Monday, August 30, 2010

The Right Place and a Winner!

Back in June
pondered the question 
karma in my life.

This weekend, I once again
 found myself in the right
places, at the right

Saturday morning
my sweet friend Rosemarie 
and I were shopping
 Good Will for 
silent auction baskets.

As we left the store,
we noticed two big dogs
sitting in a car near mine.

After we'd both
oohed and ahhed
at how cute they were, we 
almost simultaneously gasped,
There are no windows
rolled down!

It was 90 degrees
and sunny outside.

Maybe because autumn
is almost here and the
mornings start out
cooler, the owner of
these animals didn't think
about cracking the

But, according to, your car is 
like an oven and even on a
  mild sunny day the temperature
in the car can get as hot 
as 120 degrees!

Dogs only perspire
through their paws and through 
panting.  In close quarters like
an automobile, they then expel this 
extra heat from their bodies, making the 
air around them even hotter.

Well, I zoomed up to GW's
 front door, lickety-split and 
Rosemarie ran in to have the
 check-out clerk make an announcement.

After five ~ yes, FIVE ~ whole minutes 
a young woman came out clutching
a bag, head down, doing a walk of shame 
as Ro and I gave her the stink eye.  After
she hurriedly jumped in and drove away, we 
wondered if we'd done the right thing by not
calling the police?

I pray that girl won't
make this mistake again.

google images
Yesterday, my son and I headed 
out to Costco.  At the light before we turn 
into the store driveway, I glanced over
to see how busy the parking lot looked.
At the end of the lot farthest from 
Costco {and closest to us} was a pickup truck
that had backed into its space ~ almost to
the railing that separates the lot from the busy
road, about ten feet below.

I saw a dog in the back of the pickup,
front paws on the railing, poised 
to JUMP!
My heart began to pound as I imagined
the grave danger this dog would be in
if he went through with
his getaway plan....

When the light turned green I found myself
like Mario Andretti, once again, peeling into
 that lot and parking next to the truck.

I leaped out of the car just in 
time to see the dog's rear legs
and tail disappear behind the pickup.
Sick with fear, I approached the railing
to see what had

Turns out there was about
one foot of space
between the pickup
and the railing.....

.....and the dog had
been tethered 
by the neck
 using two leashes, lashed to 
each side of the truck bed,
about three feet from
the back.

With only one foot on the 
ground, the poor guy was 
dangling ~
by a choke chain ~
over the back of
the truck!

A pinch choke chain.
The kind with one and
half inch spikes.....
pointing towards the
dog's neck.

A pit bull.

If it had been a lab or a collie 
or a mixed breed I would have
freed him, myself.  But there has
 been so much bad press 
 recently about pit bulls, 
that I was afraid to touch
him in this condition.


I left my son next to
our car in case the owner came back ~
he could flag the person down ~ 
and I high-tailed it through that
parking lot like you wouldn't believe....
in flip-flops!

google images
I burst through those automatic doors, up
to customer service and blurted out this
pathetic crisis in a loud voice. 
 One of the of the managers said
Take me 
and we were off, 
scrambling for the pickup.

As we got closer, the
screams from that dog
were just awful.  Because
the owner had parked so
far away from the building
{and other cars}, my
son was the only one 
to hear it.  He's eleven.
He said he could hardly
stand it.

As we crooned to the
dog It's okay, buddy, you're okay.....
we approached him from
both sides and unraveled
the knotted leashes keeping
him tethered to the truck.
As his other three paws touched 
terra firma, he wagged his tail and I swear,
 his eyes were 
all gratitude.

Since Costco has no
announcement system
in their stores, this manager
stood outside {it was 90
degrees} with her grateful charge.
  Another employee had been 
sent for water for the dog, 
which he drank and drank.

She sat out there with
the dog for 40 minutes.

When the owners left
the store, they were surprised
to see this young lady, who
I now know is called Kate,
with their dog.  When she
told them how their dog
nearly choked to death,
the woman barely muttered

Kate and I both shook our
heads sadly when she related
how this pup's adventure ended.
Maybe I should have called
the police she said mournfully.
I assured her that she'd
gone above and beyond
the call of duty and that
hopefully, his owners had
learned a lesson.


According to the Humane
Society of America, the
only way to transport a
dog safely in an open
pickup truck is in a heavy
travel crate.  They know
of no restraints that are
safe in this situation and
say there have been cases
where dogs tied down with
leashes or harnesses have
been strangled or dragged
after being thrown from a
truck bed.

So please, keep
your eyes open for this 
type of plight....You might
be the next person to
be in the right place,
at the right time, to help
an animal who cannot
help himself.

An animal's eyes have
the power to speak
a great language.
~ Martin Buber

Okay, now on to

a lighter subject:
The winner of my
CSN giveaway!

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Divine Distractions


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others: flickr ~ click each
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pretty pink tulips said...

You were definitely in the right place at the right place, b/c it takes a caring heart to take time out to help another, 2 legged or 4 legged!

You'll probably never know the influence you had on those animals and owners....but you did. The world would be a better place with more individuals like you. Thank you for sharing your courage and example to all of us!
xo Elizabeth
...and congratulations to the winner!!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Whoo Hoo! I won!! How fun! I have good Karma because I rescued my sweet Henry from a grocery store parking lot where he was left, chained to the cart return with no water! He weighed a mere 7 lbs at the time...just a baby. He's now a happy and healthy 4 yr old weighing in at a whopping 140bls!!! Aren't I lucky? Actually, I am. He's a great friend and I'm grateful to have been where I was to have found him. Thanks Suzanne for a timely post about caring for our best friends. And thanks for the give-a-way so that I could win!! I'm so excited!

Jo said...

Thanks to you {and your son} these pups are safe and sound. I often wonder what goes through the minds of some owners. Not only are you a sweet soul but you taught your son a valuable lesson in the process.

Congrats to the winner ~ what a lucky lady!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Poor things! You my dear were a guardian angel to all things furry and four legged on that special day. I seriously can hardly stomache anything cruel to an animal. They are like children...helpless and defenseless. They need us to take care of them. Kudos to you for not turning the other way.

Jemsmom said...

Wow! God put you in those places for a purpose. I can't even begin to imagine why people treat animals that way! You were a guardian angel to those animals that day. I just pray the owners learned a lesson and don't ever do it again.

Zaira said...

Poor dogs!! I wonder why people who have no heart towards animals do insist to keep animals...They think they don't suffer just because they're animals??? That makes me very angry!!!! Glad to hear there are sensitive people like you, my dear!!!

Hugs for you xx

Anonymous said...

My goodness you are AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that you were there! I volunteer for the humane society and I am a vegan for these exact reasons...the thoughtlessness of some people towards animals leaves me speechless sometimes. I believe it is some way, big or small, you will be rewarded, just when you least expect it.
You're a sweet and thoughtful gal ~ everything you write proves that. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sometimes just appalled at people's actions towards their pets as though they are not a living, breathing creature.

I called the police in Arizona at the grocery store one day. Same situation... very hot outdoors and dogs were shut in the back of the pickup that had a topper on it. When the guy finally came out of the store I gave him a VERY LARGE piece of my mind. Sheesh!


Debra@Common Ground said...

This just makes me sick in the pit of my stomach. When will people learn to THINK!!! I'd say you were God's messenger in these incidences. He sure does put us in places to help. It's our choice to do it or turn away. You did good, Suzanne!!
hugs and love,

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Suzanne....what a great post this is today about caring for animals. When we take our little dog, Sophie, with us we leave the air conditioning on the WHOLE TIME we are gone from the car.....if it is a hot day. I think our friends sometimes think we are nuts.....but you know, I really believe that these little guys are just people in dog suits. (O:(O:



deborah said...

you were in the right place at the right time. thank G*D, for you. what are people thinking, i often wonder? i think they aren't thinking at all. :(

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

I simply cannot bear the fact that many people regard their animals so lightly. I guess there will always be thoughtless people in the world, BUT, thank goodness, there will also always be caring people like you. I wonder why we always hesitate to call the police in situations like this? I probably wouldn't have. I guess we always want to give others the benefit of doubt. The ungratefulness of these dogs' owners makes me think they don't deserve that doubt. Hope I'm wrong and they resolve to be better keepers of their dogs.

Sweet as June said...

coming from a TRUE animal lover... I want to give you a big hug and a squeeze! Bravo... now we can only hope these people made a few silly mistakes and they are hugging and smooching their pups right now... we can only hope... :( or maybe :)

MamaMonki said...

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets or children either! Thank you for taking care of the pets that can't take care of themselves.

Beatnheart said...

sweet angel! I have goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes as I think of the cruelty of some people and the poor sweet animals that “belong” to them. You are a brave, sweet woman who steps up and takes a chance...we all need to do this...Thank You for being a brave angel of mercy.

Kathysue said...

Omgosh!! Those are two amazing stories. I think you were their angel in disguise. People just don't think. That is so sad. Lucky for those two dogs you were around. YOu are an angel in more ways than this. I don't believe in Karma but I do believe in Gods hand and a journey that he alone can take us on. You are in his hands that is for sure. Love you sweet girl,Kathysue

Claudia said...

Good for you! I have rescued many dogs in my lifetime and am continually appalled by the way some people treat their animals. The callousness and uncaring attitude is unacceptable. Thank goodness you were there to save these poor helpless animals.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a powerful post for anyone that considers bringing their pet out in the heat or, as you saw, tethering a pet to ANYTHING. You went above and beyond what many people {who don't want to get involved} would do. Bravo!

You asked me what type of dog Milo is...he is a Rat Terrier, cousin of the Jack Russel. And Layla is a mix of everything! They are cuties!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

This post just makes me furious, but not at you! I feel nothing but gratitude and admiration towards you, my lovely friend!

I truly have no place in my heart for mercy towards the sort of cretins who abuse their animals in such a cavalier fashion. And you see it every single day.

Bravo to you for speaking up....those poor babies have no voice of their own.

you know that you had me at that curly-q, Husky tail! :-)

Olive Cooper said...

Darling one, you were the human guardian angel to each of these animals. Tragic how people treat the least of these amongst us. Love you♣olive

pollydove said...

Cruelty to animals makes me crazy! Especially to dogs ... these guys were lucky you were there and that you are a caring, kind samaritan/guardian angel! :)

Good for you!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

OH MY! My heart is pounding and I'm mad and sad all at the same time! I'm such a animal lover, I don't get it, I really don't. It's like the people that buy pets and leave them outside with a bowl of water and food. OK...enough venting, you my friend were there for a reason! God was holding your hand all the way through!

Fearless Nester said...

Oh Suzanne, as soon as I saw '90 degree heat' and 'dog in car', I braced myself but then I breathed a sigh of relief to know that you were meant to be there at the right time for these sweet, innocent creatures! I swear it's always the saddest thing ever to witness any creature in pain and that had to be so hard for you and your son to hear those cries of that pitbull. But so joyful to finally be able to save him from choking to death. Phew, I'm all worn out just to imagine how stressful it must have been. Thanks for posting about this and God bless you for taking such quick action for these sweet little critters. xo ~Lili

Michele said...

I am so glad you were there to take care of those pups....I tell ya.....people just don't think at all. It is scary!-

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Bless you! You certainly were in the right places at the right times. I do a lot of animal rescue work and unfortunately we see this kind of bad behavior towards animals all the time. It disgusts me. Bless your heart for being such a good person and animal lover.
When I was 16 and had just gotten my drivers license I went to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping. I pulled into a parking spot and heard a baby cry. The car next to me had a very tiny baby left all alone! I flagged someone down and asked them to go in the store and make an announcement while I stayed next to the car with the baby. I waited 45 minutes for the mother to come out! She had just left her 3 month old baby alone in the car while she shopped!!! I was only 16 but I gave her hell. It's difficult to understand some people's thinking, isn't it.
Again, bless your heart for taking care of those dogs! You are a very special person.

A Perfect Gray said...

isn't it amazing where we are 'put' and why we are 'put'?
thanks for reminding us all...

Deborah said...

Oh Suzanne thank God you were there and more so for your heart of compassion..
Poor little darlins' :(
Showers of blessings on you this week my friend..

Deborah \0/ xoxo

La Dolfina said...

Wow... you were the patron saint of dogs over the weekend! Thank you for caring so much.

Julie said...

First, Congrats to Sally!!! :-) :-)

And NOW...I am right there with you girl. I have been there done that, gotten scowls, left notes on windows, called police, even children sleeping in carseats in HOT cars... We are STEWARDS of these creatures...We have to think, or else have someone else prompt us to think. If God is aware of sparrows falling to the ground, I am very sure he is aware of pets who are near heat strokes in cars...It is a good thing to try and save these animals from suffering. YOU GO my bloggy animal loving sister.! Hopefully others will be inspired to step up and rescue animals who are about to be injured or hurt by their circumstances that are out of their control... HUGS to you!!
(PS--- haha I laughed at the "rantr" word verification...NO of course that has no significance!!! LOL!) {:-)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Thank God you were there to assist with those dogs. I cannot even begin to tell you how many dogs (even cats) I have rescued from situations such as the ones you described. I never hesitate to call the police because if not punished in some way, the owner will continue to repeat the offense. I have what I call my rescue gear in my car at all times. I have had to rescue animals in some bizarre situations and have needed strange things to assist with the rescues.

Thank you Suzanne for being who you are and caring so much! We need a lot more people like you in this world.

~ Tracy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YEAH SALLY!!!!! And....dearest, what an incredible story heart just breaks to see how people treat animals. It is really a problem, and those canines were lucky that you were there for them! I just hurts because animals can't tell us but just schreech and it really is sad. Your manner in which you tell it is amazing...I believe keeping the narrative in the present also keeps us on edge...we can feel the pain of the victim. Thanks again for coming to visit me; I don't know if you saw my comment from this morning, I believe.....HAPPY WEEK!! Anita

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Angels and asses...they are everywhere!!! Thank god you were there. This is the sort of thing that haunts me and makes me wonder how people can be so cruel...and stupid! There truly is nothing more agonizing than seeing a child or animal in distress.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand any sort of animal neglect or cruelty. You have a good heart! xo

Linda said...

You were where you were meant to be, Suzanne, and thank God you were... I pray these owners were taught a lesson that day and show their dogs more consideration and care...Thank you for taking the time to get involved!
Congrats to Sally!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Dear Suzanne~~~

Those people/"owners" have NO RIGHT to even HAVE an animal!!!~~~
THEY should be treated the SAME WAY as their dogs... then we'll see how THEY like it!!! (Sorry, but I get SOOOOOOOO UPSET when I see/hear/read about animals being treated that way!!!...that just makes me go off like nothing else can!!!)........

Bless you for what you did~~~ I've done the same thing, and will continue to do so until I NEVER see it aqain!!!

'scuse me now, but I want to lean down and hug our Belle, who is resting her sweet, big head on my feet while I type!!!

...All creatures ARE great... whether big OR small...

Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

* BTW, as I've been thinking about this subject, & how is upsets me, I felt I MUST SHARE this because some people just "don't think"...

****** Many years ago our new Vet in Kansas told us how badly he felt for "'letting' his beloved German Shorthaired Pointer (that's what WE'VE always had!)die"........ The dog had a house outside at the Vet's offices, & had a long "leash". He left him there at nights (baaaad idea, of course!)... Apparently ANOTHER dog... loose... attacked him during the night, in the dsnowy winter. He got wound up around a tree and could not defend himself... he was terribly wounded, and the Vet found him the next a.m. dead in the snow, still wrapped around the tree. I'll NEVER forget the look on his face as he looked at OUR German Shorthaired Pointer, and the sheer sadness (& sickness) he obviously felt... I feel sick thinking about it STILL, after all these years, and write it here only to WARN OTHERS, N*O*T to make them feel as badly as I, or make them cry...... but, to WARN THEM...OWNERS need to THINK of every possible situation that can happen!!!...

Thanks for making others stop n' think~~~ the SAD thing tho, is that those who NEED to read all of this probably WON'T... only the TRUE ANIMAL LOVERS usually do!!!

Blessings to all,
Linda in AZ *

Tamarah said...

Hello Suzanne....!

THANK YOU so much for your recent comment & advice re my pending US visit....!!

Alas....I've decided to head to Texas following Junk Bonanza though I'm ALREADY planning next years trip & have the Barn House Show in my sights.... :o) !!

I hope I get to see you at Junk Bonanza....!

Just 13 sleeps to go for me & I'm on my way....! WOOHOO....!

*** I'm GLAD you happened upon these poor pooches....It makes me sad to see these 'gifts' treated so poorly....Truly sad....!! ***

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

traci said...

those pups were very lucky you were around to help them. poor things. what is wrong with people. maybe we should do to the owners what they did to their dogs and see how they feel. is that harsh sounding? oh well.

congrats to sally.

sherry said...

Oh my gosh.....stories like that just tear me up inside. It is inconceivable how people can treat an animal. I have 2 rescued Old English and I love them with all my heart. They bring me so much joy everyday. It is so hard to know when to intervene in situations like you experienced. But...sometimes you just have to follow your gut.

koralee said...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!! This makes me soooo angry!!! What a blessing you are my friend to do something and not just walk away...I am sooooo proud of you.

Why do these people not think????? Why do they own animals????

grrrrrr. Nothing really upsets me more.

I just heard of a young toddler that was left in the car and died of the heat...??????

Thank you for this post...pray someone may read it and think a little more. xoxoxoxo

Cashon&Co said...

i am sick to my stomach. Ugh. Doesn't make any sense how people can treat a living creature like this. Makes me madder than heck. That is how we have our sweet family dog "Lucky". Some jerky ninkempoop drove this cute doggie out to a field in the middle of NOWHERE in South Texas and dumped him. He was living under worker's trailers for months, miles from anywhere. My husband had been visiting this field for rig drillings over the period of 2 months, and this skin & bones dog disappeared after the first month. But then out of nowhere, he reappeared and came running to my husband. Without hesitation my husband put him in the back of his rental car, and drove 7 hours back to our city 2 days before Christmas with this skinny mangy dog -- Who is now a healthy happy family dog who we love so much. I think often how could someone dump this loyal, loving creature? Just tears me up. And the pit bulls almost have no chance, from the moment they are puppies. How people use their nature for greediness.... Sorry, OFF MY SOAPBOX!! I like how you tagged your post "karma". I so believe in karma for people. good & bad. And on that note, I gotta go find that Lucky Dog and get him a bone!

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Some people just should not have dogs!! It's disturbing how animals are treated like property.

Alisa said...

Good for you, Suzanne! There are so many people who would have taken an glance and moved on. But thankfully there are people like you. And then to share this post with us all, you are reminding us to all pay it forward!
Thank you!

Beach House Living said...

You all have my utmost adoration. Yes I would have called the police about the pit pull. Thank goodness you were there and did something. So many would have looked and done nothing. Did you see the show "what would you do" about exactly this?

The collar you refer to is for training purposes only and is supposed to be put on a certain way most people put them too low. They and regular choke collars are never ever meant to be worn as a standard collar.

Our dog was literally choking herself on walks with her regular buckle collar. I felt awful buying a spike collar for my dog but a trainer said "properly put on" it's great to train her not to pull. Took 20 minutes and never been used since!

We are dog friendly at work. No cell phones but absolutely don't leave the dog in the car!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Thank goodness you were there to help these poor pups! I honestly don't know why some people even have dogs when they clearly don't care about them. Even rolling down the windows on a hot day apparently isn't enough as the air circulates so poorly and temperatures can still soar within 5-10 minutes. Bless your heart Suzanne! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You are a good person!!! Both of those dogs were thankful believe me!
It is so sad to hear these stories!
God bless you!
Have a pretty day!

LuLu said...

You are such a blessing. You've made me make sure i keep my eyes wide open in case i ever see an animal in danger.

red ticking said...

dear suzanne...
God truly had you in the right places... and you have a heart of gold... lovely post... sad but true... xx pam

Morning T said...

OMG my heart is pounding out of my chest. Whew for you are a life saver! I would've been hysterical in both instances.

Nanniepannie said...

People amaze me every day both good and bad. What a world!

Amanda said...

Wow you were definitely in the right place at the right time Suzanne, and I'm sure, once those owners got over themselves, that they would be quite beside themselves too at their thoughtlessness. And the karma does seem to have come full circle with Sally from Divine Distractions winning your giveaway, and her own rescue story. Fate indeed!