makes me laugh all the time. She's a character and I never know what outragous thing she's going to say! And she has a heart of gold. There's nothing like childhood friends!

Suzanne, I love reading your blogs. You truly have a beautiful gift of writing, but then you are a beautiful person inside and out!

Biz said...

My Archie came into my life when we moved to KS and I started 7th grade.
We met playing volleyball.
She looked like she could be Martin Shorts daughter and she rolled her eyes at everything, so dramatic!
I too was the tall, gangly girl with waist length straight(ish) hair.
She was shorter with a layered hairdo that I'm positive she'll never repeat ever again.
We remained friends throughout high school and college and she was my maid-of-honor when I got married at the ripe old age of 19. 6 years later I was her matron-of-honor as she married her husband.
We have had years when we talk more and years when we talk less and we are both okay with that.
We have gone to bat for each other and we've helped pick each other up when the going gets rough.
We celebrate each other's life changes and accomplishments!
I have other friends that I've known for the same amount of time, but they were never my Archie....we didn't connect the same.
There is something to be said about understanding that you have differences and that those differences can exist without harming your friendship. You don't have to be the same in all aspects.
I'm thankful for my Archie!
Thank you for such a beautiful post today Suzanne!

Hope you have a blessed day!

Emily Maxson said...

What a wonderful blessing to have such great friends Suzanne! I am glad you found time to steal away for a double date! I do not have an Archie but I consider my two sisters my friends who know all of the mes that make up me. I am blessed to have friendship with them!

Beautiful writing as always, and pictures too!


A Rosy Note said...

What a great post Suzanne. My friend Bryeny is my Archie. I've been friends with her since third grade. I'm certain that God meant us for each other. I remember telling her in fourth grade that I was moving and then we found out that we were only going to be living a few streets away from each other. Then we figured out that all of our relatives lived in the same town up north. When my grandma was in the nursing home, hers was right across the hall. I love how our lives have intertwined and fit together. We don't talk as much as I'd like, but I know we'll be friends until the very end.

Hope you have a good weekend :)

Lisa said...

Suzanne, it's so wonderful that you and your husband have friends like that - I think it is rare for a husband and wife to connect with another husband and wife like that. We have friends just like that - we've actually only known each other since our eldest kids were babes but they are like family to us. We call each other to take our kids in emergencies, we speak the same parenting language, and we laugh together. They are the family we chose for ourselves :) Oh this music is so perfect.....I love how thoughtful your posts always are - even the music! Have a wonderful weekend with your hubby and kiddos, my friend!

Tiffini said...

I truly love it when your post pop in my inbox! This was precious! and no we do not have a couple like this although I am earnestly praying for one.
We have the scenario of a little of him and not on the top of your list kind:)
Your waist length hair...sigh. I love long hair. I know this double date was really needed...hope it filled you all up:) Friends like that usually fill our empty tanks and you come away feeling like a new person.
I am getting ready to leave with my best friend for a pedi...with our daughters in tow.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Such a heartfelt tribute to two cherished friends Suzanne. Friends such as Archie & Jane, are treasures. I do stay in contact with my very first friend that I can remember. We lived down the street from each other and we met at age 5. Sadly for me, many of my old friends are not good about staying in touch; and of course I live thousands of miles away. I adore what you said that 'it takes a long time to grown an old friend'. There is truly something about those people that knew you when. All my best to you Suzanne for a marvelous weekend. xx deb

paperbird said...

hi suzanne i have been off-line for awhile but i have missed all my favorites and had to come by and catch up on your posts and say hello.
happy summer dear girl and yes.. it does take time to grow an old friend.

have a beautiful weekend!

Farmgirl Paints said...

love that you have an archie. it's rare to find a couple that you both click with. i know that for a fact. my archie is my friend lori back home. we always get together with her and her husband and have the best time. love those double dates:)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, my Archie is my dad. We are best buds, chatting every weekend (at least twice) over anything and everything for hours. How great is that?
Lovely post, Suzanne!
~ Zuzu

pollydove said...

What a wonderful story this is! I think it is much more common for us women to maintain lifelong friendships, so when I hear about men who have done that I love it. It makes me think more of him ... if that makes any sense. And it is awesome to have another couple to share your lives with.

I have a couple of Archie friends too - besties since 6th grade and my life just would not have been the same without them. The love, kinship, support. Those friends who know you at your best and worst and love you just the same! It is a treasure in life, for sure!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

So true about couple chemistry! We talk about it all the time, it's a challenge to "love" both. It's happened to us a few times.

My husband has had some of the same friends since 3rd grade,. He lived in the same town growing up. One passed away suddently last year and their "group" was devastated. Like you, I moved around constantly always making new friends and saying good-bye to old.

Mona Thompson said...

Suzanne, It's such a huge blessing to have such god friends like Archie and his wife. We feel very fortunate to have three other couples in our lives that we do everything with. We're a fouresome of couples. We travel together, go out to eat together, play at each others homes, laugh and cry together. I wouldn't take anything for those relationships. As you said, it's hard to find couples that you both enjoy being with. We're constantly amazed that we have three others that all love being together.

Have a great weekend. Mona

Low Tide High Style said...

Eventually settling down in the same place I grew up has allowed me to have several Archie's in my life and for that I'm so very grateful! The best part is that I have also been blessed to watch their children grow into wonderful young adults.

How special that you share so much with this couple, and I'm sure they feel the same about you two!

Kat :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Our archie couple is Bruce and tracie. Bruce and my hub have been friends since elelemtary school. my hub and i started dating when i was 15 and he was 16. then bruce was in my life too. bruce married tracy after he got out of college and we love her! They are our ' favorite" couple. we are empty nesters and bruce and tracie have girls 6 and 8... so we still have to work around sitters. we just saw them last weekend and it was wonderful .great post! I have quite a few female archies that have been friends since we were LITTLE girls - elementary school , and two from earlier than that. I feel so blessed to have them.
Have a pretty day!

That Janie Girl said...

What a beautiful story! We have some friends like that - and they are a treasure, indeed.

Susan T said...

Very sadly our Jane and Archie are now going through a very painful divorce. I don't think they understand what it going on and neither do we - we miss them dreadfully.

A Cottage Muse said...

Great story is wonderful to have another couple to have fun with! We have and have had lots of them over the years. My Archie? That would have to be my husband Jim...we've been together since we were 15 and were friends for years before that!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Suzanne, I don't have friends from my early years that I keep in touch with anymore. Maybe if I joined Facebook I could be in touch with them but I have no interest in Facebook. My husband has started his own account though so that he can be in touch with his elementary school friends from here in Kuwait. There are some who are still here, that we see a few times a year, but many others live outside the country. It is amazing that they still are in touch after all these years. I have contact with a friend from high school, I double dated with her for prom, we both married out HS sweethearts. they stayed married, we did not - this is my second marriage. It is hard to find couples that you can connect with. We have a few here who fit the bill. Hope you are having a beautiful day. Best wishes, Tammy

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

What a lovely tribute to two such dear friends!

We moved around constantly as a child, so my oldest friend only goes back 25 years or so. I say "only"...geez, I'm old!!!

I guess the friend that knows me best would be the one I told you about, Tom. I believe in kindred spirits, and my friend Tom surely is one.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love this post Suzanne because you are so right about it being special when both you and your spouse have friends that are mutual to you both. It's a great gift for sure. I'm in Boston right now visiting my middle daughter, so I will visit you more when I'm back in California.

1 Funky Woman said...

I so loved reading this. Weird but it got me teary eyed hoping and wishing that my son and the buddies he has now can be each other's Archies. He has known these kids since preschool and they are still close. They are going into 6th grade and I hope it doesn't change. I don't really have one but I can see how special it is, how fun!


Splendid Willow said...

Suzanne, Thank you so much for your warm comments. You were actually the first person in blog land to know about my Mom. And great story about your A&J. Very rare and fun. I'll have to give the question some thought.
Warm hugs,

Lili said...

My "Archie" is a dear friend that I met in 10th grade and in fact she just phoned me yesterday to tell me she is coming to visit us soon! This is such a cool observation when you say your husbands know the boys you and she will never know. You always have the best posts Suzanne. xo ~Lili

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a wonderful post, Suzanne. Yes, I am blessed with a wonderful friend named Stephanie who I have known since before kindergarten! We were best friends as children and lost contact as we grew up...she moved away and I moved to the west coast but even though we live on different coasts we found each other again and it's hard to believe a day has gone by that we didn't have contact. I consider her family and feel so blessed. In fact, I've done posts about her and even mention her at the end of my current post.
Thanks, Suzanne. Great post!

"Create Beauty" said...

When you have known someone since you were little together, it is so true, you can still see them as the skinny pony-tailed bike riding friend they once were.

I still have my very first friend
in my life. We haven't seen each other in years but will email now and then. She knew my brothers. I knew hers. Inside we still are those little girls.

Then there is the friend I met in Junior High. It is years sometimes between visits in person, but we exchange birthday and Christmas presents each year.

Inside we are still the barefoot girls who drove to the rootbeer stand for fries on a hot summer night.

What a treasure ~ lasting friendships! Thank you Suzanne for the beautiful story and for reminding me of these treasures.

~ Violet

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, what a beautiful post, Suzanne...I loved every single word!

You are so very blessed to have friends like that--we HAVE had, but they've moved, and we've been unable to get together very often throughout the years...we love them still, however!

My husband has a few in particular (they've been friends since they were literally in diapers!), and we do many things with their's a wonderful thing!

Thanks for all you share, dear truly are a gem.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My Archie is Tracy. I shared our story a few years ago on the blog.

But I am also lucky enough to have a few other good friends I have known kindergarten...Veronica, Jughead, Betty... a whole crew. :)

If you get a chance, please drop by my blog and enter the giveaway that I am hosting.

Happy Monday!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love this post!!! My "archie" is from high school....I moved when I was young, too. But, my husband has an Archie and we are in his home state this I hope we'll be able to get together. They've been best friends since 1st grade....and luckily, I love his wife. Aren't these the best kind of friendships. They don't come along that often!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Awww! Your words always spot on, but I must add that the photography of smiles and simple moments captured are equally as wonderful!! XO, Kelly

Jeanie said...

Oh, I have several wonderful Archies who have seen me through good times and bad. One goes back as far as age four! Another to high school. And we're lucky to have our Archie/Jane couple (though neither of those is a "true" Archie, but newer) -- but those with whom we can just be and have a wonderful time. And yes, it is such a gift.

Curly Haired Girl said...

Awww! Back at you sister! You're one of what I like to call "dead body friends". If the phone rings at 2 am and you hear, "Sue, there's a dead body in my living room." you wouldn't ask an questions, you'd just tell me to sit tight, you'd be right over! We just pick up where we left off the last time we saw each other. I LOVE that...and you!