Friday, April 22, 2016

Magic Lessons

The sun began to drop
low in the sky, preparing
to dazzle us with another
April sunset. 

I raced for my camera,
shouting, Look at the sunset!
Isn't it amazing!  I need to
capture this before it's gone!

Why?  It looks just like a
bunch of others that you've
taken before.....

Couldn't he see how magical
this sunset was?  How each
sunset is just a little 
different than the one that
came before?

At that moment, it dawned
on me that not everyone has
been trained to see the 
magic, the way that I was. 

You see, I grew up surrounded
by magic see-ers.

My parents taught me to spy magic
in the sun and the stars, in leaves
and in water, in animals, in 
seasons, in holidays, in food, in 
plants, in music, in history, in
books and in dramas on big screens,
small screens and stages.

And so much more.

Come, look at this! was a
common refrain in our home.

My dad's parents also had this
magical ability, as did Gigi, my
maternal grandmother.

Besides seeing magic, they taught
me to savor the small things, like
a raspberry from Grandpa's garden,
the first sip of a frosty drink on
a hot day or the cozy feel of a
fire on a very cold one.

Isn't this beautiful?
(or wonderful)they'd say.

Aren't we lucky? Gigi often 

Recognizing magic and savoring 
life's blessings is modeled 
by those who surround us, and
I am very grateful that these
precious teachers showed me
the way.

Life as a magic see-er brings
a celebratory feeling to each and
every day, as I anticipate and 
gratefully receive the tiny gifts
I am certain will come my way.

The diamond bright sparkle of
sunshine winking off the lake.

The heavenly aroma of coffee
brewing in the morning.

The silky feel of my dog's
fur as my hand glides down
her neck.

The sound of a chickadee as
it trills happily near 
our house.

Hot water pelting my 
shoulders in the shower.

Magic moments, all.

Discerning magic isn't a
skill that can be picked up
by a how-to on YouTube, nor
is there a printed guide like
Magic-Seeing for Dummies. 

But it can be learned, first
by recognizing that so many,
many things are truly wondrous,
from the earth that we inhabit
to the very fact that we are
alive, here and now, to enjoy
it; and then shifting that
awareness to praise and

Magic seeing, like any skill,
must be practiced over and
over and over again, until
it's simply part of who you

Observe. Wonder. Praise.


Extraordinary magic is woven
through ordinary life.  
Look around!  

~ Amy Leigh Mercree

Can you see the magic?


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