Monday, April 25, 2011

Truly, Madly & A Winner

From Betty Crocker's 
Guide to Easy Entertaining, 1959:

A group of us were trying to
define party spirit as it relates
to a hostess.

To me, the answer lies in the
word giving a party, said a
wise older woman.  The hostess
who thinks of her party as a
gift to her friends can't go 
wrong ~ a gift of people with
whom they'll have fun ~ a gift
of food they will enjoy ~ a
gift of herself by having that 
food ready to serve without
confusion ~ and a gift of
confidence by letting them 
know what kind of party is
planned and how to dress for it.

Maybe it was the
 memories of great parties
given by my parents ~

The laughter...

The ringing of glasses
and chink of silverware.

The records playing
on the hi-fi.

The fragrance of 
delicious foods.

The wafting scent
of pipes and cigarettes
punctuated by
perfume and after-shave.

My little brother
and me, swathed in
flannel, peeking through
the stair banister....

It seemed so
and exotic.
So grown-up.

Maybe that is 
what made me think
Mad Men, when it
was our turn to host
Dinner Club a few 
weeks ago.

If you want the
perfect recipe
for a dinner party
that will have you
smiling for days after
it has ended, then
believe me,

Mix one jigger please
dress for dinner......

Everyone agreed it added to the mood.

{The cigs were props only!}

Nothing says festive like the swish of crinolines and silver shoes!

1/4 jigger 1960's details

Vintage linens from Goodwill.

Got to love those greens, oranges and golds!

A friend loaned my hubby his hat purchased in NYC, circa 1963.

1 dash vintage drinks 
and appetizers

Coca-Cola and Heineken beer, as served in Mad Men.

We also offered Classic Martinis, Gimlets and Manhattans.

French onion dip with chips; Rumaki; cocktail peanuts.

2 dashes retro-inspired menu

Assembling the Wedge Salads

Beef Stroganoff and egg noodles, baby peas with pearl onions
and dinner rolls followed the salad.

Say Mad Men!

Did someone say cheesecake with strawberry sauce?
{Yes, Gracie, they did.}

several generous splashes laughter

I adored her glasses!

We all shared our how we met stories....

Rat Pack.....move over!

Stir with ice and strain.

Garnish with an olive, cherry or twist.

Savor your Mad Men inspired evening!

Next morning.....

I am thankful
for the mess to clean
after a party because
it means I have been
surrounded by friends.

~ Nancy J. Carmody

Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you'll try my recipe : )


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49 comments: said...

Are you kidding me? That looks like the best party ever. What fun even down to the menu and the orange vintage linens you found. Too fun!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I remember peeking through the sliding doors, when my parents were entertaining. There certainly was something glamorous and classy about dinner parties in that era.


Marie said...

Oh what a fun looking evening!! xxoo

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Looks so fun! Were your kids peeking through the banister? XOL

Deborah said...

Suzanne this looks like a blast!!!
Oh how much fun that must have been!
Ive never seen Mad Men but Ill have to check it out now...
Whens your next party?! :)
Love to you..xo

Deborah xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Suzanne, THIS WAS A PERFECT PARTY INDEED! I remember these EXACT TYPE OF PARTIES when I was a kid! My mom in her 1950s-60s dress and a strand of pearls, the smell of fresh coffee from her PERCULATOR, and the Betty Crocker recipe books encrusted with flour from all the times she made those old recipes. YOU GOT IT DOWN TO A "T"! Everyone looks great!

Enjoy your day, Anita

Jo said...

Oh what fun!

You are such a clever gal and clearly your friends had the best time playing their parts. Recipes, outfits and cocktails ... you nailed it my dear!


Cindy said...

that was took me right back to when my mom and dad used to have dinner parties. everyone looks totally authentic....right down to the apron and lettuce wedge salad. did you have thousand island or russian dressing?? maybe green goddess dressing??? lol.. love the cigs too!!!

sounds like you guys had a blast from the past!!!


traci said...

that is so fun. you guys did it up right. i don't watch the show, but i get what you did. you all definitely look the part.

Alicia said...

this is awesome, suzanne! i have wanted to throw mad men party forever!! now you've inspired me even more :) love the clothes and the cigs...great touches!

Biz said...

So much fun!
Can't wait to move and get settled so we can have parties such as these :)

A Vintage Chic said...

What fun, Suzanne! And what a truly wonderful gift you gave your dear friends--a night to remember!

Hope your day is just lovely, my friend!


Susan T said...

That party looks fabulous. I bet you had a great time.

Sue x

lisaroyhandbags said...

what a great idea! looks like a blast!
And congrats on your blogiversary! xo

Lili said...

Oh my gosh Suzanne! This has got to me one of the most creative parties I have ever seen, I absolutely love it. And you look so gorgeous in that dress, what a perfect color on you. Yes that gal's glasses were WONDERFUL, makes me want to find some too. You make me want to throw a party, the clean up really is fun too I agree, how true that quote is about it! xo ~Lili

Teacup Moments said...

oh, you pulled that off very nicely indeed, suzanne! love your apron photo. and the hat your hubby wore. and the fact that you're all just smilingly pretty/debonair!

she dreams big! said...

Why don't we dip our chips in sour cream with french onion dip any more? This post brought back so many childhood memories! You and your friends really know how to party! What is next? A "Housewives from Beverly Hills" get together with your own personal chef?

Lisa said...

Oh Suzanne! I'm loving this music here today, and all your fabulous photos of a fun night! What a great theme for a dinner with friends! Those napkins are hilarious - along with the Marlboro's, the glasses on your friend, and is French onion dip not just a classic from that era?? So fun, so fun, thanks for sharing!

quintessence said...

What fun!! Looks like a fabulous retro party. And I guess I'm in a perpetual 60s state since Beef Bourguignon and egg noodles is a regular on my menu!!

pollydove said...

OH.MY.GOSH. Stunning - all of it! And YOU! HOW FUN! Great idea! Great photos!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

This is awesome!!! Looks like so much fun! My parents always had dinner parties and I loved to watch, maybe why I love entertaining now :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

vignette design said...

Really? Thank you so much Suzanne! I am soooo excited! Great post too BTW! Love the whole 1959 theme! You are too cute! Thank you again for this great giveaway--Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores! xo Delores

Kristin said...

How sweet! You make me jealous over here :) :)

x Kristin

Linda said...

It looks like stepping back in time, Suzanne! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun...and I love the description of parties you remember as a child...brought back so many memories! Great photos of the fun! Congrats to lucky Delores!

Amanda said...

The party definitely looks so much fun Suzanne, and I'd have to say that Betty Crockers advice is pretty spot on - especially the bit about 'giving' a party. xx


What a great and fun description of a wonderful evening with your friends. Very inspiring. I am not much of a theme girl . . . but I sure want to invite some friends over now. (Oh yes, I need to meet some friends first.):)


Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like a FUN party!

Joanna said...

What a wonderful time with your friends - you all look so glamorous and chic.

Congratulations to Delores!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooooh, this looks like soooooo much fun. And I like the music playing too!!! I wish I could have come - it looks like a fantastic party.


Suzanne said...

SOooooo much fun, good for you! I love it and with the pictures and details it felt like I was there!

Indie.Tea said...

What fun! It sounds SOOOO glamorous. And what a cool hat. It looks fantastic - and the best part is that it looks like you and all of your guests had a lovely time!

Laura said...

Oh Suzanne-
you did a wonderful job!
Our parents knew how to entertain, didn't they?

I loved the quote about 'giving a party' at the beginning of your post.

What an inspiration-

White Spray Paint

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This party was rockin perfection. Everything and everyone looks just swell.

"Create Beauty" said...

Oh what fun, wish I had been there!!! Having everyone dress up, that made it!!!!

I was thinking about hostessing a party on Friday to celebrate the Royal Wedding... have everyone wear a crown or tiara.... (then I remembered, I am the only one in the group that has crowns....but I'll share...) or perhaps a high tea and we all wear Queen Elizebeth hats.... (which I could supply for all....) but the problem is, I just thought of this last night and don't think I have time in 2 days. Do I????

Oh my. I could do it if someone else did the cleaning and cooking... You have inspired the party spirit my dear!!! Woo-Hooo!

~ Violet

Mona Thompson said...

I'm soooooo glad I didn't miss this one. What a fun party!!! I've just got to get a group together and do this. It looks like the most fun party ever! Mona

hometown girl said...

wow what a wonderful evening! i loved your silver shoes and earrings ;) all the little details really pull the whole thing together! i agree about the mess so true! hope you are well!! xo susan

Farmgirl Paints said...

girl you guys pulled it off perfect. that party!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh my goodness, this is even more darling than I had imagined.
Y'all are just too fun.

Wish you could come back and play with me! :-)



Looks like you are a wonderful hostess! How FUN your party looks with those huge smiles on your friend's faces!
Congrat's to the winner :)
Thank you for having a generous giveaway!

pretty pink tulips said...

Entertaining is a gift to friends....and to ourselves!

Your party looks like it was a rolicking great time! I know your friends are still talking about and thinking what they can possibly do to top that!!

Can't believe we have to wait until 2012 for more Mad Men!!!

xoxo elizabeth

pretty pink tulips said...

What an amazing party - Mad Men is my favorite program (so missing it right now).

Entertaining is such a gift to our friends (and to ourselves). You've shown how its done with grace and flair!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Kat said...

How fun!!! I would love to attend a dinner party like that!

koralee said...

All I can say is WHAT FUN! I am still smiling! hugs and thanks for sharing.

Stitchfork said...

Suzanne, I think your friend is wearing my old glasses!! What a fun party - can tell by all the smiling faces!
xo Cathy

Kathysue said...

This looks so much fun, I love it and i really love the saying about cleaning up after guest have left. I did a lot of that the last two day after Easter and it is true, little finger prints are precious reminders of who was here!! xo Kathysue

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to have a party! What fun:)

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my, what a wonderful dinner party idea! So many wonderful memories in those food choices, drinks, and colors! And congrats to Delores!

Kat :)


WHAT a great idea for a party! Must put that one on my guys looked so COOL!

Jeanie said...

Wow! You guys are FUN! I am so inspired -- I love theme parties, especially when everyone really gets into the action! How fun that the menfolk did as well. You all look terrific -- everything about it was in synch! I think you have a career as a party planner if you decide you want it!