Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Question

Tell me about yourself.

Over the last year
I have volunteered
at an organization
that assists unemployable
or under-employed
individuals to prepare 
for interviews 
that will help
them land jobs
 paying a
 living wage.

Tell me about yourself
is often the
most daunting
question for them
to field.

received recognition
from some lovely
bloggers, asking
me to answer this
same question, in
one way or another.


Decor Naturel
I've decided to
use the framework
for my answer
provided by the
wonderful Melissa
who asked:

What are 
seven things in
your life
that you
to be true?

1. Bloom
where you
are planted.

As a child
my family moved
numerous times
with my dad's
career, from east
to west, south to
north and this
was our mantra.
Making friends,
joining a church,
you can't help
but blossom.
I've moved
seven times in
my married life
so this philosophy
has served me well!

2. Kindness

Whether it's a
compliment to 
someone in the
grocery check-out
line or writing a thank
you note to my child's
favorite teacher, I
believe that kindness
is a limitless gift to
share with others.
I've never regretted
showing kindness,
only missed
to give it.

3. We choose 
to be 

Every school day when
I hug my kids good-bye,
I don't tell them to be 
good or to have a nice
day....I tell them to
be happy.  It's a choice
we make, each day.

4. Friendship
and physical boundaries.
Our common values
are the ties that bind.

I am blessed with
friends of all ages and
stages.  Some of the best,
including my parents,
live far away from me.
One bestie even lives in
New Zealand, a
a world away
But, she's always
to my heart.

5. Everyone
a story.

Even those who
think that their lives
are ordinary have
a tale to tell.  From
fellow airline passengers,
to seniors in my choir,
to each of your blogs,
I'm all ears; true
stories fascinate me
in a way that fantasy
never will!

6. My legacy 
will be
the two
 loving people
that I helped 
to raise.

No other job
that I've ever held
will impact the
world like this one.
I pray each day
for God's
guidance to
get it right!

7. Time and 
unconditional love 
are the most precious
commodities on earth.

These are both things to
be savored, as you cannot
buy either one.  Oh how
I wish I'd realized
this when I was younger!
I've squandered
my share of time,
I have been
given the gift 
of unconditional
love from special
people {and animals!} in my 
life, including 
the dearest man
who married me
nearly 24 years ago.

What do you
know in your
life to be

In addition to
Melissa, I'm
sending big 
thank-yous to
Sally at Divine
Annie at Decor Naturel
for their dear awards
and for caring enough
to say....

Tell me


Dovecote Decor said...

I guess I'll dive in! My motto is that: "love is the energy that makes work painless." It actually came to me in a dream where I remembered teaching my baby brother how to ride a two wheeler. When I feel down, I try to surround myself with children. I steal the neighbor baby when ever I can. I love my little soul stop of the day!

La Dolfina said...

Wow Suzanne you are so deep and wise.
So many of your insightful posts bring me to tears and give me goosebumps. You are so precious and your writing is such a gift. You were blessed with the gift of wisdom and I love how you share it with us in blogland.
Love you,

Jemsmom said...

Terri says it best. You have a gift with words and wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us. I think mine is my blog post. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away." I look for those moments every day and cherish each one.

vignette design said...

Very well said. I can agree with it all.

Sweet as June said...

My second time visiting you and my second time with tears in my eyes! I am telling my kids to BE HAPPY when I kiss them good bye from this day on... thank you for your beautiful words.

Morning T said...

Why oh why do you always manage to bring tears to my eyes with your beautiful posts?! You are an insightful and amazing woman.

My Grama's Soul said...

What a beautiful post you have shared with us today......thank-you.



fairmaiden said...

You are beautiful inside and out!

Kathysue said...

Suzanne, again you show your beauty and wisdom with words.I think your life will always feel fulfilling because you know what it is all about. You give back in so many ways and we in blog land are luck enough to be able to share in your words. Thank you for being such a wonderful blogging friend and a beautiful soul inside and out, Love,Kathysue

Bringing Pretty Back said...

wow. I am going to ponder this today. Very good question for me this week. I want to thank you so very much for your comments on my blog about me thinking of giving up blogging. I am not going anywhere!!! THANK YOU!
Have a pretty day!

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Once again, your grace and wisdom shine through in your tremendous ability to communicate. I AM SO HAPPY I found your blog! One motto I try to live by is to "have a bias toward yes." That is by being positive of course. But also, when things are asked of me by other people, remembering, they ask because they need what they're requesting and responding with a yes to them whenever possible.

Blondie's Journal said...

Very thoughtful and wise words, Suzanne. You have so many gifts that you continually share with us in Blogland and I can only imagine in your own life. By being such a warm and caring person, you can only inspire others to be the same. Thanks for this wonderful post.


paige said...

this is beautiful suzanne.
i love your words & i love how you communicate with eloquence....something i lack!
each of your truths is a profound statement about who you are and how huge your heart is towards those around you. what an inspiration!

thank you for your words today concerning my reading list! i love how you put it...kissing alot of literary frogs. too funny.
i read one of elizabeth bergs and it was ok. i'll check out some of her earlier works.

thank you for always being such an encouragement.
blessings to you todayxo

Blooming Rose Musings said...

My goodness, this is something I will ponder all day. Thank you for your gift of words to us and your thought provoking questions. You are such a dear person and have openly shared your beauty and kindness with all of us. Thank you.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Suzanne - I am not surprised by your words. You know what it's like when you instantly connect with someone. You just can feel that they are good, kind & caring. Well that's you. Your 7 are all so deeply moving and so true. Love that you sing in the church choir, right?
You are very inspiring person & your children are so blessed to have you as their mother, mentor & nurturer.

Big hug for you being you!! xx

Amanda said...

I feel I am just parroting everyone else Suzanne, but you have written this post so beautifully, and these are amazing lessons on life. 'Bloom where you are planted' - I especially love this one.

Ms. Bake-it said...

My thoughts echo the words of many of the other comments. There are so many things floating through my mind that I would love to share, but I do not have the gift of being able to put them into words. Your posts always touch me on some level. You write with such eloquence and give us thought provoking questions which make us look inside ourselves. You are a beautiful an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom with us.

~ Tracy

pollydove said...

I just love your sentiment! This was a beautiful post, and I LOVE that picture of you and your sweetheart.

(And you reminded me that I got nominated for an award and am supposed to share 7 things about me ... they won't be as profound as these from you, I am sure.)

Deborah said...

Would it be okay if I just give you a great big hug right through this blog?! :)
You are one very very precious lady and I would love to be able to meet you with "skin on".lol
Thank you for your words that go to the depths of my heart and move me deeply...
Love, hugs, and smiles sent your way my dear friend, Suzanne..

With all my heart,
Deborah xoxoxoxxo

Jeanie said...

Oh, Suzanne -- this is brilliant -- and yes, I do know you all the better for this thoughtful, provocative post, one that will stick with me as I think about the seven things that matter to me most. That may well be a blog post someday, inspired by you.

And, I might add that the photos you chose to illustrate this post with are wonderful -- that first one, pure magic. All tell the story, and oh -- what a story they tell!

Thank you!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Susanne, I love the way you express yourself. I believe everything you have said resonates with what I also hold dear. I love the sweet photo of you and your sweetie. I've been catching up on your posts (as I've been m.i.a. lately) and I especially loved your post on fashion. Looks like you come from a long line of elegant ladies...no wonder you are so full of style and energy for beauty!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Another lovely post Suzanne! You are truly one of the most inspiring people I've ever 'met'! I have to agree with every one of your points.

What I know to be true is that life is too short wo live each day to the fullest, don't be afraid, show your love and take time to enjoy everything around you and live in the moment. If everyone could do just that, we'd have a world of happy, kind people and what a lovely world that would be!

Gorgeous photo of you and your guy! xo

Low Tide High Style said...

Beauty shines through in each and every one of your posts, but this one is especially beautiful!

Kat :)

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I love hearing about other bloggers. And you are truly one of the most interesting and creative ones I've ever chanced "to meet." Truly.

Olive Cooper said...

This is my favorite post of yours. When I think of my daughter I think she is the novel, my magnum opus if you will, I am writing daily. She is my lifes work, what really counts for eternity. hugs♥olive

Marie said...

Beautiful post Suzanne! Truly amazing. The byline for my life lays in the words of Emily Dickenson. "Dwell in Possibility."

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. All I can say is that I am honored to know you and to have had you in my home; I hope that we can meet again, for you are a wonderful and insightful friend. Isn't it wonderful to KNOW these things...this is what we are made of....thank you dear, dear friend. Anita

traci said...

your words are beautiful. i love this post. everything is very true. you are a very wise woman. many people go there whole lives without learning those golden rules.

have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

North of 25A said...

Thank you for reminding my of all that I have to be grateful for!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. We are so lucky to get the opportunity to know you through blogging!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Suzanne, you have no idea how much you impress me. Your heart, your wisdom, your unbelievable gifts...I truly feel so much richer having made your acquaintance. Now if we can only manage to do it in "real" life!

Huge hugs,

Fearless Nester said...

I just admire you so much Suzanne. You have once again imparted so much wisdom using just a simple exercise of 7 things you know to be true. And it's a nice treat to see a picture of you and your love together. What a darling couple you are. ~Lili

koralee said...

Amen...I so agree with all of these!
I soooooo love "Kindness always matters" I try to live everyday by that. Thanks you for this amazing post ...once again you inspire me to pieces. xoxoxoxo

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

A hundred percent #3. My husband and I live by it..., nothing is more important than (to practice) being happy, and feeling good.

Thanks so much for your input..., Oregon would so be on my list if it was just a bit warmer!

Jo said...

So very true on all accounts ~ these could easily be my answers.

What a thought provoking post!

I'm so glad I'm now following along with you. You are so right, we have tons in common.


Mona Thompson said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I've ever been here before, but I'm very glad I cam today. Very thoughtful. It just makes me pause. Thank-you.

Melissa K said...

What a lovely post! I found your blog via Melissa's and is interesting to see how people respond to the 'things I know to be true'.
I especially like your thoughts about choosing to be happy - I couldn't agree more.
Thanks for sharing this lovely post,

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I remember that first time I landed on your beautiful blog and you had a post up about conservatories...I've been reading ever since!

You have a beautiful way with words...this was all so perfectly stated and wonderful reminders to us all!

June said...

Suzanne I loved your seven things. I am so glad to know you even better after reading this today. How important it is to have a full life and not to waste a single minute on regret. Your list is perfect for living all the joy that is there for each of us to grab a hold of every single day of our lives.
Thank you for the wonderful read today...I loved every word!
hugs to you,

hometown girl said...

this post is just beautiful and hearfelt, i believe everything you have written here. i think when my children go to school soon i will tell them be happy, i can't agree more that it's a choice.....thank you for sharing yourself with us. hugs, susan

Laura said...

You have fed our spirits and minds once again.
Thank you,

White Spray Paint

Josh Healy said...

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Fern Valley Farm said...

I am just now reading this post....and I am so touched by it. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself and I am very uplifted by your words and wisdom.
All the best,

Beatnheart said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. I love the choice of your tunes playing the background. You are amazing. When I grow up, I want to be just like you...

pve design said...

On this day, I thank-you for your words. I truly believe that each day is to be celebrated and embraced like a child lives. We need to hold on to that child like quality.

Anne said...

Oh, Suzanne, is is always a treat to read what comes from your heart. Your gentle spirit shines through each and every post. As a therapist, number 5 really touched me. Indeed we all do have stories, and they all are worth honoring. Have a beautiful day.

Carol said...

I just swoon over a sweet picnic basket. The Southerland picnic basket would be perfect for a lazy afternoon picnic in the autumn. I'm from Texas and our Fall is not as spectacular as the east coast, but we'll take it over the 102 degrees it will be today anytime.



Cashon&Co said...

i just copied this and printed it and am going to put it on my visor in my car and on my computer too, because these 7 mantras literally sum up my exact philosophies too. i KNEW I really liked you! Good character through and through.....

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Forgive me for being absent for a while...sometimes life trumps blogging, but this post is a validations that I gave this award to the right person! It's a rare soul who understands the depth of the gifts we've been given and an even rarer one who can communicate it to others. You are very gifted, not only with your words but with the spirit with which you reach out and touch others. I'm so glad you blog. We're all enriched!

Splendid Willow said...

Suzanne, wise you are beyond words. You always make us stop and think. (And I am going to tell you a little secret. When I visit your blog, I quite often let your music be the background music for the rest of my blog networking! I have listened to your songs for hours! So, even with your music choices you are inspirational.)

So true that as parents our legacy
will be the loving people that we help raise. And no other job on the planet is more important.

Beautiful picture of you and your husband! Thank you for sharing.

Love to you, Mon