Friday, April 11, 2014

Green Leaves

I remember walking on a 
blustery day last fall and
noticing green leaves,
plastered to the wet pavement.

Brown leaves, red leaves,
golden ones felt right, but
the green ones just felt
wrong, somehow.

A neighbor's yard....earlier this week.

When conditions are ideal,
I love walking with my dog,

But when they are not, due to

gusty wind
sub-zero temps

all I want is for her to 
hurry up,
so we can go home.

If you think about it,
that's a lot like life.

Because, from the moment
we are born, we are
headed home.

Only some of us, like those
green leaves, are going to get
there sooner than they should.

When life is smooth sailing,
we don't think about heading
home.  We are savoring the
journey and want to stay out
on the water as long as we can.

But when gusts blow up and
the going gets tough, we don't
really see the view or take
pleasure in the trip.

We put our heads down and
wish we were home.

My (ever wise) husband has
a saying:

There is no such thing as bad
weather.  Only bad clothes.

It's how we respond to what
life throws us.  If we cloak
ourselves in courage, grace
and faith, as many whom I
love have had to do over the
last year, the walk through 
hard times is more bearable,
the road a bit more smooth.

Perhaps you are one
of them.

Now that the pavement is clear
and the remaining patches of
snow are mostly gone, Gracie
and I have resumed our walks.  
Technically it's spring, but I 
remember to dress warmly so I 
can enjoy the view.

Soon the trees will begin to bud.

Green leaves will appear.

Clad in grace, we will embrace
this new season as we continue
our trek towards home.

Thanks for walking along.


All photos my own.