Monday, May 2, 2011

Craving Goodness: A Virtual Coffee

My first attempt at texture!
{Serendipity by Kim Klassen}
I know it's last minute....
But that's how I seem to
roll these days....So glad
you could make it, spur of the
moment, for a cuppa with me!

Coffee or tea?  I've got
both ready....Hand over
your travel mug and let me
fill 'er up.   I'll snap on Gracie's
leash and we can take this
virtual coffee on the road.

It's a lovely, bright spring
day here today.  A bit on the
coolish side, but that won't
hold us back.....

Sunshine on our backs and
a breeze in our faces, we
walk and talk.

And talk.
And talk.

And I notice that all the things
that we talk about are GOOD.
And I realize that it was a
very, very satisfying week last
week, because I've been 
craving a big dose of it.


And lucky me, I got it.

Early in the week my brother
and his wife added to our family 
tree with the arrival of a this little angel.
 My brother was a contented bachelor 
for years and years and we figured as far 
as children were concerned, he would 
remain our family's awesome uncle.

But then things changed.
He married at 41. 
Courtney Margaret is their third baby....
The oldest is three and a half.
He got served some major goodness.
And her birthday reminded me of
how yummy life can be.

Think he's smitten?
We stop for a moment to admire
a circling hawk.  This bird's been around 
lot and I figure he's set up housekeeping
somewhere on our street.  Beautiful
and majestic, he makes our hearts
soar with him as we amble down the road.

After we exhaust our talk of bachelor
uncles and yummy babies, I relate a
wonderful encounter that I had 
on Wednesday.

I got to meet this man.

Me, Michael Reagan and my friend Rosemarie
For those of you who don't recognize
him, Michael Reagan is the eldest
son of Ronald Reagan, 40th president
of the United States of America.

Mr. Reagan has a storied career and
is an active philanthropist, supporting
educational programs for military families, 
programs for children needing adoption
and in the foster system {he was adopted},
educating the public about Alzheimer's
disease and searching for a cure, and
many, many more too numerous
to mention here.

Six days later I am still replaying
bits of his talk in my mind.  There
was so much goodness there, it's
hard to boil it down to one anecdote
to share with you.  But one of many that
stood out was when he talked of the
very special relationship that his 
father had with Pope John Paul II.

Both were world figures.
Both had survived assassination
 attempts  in Spring 1981.
 {Ronald Reagan is the only U.S. serving 
president to survive such an attempt.} 
On the day they were released
 from their respective hospitals, both 
got down on their knees and prayed.

One prayed for the world.
One prayed for his country.
They both prayed for forgiveness 
 for the men who had shot them.

In short, they were Godly people.

And God is good.

After we reminisce about President
Reagan for a bit longer {he was the
first president I ever cast my ballot
for!} we pause when we come to
a view of the lake.  Today the 
combination of sun and wind make
the water look like it is covered
in sparkling diamonds.

We breathe deeply.  
We sip our coffee.
It's all SO good.

As we turn back towards home,
we can't help but talk of THE wedding
last Friday.  We dish about the amazing crowds
of patriotic folks that lined the streets
of London; how perfect the
weather and how beautiful the bride.

How very proud William's
 mother would have been.  

How good it was for our world
for one short hour to focus on 
love instead of strife.

Very good, indeed.

Full of coffee and with pink
cheeks from the wind, we
hug good-bye, another virtual
coffee come to a close and
our craving for goodness

Thanks for your great company.
As always, I loved chatting with you!
I hope you enjoyed my little
serving of  goodness : )

Seek goodness everywhere, 
and when it is found, 
bring it out of its hiding place
and let it be free and unashamed.

~ William Saroyan (1908-1981)
{American writer known for his stories
about the joy of living in spite of poverty.} 


PS:  As I wrote this, Americans
were celebrating an amazing
of good over evil.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!! While reading this I thought- gosh this could be a post for Ann Voskamp's Monday blog which came from her book- one thousand gifts. It is an awesome book if you have not read it.

bee blessed

Al said...

Thanks for this fantastic post. It was beautiful. Last night was a particularly emotional one. I sat glued to the TV, first in disbelief and then in pride. I grabbed my American Flag. And hung it outside, rejoicing.

Style Attic said...

Dear Suzanne,

Your reads never cease to amaze me! Much like the richness of Pope John Paul II himself. We just celebrated his Beatification this Sunday and how blessed is he, we and life. Congratulations to the newest soul in your lives. Babies are something I could never tire of. Thanks for the chat! XO, Kelly

Joanna said...

What a delightful post. There is so much good to notice in this crazy world and it was lovely to stop by and join in with your virtual coffee and chat.

Many congratulations to your family for the safe delivery of Courtney Margaret, she is so beautiful, and yes, your brother looks totally smitten!


Anonymous said...

Found you through my daughters blog and now I am a follower. I love your virtual coffee. Ugh, here it is very late at night, and I can't fall back to sleep. My daughter just got some wonderful news. Hopefully Friday will give us some indication, as to how many. The wonders of fertility drugs. Eek! Will be alittle nervous til then. Well, then there is the dreaded "M" word, that keeps me from a good nights sleep too these days. Anyway, thank you for the walk, tea, sharing your precious newborn nephew, the serene view of the lake, and of course your fur baby at our ankles. It is true what you said about (escaping) into the moment of the royal wedding. Was she not elegant and so poised. Breathtaking. Well, sipping the last of my tea and feeling rather tired again. Thanks again for sharing.

Teacup Moments said...

Suzanne, I enjoyed the walk and the talk. Precious photo of your brother and the baby! And instant serenity by the lake. I felt the same way about the events of this week, as good triumphing over evil, and you have eloquently put that feeling into words.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Thank you so much for the cup of coffee and the wonderful walk. There is nothing like good friends and good conversation, especially when it's filled with such wonderful news as a beautiful new baby! She is absolutely precious.
And yes, it was so delightful to have the world focused on that romantic wedding. It really was like watching a fairy tale come true. Didn't the bride look beautiful!?! And, her sister too.
Have a wonderful week and many thanks for such a lovely walk and talk...and cuppa.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning I sit with my cup in hand, I am enjoying the skill and beauty with which you present your post. Your regal ways, your in depth views of life make me want to step up my writing abilities to join in on the ranks of the great writers, such as yourself. Peace my friend, and until we meet again soon...Anita

hometown girl said...

wow this was beautiful and a wonderful reminder that goodness is all around us. how wonderful to have a new baby in the family, i sure miss those days, babies are such a blessings. i loved reading every word of this post and hope that we can take that walk in person someday you are a treasure my friend! xo susan

Mona Thompson said...

Suzanne, that was just beautiful. I have coffee in hand and enjoyed every minute with you. Now I'm headed out the door to meet my very best friend for our run. And that is all good too. She is always a bright spot in my morning. What would we do without good friends? Have a great day. Mona

Cindy said...

congrats on becoming a new auntie.....she is adorable and how fun to have so many babies in so little time....your photography rocks, the pictures are beautiful. i get kim klassen's textures too...i love what you did with yours...

it looks like you are still waiting, like me, for spring to come to full bloom!!!

have a great week...

hugs, c

A Rosy Note said...

Loved your little chat and walk Suzanne. Hasn't it been so awfully cold?! Congratulations to your family on the addition of that beautiful little baby. She looks just scruptious.

I did Kim's texture party today too. Your photo turned out wonderful :)


Melissa said...

hello my lovely love having a tuesday catch-up with you...
what a beautiful baby to be blessed with...and yes i think he is crazy proud...and rightly so!

i am all for *feeling...really feeling* the good in the world at the moment too...stopping & counting the wonders in my life....

i loved this post and feel better for the rosy cheeks and your friendship, as always....

melissa xx

Lisa said...

Suzanne, congratulations on the arrival of Courtney Margaret! What a beauty! It was so nice to drink my real coffee while walking with you this morning! Always a pleasure to spend time with you.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Dearest Suzanne~

As ever, such beauuutiful writing, straight from your loving, warm heart...

I find it so "interesting" how He works things... Truly. It was such a "great" day for America's spirits after the devestation of 9/11, and thennn, such a fantastic day for your dear brother and his family to be blessed with that magnficently beautiful angel...

Life is good... HE is so good... and we are soooo blessed, aren't we my friend?

Warmest "virtual hugs" as ever,
Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

*** P.S. Have you ever read "SIMPLE ABUNDANCE: A Day of Comfort and Joy" (Sarah Ban Breathnach) and/or "THE PRIZE" (Flavia Weedn)??? XO, Linda ***

Laura said...

Hi Suzanne
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful niece. Precious. I was reading another blog this morning, which made me stop and say 'Life is good. Treasure it' ,and you know what? You made me stop and say the phrase again. We all just need to stop and see how truly blessed we are to be here living in the moment. Whatever that 'moment' may be' Lx

paige said...

oh my friend, it is GOOD to focus on the good.scripture calls us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those that weep. i loved the joy and amazing beauty from the royal wedding.
i have so much respect for former president ronald reagan. i enjoyed all your tidbits about him!
congratulations on the new family angel. yes, i believe he is smitten indeed!!
great job with the texture. aren't those fun? xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh thank you for that little bit of baby love this morning. she's just a doll baby and your brother looks like you a bit! beautiful thoughts this morning friend:)

Sherry said...

All I can say is thank you for this post today. Thank you for sharing the goodness in your life and reminding me of some of the goodness in mine.

Biz said...

What an adorable new neice you have!
My heart skips a beat looking at her and see how small she is.
Beyond my comprehension still ;)
Your brother looks like he's walking on clouds just holding her!

I think I may need to read up more on Michael Reagan. It seems he stands for so much that is important in my life!
Adoption (we want to someday).
Alzheimer's disease- My grandfather had this and it was very hard for my mother to watch him fade away.

I always enjoy these virtual days with you!
A breath of fresh air is just what I needed today and looking at the lake makes me wish for hot weather, believe it or not it hasn't gotten above 55 the last 2 days. That's right it's cold for us Texans!

I hope you have a Blessed Tuesday!

quintessence said...

Lots of goodness here today. Congratulations to your extended family on the arrival of Courtney - so adorable. And I must agree, the wedding last Friday was such a joy - it gave me an all's right with the world boost that lasted all day!!

Jemsmom said...

Babies are such a gift and I am so glad you get to celebrate a new little one in your family. Jemma said she wished she had a brother or sister the other day and my heart wanted to break. Then she announced that we should adopt a 5 year old. Oh my!!! My precious child! It was so nice to read your post and focus on the good, since there has been so much sadness with the tornadoes. My friend lost her home. She and her family were spared by the grace of God. So seeing your beautiful pictures and having a lovely chat about goodness really brightened my day! I must go clean the bathrooms. I am looking for the good in that one! Have a wonderful day!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

My goodness. I need some coffee to read this! hmmm, oh my, wow! Love the baby! She is beautiful! I need a walk in the woods. Have a great morning, you enriched mine.. xxoo Jenny


I have been getting a wee bit lonely (in this move). This walk with you was just what I needed. And a blogging friend is coming for lunch today. Virtual coffee with you and real coffee with her. Both have filled my soul.


ps. So cool that you got to meet President Reagans son, Michael.

Linda said...

OH Suzanne...what a beautiful post...your new little niece is such a blessing! Your photos are really wonderful...I am taking Kim Klassen's Elements class right now and am just starting to play with some's fun! Thanks so much for sharing virtual coffee with us...OH I needed this today! XO friend!

Anonymous said...

This was such a beautiful post. This week was a week of goodness all around, wasn't it? So many good things happened. I just keep praying that things continue this way. I think we all need plenty of goodness in our lives. Have a beautiful day.

Linen & Verbena

Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful composition and texture work here!

Cashon&Co said...

Loved your words here. I'm not drinking coffee, yet rather getting a glaze on my hair and I am typing while my head is in the sink, but it gave me some moments of happiness and reflection! You are so gifted!

Deborah said...

I loved our walk and coffee and chat today sweet Suzanne.
I feel full with the goodness and beauty you shared today.
Thank you for the invitation..Ive come away blessed, as always xo
Those who refresh the lives of others, cant help but be refreshed themselves.
Have a beauty-filled day dear friend xo

Deborah xoxo

Susan T said...

Such a lovely post - your neice SO very tiny and gorgeous. Your writing as always touches my heart.

Sue x

Olive Cooper said...

New babies always bring joy to me. I enjoyed the coffee very much. Life is full of much goodness and we must stop and be still sometimes and look for it. ♥O

cityfarmer said...

oh my darling ... there's nothing like a new baby girl!

such sweetness!
like YOU

Martina said...

Thanks - coffee and walk and talk were just what i needed today! Have a lovely evening!

Rozmeen said...

You are blessed with this little wonder.. and your brother looks so proud.. congrats to him. I am so happy for your family.

There is still so much beauty in this world and my sweet sweet friend Ihope you know how much I appreciate your posts, your visits and your lovely words you write to me. It puts a smile on my face every time I read it..

A big hug and much love,
Rozmeen said...

I love your virtual coffee idea. My first time to vote for a president, I voted for Reagan too. I also agree that it was wonderful for the world to enjoy lovebirds and a beautiful wedding. Your post is wonderful. Have a happy day.

pretty pink tulips said...

So happy I stopped by an afternoon coffee chat!

We hit on all my favorite topics!! THE wedding, which I cheered for and cried during and still replay whenever I can.

A new beautiful baby for your brother's family. There is no greater good!

I think of Alzheimer's every time I wear my Jewelry for a Cause diamond buddha necklace, as that is the charity it supports....and how my beautiful aunt died from it long before she should have.

I've been out and about and have to go back out to drop one at golf, pick up one from tennis...but so happy we were able to chat. I always am.

xoxo Elizabeth

A Vintage Chic said...

Goodness....for goodness' sake...nothing could be better, sweet Suzanne! Thanks for touching on all these wonderfully wonderful topics on our walk today. God IS IS good...and it's so very good to know good people like you.

I know the joy you feel in your brother's joy. I feel the same for mine. Never married till he was 40. He is absolutely smitten with his children--and he's always been the very best of uncles. Lucky us.

Thank-you for all you share, dear friend...


debsea said...

you had me with the hyacinth & to go cup, but then you threw in a darling jack russell AND a newborn baby!??? jeekers, i'm smitten...

Anonymous said...

So happy to see a very familiar 'face' over at the Cafe--lovely texture and thank you for sharing your joys--

Teresa said...

*Love textures.
*LOVE coffee.
*Love brand new babies.
*Love getting to meet someone I admire.
*Love forgiveness.
*Loved the wedding. I want to be a princess.
*Love it when good triumphs over evil.
Thanks for the cuppa!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

suzanne, nice to meet you today via amy's virtual coffee! i was having tea...english breakfast...and am happy to find your blog. you write beautifully, and i appreciate your earnest seeking of the Good in today. it is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I love all your posts, your blog. You are secretly becoming my virtual "mentor" being just a teeny bit further down the track of life than me.

Love the music you play, the pictures, and of course your wonderful words that tend to nurture and encourage. So thank you from the bottom of my not so virtual heart. :)

I don't know how to link up my id (I don't have a blog) so I am not trying to be anonymous - xo

Faded Plains said...

Such an amazing post...I loved our walk today.

Annas Vita Rum said...

Wonderful to read!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. About "educating the public about Alzheimer'sdisease and searching for a cure" and that I work with yoga I would like to send a link about this topic;
Please pass it on to the man you write about if you want!
Love Anna

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby and a wonderful post (as always!). Have a happy Wednesday!
E + J

My Grama's Soul said...

AH LIFE IS GOOD......I know so because I was just able to read your sweet post and it made my day.



lisaroyhandbags said...

congrats on a gorgeous baby in the family! thanks for another dose of goodness - I always love visiting your blog for some uplifting words and gorgeous pics. it was a good week last week and Friday was such a happy day - a moment for the whole world to smile and celebrate a happy event xo

Indie.Tea said...

Ooo, congrats to your brother! The latest addition to his family is so adorable. And what a beautiful portrait of him and baby you shared with us...

Julie said...

Dear Sweet Suzanne!! Remember that scene from Horton Hears A Who??? They were shouting "We are HERE, We are HERE, We are HERE"???? I feel like shouting that...I am HERE I am HERE I am HERE!!! whether you can receive one of my comments or NOT...sigh...It is working tonight..and so this comment will not be wasted!!! Hugs to you, I have missed commenting on all of your VERY commentable posts...always...Loved reading about your travels with mom and getting to meet Anne. WHAT excitement. I love her new home, and reading her blog.
I am hoping and waiting to see if it can happen for me...for us....I am almost holding my breath, but there it sits, on my monitor, my reminder...from my dear bloggy sis....BREATHE....yes...I want to be that 100th person indeed..LOVE TO VISIT WITH YOU ...Suzanne you inspire so many girls, I am so sure, without even asking a one of them... I know, because you lift me up. Your written words are a salve sometimes....Love you and so enjoying reading and chatting here...Can you comment could go on forever...I have definitely had NO-Comment withdrawal...Have yourself a wonderful week and thank you for blogging! thanks for visiting with me and encouraging like you ALWAYS do...
:-) :-) xoxoxo


Dang girl...your post are like little books...and since I don't have a lot of time to read they are perfect for me :)

LuLu said...

Oh Suzanne, i've missed my walks with you! What a wonderful post to welcome me back. I would have loved to be in the audience with listening to Micheal Reagan.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family.. that shot is just so wonderful as is the beaming dad!!! wonderful stuff...

Love your textured shot too.. have a great day.. ciao xxx Julie

Jane said...

Oh, Suzanne, what a moving, interesting and touching post, all in one. Congratulations on the birth of your adorable little niece - your brother has spaced his 3 just like we have with our pixies. I know how busy he and your sister-in-law are right now!

I savoured every second of your goodness, you darling girl.

J x

Cindy said...

I enjoyed the walk and conversation! We are all truly blessed with all the wonder around us. Your photos are beautiful!
and don't you just love Kim Klassen and her textures! I am experimenting with them as well.
Thanks for sharing a great post

Splendid Willow said...

Ms. Suzanne, the queen of wisdom and inspiration. And you attract goodness my friend.

Had I lived closer, you would have found me on your door step often!
I have so many questions to ask you nd a perhaps a few things to share too.

Your brother is one blessed man. And what an ADORABLE baby -- purring in Dad's arms!

ox, Mon

P.S I am heading to Sweden in a couple of weeks to be there for my dear Mom. It just spun out of control...

Jeanie said...

Life IS good. This post is so beautiful, filled with love, excitement, inspiration and joy -- I felt as though I WAS walking along with you. And congratulations on your most recent family arrival. Yes, he does look smitten!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Gosh, I enjoyed our "walk" together here today! I honestly feel like I know you now! Such a precious pup you have, love the new addition to your brother's family, and love that you got to meet Reagan's son. We share many of the same thoughts and concerns!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Rene said...

What a beautiful post Suzanne. I have fallen behind over here and am trying to catch up. It is clear that I have missed a lot.


Lili said...

Congrats on another sweet baby in the family, that is so awesome! You did a great job on that texture too, I'll have to try that someday. So interesting to learn more about President Regan's family, that must have been thrilling to meet his son in person. And oh the wedding, wasn't that wonderful to just sit and watch! xoxo ~Lili