Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simply Mine

In my last post
I asked you to
share the memory of
the best summer
of your life.
you did……
in oh so many
sweet and heartfelt
Thank you!
Many of you asked
me to share how
I answered the
same question
when I sent
my response to
Harper Collins,
back in July.
For you I share
the rest of the story.
It’s not glamorous
or adventurous
or romantic.
I’m still not sure
why I chose it….
But, it’s mine.
My answer to:
Do you remember the
best summer of your life?

It was the ‘70’s and my dad had a job
transfer to a small town called St. Helens, Oregon.

I was ten years old and going into the fifth grade.
This was back in the days when a corporate
move meant they took care of everything!


Until our new house was "closed,"
The Company put us up at a motel in St. Helens
called The Village Inn.  It had soda machines
and a swimming pool.  My younger brother
and I thought that we were in heaven! 

We had two adjoining rooms and one of them
had a kitchenette, but we usually ate dinner
at the Village Inn's own restaurant.


On Sundays, we also ate breakfast out, and
my favorite thing to order was the strawberry
waffle....A gigantic Belgian waffle piled high
with lovely Oregon strawberries
and mounds of whipped cream! 


Going out to eat in those days was  a HUGE treat
and we really felt like we were living it up! 
My folks were 32 and 33 and I can remember them
drinking Boone's Farm wines {they had just come out}
and looking so young and happy. 


The Village Inn allowed pets and we had our two
dogs staying with us ~ and they were happy, too!


When the house was ready and we moved in,
there was a girl my age on one side of us
and a boy my brother's age on the other.  
We were off and running within the first day!


My dad was transferred, again, the next summer,
so it was our one and only in St. Helens.
But, it was the best summer of my life {so far}!
Thank you.
For sharing my memories…
And caring enough
I hope your week
is off to a great start!
Stay tuned for a
fun giveaway later in
the week!!!
[images: flickr {click for attribution}
except 2 & 7 ~ google images]


cityfarmer said...

girl, you just a way with words ... your family life charms me

up early, eh?

Tamarah said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh....I knew your story would be SPLENDID....THANK YOU for sharing your words....So EASY to see why your entry CHARMED Marjorie....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Anonymous said...

Love great childhood memories... thanks for sharing, Holly!!

p.s. I'm having a Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if it interests you! xo

Kerri said...

It's the little things that seem to stay in our memories, isn't it? I can understand why a 10 year old would be in heaven with a pool and soda machines though! Lovely post as always Suzanne. K xx

Miss Sew & So said...

oh suzanne...that sounds like heaven for a child...

we had very similar lives, bar the moving, which i never did with my family- perhaps thats why i embrace it now...and so do they, in their 60's funnily enough all over the world every year!

i was 10 in 1979 and the thought of dinner out was just such a rare and special treat!
my younger brother and i would have given anything to live in a motel in oregon with a drinks machine and a swimming pool!
i didn't have a soft drink till was 10!! i blame alternative parenting!!

and only a year- no wonder you remember it sooo fondly....sounds like a storybook...i would have sent you my book too!

melissa xx

Sweet as June said...

Here I was, when you asked the question, thinking I had to have this fantastic, or crazy, or unusual, or what have you memory to share... yours was so simple, so real, so true to your heart... I love it! And now I remember the best summer of my life! It was simple, it was real, and it was true just like yours.Thank you for sharing and triggering my own happy memory!:) Happy week to you Suzanne.

1 Funky Woman said...

Happy Tuesday Suzanne, you won my giveaway! Send me your email so I can pass it on to Allison!



Claudia said...

I love your story. I would have been thrilled to stay in a motel, too - it is the kind of thing that kids love, don't you think?

Oh, Boone's Farm - what memories. Our wine of choice when I was a poor college student. Boone's Farm Apple Wine....


Olive Cooper said...

Yes, you see it is the simple ordinary things of life we recall as special. But really now in regards to letting kids run around unsupervised they are extroidinary. I also remember Boone's Farm wine in the 1970's. hugs♥olive

A Vintage Chic said...

What sweet summer memories, Koralee...thanks for sharing them so beautifully.

Wishing you the loveliest day, my friend...


Deborah said...

What sweet memories!!
Childhood ones..theres so many!
With 2 brothers and 3 sisters there was always something to do..we were all each others best friends!
Not much time for watching tv then..too busy enjoying everydays adventures!!

Thanks for sharing friend..

Deborah xoxo

Ticking and Toile said...

That is so awesome! My kids would be in HEAVEN if we lived in a hotel for a summer!!! Soda machine, ice machine....long hallways to run down....pure heaven.

I do love your stories..... you truly have a gift.


Blooming Rose Musings said...

Suzanne, that sounds like the perfect childhood summer. There is something so special about the feeling of being carefree and happy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful childhood story.

La Dolfina said...

That is such a sweet and innocent memory of simpler times... thanks for sharing it.

traci said...

I would have to think on that one for a while. And that is the best thing about you blog posts, they usually make me think and remember fond memories. You have a way of sucking me into your words. A special gift! xo!

Tracey said...

What a lovely post Suzanne!! And your photos go along so beautifully with your story!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

Hugs ~

:) T

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

For some reason I can't remember my childhood summers as a whole. Little tiny bits and pieces that don't amount to any stories.

Alisa said...

It's funny how it is often the little things that make up a "best".

Courtney Walsh said...

wow. what an awesome memory. i have so few of my own childhood, it's magical to read about yours.

kerrie said...

I love this memory...it makes me want to cry. There is just something about childhood summers...I hope my own children loved theirs like I did mine.

pretty pink tulips said...

Suzanne, it's a rare experience that I don't get goose bumps or tears whenever I read your posts. Today, it's goose bumps and thrills for the tune in the background. My childhood in the 70s was so carefree. I think that is something I look back upon so fondly. We lived in the same house from the time I turned 6 (little girls my age up and down the street) until I turned 14. It was just a little house in a not so great neighborhood. But, to me.....it was a "castle in my mind".

Hugs to you!

Delishhh said...

Ohh sounds amazing. With summer being over and going back to school i never thought i would say it but i wish i was going back to school. . .

Fearless Nester said...

What a beautifully simple, happy childhood memory Suzanne! Thanks so much for sharing it. I could feel just how perfect it must have felt for you getting to enjoy time with your family (and your sweet little doggies) in a motel with a pool and soda machines!! And then the icing on the cake to have an instant friend for both you and your brother in your neigborhood!
I was blessed with great childhood memories too! ~Lili

hometown girl said...

how sweet, isn't it amazing when you're a kid what makes you happy? i love that about childhood, such a sweet memory, thank you for sharing it with us! have a super week my friend!! hugs, susan

koralee said...

Oh what a sweet memory my friend!!! I love your way with words. xoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Suzanne dearest...those strawberries are a great shot, and that Strawberry Hill wine reminds me of my senior year in high school! My best summer? Well, in my childhood, it was going camping with the ENTIRE family, having Mexican campfires with great food, fun, music, laughter with cousins, aunts, uncles...and then my trip to France about 8 years ago was one of my best adult summers. BUT THIS SUMMER WAS ENCHANTING BECAUSE I MET PENNY FROM ANGELS DOOR AND YOU!!!!!!! YES, YOU! What magic.....


pollydove said...

That is precious ... it would be the perfect summer for any 10 year old I think ... oh, to be young again! :)

Linda said...

Oh Suzanne~ this post brought back such wonderful childhood memories of summer stays at hotels with my family! It was always so fun, especially if they had A POOL or their own restaurant! I loved the beautiful neon signs at night and buying souvenir postcards...

paperbird said...

This is wonderful- i love your story and the images were perfect, it evoked sweet memories from when i was a young girl :-}

Julie said...


Again...The normal everyday things in life that sometimes catch us "adults"....(parents)...off guard because we strive so much thinking of all the what ifs and the technicalities of God's moves can be completely blissful to a child from their point of view. Isn't it GREAT? It is not their burden to worry about it...just to take it as it is....and ADVENTURE!!! And they enjoy all the benefits along the way... soda, pool, strawberry waffles... what memories you have of that step in your life...wonder how your parents viewed it...with a little trepidation no doubt...
LOVED - LOVED reading your post. Thanks for sharing. :-) Enjoy your Wednesday ~humpday~ !!!! Hugs sent your way.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Such a cute story! life was so simple then wasn't it? It reminds me of many family summer vacations to "the city" where we stayed in a small motel with a soda machine that may or may not have worked and we had to sneak the dog into the room wrapped in a blanket. I don't know if those we my favourite times but they are memories I will never forget! xo

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh happy days!

The first image. Are those yours? Been looking and lookings.

Prrrr. Lovely.

Thank you so very much for your "Encouraging Ballad, Babble, Banter" ? :)

I am having trouble juggling a bit this week with college, projects, kids...

So pretty much feel like an

Exhausted Bear

The good news is that several projects are almost completed.

bBchronicles said...

You're AMAZING - LOVE the post - love looking back! So SORRY to hear about your camera - I shall be in official mourning with YOU!!! Don't mean to make lite of the situation - I'm so sorry! THANKS for the visit.

Kristen White said...

Loved hearing about the memory of your favorite summer...so sweet! I'm not sure what summer is my favorite,I have to think about it some more :o)

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

A kid's dream come true! We once had to check into a hotel for a few days after a tornado downed some trees and cut our power and my daughter (3 at the time) kept asking when we could go back to the hotel!

Amanda said...

It's great to know how your story went. Love your nostalgic memories, and the simple things that we remember do so often mean the most. xx

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a lovely memory. I'm amazed that you can remember so many details, it must have been really wonderful. I wish I had memories like this, for me everything is always a blur :)

The Zhush said...

So great! Thanks for sharing this memory, the details you retained really get the nostalgia and warmth across in you post, really enjoyed this!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a GREAT GREAT post!!!!
Have a pretty day!

Jeanie said...

I have such a big smile on my face, reading this! Thank you so very much for sharing it! You do have a way with words and pictures!

Cashon&Co said...

that does sound like a magical summer, and similar to ones i had at about the same age at about the same decade. love seeing that old pepsi machine. i'ts fun to reminisense. now i gotta think of what mine is.