Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Steps...

by oldglass
Baby step by baby step, you have what you 
need right now to start moving in the direction 
of your happiest dreams. 
~ Marta Davidovich Ockuly 

Back in June my daughter
participated in a wonderful program
at the Savannah College of Art 
and Design  {SCAD U} for
high school students interested 
in trying on art college for a
week.  She lived in the dorms, 
rode the bus to classes
and came away with a suitcase of

Baby steps from
the nest.

Today, she is attempting
to  take more steps with
her art and when she
asked me Do you think
your blogging friends 
might be able to help me?
I didn't hesitate to give
her a resounding

So, without further
ado, here is a guest
post from an aspiring
15-year old artist who 
needs your assistance.

My girl....

Hi, Elizabeth.


Tell us about what
inspires your art.....

The world around me.  Every morning I look out
my window and there is an abundance of inspiration.
Autumn colors, birds, trees and just nature in general! 
The world is a beautiful place, and you just need to pause
 a second every once in awhile to take it all in.

What is your favorite medium to work in?

I mainly work digitally when it comes to personal art.  While many people tend to think that because you are creating something
on a computer you aren't doing actual work, in reality it's
 quite similar to painting with traditional mediums.  
One of the nice things about digital art is that 
there is NO mess, you get a very vibrant range of colors, 
and it's much less expensive to do. That being said, 
it takes a while to get used to creating digitally.

Here are some examples of what I do!
A collage I made for a contest based on
my memories of vacationing in the Pacific NW.

My logo-- Artistic-Aviary

My take on a Secretary Bird! {Sagittarius serpentarius}

How do you create digital art?

I use what is called a tablet pen. It is like using a 
computer mouse--in pencil form-- to draw right into the computer.
The one that I own is the Intuous 4 and it is BRILLIANT!
While I was at SCAD, however, I had the opportunity to use the
amazing and even more brilliant Cintiq tablet, which made
it possible to draw directly onto the screen.  
As far as programs go, I do most of my drawing in Photoshop, but
recently discovered Adobe Illustrator... which basically uses
algorithms to help draw smooth {or "vector"} lines.  All of my drawing is done completely by hand! The Cintiq tablet.

I created this at SCAD on the Cintiq 
for my graphic design class!

Do you do any traditional drawing in a sketchbook?

  I always keep a sketchbook.  What a
journal is to you, a sketchbook is to me!  Almost everywhere
I go, it comes along with me... a place to deposit random ideas that I might forget... and a place to doodle during class!

What is your dream job?

The Pixar Logo! 
Working at Pixar Animation Studios!
All my life my interest has been captured by the process of
animation and although I haven't had the chance to try my
hand at it {yet!} I think the idea of working with a team of
fun, creative people to bring a story to life for millions to
enjoy would be a fantastic way to make a living. 
The whole process behind creating the characters and their world
is just magical to me. I love ALL of Pixar's movies, and couldn't
possibly pick a favorite.
{Alright, my favorite is UP! :) I love Dug the dog.}

Explain to our readers what you are currently doing with
your art and how they can help.  

Well, what started out as a little sketchbook doodle evolved
into a real, full-blown piece of artwork!  It's being entered as
a poster into a local contest.  I also submitted it to an excellent tee-shirt website called Threadless, where artists can enter their shirt designs to be voted on by others.  If the design gets enough top scores {as well as enough people who say they'd wear it}), then the design will get printed.  This helps artists to gain recognition and art admirers to get awesome 
tee shirts!
{BTW....all their tees are made in the USA!}!
Tell us about the design!

Well, the design is supposed to be a sophisticated take on a Halloweenish theme. I've been told it's a bit creepy, but I intended for it to be more beautiful than scary. Hopefully I've succeeded!

How can blog readers help out?

You can click on the thumbnail picture at the end of this post to vote! If you've never scored a Threadless design, click on the link in the top right-hand corner where it says "Join us," follow the steps and then start voting! {Once your account is activated, you re-click the link below to go back to the page.  Make sure to click the box under "I'd buy it as" that says "a tee!" before voting for the number you think it deserves. The higher the number you click, the more likely it is my design will get printed!
The polls close for my design on Wednesday night, October 20th. If  it gets chosen, my mom and I will do a giveaway from Threadless at the end of the week. I know that you are all super busy, so thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart!

How do you like having a mother who blogs?

It's nice.  It makes her happy!


Tina said...

Wow Elizabeth, what a fabulous post and your art is AMAZING! I bet you have one very proud Mum!! I would love to vote for your fabulous design. The thumbnail at the end of the post doesn't appear to be linked though. Maybe it is a problem from my end, so I will check back later to see if I can vote. Good luck with the competition, I will be waiting to hear how you go. Wishing you and your lovely Mum, a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

Tina said...

Just found the link so am off to vote...Good luck ~ xx

Privet and Holly said...

Whoops, sorry! The link should work now, if you refresh the page.
Thank you, everyone! :)

paige said...

what an awesome girl suzanne!!!!!
off to vote, right now :)

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

To Suzanne AND Elizabeth--two amazing women, each with your own creative paths--I'm so inspired by you both! I'm off to do a little voting now. Good luck with this endevor and everything else that comes along!

Olive Cooper said...

Love the tee, which is just creepy enough, I registered and voted but it kept sending me back to the register page so I hope it counted. It would not let me register again. ♥O

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I'm so impressed! I was an art teacher for several years, and you, Elizabeth, would have been a joy to teach! I love your imagination, your ability to see art in the everyday, and your understanding that an adventure. Well done! Love the design, and I'm off to vote. Suzanne, you must be very proud!

traci said...

Elizabeth, it was so nice hearing from you in this post. You are an amazingly talented young lady. Keep dreaming because someday that will be your reality. I am off to vote. Have a wonderful day!!

Grammy said...

Remember to always say WHEN I work at Pixar, not IF I work at Pixar. The power of positive thinking at work. I know you'll get there. A lot of contests will come between now and then, you will win the biggest, a job with Pixar and that's all that counts. Good luck with this one, I voted for you and always will.
Love, Grammy

Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

seems to me that you have an amazing girl there! I just voted. :) happy Monday -Hilary

Claudia said...

Elizabeth, you are very talented. You WILL work at Pixar someday. I love your Halloween design - it is moody and beautiful.

Also, as an animal rights advocate, I especially love your design for the ASPCA. Bravo!

I'm off to vote.


Violet said...

The photo of you by the fence is absolutely wonderful (Suzanne's I presume.... : ) It shows the openness and joy in your face that bubbles up from your artistic heart. What a joy to see some of your art! And that's a wonderful logo ~ as I love anything 'bird' and the palette as a body is so clever!!! I do believe you will go far, with your talent and love for learning and creating.

Perhaps your mom has shown you my website ( you click on the "dog art" tabs you will find a compilation of paintings done in traditional media of oil and watercolor, but also digital paintings that I create with a Wacom tablet and stylus in a digital painting program that is an entire digital studio. You may not be able to tell the difference, as my digital style is very similar to my oils and watercolors. Digital painting and design is addicting!

Your t-shirt design is perfect for Halloween, and so creative ~ and done with such talent and flair!
The design coming out of the crows eye is creepy, but that's what the holiday is about, so I think you have done an excellent job and hope you win!!! (This coming from a person who does not like halloween!)

What a delight to see such a young person who is bursting with a love for art and filled with talent!!!
~ Violet

Anonymous said...

Your work is fabulous! I'm surprised you aren't selling some of it online as headers or in png icon forms to be downloaded or grabbed off a website as 'free stuff' just to get your name out there.

Great work, Elizabeth. Keep it up!

The Blue Ridge Gal

hometown girl said...

this is fantastic! did you ever consider opening an etsy shop? i wish i'd know what i love at your age! good luck with the contest!! susan

A Vintage Chic said...

Wow, Elizabeth! I'm so impressed with you, your beautiful artwork and your dreams for the future! You'd get along wonderfully with my 15-year old daughter, Sarah...she loves art, as well...keeps art journals and glad you're doing this--and your t-shirt design is fantastic! Voted for it and gave it the highest score, of course!

Good luck in all you do!


LuLu said...

Oh Elizabeth you are so talented! Absolutely beautiful work. I'm off to vote for you!!!! keep following your dream and I can't wait to hear updates from your mom about all your success!!!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

This so cool! Your daughter is so talented - I hope many doors, including Pixar, open for her ;) What a lovely post

XO Laura

Kristin said...

What a nice comment your daughter said about your blogging - 'it makes her happy'. That's so sweet! And what a beautiful picture of her :)

Have a lovely week!!! Kristin xx

Anonymous said...

That is one talented cookie you have there!! Amazing work!!


Jemsmom said...

Suzanne, that is one talented young lady you have there. I mean some serious talent. What a blessed gift!

Elizabeth, you have a gift and you should shoot for all your dreams! You also have the best blessing of a mother who adores you and supports all you do. You two are a gift to each other!

I voted and am wishing you the best! Good luck!

North of 25A said...

So nice to "meet" you both! Visiting from Pretty Pink Tulips & I am so glad that I stopped by. Your artwork is amazing & I am off to vote. Good luck!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Okay Suzanne you know I love LOVE this post. I'm so proud of your daughter. I would love to know how to do what she's art. That is beyond cool. I feel like an old fuddy dud. You behind with technology. She is really talented. I have no doubt she'll get to Pixar. Great interview.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WELL, this is IMPRESSIVE!!! You are one GREAT MOM and your daughter is so lucky to have the resources and encouragement you have given her! I JUST LOVE THAT RAVEN WITH THE GREEN! I VOTED!!!!

Wow. You and I have MUCH to discuss in November. I want to hear more! Is this the daughter who also plays the harp? BLessings to you BOTH! Anita

pretty pink tulips said...

Elizabeth, you are a fantastic artist. I adore your logo and know that you are just at the beginning of your professional artistic journey.

Now, I'm off to vote!!!
xo Elizabeth

Indie.Tea said...

Pixar is in my neighborhood, so to speak. I think about 15 minutes away? Its supposed have a gorgeous campus, gated with a long driveway and fun rooms everywhere.
Your daughter sounds like a very grounded and talented girl. Good luck to her :)

Fearless Nester said...

Oh Elizabeth Pixar NEEDS you!! I especially love your use of birds in your designs. I'm crazy mad about the way you depict them in such whimsical and amazing ways. And yes I would love to see your latest design on a tee and I voted! Suzanne, you have so much to be proud of, this was such a fun post!! xoxox ~Lili

Linda said...

I love this post! Elizabeth, you are very talented and it is wonderful how focused you already are! Good luck in the contest~ I voted!

Amanda said...

What a great post! I can tell you two are very much in sync, and your art is amazing Elizabeth. Good luck with the competition. I'm off to vote now. I love your tee design.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Oh Suzanne, how cute is she???
Elizabeth, you are so talented and it's fun to see your beautiful work. Pixar would be great for you - when I was in design college we shared a studio with the animation class and they were so much fun - we even had a quartet play cartoon theme songs during our commencement ceremony!
I used to use a Wacom tablet back when I worked at Corel designing their packaging/ads, etc and it's amazing the things you can do with it.
Your t-shirt design is fantastic and I'm off to vote now... best of luck!! :)

Lisa said...

Suzanne, you must be so proud of your lovely girl. Elizabeth you are so talented! Good luck - I'm heading over to vote for you!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I know nothing about this medium, so it was so interesting to learn!

Your beautiful daughter's love for her work is very inspiring!

sharon said...

Well Suzanne, good for you to put us bloggers to a useful task. What a lovely post, I rally like your daughter's t-shirt design and offer her every encouragement. I'm off to vote right now
My French Country Home

Julie said...

woot...I voted. took me a bit, but I got it figured out. :-) Hope her dreams come true. and glad us bloggy sisters could help out.
Love your baby step quote... it's true. Hugs to you Suzanne. Best wishes to your beautiful artsy daughter...!

Everything Coastal said...

Good Morning Beautiful! Loved this post, how fun to profile your daughter's dream. I voted, I posted on fb and I tweeted! Wishing her the best and hoping that she continues to follow her heart.


Anne said...

Elizabeth, always follow your heart. It will never lead you astray. Your design for the t-shirt is just perfect in my estimation. I love a mix of creepy and sophistication. Suzanne, what a talented and lovely girl you are raising! Great post, ladies!

Rene said...

Your daughter is adorable Suzanne. You know that you can count on my vote.


La Dolfina said...

I'm serious when I say that I think your daughter is truly talented and obviously is passionate about her artistic endeavors. I'm so proud and happy to vote for her design and my gut tells me she has a great shot at winning!! Oh and I also wanted to let you know that Pixar is literally in my backyard, in Emeryville, which is about 15 min. away. You two are more than welcome to come and stay with me and we can go over and check it out!
Wouldn't that be fun?
Good Luck Elizabeth... You rock in my book!!!!!!

paperbird said...

It is so sweet your daughter can recognize the things that make you happy- she is beautiful by the way and talented!

koralee said... are so talented! I voted for you my dear. Great image! Good luck....xoxo

Harrison Howard said...

The extent of your motivation Elizabeth and the maturity of your views are very unusual in a person so young, no matter what future may be envisioned. Art or illustration can be a very difficult choice of careers, but looking at what is here I can only imagine that you will make your dreams a reality. Your enthusiasm and upbeat personality will carry you a long ways as well as your talent. I hope you win that contest!

Vonda said...

Daughters are so amazing--they are a part of you--but they have their own part--I love the designs--love the designs!

Jeanie said...

I will SO have to go vote! Bravo -- and about computer art? Well, let others scoff, but I sure can't do it. I am in awe of those who can!

Thanks, Suzanne, for sharing your daughter with us -- and sending good wishes! I'll vote early and often!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Love this design...such a talented family. We also love Threadless in our is a perfect site for buying reasonable holiday gifts for my teenagers friends.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Very impressive! I just voted.
Thanks so much for sharing your daughter's beautiful work!

kerrie said...

Oh I am so sorry I missed this!!!! I would have voted in a heartbeat. I have not had time to get around to visiting blogs lately. I hope she does well. I did not realize your daughter was so close in age as mine and that she was an artist. My Gracie is 16, soon to be 17, just went to the Academy of Art University in S.F's Open House this weekend. Three Art Director's looked at her portfolio and were all impressed. She is so excited!!! She had her T'shirt in there that she had entered into the Aaron Bros Body Of Art Contest and the Director of Illustration told her to go enter it at Threadless. We had never heard of it before. Now she is applying for scholarships(its her senior yr) because she really wants to go to the University. Sounds like your daughter will be on a similar path. Though my daughter has never done digital art.