Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Аўторак {Belurusian}
Dinsdag {Afrikaans}
Salı {Turkish}
Martedì {Italian}
Wtorek {Polish}
Dydd Mawrth {Welsh}

No matter what language
you use , a Tuesday
is a Tuesday.....

The day after the start to
a busy work/school/business
week and the day before the 
middle of the week ~ in the U.S.
some call that hump day ~
The day we must get over
before heading downhill
towards the weekend.


I have a lovely friend in
the U.K. named Melissa
who links up with her
U.S. blogging buddy
Amy, for a virtual cup
of coffee each week and
a chat on their blogs.

I've been longing to join
in since I discovered 
Miss Sew and Sew, 
aka, Melissa, last summer.

Well, today's the day.
'Cause it's Tuesday.
'Cause it's 33 degrees Fahrenheit
on the first of March and
though I'm a glass half-full
kinda gal, it's even taking
a wee bit of a toll on me.
We've had snow on the ground
since November 13th!

So, if you were really 
stopping by for a cup of coffee,
I'd give you the choice of
a Fiestaware mug or one
of my two fancy-dancy
Mackenzie-Childs checker board
numbers....and while I was
pouring our fragrant, steamy
Hawaiian blend from Trader Joe's
 I'd ask your opinon about whether 
or not I should send my Fiestaware
on to a new home, since I've 
had most of it since I got
married and I own two other
everyday sets {well, one is
a Christmas set} and a formal
one.  I want to simplify and
have more cupboard space.
What would you advise?

I'd then offer you a seat at
the kitchen island or on the
couch by the fireplace.  Our
house is open plan and we
don't have a formal living room.
Dining, kitchen and living room
are one big, happy and cozy space.
The couch you say?  Perfect.
Our couch is big and squishy
and has lots of pillows to
mold into a comfy little nest.

I'll put the tray here, on our
sweet wooden sleigh table.
You grab that corner of the
couch and I'll grab this one.
You see, my corner is actually
her corner, and I don't want
any hard feelings : )  

At this point, I'd make sure that
Gracie is included in our coffee
time, with a special chew from
our local pet shop that will keep
her occupied.....as I've made
the Barefoot Contessa's fabulous
we don't need any pleading
brown eyes disturbing our chat
now, do we?

We'd talk some more about 
what you'd been up to over
the weekend and I'd reveal
by random.org to receive
a set of my photo notecards
that I am having printed up
with some of my Good-bye
to Winter photo assignment

I'd also tell you that I'm very
excited to be helping another
blogging friend at a cool sale
this Thursday called Flea Market
Under Glass, where she will
be selling the bracelets and
necklaces that she makes 
and taking orders for dog collars
and paintings.  {Did I mention
that I have very talented friends?}

Click for more info.
Here, have another scone,
and let's top off that coffee.

I'll ask about your family, and
you'll ask about mine.  I'd tell
you that my mom was visiting
last week and that we were little
worker bees while she was here.

We made seven Hope Softies,
which I'll post about soon, and
she got me started on our powder-
room re-do, which you'll also
see in the near future.

If I ever finish it.

It's taking me forever.

Partially finished wall.  The edges and ceiling are the hardest!

26 inch damask stencils.  Wall to wall;
whole room.  Had to paint the ceiling
{thanks, Mom!} and prime over the 
electric blue walls twice, then
paint the base coat and then start
the ginormous stencils.
'Nuff said.

She also finished this project
for me:  a new ottomon slip
cover!   At this point, I'd
pull out my inspiration for
my living room and the
 ottomon to share with you.

I know, being the good friend
that you are, that you would
ooh and ahh and tell me how
lucky I am to have such a
clever mama.

And I'd agree, as I sank back
into my plush couch corner,
feet in thick, warm socks on the 
cushions, knees to chest and 
hands wrapped around my 
warm, bright turquoise mug.  

We'd likely dish about the Oscars
and who wore what ~
and high-five my crush, the
delectable Colin Firth, for
his win for The King's Speech!

via accesshollywood.com
Then you would reluctantly
push yourself up from your 
corner, reciting a loooong list
of things that you needed to
get on with this day.  

And though you insist on
helping me to clean up, I would
shoo you towards the door
as you shrug on your parka
and slip back into your Uggs.

I hope you enjoyed our
virtual coffee.....I know that
I did.  Let's do it again, soon,
okay?  Having you here
was like having a little bit
of sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, U.S. readers,
there's still time to enter my
Shabby Apple giveaway,

Happy Tuesday!



simpledaisy said...

Virtual coffee!!! yep...I am enjoying my coffee and reading your lovely blog right now! My favorite thing to do in the morning!! And....lovely photographs!

Have a great first day of March!

Olive Cooper said...

Hi Suzzanne, I had my coffee in bed while reading this delightful post. Where did you get your squishy sofa? I am looking for one. The stenciling is off the chain! HUGS♥O

Beth said...

Oh Suzanne, I loved sharing that coffee with you this evening. How fabulous that you included Welsh (Dydd Mawrth). Did you know it was St David's day today in Wales? Thank you for the scone, I won't take another as I've been rather greedy with the welshcakes today!!

Lisa said...

Suzanne, having coffee with you was a little slice of heaven....we need to do it more often! Loved hearing about your mom's visit and the projects you worked on together, you are a talented duo. Thank you for that delicious cup of jo and orange-cranberry scones! Have a wonderful day ahead my friend!


Coffee, ina's scones, talking, sharing your home, seeing your projects . . . etc. Some of my favorite things. The visit was so lovely . . . I am wondering if I should send a thank you note.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Suzanne....!

I HOPE you & your Family are well Lovey....!

I'm all for a virtual cup of coffee every now & then but I WISH I could stop by for real....Curl up on that SUMPTUAOUS couch of yours with the fire crackling & my hand gently stroking Gracie's head as we chatted.... ** sigh ** ....Now THAT's the way I'd like to 'do' coffee with you.... :o) !!

It sounds like you & your Mum have a lot in common....I bet it was a real treat to work on projects together....!

Well 'hump day' is just 9 minutes away for me 'down here'....The weeks seem to be flying by dontcha think....I wish it was Monday AGAIN....!!

ENJOY the rest of your week....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Claudia said...

What a nice chat, Suzanne! It's cold here, too. Enough, already! I've seen more snow than I care to.

I'm in a hotel at the moment, so having a virtual chat with you in your cozy home is awfully nice!


Laura said...

I could do with sinking into your big squishy couch with a nice cup of cha (sorry I can't do coffee... gives me the itchies)... Your hope softies are going to be so very welcome in their new homes. You really are a wonderful women Suzanne. Chin up... I know Spring is on it's way and remember the saying in like lion, out like a lamb... or the other way around... either way, I hope it means it'll be nice and warm at the end of March. Take care. Lx

lisaroyhandbags said...

Thanks so much for the virtual coffee! I enjoyed it from the lounge of my hotel here in Dubai while I put my feet up from too much shopping at the worlds biggest mall. Fun how we can share coffee from across the world! Xo

deborah said...

of course you'd splash in just the perfect amount of cream for my coffee. your powder room is going to be amazing. :) have a wonderful day.

traci said...

thanks so much for the virtual coffee chat. i so needed that this morning. i chose the fiestaware mug and the couch. so nice and cozy. have a wonderful day.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Just a quick cuppa but it is ever so sweet and cozy chez toi mon amie! Gotta run....oh how lovely it would be to see you again..Anita

Anne Marie... said...

sounds perfect Suzanne! I would love to be able to have coffee with you - and I would soooo "ooh and aaaah" for you even - I'm sure your home is absolutely terrific -

I'd pick the fiesta mug + don't know a thing about the oscars - so you'd have to fill me in :)

and the dog can sit on my lap

Anonymous said...

Soooo tired of my Fiestaware, but no clue what I would replace it with. Must give that some thought as it would take finding something at a good sale price to make the final decision for me.


A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Suzanne!

I SO enjoyed our time together this morning! What a lovely, cozy place to visit first thing...you started my day off in the loveliest direction!

Aren't mothers the most wonderful creation on the planet?! Sounds like yours inspires and helps you just as much as mine does me...such wonderful things you're working on together!

I was THRILLED about Colin Firth, too! (I've been crushing on him not-so-secretly for years, as well!) What a fabulous actor! I'm actually off to savor "The King's Speech" this morning...hasn't been in my town until this week--can you believe it?! Not a very artsy crowd where I live...I usually have to wait till the beautiful films are out on DVD!

Well, I'm off...hope your day is just as wonderful as you are, dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Reading this, I almost felt like I was really with you on your couch enjoying a beautiful and relaxing morning. I would so enjoying talking with you and toasting our fiesta mugs! which, btw, I say keep.
You're very lucky to have such a special mother...wish mine was closer to share special girl times. Can't wait to see all the projects you have started.
Thanks for a bright spot in my morning ~

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Loved our little virtual chat Suzanne...what a fun post. That couch does look mighty cozy and Gracie can sit by me.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm so thrilled that we can finally say it is March and that it is sunny outside :)

La Dolfina said...

That was just the best time ever!!!
Thanks Suzanne!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I have so been enjoying our virtual cup of coffee and you can only imagine my delight when you told me that I will be receiving a set of your beautiful photo notecards! I am thrilled!!! You have made my day! Your photos are so gorgeous. Thank you so much.

By the way, I chose the Fiestaware mug and Gracie is welcome to sit on my lap. But before I leave I must tell you that your stenciling is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing more. It has got to be very hard and time consuming work.
It's beautiful and I can't wait to see more.
Thank you for the lovely cup of coffee and many thanks for the set of your notecards. I am thrilled!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Thanks for the shout out sweet one! Oh how I'd love to sit and cozy in with you and some of that Hawaiian coffee:) Thursday and Starbucks will have to do! Can't wait to see you then...weeeee:)

quintessence said...

Just loved our virtual coffee - what a lovely idea!! Totally agree with you about Tuesday - it's that nowhere day - like February is in the months!! Your stenciling looks fabulous. Thanks for the scones - they were delicious- and the best part - calorie free!!

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

Oh, Suzanne!! We'd have the BEST time....you would have to eventually say, "Uh, okay, Carol...time for you to go home now." I love your stenciling and would be happy to assist. We could definitely fill an hour or so on the very nice qualities of Colin Firth as well!! Okay...I'll have just one more cup.

pollydove said...

Hi Suzanne! What a fun post of goodness today! YES to Colin Firth and I am DYING over your powder room walls! WOW!!! They are gorgeous!

Happy Tuesday! :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Thanks, Suzanne! The coffee and the chat were lovely. Back out into the cold. Let's do it again....very soon!!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Biz said...

Oh how I'd LOVE to come curl up on the couch with you and enjoy a wonderful cup of Hawaiian coffee...2 creams & 2 sugars please in a beautiful fiestaware mug! I'd be sure to bring my blue blankie that goes with me everywhere...a 26 year old woman with a blankie, it's okay you can giggle, but my nap blanket is glorious! I could share it with you it'll keep our toes extra warm!
Oh and I'm sure Gracie wouldn't mind hanging out on my lap...she'd probably be sniffing me up and down trying to figure out what other dogs I smelled of!
I have had Orange-Cranberry scones and right now those sound fabulous..so I won't turn down a second helping either.
Is Becky making dog collars now?!
Your stenciling is amazing, I love the yellow on yellow and I would tell you how clever and talented your mama is, you are blessed!
I could talk for hours about the Kings Speech, I didn't know anything about it and when I was coerced into a girls night to go see it I was amazed and I'm so glad he won!
You'd be right though, eventually I'd have to return home to tackle my mile long to do list and as much as I would hate to leave and I would hate to leave...I would and I would tell you that I couldn't imagine giving up fiestaware because it makes my heart skip a beat.
I hope you have a BLESSED Tuesday,
This post just made my day...I am honestly walking away from this feeling refreshed and relaxed and wishing you lived closer!
Love & Hugs and WARM wishes,

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I LOVED that post. It really feels like I've been with you there. You did mean it just for me, right? ;-)

And, ooooooooooooh eeeeeeeeeeeeh, I'm THRRRRRRRILLED to have won your giveaway. Thank you SO much. Yay!!!


Deborah said...

Thanks for the lovely visit...although I'd love to try Hawaiian blend I brought us some decaf with chocolate milk and a butter caramel shot in it..(and sweetner)
I had a comfy visit with you on your oh-so-cozy couch!
You are such a sweetie, and I can't wait to visit again!
Oh... can I bring one of my puppies next time? :)

Deborah xoxo

Lili said...

Suzanne that damask stencil is gorgeous! If you serve me coffee and a scone, I'd be up helping you finish that powder room. I do my best work after coffee! You must have had so much fun working on that with your Mom, but you're probably missing her terribly right about now too. Hugs, ~Lili

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What a great post...and thanks so much for the coffee and scone ;o)

Whosyergurl said...

How wonderful! And no caffiene jitters!
I went to a local antique show this past weekend and do you KNOW how much Fiestaware is going for? Each piece? A LOT! I say hang on to it!
lovely post. xo, Cheryl

Julie said...

I'll take that cup of coffee lady. And some cream and sugar. And I'll just stretch out my legs and rub and stroke little Gracie with my stocking toes, if she will let me. I do that with my doggies when I am sitting and they are within reach. Popping back in to read and scroll down and catch up...So enjoyed all your photography posts. Wonderful, and educating. Thanks for your wonderful writings, and your touching so many hearts and connecting with that little delightful place that makes all girls go - Oh Yeah...talk and coffee and laughter..now you're talking Girl! HUgs to you Suzanne!

Marie said...

Another beautiful post that I have loved Suzanne!! Keep em coming! I just adore every word you write. xxoo

Jane said...

Ah, just delightful, Suzanne. Miss Melissa and Amy will be so chuffed to read this. Please invite us over again! J x


Awesome...I felt like I was at your house instead of in my office....and maybe I snuck a small bite of my scone to Gracie [like I do to mine sometimes] and she instantly became my friend :)

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

What a lovely idea, Suzanne. I can't think of a more luxurious way to spend a Tuesday than having coffee with you. But, alas, I'm reading this on a Wednesday and appointments are calling my name. I guess the virtual part of this experience is the best because I can have coffee with you any time I want. I'd love to do it in person!

Mary said...

Good morning! I, like so many other of your readers, am having my coffee and my Almondian Almond Biscuits while I am reading your post. OK, comments about Fiestaware. Fiestaware has been de regueur in my family for four generations. Starting with my grandmother's colors of cream, grey, dark spinach green and mauvey pink...I inherited the bits and pieces that made it through the 1930's and 1940's of her life. Then my mom had the colors of the 1950's and 1960's...brights of turquoise, yellow, green and orange. I personally claimed the lovely orange as mine as a teenager, drinking my tea faithfully every morning from my radioactive coffee cup. Yep, I had selected the deep red/orange which was later found to contain a radioactive glaze. I inherited all of these from my mom's entire set including lovely pitchers, tomato trays, lidded sugar bowls... all of which I used for years. In the 1990's I added a complete set of the pale peach and used those excusively for years. Somewhere along the line, my cup of Fiestaware usage ran over and I gave every single piece to my dear, sweet step daughter who caught the Fiestaware bug from me. So now, she is the 4th generation user in our family. She has collected a single place setting of each color over the past 10 years so she has quite a wonderful collection on her own. My point is that perhaps you have reached your own saturation point and are ready for a new dining direction. Go ahead and release your Fiestaware to a new appreciative owner. Now, then, let me tell you about transferware.....

Style Attic said...

This was a lovely chat! I love thoughts as they unfold on a page. Honest ramblings that prove chit chat is necessary for us. I love your pictures, so clear and pretty! I will join you again for a cup :) XO

"Create Beauty" said...

I am sitting here having my Wednesday morning cup of coffee with you.... also a Trader Joe's brand. For some reason, nothing is showing up for your blog on my dashboard list of blogs I follow... your blog name is in my list but it won't show any posts! Weird... I had to type in your blog address to get here.

Loved reading your posts this morning! Please come by and see my photos of Cannon Beach covered in snow from our trip last week.

I few years ago I also had a doggie named Gracie. I love that name. We called her Grace Lou, and a friend of our daughters started calling her "Gracie Lou Freebush" (aka Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congenialtiy" : )


Must go check out Shabby Apple now.
Thanks for the sunshine,

Mona Thompson said...

I enjoyed the virtual coffee, but would love to pull up a chair with you and Gracie! She could even settle up in my lap. I wouldn't mind. I'm really impressed with your projects and how cool that you can share that with your Mom. Have a great day! Mona

Amy Arnaz said...

Do NOT give your Fiestaware away. You'll regret it. Save it for your daughter or daughter-in-law. The dishes we serve our family on are brimming with memories, stories, family secrets, energy and Love. I have EIGHT sets of dishes and each set holds a world of memories. I just used Mom's dishes for a Birthday party for my cousin (Mom's niece) and I felt as if I were using the Queen's China. Long answer to the question you posed, but dishes ~ even our everyday set ~ are treasures. Keep them Suzanne. Buy a set of pretty quilted, zipper dish cases and store them. But don't give them away unless it's to your children.
xoxo Your friend Amy (the dish collector!)

Rene said...

Suzanne, I would love to share a cup of coffee with you one day, Gracie included of course. Whoot! Your stencil project is looking so good! It does take a long time doesn't it? I hope you aren't cussing me under your breathe :)

Jeanie said...

I really am considering making that photo of Colin Firth my wallpaper on the computer. (Don't think I could get away making it wallpaper for anywhere else in the house. Pity).

How fun is this virtual cuppa! Imust say, since you asked, keep the Fiesta. Well, keep if you don't really hate them. Because they are the perfect go-to for any placemat, tablecloth, gathering. They don't have to match, you can always nab an extra plate (albeit new version) if you must fill out a place setting and they are so darned jolly.

I say this, of course, because I have eight sets of dishes, one of which is Fiesta (some collected at antique shops and shows, the rest given to me by a friend's mother who picked me after her two kids turned the gift down!). I'm a big one for alternating dishes by the season or occasion, and Fiesta works so well. My two cents!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Dearest Suzanne,
I enjoyed myself so very much...I especially enjoyed a giggle over Colin and talking about how I have damask wallpaper in my powder room and your stencils is looking fabulous. But, truthfully you had me cran-orange scones and coffee! Don't know what to tell you about the dishes except do whatever feels like the best thing NOW...and don't look back.

hometown girl said...

ah coffee & scones! this was fun, a perfect afternoon visit! enjoy your night!! xo susan

Lissa said...

I think I drank 2 cups of coffee since we have so much to talk about. I'm sick of fiesta ware too! but it's such good stuff mine doesn't even have a chip or anything and I've had it for years. Take care of my friend this weekend. Keep her CALM!

Linda said...

OH Suzanne! I've been away from my computer and just read your fun post! I'm so excited to have won the notecards! My daughter and I might make it out to the sale tomorrow, if it doesn't snow too much...hope to see you!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Hi Sweetie - I can't wait to share a real cup of tea with you soon!! Ooh, what I nice day I just had at your house :) XOL

Melissa said...

oooohhhh gorgeous S....i am soo happy here on your cushion laden squishy compfy couch...
i have NO chores today...
well...i do ....but i just hid my list under one of your cushions....please don't post it back to me....
so i'm staying right here for the day...
maybe even a few days...
discussing china...tea...ottomans...country living magazines...scones {they sound perfect!!}...life....oh that jewellery....your music- loving some of those songs..you london trip next year...my excitement at the royal wedding {even thought i am an australian who totally believes that we should become a republic}....ummmm oh yes the weather...always the weather...hope softies....i made ours with the kiddos and you made yours with your mama...i love that...
then with a new pot {wink wink} we could discuss the latest artwork of our daughters...they'd get on so well...
then you may ask me to put my uggies ono and see me nest week...but i'll be back dear friend...
huge hugs...Melissa xxx

June said...

I so enjoyed our little chat over coffee Suzanne. Don't know when I've had more fun! DO you think I talked too much? I always worry about that when I'm with my friends. I don't want to bore you or anything. But you were the perfect hostess and this was the perfect spot on the sofa for me.
sending hugs

koralee said...

Just what I needed tonight my sweet friend...thank you! Friday hugs. xoxo

Hyacynth said...

Mmmm, Hawaiian coffee from Trader Joes -- you can host at your place any time!
I'd say that I'd let go of the fiestaware because I've been craving simplicity. And I'd tell you maybe you should come over to my place next week and help me pick which one of my mug sets to send packing. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

Suzanne, I'm getting caught up on my very "real" blog reading, and I have to ask if I can come by for virtual coffee (or tea) every day!

Wonderful post as always my friend!

Kat :)

P.S. LOVE your stencil!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

See I knew we were soul sisters. I talked on Friday about my Mr. Darcy crush. :)