Thursday, April 9, 2015

Waste Not

{This is an encore post, slightly modified and
dedicated to my little brother. ♥}

When we are old, our lives become 
the sum of all whom we have loved.

It is important not to waste anyone.  

~ Bernard L. Lifshutz

I discovered this quote engraved on a
bench plaque, where it attached itself
firmly to my heart and has nested 
there every since.

I love collecting things, and I love 
reading about the collections of others, 
too. But when it comes down to it, the 
most priceless collection of all is 
truly those people who we have loved,
and who have loved us in return.

The sum of us.

Walking Gracie dog on evenings when a full 
moon seems pinned to the night sky, I'll 
gaze up at it, thinking of people from my 
own collection of cherished relationships 
who are no longer here to experience 
its beauty with me.  And yet, they will 
always be part of that unique equation 
that is mine, alone.

For them, and for those I am still lucky 
enough to share this journey with, I don't 
want to squander full moons or bear hugs, 
bare feet in the grass or early morning 
sunlight caressing my face.  I want to 
recognize and remember it all. I'm 
determined not to frivol anything away.

The changing seasons have a way of
sharpening the senses and refocusing
the lens on this glorious planet that we
call home. My friends, I hope that you
revel in that magic with someone 
special in your life, or perhaps, sit
quietly in the sunshine with the memory
of another, who was integral to 
the sum of you.

It is important not to waste anyone.


{photo by me}