Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There's Nothing Like the Real Thing

I have always loved 
having flowers
and other green things
in the house.

Only one little problem.
I kill them....
with kindness!

If a little water is good,
isn't more even better?

Back in our Victorian house,
I was successful with African Violets.
They lounged on a window
with just the right exposure.
They bloomed and bloomed
and bloomed,
some more.

Then we moved.

They didn't care 
for the new view.

Over the years I have tenderly
a lot of plants!

Finally, I decided,
enough is enough.
I banished all real flora
{except cut flowers}
our house.

But slowly....
they've crept back in.

First it was orchids
I love orchids.
{Although several have
met their demise at the
hand of my watering can.}

Sneaky little devils.

Last fall I took pity on a 
hibiscus that I had outdoors.
I invited it inside and it adjusted
quite nicely.
It's a big drinker, so we get along

One thing led to another
and then it was a couple of
Norfolk pines
at Christmas time...

Over the holidays
I also flirted
with amaryllis and
paperwhite bulbs
and that was a happy

Most recently I received
birthday plants
from two friends...
Guess they hadn't heard
about my bad rap.

This weekend I finally
to the most lovely
collision of lavender
and thyme
from Trader Joe's.

{Say it ain't so!}

I've learned over the years
that moderation
is the key
to pretty much everything.

Especially watering plants.

This morning I took a little
camera tour of
the house.

Can you guess what's real
and what is an impostor?

I'll never tell!

images:  All Privet and Holly except the
African violets, ngia.com/au


Jackie said...

Good day! I found your blog thru Kim @ Daisy Cottage. Thought I'd stop by. Your blog is very very lovely.

I can SO relate to killing the flowers with kindness........so, I have changed to plastic! A gal has got to do, what a gal has got to do!

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Good morning P&H! I only have one window that plants like and it's a small kitchen window so it limits my plant growing.

African Violets.. yes, they are difficult and the only person I ever knew who could keep them going was my grandmother back when I was a child. Hers were lovely.

Amaryllis? I was given one this past Christmas and made a photo a day movie of it if you would like to see it here is the link to my Cinema page. I think it's the 4th movie from the top. http://www.theblueridgegal.com/p/cinema.html

Enjoy this lovely day and so glad you met my friends. They are the best!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Grammy said...

I'm betting the daffodils are right out of your
yard. I can't quite figure where they are sitting. Love all your photos. Can't wait to see you in Mississippi on Thurs.

Privet and Holly said...

The daffodils are sitting on the desk of my own sweet girl, hence all of the trinkets on display in the background! And yes, THOSE are the real McCoy! xx P&H

Vonda said...

I have the same history. Beautiful pictures...

Julie said...

Beautiful plants--all of them! I've never tried orchids....think I'm a bit intimidated by them! I must admit I don't have the best track record with houseplants, either...maybe I ought to try again!

Thanks for sharing visions of your lovely home...and have a beautiful day!

Fearless Nester said...

Well they sure all look real to me! A friend of mine grows orchids and she told me they need a lot of drainage...who knew?? ~Lili