Monday, December 13, 2010

To: Me ~ From: Me

In my travels
through Blog Land
in the last few
weeks I have been
swept away with
all of the decorating,
baking, celebrating
and inspiring that 
I have had the great
privilege to enjoy from
a front row seat....

As a person who
loves words, nothing
delights me more
than seeing
spring forth from
my computer screen.

However, as I was 
creating gift tags today, 
I realized that 
there was one word 
I rarely see
on blogs, even when
it's not the holiday season,
despite the fact that
it is one of the
greatest gifts that people
can give to themselves.


Usually at this time
of the year when there
are conflicting obligations
and so many extras needing
attention, the first thing to
get elbowed aside is my
exercise routine....

Shopping for gifts and
  holiday decor ~
writing cards
school concerts
 and special lunches ~
Oops, I forgot the bus driver....
  {more shopping}
Of course I'll bring the dessert....
{even more shopping and baking}
You need a shepherd's
costume by when???

And all of this on top 
of my regular family and 
household responsibilities.....
Since floors still need cleaning,
laundry requires attention,
bills need paying
and kids still need to eat.

You get the picture.

Not this year.

When I exercise
I foster more peace
within myself,
increase my energy ~
expend calories
and just generally
feel better about 

So, whether I must 
get up earlier to squeeze
in that 30 minutes on
the elliptical machine...
Or skip lunch for 
a yoga class....
I will

And the best part?
This gift to me,
from me
is also a present
to those I share
my life with,
because it gives me
more pep and a
happier disposition
during a season that, 
while joyful, can steal
both these things.

So, strap on those
walking shoes
running shoes
aerobic shoes
dancing shoes
snow shoes
hiking shoes
swim fins
ice skates
or rollerblades....

And give yourself
the ultimate gift:
a sunnier
more centered
and healthier

Amazingly, that added
spring in your step
will take you the extra
miles when tackling
your To-Do list.

I guarantee.

Not January 1st....

Don't wait.
You deserve it

Are you getting
your daily dose
of to me, from me?

I'd love to know
what it is!


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Rene said...

This is a wonderful gift and I agree, the people around me benefit from me exercising as well. That is why I roll out bed at 5:30 every morning (cursing under my breath) because within minutes I will feel like a new person full of life, energy, patience, and self esteem. It also helps to balance the extra cookies I have been enjoying with the season.


Farmgirl Paints said...

So true Suzanne. It's usually the first to go when things get overwhelming. I'm strapping my shoes on this morning and heading to the gym. Going to freeze my butt off, but I'm going!

traci said...

good for you suzanne. i admit it. i am not an excercising kind of girl. i love to walk, but that's about it. i was so good in florida. walked the beach, fast and hard, every morning. now it's too cold. that's my excuse anyway. i need a swift kick in the behind.

A Vintage Chic said...

Wonderful post, Suzanne! I've been trying to do just that...hard to remember to do that for ourselves this busy season...thanks for the reminder!

I hope your day is filled with every good thing, my friend...thank-you, as always, for your gift of words...


Party Resources said...

It is so important to put yourself first and a good workout is the best way. I love this post!

Beach House Living said...

Actually, no and absolutely should be. There was a time if I didn't exercise it would send me into a panic so my once very scheduled organized world had me up at 5:00 4 days a week to be at the gym by 6:00 am where I would spend at least one hour.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I have been a bad girl and not been exercising as much as I should. I did get back to it a couple of days ago and I hope I can maintain the schedule. You have inspired me to try harder.
I was a bad girl and I guess there
will be coal in my stocking this year. I will do better this year...I will, I will.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Suzanne!

I started walking for my health in August - I walk 1 mile 4x a week... and as of today, I've lost 17 pounds! Yay! How I put 17 pounds on over the past few years is beyond me because that is the time we built our house (ourselves) and I worked Winters at a state park which required a lot of physical effort. But I think it has to do with my age. I'm 58 now, and the pounds don't just drop off like they used to.

I am completely hooked with walking and plan to lose another 17 pounds - and then walk to keep trim. I am also slowly getting back into yoga - a lot of people do not realize how fantastic a workout it really is!

Happy to hear you are taking good care of you too!


paige said...

so true!

i love running outside. i've never had a treadmill. but on days like today with the windchill of TWO...i wish i had one!

Olive Cooper said...

You are so right! I usually walk 2 miles a day but with this crazytown that has descended I have slipped. Does carrying firewood down the hill count? ♥O

Tracey said...

Good for you Suzanne for sticking with your routine when this time of year is so crazy and busy!!! I could use 2 workouts per day with all of the cookies and toffee I've been eating lately :)) Happy workout! For me, if I can take 10 or 15 minutes to sit down with one of my favorite magazines while I sit my coffee it is a real treat...I know, not quite as good as a workout! :)

Hugs ~

:) T

La Dolfina said...

I love this!!
My sweet husband always says it's time to walk the wife :)
That is a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing the wisdom of exercise!!
Lots of Love from me

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I walked the dog to the bus stop am I sure hope that counts because with one last final tomorrow, its all I have time for. :)

Karena said...

Suzanne a wonderful Monday Morning gift of love from you!

I am doing more stretching and walking, miss yoga, and want to get to more classes.

A friend gave me a massage certificate which I think I will call an make an appt today...

Art by Karena

Stitchfork said...

The Hound is waiting at the front door now with the leash...
xo Cathy

lisaroyhandbags said...

great reminder! Actually between all the shovelling, and vacuuming, that counts, right?
It's too cold outside for much walking but I have still been pretty good - I put my bicycle up on its indoor trainer and have it in the living room facing the TV so I can bike at night after everything else is done and watch one of my favourite shows. It may look odd to some but it's such a cute bike that it makes up for it. It's my lifesaver during these winters :)

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Now that we are in winter which is laughable in San Diego I haven't been walking the kids to school everyday like I used to. The mornings are very chilly so that is my excuse....I need to stop with the excuses and make more time in the day when the sun is out and it's beautiful! Thank you for making me remember this! It's so important! I hope you have a great week!

Blondie's Journal said...

I am SO bad about exercising but your post is quite inspiring! I can't say I will start tomorrow, but it's nice to know that most of your comments were very positive. Hooray. for everyone!


Rachel said...

Loved this post! So true!! Hugs, Rachel ;)

Tammy said...

This is SO TRUE!! I enjoy walking outside the most!!...I can't run due to a back problem but I love a good long walk! I also joined a 24/7 gym this year that is across the I've started using the eliptical! I do need to start making exercise a daily thing!!
Great Post with good advice for us all!
Have a great one!
Tammy :-)

NicNacManiac said...

Kudo's to you...I also have posted about this last year around this time, but you beat me to it this year! Such an important subject so that you can be the best you can be for those around you as well as yourself! I am so lovin how centred you are and the inspiration that I glean from you means the world! Thank you!!
Here's to many springs in your steps this Holiday Season!!
Happy Monday xOxO Nerina

pollydove said...

Great reminder today Suzanne! I was walking about 4 times a week not too long ago and then I got out of the habit! It really did make me feel good too - and even though it is pretty darn cold out now, I just need to DO IT!!! (Thanks Nike!)

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

*hanging my head in shame*...

I have slacked off horribly when it comes to exercise this past year. And it doesn't really show up in my physical appearance nearly as much as it shows up in how I feel.

Thanks for the virtual kick in the pants, I'm going to get moving...TODAY!


Morning T said...

Amen sister! Now, once I shake this nasty cold I'll get back on track with my running at 530am, I promise! ;)

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

So timely--I really need a little extra push to exercise this time of year. My primary method is walking daily and it's SO bitter outside...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh merci ma cherie for your inspiration!!
Amid the hurry and flurry and the to-ing and fro-ing, I had forgotten about ME....
My 'to do' list just doesn't seem to get shorter, even though my energy levels are running low and almost on empty!

With energy levels so low, my excuses are lame - who am I fooling and depriving - only ME..

The humidity is hanging heavily this morning even though there is a light drizzle of rain (not a valid excuse not to walk) – soooo I'm leaving my computer behind and racing downstairs, putting on my light Goretex and walking into the park.
Once I’m there I love it and meet up with all my friends, including many tail wagging, smiling wonderful canines!
Best of all I will come back feeling sooo good.

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post!

Christmas hugs
Shane x

Jo said...

Such truth in your words! I'm been stressing {as you know} about my never ending over flowing to-do list. I just told a friend that the effects of earlier mornings, and late evenings are hitting me. Not tonight ~ I'm hitting the treadmill and going to bed earlier :)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH I HEAR YA!!! THat is why I get up at 3:30 to squeeze in my routine down in my basement on my work out equipment! TWENTY FIVE years worth of lifting weights is helping this 52 year old feel like A MILLION BUCKS!

EXCELLENT REMINDER dearest Suzanne, and I am trying to ease into the rest of this week that could be stressful, but I want to enjoy every minute of it as I usher my way into two weeks of rest chez moi,

YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! ENjoy those exercise moments my dear friend! Anita

Julie said...

Suzanne, once again....a gift to women...your words to think of ourselves....because it is NOT a bad thing. And you have allowed us to understand that today. Taking care of ourselves - especially in the way of exercise as you have so wonderfully described the benefits and by-products, can only be better for the ones around us as we are bettered.
Thank you...I had just written a post for tomorrow about "down-time" and I just feel the kindred spirit of my bloggy sis... so pleased and feeling blessed to know you though miles apart...yet in spirits touching through the screen. Hugs to you, and hope your night is restful after such a busy busy day. What a good mom you are. Hope that your soulmate gets back soon. :-) Grateful.... xo

hometown girl said...

i must admit i'm not big on exercise. while i rarely have time to sit other than a bit of time here and there blog reading i'm usually go go go maybe i should just go go on the treadmill a bit more!! xo susan

Lili said...

We usually just do a daily walk, and if we miss a couple days due to weather or schedule we can definitely tell a difference, more mentally than anything actually. But I always can use a little prompting to walk just a wee bit further! xo ~Lili

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

I've been terrible with my exercising lately, mostly because I prefer to excercise outdoors. My sister and I have come up with a plan though, one that involves snowshoes :)

pretty pink tulips said...

I'm trying to just keep pace with the parties - but I am squeezing in an hour a day for me! Today it was boot camp and tomorrow it is yoga. I couldn't agree with you's the most important gift we can give ourselves!!!

I'll bet you were able to do some amazing shoe shoeing this week!
xoxo elizabeth

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

You are so, so right!! On all accounts. I say I'll start again tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and goes... I'm trying to get in some extra walking, but I know it is not enough. Thank you for your gentle encouragement.

Kat said...

Exercise truly is a gift in more ways than one. It clears the mind, lifts spirits and it does a body good! I recently joined a darling women's only gym back in the summer that has an amazing class schedule. I love it! (I also go walking every weekday morning at 6:10am with my Mother in Law, she lives in the same neighborhood as me.) It is a wonderful time for just the two of us and my tag-a-long Boxer, Fergus. Good for you for giving yourself such a wonderful gift!

Indie.Tea said...

I love the message here!
I don't exactly exercise, but I walk LOTS...around San Francisco (really, driving - and PARKING - in the city is atrocious and so I use public transportation) and get my physical activity in that way.

simpledaisy said...

What a lovely post!!
As a fitness girl...I run half marathons and ride in {almost centuries} I've only gotten up to 77 mile....I do my best to keep up with my workouts...but in giving myself peace and joy...I do take a tiny break from Thanksgiving until after the New year!!!

For me...I just like to take a break and really enjoy the season! Usually I work out 5x a week...but during this time of the year I aim for 2x a week!

As soon as the new year's back on track!!! taking a break too:):):)

Thanks for sharing and happy holiday seaon:)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Ok, this post stayed on my mind all day long! So I came back to take a look at other comments. I didn't know that walking counted so I'm back in the game. I do walk about a mile in the early morning and then about a mile when I get home at night. But I have not been good about any other exercises. I used to walk 3 miles in the am and again at night but now that it's dark before I go to work and also when I come home, I only do about 1mile. I'm glad I came back to visit, now I don't feel so guilty. I wish I could lose weight walking but it just doesn't happen. Boohoo!
I'll try harder...I will, I will.


Amen sista!!! That is why I have been teaching fitness classes for 25 years...I have to show up!!! And I preach exercise all the time to my friends because besides the health benefits...there is the "mind" benefit and that is the one that motivates me :)
Great post.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

The beauty of your post....words and pics together, are so artist that even I, a self-proclaimed couch potato when I'm at home...which is really not very motivated to go take a walk. I used to love yoga too! How is it that you have motivated without guilt or condescension...just heartfelt words and pretty picture? You are soooo good at this blogging thing!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Hi, darlin'! Wanted to write, but happily, I don't have time right now... I'm on my way shortly to my 7th session w/ my Pilates trainer... I feel sooooooo good DOING it, and I AND my hubby (and probably the DAWG, too!) like myself better when I DO take time for me... The other 5 days of the week I am now walking (and NOT to the fridge!)... feelin' gooood these days, and it's about time after recouping for sooo long from back surgery!!!

Hubby is a health nut~ always HAS been~ & he LOVES it when *I* work out! I'm hoping I can get to THAT point, too! As it is now, I DO love it... it's MAKING the time, not FINDING it, that can be challenging!!!

FAAAB writing today, girlfriend!

Linda *

paperbird said...

Great Post! I am a BIG believer in the power of exercise and the benefits from it.
I am a girl who can do a real push up and I love it!

Your images are great- I love the image with the little one on the laundry basket- very sweet.

Lisa said...

Suzanne, so funny that you wrote about exercising today. I just bought myself a little Christmas gift today: a new hot pink exercise ball. I am so busy taking care of our home and my darlings that I don't make enough time for myself. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

June said...

Ooooh do I have to fess up??? Sadly I haven't been getting near enough since the gardening season is over. I walk and walk and walk in the summer, mowing the lawn with a push mower, dragging hoses all day long, and so on, but in Winter I don't get enough exercise.
Thanks for the kick in the hiney...I needed it!
hugs to you sweet...

Acanthus and Acorn said...

UGH! I'm a total slacker,especally this time of year! I do a quick walk of the dog as fast as I can when it's in the teens early in the morning! ...better!

Olive Rue said...

Hey there Miss Lady. I recognized your comment and avatar you left on on the Olive Rue giveaway post by the Simple Daisy blog.

I used to have a blog called Faded Highways. That was earlier this year. Anyway, it's no longer up, but I remembered you and wanted to come over and say hi and see what you've been up to lately.

I'm hanging my head in shame right about my NOT exercising. Loved the post though. Hope you have been doing well.


koralee said...

Perfect my friend....I so try to fit daily exercise into my routine...hugs and love to you from me.....xoxoxo

Beatnheart said...

two years of Yoga five times a week. I’m fitter than alot of girls half my it..

Amanda said...

Oh Suzanne, I feel so guilty reading your post! My poor little dog must be the most unfit little chap at the moment so slack has my walking and exercise become of late. However, it is nearly holiday time, and I can't wait to get back in to my first thing in the morning walks. They do set up the day so well. And now for another christmas mince pie... he he

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Ohhhh, thanks for the inspiring :)
My morning run has gotten pushed to the back burner for almost 2 weeks. Gotta get back at it.

Kathysue said...

Thank you for the reminder!!! Yikes do I need to do this!! Kathysue

Linda said...

Great post, Suzanne! My husband just got our treadmill repaired yesterday and I'm getting on it today!

tara said...

Yippee, I love this post, soo true and so important! thanks for the reminder, and motivation!! Popped over here from Becky's blog! your home is gorgeous! happy Holidays!

Delishhh said...

LOVE this post! So true and i wish i could do it in the morning but i end up scheduling it in the afternoon as a meeting :) So i have one hour to get it done, sometime not enough but better than nothing. I wish i could get up at 5:30 to go running but my body is still sleeping that early and will not move. But i love this post and the way you put it together.