Friday, March 11, 2011

Filing a Dream

Cotswold Village, England
My bloggy friend Sarah,
who lives in a beautiful
Edwardian Home in the 
Cotswalds, England,
has invited her readers
to share their inspiration
journey for a project, today.
The journey from a
dream to a reality...
drawn from their idea
file, be it craft, wardrobe,
home, garden ~ anything.

This seemed like perfect
timing, as one of my besties,
Kathleen, has not been
able to visit me since we
finished a remodeling project
at Chez Privet and Holly
a couple of years ago.
She has patiently asked
me several times to please
share pictures of the project.

So, Kathleen, this one is
for you.
And Sarah, it's for you, too.
And dear readers, it's also
for you, if you'll indulge me : )

Let me give you some
background as I share the
images that I had saved
in my inspiration folder
for this hoped-for project.

For seven years we talked
about taking some extra
space from our garage and
turning it into a combination
mud room-laundry room.

The picture that started the wheels turning.
From Real Simple Magazine;  year unknown.
Our laundry at that time was
a tiny little room open to the kitchen
with an under-counter washer
and dryer on one side, a
utility sink on the other and
a door on the third.  There 
were cupboards above the
w&d as well as above, below
and next to the sink.

The w&d only handled very
small loads.  When we moved
here I had a six year old and
a two year old and a lot of
laundry, every day!  Add to
this the fact that I am tall and
you can imagine how much
I did not enjoy doing laundry
in that room.  Plus, there
was no room to sort and the
laundry was constantly spilling
over into the kitchen.

Idea for new laundry:  front
loaders on pedestals.

I tore this out for the glass tiles.
BH&G 2007
Idea for old laundry:  turn
it into a butler's pantry.
Move existing dishwasher
from the kitchen into the
b.p. where the washer used
to be and add an under-
counter refrigerator for extra
food storage where the dryer
used to be.  {Buy new
dishwasher for the kitchen.}
Finish the walls under the cup-
boards with small glass tiles.

You can see what I circled here.
BH&G 2007
Other ideas:  Replace utility
sink in new b.p. with a
farmhouse sink.  Replace
current cupboards above
sink with open shelving.

In the new mudroom-laundry,
I wanted shelves with baskets
for storing winter gear like
scarves, mittens, gloves, etc.

I kept this for the bench, hooks and casually propped pictures.
Cottage Living; not sure what year.
I also wanted great big hooks
for hanging coats, bags and
backpacks, as well as a bench
to sit on while putting on shoes.

An added bonus would be
a built-in ironing board!

This went into the file as an example of a built-in ironing center.
BH&G 2007

So, you've seen my collection
of inspiring images, torn from
BH&G, Cottage Living and
Real Simple.  Before I show
you the end result {I'm almost
there, Kathleen!}, keep in
mind that we worked with
a pretty tight budget......
I was the designer {hee hee}
and worked with a two-man
contracting team.  We were able
to buy quite a bit through
Direct Buy, which is a buyer's
club where you get significant
discounts and scoured the 
Internet for deals on faucets.

Okay.  The reveal!
{Sans usual clutter.}

Welcome to our mud room!

The bench is from IKEA.  The seat lifts for extra storage.

We each get a basket for our stuff, including the dog and visitors.

My back loves these elevated front-loaders : )
Great deal on the faucet.  Perfect place
for washing off muddy Gracie paws.

Corbels + big hooks = LOVE!

The floor is heated.  Be still my heart.

The ironing cabinet.
Welcome to the butler's pantry,
aka the old laundry room.
View from the kitchen.

Where the utility sink used to be.
Washing up at this sink is a joy.
It came from Direct Buy.
Dishwasher, small fridge and all the other
necessities for the butler.  That would be ME.
Another Internet find.  Love these handles.
First time we've had open shelving.....but not the last.

The glass tiles add sparkle to a utilitarian room.

I never get tired of the plate rack!

Next inspiration folder?

Bloggy friends.

You know where this is going....!

A girl can dream.
Sometimes it even comes true.


For more dreams come true,
visit Sarah at 


Julie said...

OH SUZANNE!!! It's absolutely stunning...I had no idea...I don't think I would want to move anytime soon if I were you....not with this new area to love....What a fantastic project and work area for a woman....I (HEART) it...I can look at yours and dream...even for just a small mudroom...Ya know I am cravin' it with all the paws around here....My next house???????
It CERTAINLY won't be yes...I will dream!!!Thanks for the inspiration folder to turn to right here on this blogpost...I will remember it! and favorite it.
LOVING IT and am standing down here going WOOT!..RAH!!! YAY for you girl. I am happy to feel your happiness. :-) You waited and dreamed and clipped for quite a while, and we shall ALL do the same as we see it come true for sisters...Gives HOPE!!! Dreams CAN come true. HUGS to you ...xoxoxo

Cindy said...

Hi Suzanne! Your mudroom and butlers pantry are just darling! You have interpreted your inspiration photos very well! I love it all and it really makes me want a larger mudroom. What a great and inspiring journey!
Hugs, Cindy

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm so glad your inspiration came true for you! I love your new mudroom and how your transformed the former laundry to a butler's pantry. Beautiful job.

Anne said...

Hello Suzanne, so glad I found you over at Sarah's Inspiration party! I Love (capital L) what you've done with the room -- I did the same thing at my house (and posted about it) so its really fun to read about someone else's project!

michelle said...

Your rooms are gorgeous and I am so happy that your dreams came true! I hear you about the low washer and dryer and does my back! I love the open space in your mudroom and the storage! Your pantry turned out so wonderful as well! Thank you for sharing your inspirations and what you turned then in to. :)

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

This is so gorgeous. Our washing machine is in our kitchen at the moment but one day I'd love a laundry room of my own like yours. I really like the wooden bencg. Imagine having a laundry room big enough to put a bench in?!! Bliss!!

Yes, yes, come to the Cotswolds. Meet up with me and Laura! I'd LOVE that!


Biz said...

I'm moving into your BP effective immediately!
It's so much fun to see a dream grow into reality.
Congratulations on getting all the things you wanted :D

paige said...

oh my!!!!!
what a fantastic makeover!!!
heated floors?
everything looks wonderful suzanne!
ps-i think i spy some mckenzie childs plates?

just beautiful!1

Laura said...

Okay, you had me at the opening picture.... beautiful, as too is your amazing mud room and butlers pantry. I would never moan about my 'never decreasing laundry pile', if I had a room as beautiful... In fact, can I become your butler, so that I can hang out in your pantry? I have an authentic English accent and I'm well versed in laundry ;-) Have a great weekend Suzanne... I aspire to a place your yours! Lx

quintessence said...

Suzanne - looks fabulous!! And too funny - I had many of the same things in my old house - the same hooks in the mudroom (but mine were dark oil rubbed bronze), the same ironing cabinet and same sink. Love it all - beautiful.

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a beautiful mud room Suzanne! My gosh, it's so big. I love all your cabinetry and your floors and that bench too. A room like that would really make doing laundry so much nicer :)

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Abslutely stunning. I am so impressed and yes...rather jealous!

Stitchfork said...

Wow, wow, wow - job well-done!!
Have a fun weekend!
xo Cathy

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

I am speechless-this is so awesome. Kuddos to you.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I am clapping and cheering! I think you did a fantastic job and it does not look like it was done on a tight budget. I LOVE the brackets on your shelves, the faucet and of course the baskets....they remind me so much of mine and our pup has her own too! You should be so proud of this small feat here. Englarge the pictures and show it off!

Lisa said...

Suzanne, what lovely rooms, and what a delight to see your ideas and dreams for the spaces become a reality. Love the sink, the backsplash accent tiles, the pretty dishes in your butler's pantry! And in your mudroom, I adore that you hung art and made the space pretty! I'm sure it makes doing laundry just a little more pleasant! Have a great weekend, Lisa

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Your calling is definitely beauty and creating it--I have a folder like that somewhere:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

you are so cool. you clipped and saved ideas and actually followed through with them. i adore your house and that mudroom is amazing. hmmmm LOVE those boots too;)

Lili said...

You are an amazing designer Suzanne, not only did you think of everything, but it is completely gorgeous!! I'm so glad you shared this with us, now I want to see more of your designing talent. I especially love that faucet and the heated floors must be heavenly. How dreamy to have a butler's pantry that looks like that. xoxo ~Lili

Razmataz said...

You really nailed it, it is FABULOUS. I love that sink.

Sharon Lovejoy said...


So simple and elegant. Love the laundry area (my hubby built lovely wooden steps to elevate ours too), but REALLY love the butler's pantry. Wonderful.

Thanks so much for inspiring all of us! Heated floors? Are you spoiled now?


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

pollydove said...

Truly stunning!!! Wow, you did an amazing job - what a dream indeed! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy Suzanne!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leanne said...

oh my! who wouldn't want this!! so many wonderful ideas...thank you for sharing. you did a beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

Love what you've done, and a butler's pantry to boot! You have done an amazing job.

Lisa x

pretty pink tulips said...

What is so amazing about this post is that we have drawings but have yet to start on a renovation of guess what: a bigger, better laundry room and mudroom, etc...because I can barely opent the washer drawers without banging into the back wall and it's so unbearably cold in there that I dred the laundry. And it's cold for a lot of months out here! I love what you did - you are a fabulous designer. Wish you could come help me!! But, next best thing...I'll bookmark this post and have your inspiration to guide me.

The "Love" cards just arrived and I'm out of town, but will be back Thursday and can't wait to get them to you. I think you will "love" them!!!

xoxo Elizabeth


What a wonderful project to complete. Beautiful work . . . inspirational work. Now take a break and head off to England.

Marie said...

Oh wow Suzanne!! What a wonderful job you have done here. I absolutely adore it!! It's so beautiful and right in line with my own tastes! xxoo

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Ooh, this is so impressive! And beautiful! We remodeled our US kitchen, and I loved every inch of it. I can tell you love your new mudroom too - how great is the fold down ironing board?! Happy Weekend - we have a sunny day today - yea! XOL

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... next dream to be fulfilled? TO NOT GET LOST GOING TO YOUR GORGEOUS HOME!!!! Let's give it another try this early spring, eh???? WHAT A GORGEOUS MUD ROOM!!!!! Oh how I love to make dreams come true. Rabbit Hill has come a long way, but this summer, I think will be the completion of my dream. We still have to hang up the chandelier and get the exposed beams put in, but we are lovin' our new space. BEAUTIFUL SUZANNE!!!!! Anita


So nice when dreams come true! You waited patiently and Ta Da...lookie! I want one :)

Claudia said...

You should be so proud! Both rooms are absolutely wonderful - a dream come true! Take a big bow, Suzanne!


Joanna said...

Beautiful, just gorgeous. This super new room will make washing and ironing (almost) bearable!

Don't forget to put beautiful Kent, the Garden of England, on your list!!


Jeanie said...

Whoa! This is amazing -- a lot of work here, a lot of inspiration, too. And boy, do I love the results! I'm so impressed -- and yes, maybe even motivated! Maybe it's time for me to start working on a dream...

Teresa said...

Okay Suzanne!
I am seriously passing~out over the loveliness of it all! You must be in pure HEAVEN to have that space to ENJOY!
Love it all!
I must have that bench from IKEA!
This looks like something out of a magazine...and to think that it was designed by YOU and on a budget!
Just like YOU!

The enchanted home said...

This is just incredible! Wow...really impressed, every inch is so well done......very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing!Great blog..visit mine, its about 2 months old and about the building of our new home and my passion for decor/design.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh it is so good to see you dearest one! Yes, Japan's loses are hard to bear. Let us always be grateful, non? LOVE THIS POST OF YOURS!!! Stay well and happy dear friend, Anita

Pamma said...

This is so perfect! I am seriously jealous, however, I don't think I'll ever be able to talk the husband into giving up some square footage from the garage.

Love your colors and all the clever things you have done to get your needs and wants met.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Both your laundry room and the butlers pantry look FABULOUS!!! You did a great job. It must be such a pleasure for you. I love your new washer and dryer and the bench is wonderful. Having assigned baskets is perfect. The BP is beautiful and I adore that sink.
Everything is perfect! Congratulations.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** WELL WORTH the WORK and the wait, Suzanne!!!... (And the "highlight", for me, is your FAB FARM SINK... ooooh la la!!!)...

I LOVE seeing people I like and admire getting something they've really WANTED for a long time!!! Makes ME happy too!!!

Warmest hugs,

Linda n AZ *

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Gorgeous - you analyzed your inspiration photos well and incorporated all the features. I love that you took us through the process with your needs and inspiration file. I would love a mud room like that.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

gorgeous! this is a stunning project!!

i told my kids about the dolls you made for the kiddos in Australia, We are putting on our thinking caps of how we can help out kiddos affected by these natural disasters. hugs to you Suzanne! Cathy

A Refocused Life said...

What a fabulous space. I always have a dream-list of little specialty-rooms I'd like to create. Your room is wonderful.

Princess and the Pea said...

Oh Suzanne, you have inspired me to finally get off my backside and convert our cellar into the pantry / utility room I have been dreaming of since we moved in five years ago! It leads out onto our garden so I envisage a nice light, bright room with a place to hang my coat and wellies, baskets for hats and scarves and a nice wooden bench to sit on while I try for ten minutes to pull my wellies off!

When better to start than the beginning of spring!

Kat x

alison said...

it all turned out simply the colors you used...very light and bright but with a feeling of warmth...adore the extended faucet head sprayer thingy...and the apron front sink in the pantry...isn't it great when a plan comes together?


stuff and nonsense

Seizing My Day said...

Blissful!!! Pure bliss!! Well done!
I dream of that very room ... with many of the same features!! this girl will keep dreaming!!! ;)

Style Attic said...

Dear Suzanne,

What a WONDERFUL ideal come to fruition! I am just thrilled for you and I can imagine how much you love walking past and into that space :) Love the colors and all the details. I have the same exact giant silver hooks in my entry. My favorite number is 3, so I too have a jar very similar with the big black three on it :) I wish I had bigger similarities, but my current laundry room is literally a wash and the size of a postage stamp. Our last home had the laundry/mudroom and it was fantastic. I am loving living it again through your pictures and knowing it's not just a dream anymore! Have a wonderful start to the week XO, Kelly

Alicia said...

how beautiful, suzanne! i love the color you chose for you cabinets...the bench...the great while shelves...the whole thing! great room!and very functional as well.

Melissa said...

ok my gorgeous friend...i hope you get all the way down here to comment number 49...
i'm hoping that no one else has put up there hand for the job of butler at yours!!

i want to do laundry and pour drink and wash up at your place!!!

totally gorgeous!!
melissa xx said...

Be still my that you made yourself a Butler's Pantry. Your space is wonderful and I love that you even gave your doggie a basket in the Mudroom. Take care, Valerie

Mona thompson said...

Oh Suzanne, It is all just perfect. I can only imagine how much you are enjoying both new spaces. You have thought of every little detail. This is definitely proof that good things come to he who waits. You really knew what you wanted and what you needed to make things function better for you. And it's sooo pretty. Love the sink and plate rack and open shelving. The laundry room is a dream.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I really like the little slate tags that are on your baskets, by the way. Oh, and the glass tile mosaics. So pretty!

So, tell me...what are your uk plans??????


lisaroyhandbags said...

well done! it looks like you got everything you were hoping for! it's such a pretty room xo

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

It ALL looks perfect! I know you're enjoying every inch of your new laundry room and pantry. Good job. You can come and be my designer anytime!

koralee said...

Oh my lovely is all this...your rooms are so beautiful...thank you for sharing. I am now so inspired!!!


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

You have a beautiful blog. I am your newest follower. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas:-)

Rene said...

What a treat it is to see more of your home. More! More! Your laundry room is wonderful and heated floors, be still my heart too. So many nice touches in there Suzanne. I think we share some of the same inspiration photos.

Teresa said...

Gorgeous! Stunning! I love it! How fun to see your project from start to finish. Aren't inspiration files fun? Especially fun when the final project comes to life.
p.s. I have your big hooks in my mud room....except mine are covered with coats and hats and I never get to see them!

paperbird said...

All so wonderful Suzanne.
I love the butlers pantry, it is wonerful.
Thanks for sharing the beauty of your home!

Halo Hill said...

Oh, do I -love- what you've done! Absolutely gorgeous!!