Monday, November 29, 2010

Mirror Mirror

Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space,
 through wind and darkness I summon thee. 
Speak! Let me see thy face.

~ The Queen, Sleeping Beauty

Early Friday morning
at our cycling class, I
looked over at 
my husband, spinning
his legs as hard as
he could, head down,
intensity in his face.

For an instance I
didn't see a 40 something
peddling off his
Thanksgiving indulgences
but instead
the 19 year old
that I first met,
shock of wavy
brown hair and
the deepest
brown eyes,
skinny as a rail.

I find that this
happens to me 
a lot....
Whether I'm gazing
at my nearly 5'7
twelve year old
who still acts,
well, 12, despite
his stature, or
the elderly person
creeping along in
their car in front
of me when I'm
{of course} in
a great big hurry.

And the more
challenging a person
is, the more I 
am able to use this
visualization to
stay calm and

As I see a tiny gray
head that now just 
clears the steering wheel, 
I think of the child
that used to peer
back at him or her
from the mirror.  A
perfect little blank
slate, before life
took it's scratches and 
nicks,  here and there.

The disappointments.
The disillusionments.
The close calls.
The hurts.
The heartaches.

I even use this technique
on myself, when
I feel that I haven't 
lived up to my own
expectations or I
didn't handle a
situation as well
as I would have

I think of her.

Me, aged three
Would I be so
hard on this little
one, with her duck
down hair and
shy, hazel eyes?

When I am in
church and hear
the words
Child of God
I don't think of
a specific age...
A child of God can be
two or 102.

We are all
children in His eyes.

As a matter of
fact, I love the
idea of reverting,
physically, to 
our child-like selves
when we reach heaven,
all the while retaining
the wisdom and experience 
that we gained as
children of God
while living on earth.

The other day 
I was cleaning up
breakfast dishes
following the hurly-
burly of coats, bags
and books being corralled 
in the mad dash for the
bus.  In the quiet,
I turned up the TV
just in time to hear
a story about a 
little boy name Colton. 

This child died when
he was four years old
during emergency surgery 
but was later revived.  
Subsequently he was
able to reveal amazing
details about people
he had met while
he was gone.....
and things that 
he had seen,
such as relatives
who had passed away
years before his birth, 
including a sister who
had died in miscarriage 
and who he'd known 
nothing about.

He said that 
in heaven was 
a young



I pondered this as I
loaded the dishwasher
and sprayed down
the counters.

When I was in 
my 20's my grandma
once said to me
that although she
was older on the
outside, inside she
still felt like she 
was 17.

Gigi at 17 ~ 1934
I've never
forgotten that.

Funny that when we
are in the flush of
youth, dewy and
fresh-faced, we
don't always see
that when we look
in the mirror.  
Instead, we focus on 
those things that we are
dissatisfied with,
be it hair or skin,
height or weight.
I now wish that I'd 
really relished all
the positive physical
attributes that come
with being young!

Apparently, according to
{now eleven year-old} Colton, 
I will regain that youth
when I meet my
heavenly Father.  

I like that idea.
I find it comforting.

In the meantime,
when I stand in
the long line in
the post office
and see the grumpy
man working behind
the first window,

Instead, I will
choose to see a
little boy, glasses
perched on his 
nose, diligently
adding up sums
in his math book.
And I will say
a small grace in
my heart for that
little boy.

You know he's 
in there.

Some place.

As we go forth
during this joyful
yet hectic season,
fighting traffic and
standing in lines,
let's remember that
we are all children,
on the inside, and
try to treat everyone
we meet with the
same compassion
that we would a
little child.

A child of God.

Who do you
see when you
look in the mirror?


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For each 
new morning 

with its light,

For rest 

and shelter 

of the night,

For health

 and food, 

for love 

and friends,

For everything 

Thy goodness 


~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am so very
dear readers!

Wishing you a 
and peace-filled


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing Hooky


unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc. 
{usually used in the phrase play hooky}

What would you do 
if suddenly presented
with the opportunity
to step outside your
normal day and
make it totally
and completely

And during this
day off from
you simply
focused on
what pleased
your spirit....

How would
that day unfold?

I posed this 
question to my
little family as we
shared breakfast
after church 
this week at
a tiny, family-owned
The kind of place
the locals frequent
and that serves
the best home

Tucked into the
back booth, knee
to knee and elbow to
elbow, we each took
turns musing on
this question.

My girl {Eggs Benedict,
no meat} would go to
the zoo or the Humane 
Society or she would spend
hour upon hour drawing,
 felting and painting.  No 
interruptions and no 
Is your homework done??!

My husband's {Ham and Cheese
Omelette} first thought was
that he would tackle a list of all 
the things that have weighed on
his mind, like updating our will.

Uh, do over, Mr. Privet....

Second choice?  Go
skiing or biking or golfing,
depending on the season.
All day.  No checking his
e-mail and voicemail.
Just enjoying.

My boy {Chocolate Chip
Pancakes} liked the idea
of staying in his pj's for
the entire day, playing
video games, watching
movies and being cozy
with our dog by the fireplace.
A free agent all the way!

And me? I {Cinnamon
French Toast}would
meet a friend for coffee
and talk and talk, then
come home and switch
gears with a pot of tea
and a good book, which
I would read to my
heart's content!  No
multitasking; no tasking
at all.  Just being.

As we enter this joyous
time of year, emotions
run high and our batteries
often need recharging.
Every holiday season,
 I dream of a snow
day; time to side-step
normal boundaries for 
a brief respite.  

But in our part
 of this country,
cities and counties are very
well prepared for
ice or snow and in the
ten winters we've lived
here I believe these magic
days have only

What would your
hooky day hold?

Have you had 

 I'll put the
coffee on....

Let's talk!



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