Friday, December 3, 2010

In the Moment

Waiting is not popular. In fact, most people consider waiting a waste of time. Perhaps this is because the culture in which we live is basically saying, “Get going! Do something! Show you are able to make a difference! Don’t just sit there and wait!” For many people, waiting is an awful desert between where they are and where they want to go. And people do not like such a place.

~ Henri Nouwen, Dutch-Canadian priest

At church last week
our minister talked 
about active waiting.
Yep, that's right.
Active waiting, the
kind that we experience
when we are expecting
a long-awaited guest
or package, day or event.
Our waiting is active because
every moment is filled
with anticipation. 
Looking out the window.
Checking the clock.
And this expectation
heightens our awareness
about everything 
around us.

She challenged her flock
to be especially attentive to 
all the small moments 
during Advent, leading us
to Christmas Day.

I am striving for
that awareness;
of being fully present 
in all the wonderful
that grace my life,
and not floating along
on auto-pilot,
worrying about the 
future and not noticing
the beautiful present.

It's not easy, is it?

Here are a few mindful
moments from my week, 
so far.....

Nothing major,
but when they
happened, I 

Here is one, now.

And I hugged it
to myself, 
with a smile.

~ One ~
Snow globe-like
swirls of snow outside
our window Tuesday, 
making everything on that
side look magical
and everything on
this side seem extra cozy.

~ Two~
Coming downstairs
each morning to switch
on the hundreds of tiny lights
embracing our Christmas tree
and loving it in it's
pre-adorned simplicity.
{Decorating is now
in progress!}

~ Three ~
Two does on Monday, 
paused in the middle of our
road, eyes locked
on mine as I slowed
my car to the side
and sat, mesmerized
by their grace and beauty.

~ Four ~
The sheer ebullience 
on my son's face last
Sunday, returning from  a 
shopping trip with his
dad to proudly
show me the gift
he was so excited
about buying for his

~ Five ~
Tea lights at church
on Wednesday night,
lit to lift up thoughts and
prayers, their flames dancing 
in the dark, peaceful silence.

~ Six ~
Our little dog, Gracie,
warmly greeting me at
the door, no matter
that my absence has been
five hours or 15 minutes.
Today and everyday, she
is my biggest fan!

This first week
of December, I am dedicating
 a Friday flower
to all of you who are

Kiss your life. Accept it, just as it is.
Today. Now.  So that those moments
of happiness you are waiting for
don't pass you by.
~ Anonymous

Thank you for
spending some of  your
precious moments here
with me!


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Rozmeen said...

Goodmorning Suzanne,

As I was reading your post it made me realize again that we live in a fast going world..its so nice to take moments to enjoy the blessings in our to read about active waiting!
Your posts are always, inpspiring and full of love and kind advice.

I wish you a lovely and blessed weekend and a big hug to you my friend.

Thanks for always talking time to stop by at my blog.

JANE said...

A gorgeous and thoughtful post, Suzanne. I'm revelling in little Mister's 'ebullience' ☺. J x

Rene said...

That was a beautiful reminder Suzanne. Happy weekend to you sweet friend.


Laura said...

A beautiful post Suzanne. You're right we should all just pause and be thankful for life's little things that are gifted to us each day! Have a beautiful weekend. Lx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhhhh.....and to think that I know you, that I have met you, laughed with you, and have spent time with YOU. You are a gracious writer my dear and this was a lovely stroll into the present, TODAY, as I sit here at home on a day off from a crazy work life. I deserve it, so many of us do, and I took it. What a wonderful life.....Anita

Stitchfork said...

Finding myself rushing to do this, then that - this was a perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the process. Thanks Suzanne!
xo Cathy

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Your life is filled with blessings, as are all our lives. But the biggest blessing is that you recognize it. I could relate to all your "moments" but have not always fully appreciated them when they happened. Thanks for helping me focus, once again!
Best, Susan

Party Resources said...

What a great reminder during the crazy holiday season. I love meditation for staying present. And Gracie - adorable. I have a JRT named Auggie and he is the best.

A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Suzanne!

What a wonderful post, my friend...I don't like waiting for things, per se, but I DO love anticipating...that thrill of hoping things will be as wonderful as you wish them to be.

I do enjoy those everyday moments, though, and notice them daily...a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the sparkle in my daughter's eye, a beautiful hawk soaring low in the sky, the lights on my Christmas tree (sometimes I still lie underneath in a dark room like I did when I was a little girl and look up through the branches--try it! It's so beautiful!)

Thanks for the reminder to not be in a's so important to be grateful for the moments...even on days that aren't so wonderful in general. Maybe especially on those days!

I hope your day is magical...


June said...

Suzanne I adore your writing. You can say so much of what I feel in my daily round, and express it so much better. I found myself thinking as I read here, that had I not had the gift of my son Landon, I may never have slowed to a snails pace in life and enjoyed what I do today. I may have missed the beauty all around me. But because I live in 'his' time, I see more, I feel more, I give more. I would love to think that this was me all along, but I know that I may have gotten 'caught up' in life with the cares of the world and missed the magic of it all.
Thank you for this beautiful writing this morning that has made me thankful for my own waiting.
big hug

Julie said...


I so enjoyed visiting, reading, nodding in agreement, reflecting on your words and the beautiful photos you always have. It seems to have become a mantra around here in this nest that LIFE is about waiting....always...for something. Sometimes it is for a long awaited, hoped for revelation, sometimes a dreaded, and heart burdened closure, sometimes an anticipated watched for fulfillment of many prayers offered to God daily. Yes. Waiting is what develops patience in the most lasting and "take-hold of" measures that I know. I am thankful as I continue to wait for MANY things to unfold ....that I do NOT have to wait (as people did long long ago) for the awaited Savior to come. Grateful to be on this side of that wonderful Christmas Day and the Cross this Christmas. especially in light of the fact that I know my mama is now in the beautiful Heavenly home awaiting us all. I will think of that this Christmas. You are a beautiful bloggy sis. Love to you.xoxo

Lisa said...

Particularly this time of year, it's so easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and not really see the joys around us. Thanks for the reminder to stop and savor the moments!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Thank YOU! You are so right in so many ways. It's not easy to live in the moment but I've been trying very hard to do it recently ~ here's luck to the both of us!

pretty pink tulips said...

It's so true that the most charming moments are the little every day ones that we sometimes don't slow down to appreciate. I will try to actively wait this month!!!!

Sending you a bouquet of Friday Flowers, Suzanne!
xo elizabeth

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh dear have done it again...with a most amazing post!!! When I was younger it was always a matter of "when" I am in the Autumn years of my life it is a matter of 'NOW". WE ALL RUN OUT OF TIME AND I DON'T WANT TO MISS A MINUTE OF MINE!

Sweet hugs to you, friend.


Olive Cooper said...

Living in the NOW is a grace as you so well stated as only you can. Blessings to you for reminding us of the truly important. merry♥O

pollydove said...

I have been in a state of waiting for a long time now ... but sadly, not in the good sense. I needed to hear this message today, right now, this very moment. Thank you for expressing these thoughts in such a beautiful way, as always! It is so poignant for me.

Farmgirl Paints said...

sweet post friend...i love anything that makes me think about being grateful. best way to walk through life!

Violet said...

I so enjoyed reading and savoring your words this morning Suzanne, thank you!!!!

~ Violet

dovecote Decor said...

Hi Suzanne: I've been off piste waiting. I mean waiting on my ancient parents. It is a 6:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. shift. The late night part is when I toss all the garbage they won't let me throw out during the day, like telephone books from the '90's: "They are so handy dear!" Right. In the morning, they won't even remember that stack of telephone books anyway. My secret to waiting is that I always carry a book/kindle. When I'm on line or waiting for the doctor, or other such waiting, I am thrilled to have time to read. I get through massive volumes that way. I've got a fun shoot of the old world, remains of the day, in the L.I. neck of the woods. Come say hi. I'm glad to be back.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Suzanne
Thank you for reminding us - and so eloquently.

In the season of Advent, we are waiting in anticipation to celebrate the wonderful feast of Christmas.
2000 years ago in a humble stable in Bethleham, another family waited patiently, anticipating the arrival of their baby.

I'm enjoying our set of nativity figures, for me it's a reminder that family is my first priority.

Thank you for your gentle reminder to reflect quietly on the beauty around us in this time of waiting.

Morning T said...

I love your week in review Suzanne. Happy holidays to you my friend.

Lili said...

Those were some beautiful moments you savored. What a magical moment when you locked eyes with those deer. What a wonderful reminder to savor our precious moments, like when your little Gracie greets you at the door! Hugs to you Suzanne! ~Lili

Tina said...

Beautiful and inspiring dear Suzanne. Words that will surely be remembered by me. Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friend ~ Tina xx

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

You never disappoint me with your musings...all so beautifully expressed and captured in photos. Hope you have a lovely weekend~what am I saying, I know you will!

Linda said...

Lovely post, Suzanne! When we spend so much of our lives planning, anticipating, and waiting~ we don't live our life as it happens...

lisaroyhandbags said...

I love this post! It's true how easy it is to just run on auto-pilot, sometimes I'm driving home from somewhere and have already parked in the driveaway and don't even remember the drive home! Working in the city caused a lot of this for me and now I find that being at our quiet, woodsy place where everything slows down, I am much more aware of people and things around me and that people here take the time to chat and smile - something you just don't encounter in the fast-paced city. have a lovely weekend! :)

Marie said...

Beautiful post as always Suzanne. Life is composed of moments . . . some sad, some happy . . . all beautiful, because they make up the whole and we must embrace all of it to find the joy that is only ours to take. Hope you have a lovely weekend! xxoo


OK..I know I say this every time but maybe that was my favorite. It's Saturday morning and for some reason I woke up at 5AM. It was nice to have your post to read with my coffee this early morning!

Gretchen said...

What a lovely post Suzanne. THank you for sharing it with us, and for the great sharing of truths you learned while in church. I will apply this to my life this week and savor the moments, and notice the beauty such as you did.
Very fun and inspirational!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

We all need this post...more than ever this time of year. It is always a struggle between plowing ahead and stopping to pause to see life unfold.

I am going to tackle decating today and will have this and your voice close in my thoughts!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL! Oh! Scarborough Fair....I know that in several versions on my harp! Enjoy your day with your daughter and her recital and WOW those roads are slick. It took me double the amount of time to get to Trader Joe's in St. Paul this morning!

Many thanks for stopping by, and blessings of LIGHT to you today dear one. Anita

Garden Girl said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful post. This holiday season, I am trying to savour the moments so I don't miss them. Enjoying the baking and decorating instead of thinking of my to do list.

I followed the link from A Place For Tea.

Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

you have struck a chord once again Suzanne... thank you for the reminder to slow down and appreciate. ;) happy Sunday!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Some of the loveliest things can happen while you are waiting. Seeing the smile of a child, a conversation with a lonely person who then gleams, the enjoyment of a song you haven't heard in forever... small joys.

I can't wait to hear about the party. I just know it will be a happy event sure to bless those in attendance.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY post! LOVE that snow globe!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a beautiful post. You are so right, we all need to slow down and be thankful for all of life's many blessings. For some reason in the last few years I have become acutely aware of noticing these treasures and giving thanks. I have no idea what brought it about but I am thankful for it. Maybe it's because they truly are such gifts...a sunset, a friends smile, a lovely Christmas carol... treasures come in all forms.
Beautiful and thoughtful writing, dear Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Suzanne! Truly what life is about!
~ Zuzu

hometown girl said...

so true sometimes we are too busy to enjoy those little moments. we took the kids to our special "holiday" lunch at the cheesecake factory and i kept smiling just truly enjoying our time together! xo susan

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

What a wonderful post. I try to find the blessings in each day. It is so easy to focus on the negative. Thanks for the reminder!

nic said...

active waiting; i think i know this one. active, aching, yearning, joyful, expectant waiting.

beautiful post.

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, particularily in terms of my children...watching their adorable little faces as they eat, or laugh at something they find funny...just really seeing them for the special person that they are :)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I pretty much always leave your blog a better person. :-)

you = wonderful


paperbird said...

So very beautiful. I love this post... needed it too!

Kathysue said...

Every moment I spend here is precious to me. I too, try very hard to be in the moment. One of my favorite moments is standing at my kitchen window with my hands in soapy water washing dishes and gazing at all the falling leaves and the little birds trying to stay warm the way the light hits the trees, it is all so beautiful. That is why I have Enjoy the Process as my subtitle in my blog. The good life is being able to "Enjoy the Process". I know you get that Suzanne and because of that you enjoy your moments, Kathysue