Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wrapped and Ready

When lottery winners
are interviewed about
their good fortune
and asked What are
you going to buy first?
I'm always tickled by
the one who answers

I want to buy my mom
and dad a new house
 I'm going to pay for
my neighbor's daughter
to go to college 
I'm going to give our local
senior center a complete

The reason it makes me
smile is because that 
would be me.  My love
language ~ showing how
I care for someone ~ has
always been through gifts.

Usually they aren't expensive
gifts, but little things that
say I really know you, I 
care about you and I have
you in my heart today.

If I suddenly became the
recipient of unlimited funds,
oh, the joy it would give
me to share it with others.
I have to think that this is
one of the best things about
being an Oprah or a Bill
Gates or a Donald Trump!

When I am shopping and
I see something that reminds
me of a loved one, I'll pick
it up and squirrel it away until
either a birthday, holiday or
the right time presents itself.

I remember the fall of my
sophomore year in college
when my mom was having 
cancer surgery 1500 miles
away from me.  My parents 
didn't want me to come home
and miss school and I felt
completely helpless. 
 What could I do? 

I sent her a gift, of course.
In retrospect, it seems sort of
silly, but at the time, it felt
right.  I still remember what
I sent, too.  It was a pendant
on a chain; a tiny gold leaf. 

I think maybe I was 
hoping that she herself would turn
over a new leaf and shed her
cancer or perhaps that after
the surgery she would grow
away from it; a sort of new life.

And she did.  

I recently gave my mom another
just because gift that reminded
me of her.  It is a cuff* that says Bloom, 
because when I was growing up our family
 moved often and her motto for us was
Bloom where you are planted.

And we did.

As I was walking this morning
and thinking of her reaction to
this gift {she loved it!}, it struck
me as a full-circle kind of 
moment. That leaf pendant, so long 
ago, saying grow, grow, and her new
cuff, affirming that growth as well
as the fact that we can continue to 
flourish and reach for new 
dreams,  no matter our age.  

To bloom.

My wish for you, today, is that
you continue to blossom all the 
days of your life.  And if I could wrap
that wish in something beautiful and
send it off to each and every one
of you, know 

Have a wonderful week.


*Cuff created by my talented friend, here.


Joanna said...

Dear Suzanne, you have such a moving way with words - you always stop me in my tracks, make me think and nod in agreement. The leaf pendant was such a perfect gift, and one which will have supported your Mom through some of her darkest days. The Bloom cuff is gorgeous, another simple message of love.

Have a wonderful day,


ps thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. x

Susan T said...

What a lovely and heartfelt post. Your words are a 'gift' in themselves.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And dearest, I have a lovely little brooch, a pink vintage plate and a sweet bar of soap that speak all of these sentiments towards me....I will forever remember our sweet meetings and hope for more. Thank you for your visit; I cannot recall the name of the movie from which those photos of Kiera are taken....Something with the word "Mad" in the title!!!!! ISn't she lovely in that light blue frock? Ahhhh...hey, we are finally getting some rain here! YIPEEEEEE!!! BACHMAN'S HERE WE COME....at least in about 4 weeks!!! LOVE TO YOU DEAREST Anita

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what I'd do if I won the lottery. Maybe buy a really big cake and a treadmill? And eat it in a meadow of wildflowers? With my family somewhere nearby, in the background - but not blocking my way to the icing on top :) Did I mention I love to eat the corners of cake because it has more icing?

I lovely post as always - so heartwarming and thoughtful :) XOL

Teacup Moments said...

this is so heartfelt, suzanne. and literally tearjerking, :) i love full-circle moments like this. thank you for sharing. it's wonderfully written, too. i love the cuff, by the way!

Anonymous said...

A lovely post. I really like the connection between the presents you gave your mum.

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I think you already did wrap it up and send it to each one of us ~
I got mine. :)

1 Funky Woman said...

Such a beautiful post. You have such a way with your words. I have always been a gifter. I see something that reminds me of someone and I too tuck it away for a perfect time. Sometimes there is no perfect time and its a "just because you are you gift!"

Unfortunately I see so many things that remind me of my mom when I am out shopping and its hard because she isn't hear to receive them. I guess its just her way of saying she is always with me and I feel comforted in that!

I love the leaf symbolism and then the bloom for your mother. Very fitting!


A Vintage Chic said...

So lovely, sweet Suzanne...I would have just guessed this about you. You are everything gracious and thoughtful.

My mother went through breast cancer. I was there with her, having the good fortune at that time to live only 15 minutes away...but I still had a need to get gifts for her. I wonder why? Something to take her mind off of the unrealness of it all? Something to give her even a moment's joy and happiness? Probably. I didn't know. She's fine now, too...we're lucky girls!

My husband always says the same thing about money. When asked what he'd do with unlimited funds, he always has a list of people he would help...I really love that. We certainly do NOT have that blessing in our lives, but he still looks for ways to help others in any way he can, so I know he means what he says.

Thanks for this lovely post today...sorry I wrote a novel...it just spoke to me, I guess.

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are, my friend.


lisaroyhandbags said...

I love this post Suzanne! I've always wanted to win the lottery so that I could share the wealth too. My favorite thing is when a large group of co-workers win the jackpot so that it transforms so many lives at once. I often pick up things I see in my travels that I know certain people would love- it makes giving so much more heartfelt for me and they are touched that I was thinking of them for no reason while visiting distant places. You have such a good heart xo

Speaking of sharing the love, please come enter my Ramsign giveaway :)

Stitchfork said...

Suzanne, you just started my Tuesday off with a smile and the desire to bloom! Thank you, just beautiful!
xo Cathy

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love your posts. They're so motivatinga nd feel-good. I always come away from your lovely blog with a smile on my face and my head held high.

Thank you!


Olive Cooper said...

Hi Suzanne, it would be so much fun to give away lots of money if one could. The leaf necklace and bloom bracelet story is very sweet ans so like you. I am sending you a big kiss on the cheek as this was my wake-up read and what a nice one it was. ♥O

Rene said...

What a lovely post Suzanne! You and your mom seem to have a wonderful closeness. My husband and I often talk about what we would do if we won the lottery. At the top of the list is to give to the people (coaches and teachers) who have given so much to our children. The first step should probably be to purchase a lottery ticket which I never think of :)

hometown girl said...

this is so sweet, isn't it wonderful when someone loves what you give them? i saw these in becky's shop and have marked them for a future gifts! have a beautiful day! xo susan

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Even though I don't know you except through blogging, there's not a doubt in my mind that this post exemplifies exactly who you are. It is the happy heart that loves to give, and it is clear to me that you have made giving your way of life. Im so happy to have met you, Suzanne!

Lisa said...

You delight me!
Your words are a gift today, as always Suzanne!
And it's so cool that your mom has one of Becky's bracelets....I'd love to see my mom wear a leather cuff! (and her daughter too for that matter).
Wouldn't it be amazing to win a huge sum of money and go around helping people out anonymously? It's a happy thought.

Beach House Living said...

See Mom did turn over a new leaf and continued to bloom!

As a purchased a lottery ticket the other day, I thought just think of all the help it could be to my family, friend or stranger. One thing is buy acres and acres of land and build an animal shelter with a vet on staff, have food available for those who want to keep their pets but have trouble with the expense.

deborah said...

aw....suzanne, those full-circle moments when we don't orchestrate them--that is the best. so glad your momma is still growing and blooming. my own momma was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma just yesterday. i needed this--as this was a gift:)

Anonymous said...

Definitely the blooming season. Such a sweet post and the bracelet just says it all, Suzanne... Happy Spring to you! Spring in itself is a gift.


Biz said...

What a sweet post!
And as you said it HAS come full circle, through growth comes blooms.
We can't get to the spring blooms without first going through harsh winters ;)
I really should read that book so that I can figure out my love language.
Have a Blessed Tuesday!

Claudia said...

Beautiful post, Suzanne. And I love that bloom cuff - your mother will love wearing it.


traci said...

your posts always have so much thought and love put into them. they are also though provoking. which is such a good thing. i love that cuff. just perfect. have a great day.

paige said...

oh gosh suzanne, your way with words mae me cry this morning.
i love your thoughtful gifts for your mom. turning a new life and bloom...such a visual blessing for her.
i love the stories with happy endings like the big giveaways too


Becky C said...

What a heartfelt wish, Suzanne. I'm so thankful your mom started a new life free of cancer. I love the bloom cuff :) Sending blooms your way today, too!
Becky C

quintessence said...

What a wonderful post!! I love the full circle of your blossom. I would also wish to make gifts if I were to ever win! And the key to life is indeed to continue to flourish, bloom and experience life to its fullest - which has nothing to do with age!!

Jill said...

Grateful to be a recipient of your "love language"...and feeling inspired to do more of the same.

Happy Tuesday, my friend.

Halo Hill said...

Lovely post! You're so lucky to have each other. ;) I'm the same way, I love giving. It's hard for me to receive so, I'm practicing that one. What I have to always remember when someone gives me something, is that they enjoy giving too. :)


melody-mae said...

oh dear one,
this was such a beautitful post, truly beautiful. it reminded me of why i 'fell in love' with your blog from the get go...you know how to show us your heart when you write.

blessings today and always,

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

That's my love language, too.
'Tis more blessed to give than to receive.

Of course I don't know your mom, but from what I've seen, that cuff is absolutely PERFECT for her! It has to be one of Becky's, right?

You are amazing!


A Rosy Note said...

You do give everyone one a gift Suzanne, it comes from the thoughtful ways you string your words together and how they make us feel. What a really lovely post.


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Thank you so much for brightening my otherwise rainy, dreary day. You are such a talented writer! And guess what? I'm the same way about gift-giving and totally agree that it's much more fun to give than to receive (ok, most of the time, anyway!)



Aw, Suzanne, I am so glad that you still have your mom to buy sweet presents for.

My love language is not gifts . . . but I do enjoy having friends with that love language :).


Farmgirl Paints said...

I'll tell you something friend...you are one of the most generous people I've ever met. The first 5 times I met you I think you had a gift in hand. Your heart is huge. But I got news for you it's not what you give that matters it's YOU! You are the gift. I hope you know that. So glad your momma loved her cuff. Thank you again for the shout out. I don't deserve you.

Jo said...

Such a beautiful post ~ you are a true gift!

You and your mother are so fortunate to have one another {a wonderful gift!}. My mother passed away from ovarian cancer soon after I had my son. We had shifted from a mother/daughter relationship to one of becoming good friends.

Thank you for your sweet words and the reminder to blossom :)


Seizing My Day said...

We share the same love language! =) I love giving flowers, baked goods and little things I find throughout the year that remind me of a special person! =)

You are blessed to have that full circle bloom with your mama!! Enjoy your time with her!! =)

You have a beautiful way with your words!


A Cottage Muse said...

I love your story today. I also love to see the smile on a friends face when I give them a "just because"!

Sheri said...

I have been blogging since December and I've read some wonderful post by some wonderful women but this by far is my very most favorite post. I too love to give things - I would so much rather share a special treat than receive one. The story about your mom is awesome. I will now be a proud follower of your blog. Thanks for sharing and God bless you :)

Lili said...

Suzanne, Oh it's so true that giving the right little something can show how well you really know someone. And I love the saying that your Mom always repeated for you. That bracelet is so perfect! xo ~Lili

pretty pink tulips said...

What a beautiful story and a fitting gift - love that cuff!! And, "bloom where you're planted" is my favorite quote, because I have moved so much and I so believe in that. Make the most of wherever you are.

And, when I get home, I will finally get your little cards off in the mail to you. Being away for 2 weeks is not good for my organizational needs!!

xoxo Elizabeth

koralee said...

You are so sweet my friend.xoxoxo hugs

Indie.Tea said...

I always love your posts - they brighten me up - always upbeat and positive and finding in the world.
If I won the lottery, I'd start a ritzy private school - but for underprivileged children.

Kat said...

Oh Suzanne, I LOVE this post!!! I love giving gifts too. I think sometimes I am more excited for them to open it than the recipient! Love those precious and thoughtful gifts for your mom. This post touched my heart.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** That was, as always, so very touching and dear... Your way with words always warms my heart AND my thoughts, Suzanne!

One of my FAVE things to do too, is to privately pick up the tab for soldiers when I see them in uniform... I've learned that firemen/ policemen /paramedics, etc., won't/CAN'T "accept" that, but a soldier can, THANK HEAVENS!!!... and for MANY reasons, being ABLE to do that just MAKES MY DAY like you wouldn't believe!!! (Of course, it COULD have "SOMETHING" to do with the fact that Jim was an Army Officer~ for 38 years (Yes~ that's NOT a typo!)~ and I can't HELP but feel "motherly love" for these wonderful, sacrificing men & women who keep us FREE!!!)...

XOXO w/ warmest wishes,
Linda in AZ *

Anonymous said...


Blooming Rose Musings said...

Suzanne, you have given each one of us a gift with this lovely post. Your words are always so inspiring and filled with love. You forever bloom in our gardens.

Marie said...

Beautiful post again Suzanne. My mother had breast cancer as well. Thankfully I was able to be there for her and she is surviving still. It is so scary. I like to say thanks daily to those around me that mean the world to me in small and simple ways. Sometimes my gift is something as simple as a text to say I love you. It brings me great joy to be able to do so. xxoo

Melissa said...

oh my lovely friend...you know we are cut from the same mould....tears on the keyboard...as per usual...
give your mum a hug from me when you see her next...you gave you us and your beautiful words...
melissa xxx

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Thes story of your mom and the necklace and bracelet is so uplifting! I too am a giver of little gifts, there really is nothing more satisfying than to watch someone smile. Today, I am completely under the weather...miserable...then I came here and got a gift from you and it made me smile!

Anonymous said...

As always, your pictures and writing are perfect.
I love the first image.
Have a great day.
E + J

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I had to come back and tell you the dream my husband had last night. He dreamt that we won the lottery and gave millions away to family memebers to help them set up home, and then, in his dream, thought about what he wanted to change in his own circumstances...he felt so satisfied with what he already had, he couldn't think of anything at all. Isn't that the loveliest dream?

Now, if it was me, it would be a very different story, I have to say!!!!


Deborah said...

Beautiful friend...loved this post.We are alike in many ways..thats my love language too..love gift giving..
Love the gift of you..you are indeed a sweet treasure xo
Love your thoughts and photos!!
Blessings to your Momma xoxoxo

Deborah xoxo

Delishhh said...

What a goregous post! I love it. I love giving gifts to poeple too. But i actually prefer to cook for people, i love to see their face when they eat my food. But when i do go out shopping for gifts i usually get one for myself as well :)

Ella said...

This is such a lovely post~ My Mom flew to Maine to visit me in Florida.
I'm a military spouse, lots of moves.
I gave her a gold sand dollar before she boarded the plane, for luck.
We always were having contests finding them when we were young. I grew up near the shore. She now wears it every time she has flown to see me. Magic is in the sentiment of the graceful gifts n' acts we give~
I loved you sharing yours! @>---

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Suzanne...and beautiful words and sentiment, too! Hope you are well! XO

paperbird said...

you are a sweet soul. lovely images and words.

happy day to you suzanne!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely post Suzanne! I'm smiling, see? :)

Let me know how to find you on Pinterest, OK?


pollydove said...

I am the same way Suzanne ... oh how I wish I had more, to give to whose I love and those who just might need something more too! :)

red ticking said...

lovvve this. xx

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

This was lovely. Love your story about the gifts you gave your mom...very sweet. Take care, Valerie

Low Tide High Style said...

Suzanne, I'm getting caught up can you tell?! I love this post and your beautiful photos. Your posts always touch a part of me, and I feel such a kinship with the way you think!

Kat :)

Jeanie said...

I simply love this post -- partly because it tells me even more about you and the kind of person you are and also because it is so true (and sort of reminds me of me.) Presents for no reason are the best reason! And I'm so glad your mom is here to give that bracelet to!


Fifi Flowers said...

Flowers are DELIGHTFUL!!! FUN bracelet!!

Brenda Leyland said...

Perhaps there's some kindred spirit about us.... I too LOVE giving gifts... large or small... that seems to be when I'm happiest.

Your posting on giving was beautiful.

BTW, popped over from Judy's as she mentioned your blog.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...........

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Geez, girlfriend, do you have a lot of comments?!

I was wondering if you'd submit a post- and which one you'd choose. Each is so wonderful :) Thank you for linking up. Wishing you a wonderful week! XOL

Kathysue said...

Beautiful sweet Suzanne I would say you are blooming beautifully as a wonderful person my sweet friend, Kathysue