Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{Getting} The GOODS: Part 2

I need to preface this post
with a confession:
 I'm not the aggressive 
that one needs to be when
visiting a sale like the
Na-da Farm petit flea market.

My senses get bowled over 
and I have to wander and take
everything in before I decide
what to purchase. 
 I'm bad ~ no, really bad ~
at pouncing on
the big goodies.

I'm the girl at the estate sale
who lines up early with the
 intention of looking for furniture, 
but comes out with a tea cup.
The real wheelers and dealers
swoop in, make their decisions
and wham!
they're out of there in a flash!

I'm standing there with a 
tea cup, thinking
what just happened here?

And, I always have Mr. Privet's
opinion in the back of my mind.

You see, when we were still
newlyweds, living in our little
Queen Anne Victorian
 in Illinois, I went to
the Kane County flea market. 
I made a BIG purchasing mistake
that he's never let me forget.

I fell in deep deep love with
an antique wardrobe.  A very
wardrobe with a mirrored front.
This wardrobe cost me a whole
paycheck.  Figured I was a working
girl and could make this big
decision on my own.

That was bad call number one.
He didn't agree.

Bad call number two:  It had to
be delivered.  More dinero.

Bad call number three:
It barely fit through the door.

Once inside, it had to be
lifted precariously by the
delivery men over the circa 1890
banister and handed up to the
first landing, then again 
muscled over the banister to
the top, because the stairway
was way too narrow to 
accommodate this beast.  

{Very similar to this staircase
from the movie Daddy Day Care.}
Yes, within inches of
the original 1890 stained glass
window on the landing.

{The window wasn't damaged!}

But the wardrobe didn't
go with us when we moved.

To this day, when I say I'm 
off to a flea market, Mr. P.
gets nervous.
Very, very nervous!

So, when the doors to Na-da's
petit flea market opened to
welcome us in, I was carrying
the baggage of flea markets
past with me.

I didn't pounce on the lovely
white bistro chairs ~ Tracey did!
Nor did I snag a beautiful
cornice board for over the bed, 
or a really pretty large piece
of decorative molding.
They were snapped up by more
decisive buyers!

But, in my own meandering 
time.....over two visits.....
I did pick up a few sweet
things for the nest that I am
quite happy about.
{One of my golds, Fiona, insisted I buy this display
of vintage cork screws.  She knew they'd be just right,
and here they are!}
Mr. P  hijacked the 
footstool my mom made me
to his office, so I bought
him this little gem as a trade.

There's some more burlap
love happening here
on my blogging chair ~
 my new lumbar pillow.

This cloche and scalloped base 
elevate almost anything
you put under the wire!

I was inspired by this 
painting.  I love quotes
and I'm also
 bringing blue back
 {my new mantra}, 
so it was a natural selection.

Use what talents you possess:
the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang
except those that
sing best.
Artist Jen even signed it!

This star made from
weathered barn wood
will look fine
strung with fairy lights
in the summer garden
and in the winter
 for Christmas.

A little poker chip medallion
strung on an organza ribbon
came home for my daughter.

My son got a bag of macaroons
and he was just fine with that!

I did buy several other small
things, which will be going to
live at other homes in the form
of gifts.

See Mr. P, no worries!
It's all GOOD.

Thanks for traveling to the
farm with me!
xx P&H


paige said...

well i think you scored indeed!!
love what you found.
i've so enjoyed perusing around and seeing all the different images from what was obviously a gorgeous event.
the wired cloche is fantastic
actually it all is, who am i fooling!?

Olive Cooper said...

That stool is charming. Oh that funky cloche is off the chain Suzanne. I agree that to grab things quickly can get you into trouble. Sometimes the impulse for a great bargain is what overcomes me.


Anonymous said...

The vintage cork screws are lovely! Have never seen them displayed so nicely. I'll bet you find the perfect place for them in your home.


craftymarta said...

Sweety, we all had make the same kind of mistakes. I should be a millionaire but I'm not. At the estate sales is all about executive decisions. They are so crowded and the shoppers can be quite rude and brutal. It is everybody to fend for yourself. I rather missed out in a piece than make a foolish buy, still my biggest mistakes have been done for personal pieces for which you are willing to pay more. I love everything you got this time around, especially that stool and the cloche with the stand. Live and learn. It may take a little longer for your DH to be trustful again. Happy shopping. Blessings, Marta.

Vonda said...

The art work piece is my favorite. Everything looks great...such character. I tend to get caught up in the ambiance of it all and I too can never figure out if I realy want 'that item' or not. I would say you did your job well...

Anonymous said...

I think you are wise to take it all in rather than to start grabbing...I've also made some bad estate sale decisions! Sometimes I get overwhelmed because everything is so pretty that I forget I have to take it home and actually live with it all! :) I love what you did get and good job restraining yourself! The sale looks like it was lovely...I think I should start taking some roadtrips to some ~
Happy Day!

Blondie's Journal said...

You picked up some great pieces. I love the wire cloche and the pillow!

I live about 15 miles from the Kane County Flea Market and keep planning to go...I will be avoiding anything bigger than my car, thank you!!

I so wanted to come to this event but had other plans. Next year for sure...


Julie said...

I feel like I am a lurker! I just wanted to check in and say Hi, and I love visiting here on your blogposts...
I went back and read some past ones. Saddened about your doggy one. I know that feeling... Love our pets...
I can see why you loved the wardrobe. I remember the mistakes I made being a new bride and concerning purchases without the "two become one" vote taking place first!!!!! ahhh. how we learn the better way! Now 28 years later, I have become wise and oh so much more thrifty! I have learned the value and wisdom of W-a-i-t-i-n-g!!
Good things come to those who wait and watch! :-)
Thanks for all your great posts. I love the wire cloche. I may be trying to make one soon, when I get the time and the wire.
Hope you have a great week. enjoyed my visit.
Hugs to you, my fellow bloggy sister.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I too am a slow and steady type of gal. I have made to many mistakes of purchasing something only to find 3 stalls down the exact same item for 1/2 of the price. (Or some such nonsense.) Because of this I have found buried treasure and things that at the end of the day go home with me because the dealer was tired. :)

ZAIRA said...

I am not able to purchase in these places, I don't why.....but the items shown look really great.

I read Garden Spell too. I liked it soo much but I've never read R. Pilcher....I think I will really buy one of her books, maybe the one you suggest. I saw the movie with K. Knightley, I watched almost them all because the settings are superb!! Thanks for your precious advice Suzanne xoxo

Anne Marie said...

awesome Suzanne!! all the best for winning an Elizabeth with your decorating skills.....

and keep us posted on all that, all your ideas sound wonderful!

Cashon&Co said...

the way you write and do your posts are so fun to read! such a treat to the eyes!

Grammy said...

I was happy to see Fiona and your Goddaughter made the trip with Kathleen. Was that a surprise?
All of the treasures you purchased had your name
written on them. Your better half will need a
pillow on his footstool though. Hope he liked it.
You showed great taste and self control.

Morning T said...

I am exactly the same way and have to check everything out once before I go back and start buying. My hubby gets so mad because I'll see something I like and not buy it but then dwell on it for ages afterwards. Indecisive buying is painful. :)
You actually picked up quite a few things and they are all fabulous, love your taste!!

Kathleen said...

Gosh, you have such a way of bringing back old memories. I had to laugh when I read about that Kane County armoire! Mr. P, indeed, was not pleased! but it was beautiful!

I had a great time discovering the beauties at the farm with you, and seeing the treasures through your eyes in these last two posts makes me appreciate them all the more :)

Flaviana said...

Thanks for taking us with you! It was lot of fun..and.. I think I'm like you, not good at pouncing nor at bargaining :-)
You actually got some pretty things nonetheless, I love the stool!!
BTW that wardrobe may have been a bad idea but it was absolutely gorgeous!
xx Flaviana

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG I just lost everything I wrote to is another try....I am so enchanted by your post here! I can't wait to hear all about you when we visit soon!!! Thank you dearest for visiting with me as well. Oh, the trip to Chez Joy and Na-Da looks like it was sooooooo fun!

Cheers, Anita

fairmaiden said...

I am exactly the same I don't go to Flea Markets or Estate Sales. I am a meanderer for sure and I probably would have been in NaDa farms garden more than the barn sale. Now I know I would of had a friend beside me..YOU..strolling while munching on yummies from the Patisserie. But I do like what you got especially the wire cloche and bird medallion for your daughter.

Kim said...

Girl you are just too precious. I love your honesty. I guess I'm one of those swoop in types that probably gets on people's nerves! I'm a girl with a mission and I don't let anything get in my way. Ha! But I must say you came away with some real treausures and I'm sure even Mr. P&H was happy. That was a sweet story, but I would've had a hard time leaving that armoire behind!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Looks like you got some great finds! I am not one of those swoop in kinds either and I missed a couple of great pieces this weekend because "I wanted to look around some more"! I have a antique armoire sitting in my living room now that was suppose to go to our bedroom but wouldn't fit up the stairs.

A Vintage Chic said...

You found such lovely things! I'm the same way with "big" purchases...really can't do it without his opinion...we've all made that mistake, I think!

Hope you're having a most beautiful day!


Beach Combing... said...

I am just like you, have to scope out the landscape before I buy anything - for me the fun is in the looking and the hunting and then finding just the right thing to load in my car. I get overwhelmed with all of the beautiful trinkets and gorgeous fabrics, colors, etc, once in a while I kick myself for not bringing home something that I really liked, but oh well... Have a fab day!

Kathysue said...

Hi Sweetie, Oh what fun you had and great treasures. I think we have all made an occasional purchase that we learn a lesson from. I like treasure hunting but I am a mood buyer. If I am in the mood I am good at treasure hunting if I am not in the mood, not so good and I walk out empty handed. We must admit when we are treasure hunting it is usually nothing that we need so the WANT monitor has to be ON!! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. I love seeing your visits there, you are the best commenter ever!! Hugs Kathysue

Beach House Living said...

How true this story is. I recently went to a huge auction with the true pros it's amazing to watch them! When we moved into our home my armoire would not fit up the stairs..It's in the dining room with the crown molding off of it. But alas while I may bring home way to many silver plate items or magazines it was my DB that made the size error. We are the proud owners of a media center that sits in storage! He forgot the new (old) house is smaller.

Cathy said...

Oooohhh I am so jealous you got to attend the big event! Lucky you! Everything you found is wonderful...and how fun that they are little goodies created by our blogging buddies!



Jeanie said...

Oh, dear! I wrote a wonderful comment about how I'd had a similar experience (though nothing so heavy as an armoire!) and how much I loved your other photos! The star is a great find, and loved the bird ornament.

But most of all, thanks for the kind and sensitive comments on the Marmelade Gypsy about our uncle Bob. I was so very touched.

traci said...

what a cute post!! wow, the wardrobe is beautiful though. do ya miss it? you left with some amazing treasures. thanks for sharing what you did with them.

LuLu said...

How I wish I had been there to shop with you... take it all in and find little treasures to bring back. I'm missing out on all the great flea markets this season. Love what brought home!!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Suzanne!
Oh sweetie, we've all made that one, big purchase we've lived to regret! I'm sure you loved your wardrobe for a season. Plus, you got a good post out of it, so bonus!

I love all your finds, but I think that painting was the find of the day. LOVE that quote!

This really was a wonderful event, thank you so much for letting us make the journey with you!

Love ya bunches!

Fearless Nester said...

Oh this was so much fun to read. Too bad you didn't even get to take your wardrobe with you, but it probably would just have served to remind you about it all! Sounds like you have redeemed yourself with Mr. P&H in this regard, I'm sure he breathed a big sign of relief when you came home with your wonderful treasures this time. I particularly love the wire cloche and that sweet little bird medallion. ~Lili

Tina said...

Oh I love all of your gorgeous treasures, especially the barnboard star and that wire cloche, just gorgeous:) I am sure there was no reason for Mr. P&H to be concerned with these gorgeous purchases:) Sounds and looks like a fabulous day was had. Enjoy your new treasures ~ Tina

Elizabeth said...

Love it all! Especially that picture with that sweet quote! What great fun!

The Zhush said...

Wow! What an amazing round up of beautiful items you scored! Love that folk art painting so much, and that star is great too!

La Dolfina said...

I love all your treasures. Don't be intimidated by hunters that swoop in and scoop up, I'm a believer that patience pays off and I think you proved that:)
Everything you bought was meant to come home with you! Is that wonderful footstool from Joy? I just love her! So happy you were able to connect with such lovely ladies and were a part of this amazing barn sale weekend! What a great memory you all shared.
So much love to you Suzanne,

myletterstoemily said...

thank you for sharing your treasures in such
an entertaining fashion. sounds like a lovely
treasure hunt.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Before I forget, I must say I'm so happy we're "bringing blue back!" One of my favorite colors (obviously I have more than a few.) You did fantastic! I go out planning to buy something big and do the same thing. Walk out with some vintage spoons or something. Always that little niggling doubt in the back of your mind... You shall be very happy with your finds.

beachy chic said...

You got some great stuff! I only bought a step-ladder, a burlap sack & a letter "B" - I loooove that wooden star.. that is a fantastic idea to string some fairy lights 'round it.. must hunt for wooden stars now.. thanks for sharing!

Connie Cusick said...

What great finds!!! This looks like a total treasure hunt!!
Thanks for inspiring! Best, Connie

lisaroy said...

It looks like you found some lovely treasures! I bought an old armoire in almost the same way you did - luckily it has moved with us each time (I think we're up to about 15 times now?) and I still treasure it. I'm looking forward to a big event this weekend - only 3 hour drive away and I intend to get there by 8am! : )

Splendid Willow said...

What a fun post, Suzanne! And you tell your good Huz (that Monika says!) that you buy quality not quantity. And that always pays off (yes, the armoire was in that category too - I insist)!

I would go shopping with you and day.

You are such a dear!



Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh I wish I could have been there. Your choices are wonderful, what fun! My Mr. Mars is always very nervous on my treasure hunts, he kindly refers to it as DPS, Dead People Stuff(being PC here) I told him this year I have a new rule, nothing bigger than a bread box, HA blew that one yesterday when I brought home a potting bench, oh well, I love it!
Thanks for taking me along. As always love my visits. Happy Weekend!

Kansas Amy said...

Great purchases, and such a funny story about the wardrobe!