Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chasing Dreams Home

The ninety and nine 
are with dreams, content,
but the hope of the world
made new is the hundredth
man who is grimly bent on
making those dreams
come true.
~ Edgar Allan Poe

She dreamt a dream
of a sweet little house
in the country....

A house with a soul ~
good bones
good karma
surrounded by barns
and fields and trees....

Not content to merely
imagine such a place,
she was the hundredth
{wo}man....The one
grimly bent on making
those dreams come true.

And, she did.

My mom and I had already
chosen the Hill Country of
Texas for my 2011 birthday
trip before I even discovered
Anne's beautiful blog, 
Fiona & Twigg.  Months of
sharing Anne's hopes and 
aspirations through her blog
as she and her husband chased
their goal ~ finding just the right 
slice of Fredericksburg heaven ~ 
led me to my own dream:
To meet Anne when I
got to Texas and maybe 
even get a glimpse
of her new home.

And I did.

And it was more than a glimpse.

Much, much  more.

Would you like to see it, too?

Then come with me.
{Y'all ready for this?}

Let's turn into
her long gravel driveway.
I'll lead the way, 
seeing as how I feel so
much at home here, now : )

First, the barns {yes, she
has two ~ count them, two!}
 and the peaceful fields...

You already saw the darling
gate that leads you to
the front door.....

Don't be shy; give it a
good rap.  I know she'll
be happy to see us!


Here's the lady of the house, now.
What a warm welcome!

It's sooo hot outside,
but the vestibule is nice and cool.

Let's sit for a spell 
and catch our breath.

Ooh....look up there.
So pretty!

Anne is still in the throes
of moving in, but her
darling blue and white
kitchen is ready for guests.

Wanna take a peek?

Her love for this
little gem of a house
is found in every detail.

Here are a few more
to send us on our way.

Love, love, love.


Nothing happens
unless we first
~ Carl Sandburg

I know that today will
be a day for royal toasts.
I want to add one more,
from me to you:

Never be afraid  to
grab for those dreams,
whatever they may be,
big or small....

Be that hundredth person,
rather than 
the nine and ninety.

Anne is!


[All images,
Privet and Holly, 
taken on location
in Fredericksburg, Texas!]

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Tricia's blog : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Truly, Madly & A Winner

From Betty Crocker's 
Guide to Easy Entertaining, 1959:

A group of us were trying to
define party spirit as it relates
to a hostess.

To me, the answer lies in the
word giving a party, said a
wise older woman.  The hostess
who thinks of her party as a
gift to her friends can't go 
wrong ~ a gift of people with
whom they'll have fun ~ a gift
of food they will enjoy ~ a
gift of herself by having that 
food ready to serve without
confusion ~ and a gift of
confidence by letting them 
know what kind of party is
planned and how to dress for it.

Maybe it was the
 memories of great parties
given by my parents ~

The laughter...

The ringing of glasses
and chink of silverware.

The records playing
on the hi-fi.

The fragrance of 
delicious foods.

The wafting scent
of pipes and cigarettes
punctuated by
perfume and after-shave.

My little brother
and me, swathed in
flannel, peeking through
the stair banister....

It seemed so
and exotic.
So grown-up.

Maybe that is 
what made me think
Mad Men, when it
was our turn to host
Dinner Club a few 
weeks ago.

If you want the
perfect recipe
for a dinner party
that will have you
smiling for days after
it has ended, then
believe me,

Mix one jigger please
dress for dinner......

Everyone agreed it added to the mood.

{The cigs were props only!}

Nothing says festive like the swish of crinolines and silver shoes!

1/4 jigger 1960's details

Vintage linens from Goodwill.

Got to love those greens, oranges and golds!

A friend loaned my hubby his hat purchased in NYC, circa 1963.

1 dash vintage drinks 
and appetizers

Coca-Cola and Heineken beer, as served in Mad Men.

We also offered Classic Martinis, Gimlets and Manhattans.

French onion dip with chips; Rumaki; cocktail peanuts.

2 dashes retro-inspired menu

Assembling the Wedge Salads

Beef Stroganoff and egg noodles, baby peas with pearl onions
and dinner rolls followed the salad.

Say Mad Men!

Did someone say cheesecake with strawberry sauce?
{Yes, Gracie, they did.}

several generous splashes laughter

I adored her glasses!

We all shared our how we met stories....

Rat Pack.....move over!

Stir with ice and strain.

Garnish with an olive, cherry or twist.

Savor your Mad Men inspired evening!

Next morning.....

I am thankful
for the mess to clean
after a party because
it means I have been
surrounded by friends.

~ Nancy J. Carmody

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I hope you'll try my recipe : )


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Texas Time

Returned Wednesday
from a wonderful
extra-long weekend

My mom's gift
to me ~
Each year we
meet somewhere
and indulge
our whims
for a few 
precious days

The Craig's Place Inn
This year, we
headed south....
that is ~
San Antonio, Texas
was our base
for two day trips....

The first, to the
north-east, the little
town of New Braunfels,
where we 
through some great
antique malls.

I bought a pair
of well-loved
cowboy boots ~
With some amour
from Bob the Shoe
Man, they will be

I also bought some
turquoise Fiesta Ware
for the collection
of this sweet blogging
 girl, who we had the
pleasure of whiling
away the afternoon
with over lunch.

Elizabeth was a breath
of fresh air ~ one
of my younger blog
simpaticos who I 
just love.  Beautiful
inside and out....
full of hopes and 
dreams for her future....
She was exactly as
I'd imagined her.
If only one could adopt
 a younger sister ~
she'd be mine : )

{Sending you hugs,

Our other adventure
took us due-north
to that hallowed Texas
Hill Country town that
we'd read so much about...

{Cue harps here}:


Not only home to the
cutest little houses and
shops, but one of my most-
admired bloggers, as well.

She just passed her
2000th {!!!} follower mark,
but Anne, aka Fiona & Twig, has 
her lovely cowboy boots 
firmly planted on the 
warm Texas soil : )

With a heart as big
as the Lone Star State,
Annie was our gracious
guide for the whole
afternoon and into the
evening, sharing her
favorite shops, her soon-
to-be {gorgeous} church
and giving us a tour of 
her new ranch....
So much charm
that it will have its
own dedicated post, soon!

She even treated us to
lunch and an excursion
to that wild west outpost,
Lukenbach, Texas!
{Thank you, girlie; you
are the best!}

I made her stand a step above me : )
As always when we are
together, my mom and
I enjoyed lengthy talks,
punctuated by
long walks
and 'lots of good
Southern iced tea!

Time.  Texas style.

Thanks, Mom!
I miss you, already.
Left 88 degrees, sunshine
and some of my heart ~
Landed in 38 degrees
and melting traces of snow.

But a warm welcome
awaited me from my
little family at home.

I feel so blessed.

This Luckenbach kitty has it down pat!
I hope that Y'all
can carve a little
Texas Time for
yourselves over the
I highly recommend it!

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enter my blogiversary
giveaway, here.

Sending you all
heaps of Easter love,