Thursday, November 20, 2014

Collections: A Giveaway

I love collections, and I'm
willing to bet that you, too
have had a collection or two
{or three or four.....} that you've
assiduously added to over time.

I've collected a variety of
things throughout the years, from
seashells and poodle-themed
items as a child, to tea cups,
vintage frames, old keys and
much more, as an adult.

But in recent years, the items
I've squirreled away the most
don't have tangible shapes or
forms. They aren't vintage, rare,
or even unique.  And though
they are quite valuable to me,
they are absolutely free.

What am I collecting?

Moments.  Twinklings.
Jiffys.  Flashes and instants.

Tiny joys.

Sitting here in my car in the 
early morning, watching sunshine
dance on snow that glistens like
I've already collected
six new ones.

Probably more.

My first, hot sip of english
breakfast tea.

A kiss from Gracie.

My big boy and his dad,
laughing over their eggs.

Mist rising from the lake
at sunrise.

Pennies from Heaven on the 40's station.

A rainbow in the sky, with snow
on the ground.

Tiny joys, not for sale.

Like all experienced collectors,
I've learned to recognize the
good stuff when I find it, hiding
among the less-inspired moments.

Very often, my tiny joys come
in the form of words, including
those that I receive from readers
like you, who are, without a doubt,
the kindest on the planet : )

{Your comments and emails
become part of my heart's
collection, daily.}

Thank you.

I added a very special moment
to my cache last June, when the
managing editor for the magazine
Artful Blogging contacted me
about submitting my words and
pictures for the winter issue.

It was wonderful collaborating
with the publisher then, and even
more amazing for me to share
my excitement with you, now!

To celebrate, I'm giving away
copies of this gorgeous, quarterly
publication to two Privet and Holly
readers.  The winners will each
receive the Winter 2015 issue, as
well as some other little gifts I
will tuck in, too.

Because tiny joys are even
better when they are enjoyed
with others.

How to enter?

Simply tell me about a tiny joy
you've collected recently, by
leaving a comment at the end
of this post.  {Click on the words
Lovely Thoughts.}

If you subscribe via email or
read my blog some other way,
you can also reach me at

See how this little anthology
of moments will grow? Your tiny 
joys will become part of my own.

The giveaway ends on December 4th.

Until then, I'll be busy adding to
my collection, polishing each
twinkling and jiffy, each instant
and flash, until they all shine
as brightly as this winter sun.

Won't you join me?


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